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  1. My only hangup, the continuity these guys has formulated. I think being in a system, with the same teammates, same coaches, etc... for a few years absolutely holds water. To an extent, I think it's why big time FAs sometimes flounder. There is no chemistry, there is a lack of familiarity, a lack of drive, etc...
  2. I absolutely give Phillips a pay day. Shaq, while I love how hes developed, if he prices his way out, itll be tough, but understandable.
  3. He seems to also enjoy breaking down Bills film. I know he does it for every team, but just seems like he gets a little extra jazzed when he breaks us down.
  4. We are going to be selecting in a spot, where, you can kind of justify a handful of positions, and no real head and shoulders separation (as of now).. i.e. Higgins, Jefferson, Shenault, Aiyuk, Ruggs, etc... are almost all going to be ranked in a cluster, so much depth in the class.
  5. That's the benchmark? Because clearly it holds zero water if the guy mightily regresses afterwards.
  6. I dont understand why Daboll got away from targeting Beasley.
  7. Already seeing a panic button hit over a rookie who was said to need time to learn his position in the NFL... Well done TBD
  8. So, now its safe to call out probably the weakest link on our defense?
  9. Levi has been absolutely awesome this year, one game where hes lackluster, and now hes a liability?
  10. They need to work on Knox's hands. They target the kid a lot, just has lapses in concentration. Five drops already is bad!
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