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  1. Then they will forgo loan forgiveness. Is that really worth it? Or do they furlough employees 🤔? My company while receiving PPP decided to give certain people raises to meet that 75% towards staff requirement, while furloughing most of the staff. There are ways companies are navigating the lack of business.
  2. Once you allowed those protests/riots you lost all and any credibility about this virus. That simple.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/money.com/coronavirus-liability-waivers-business-reopen/%3famp=true Its being done in other businesses. Can't see why it wouldn't hold any water in this situation.
  4. So they can prevent fans from coming at at all, but they couldn't make it so that you have to sign a waiver? The same way they have enforced masks, i am sure they could do something around signing a waiver
  5. yeah, that's dead wrong that Fidel Castro supporting loser.
  6. Being laid off and being furloughed are two different things. This wanna be woke prick is part of the problem.
  7. Running a base nickel, how many LBS do you need? Having two stud up and comers is underwhelming? Maybe the lack of depth is something, but LB is far from a weakness on this team.
  8. Anyone who disagrees, really doesn't hold an opinion worth merit/acknowledgment. I don't think he needs to be cut or anything like that. Just think the guy is a pretty worthless human.
  9. Sure it is nothing new, but having the nuances of how to correct those deficiencies was very informative. If it was so cut and dry than why would hall of fame level QBs be seeking out approaches to correct/improve their craft?
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