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  1. I def would have Taron above Wallace. That being said, I'm a little tired of hearing Wallace is so limited athletically. The kid showed he can play despite that moniker. Granted it may be a indication to what his ceiling might be, but players break conventional norms every single season. Weve seen guys with all the tools/measurables fail, and those without flourish...
  2. The Jets are not better on paper, on the field, in your imagination, etc... I dont care how you frame it, the Jets roster is not better than the Bills.
  3. So it's already begun, stellar lol! The backup is always the most popular guy on the roster...🤷‍♂️
  4. Gods honest truth, I firmly believe there will be people who call for Tyree to start.
  5. I'm not talking about specifically, more in generalities.
  6. I didnt imply anyone would be around at any point in the draft. I pointed out I thought Singletary was taken too highly, and where you draft players does matter. It happens every single year, teams fall in love with players and take them at points that leave some scratching their heads, sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. That being said, just because another team might have snagged Singletary if we passed, doesnt push his value up. His grade remains the same. It would be an artificial justification of over drafting a player... you cant allow what other teams intention may or may not be effect your overall strategy. Even more emphasis on RB, a very diminished position in the league, that by all accounts becomes the least likely position for success with each passing round. I'd much rather take a valued position, whose value fits, and bolsters the roster. I'm all for BPA, and that's always my philosophy, which is why its hard for me to say Singletary was infact the BPA. Players like Winovich were still on the board for example.
  7. Albeit true, doesnt negate the fact hes not the only one unsigned. I get wanting to pile on the Jets as much as possible, but Bosa in 2016 held out over offsetting language and guaranteed money as a former third overall. The CBA helped immensely, but agents will always find the leak in the damn. Signed more NFL contracts than TDs caught in college!
  8. Strongly disagree, especially in this past class where a lot of people felt the talent ran through the third round (for some positions). And of course people should care, what makes a good general manager is finding talent all over the draft. The ideology that as long as they are successful no one will care, is short sighted. It absolutely changes the dynamic.
  9. And just like that we will hear how Edelman had to overcome injuries, and to reach that level of success despite having injuries, just the consummate pro
  10. Agreed 110%, buffalo needed to get a young back in here to learn from the Shady and Gore. However, not in the third. I am actually a Singletary fan 100%. Was drafted too highly
  11. One thing that will also help generate more turnovers is an effective pass rush, and finish! Hughes was unlockable, but as it has been discussed time over, there was no one to finish, in turn the QB escaped. Having guys like Oliver, and more seasoned Phillips (both of them), we should be able to force more QBs into mistakes. Add a healthy Milano and a more seasoned Edmunds and things are going to be very interesting for this defense. Enough so that I think it will help mask the continued learning curve of Allen an the offense.
  12. Wilson is an assassin with this legs. Like McDermott said, he lulls you into a false sense of security. Then, when Wilson goes take off, hes very agile, doesnt take contact, and knows when to get down/out of bounds. Also, Rus has very very good pocket awareness. In turn, it allows him to deploy his running more sparingly as he doesnt rely on it, but uses it as a last resort. That being said, hopefully Allen's mentality can be to develop as a passer and not fall into using his legs, while they are elite, we need him to be more Wilson than Newton!
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