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  1. That's the benchmark? Because clearly it holds zero water if the guy mightily regresses afterwards.
  2. I dont understand why Daboll got away from targeting Beasley.
  3. Already seeing a panic button hit over a rookie who was said to need time to learn his position in the NFL... Well done TBD
  4. So, now its safe to call out probably the weakest link on our defense?
  5. Levi has been absolutely awesome this year, one game where hes lackluster, and now hes a liability?
  6. They need to work on Knox's hands. They target the kid a lot, just has lapses in concentration. Five drops already is bad!
  7. Here we go again? How often is this a notion under Beane that we are going thru it again? Moreover, when has Beane or the Bills conducted their business via the media? Why would you have concrete names of who they are after?
  8. Pretty clear, if by year five you dont get it... Most teams are expecting to see the QB take big strides by year two, if not, at least by year three. Mariota is now on year five, that's plenty enough of a leash to see what a guy brings to the table.
  9. Yeah, the Ravens were about to signing him until his GF had to chime in. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20597810/ray-lewis-said-baltimore-ravens-sign-colin-kaepernick-girlfriend-racist-tweet Moreover, his last three years in the league 11-24 (W/L) cause there are people who care what a starting QBs record is, all while roughly completing 59% of his passes, and ended his career being benched by Gabbert. I don't think he should be black balled, but I also dont think the guy is worthy of a job in this league.
  10. I am glad someone pointed this out. What many fail to realize, the previous CBA had a very strong outline in regards to strength of opponent. Similar to that of the NCAA. A bench of jerk offs sit around and dictate who belongs where based on their record and strength of opponent. That being said, seeing as how Buffalo makes their own schedule year in and year out, they are at the mercy of the committee.
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