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  1. This is a bad, bad, bad trade. Yes, Buffalo traded Dareus for a sixth, but it's because the previous regime overpaid a clearly unmotivated Dareus. Lee was only making a shade over 2 per... there was nothing to be gained selling him low.
  2. Absolutely lazy ass take. The league is shifting towards guys who can create seperation. This draft class lacked guys who could separate and separate consistently. Hence the way the draft played out, and where these players were in fact drafted. Williams is a low risk, potential high reward if his game can translate to the NFL. Moreover, it not like the Bills only snagged Williams and are trying to trot him out as their starter. They made a multitude if moves at the skill position to open up the offense.
  3. We didnt let Whaley spend millions on top of millions in free agency. Also Whaley, while him and his staff were around for reference, McDermott ran that draft.
  4. Better yet, let's get ahold of Derek Fine!
  5. So the Bills didnt sing Kroft and draft Knox in the third? Lee is being strutted out as the primary TE that we will utilize in all situations?
  6. Two players are the only example you have out of the multitude of other players they brought in? Moreover, your take on Fischer, a guy who failed at OL and has not proven anything at a positional switch is a better solution....
  7. Kroft Knox Lee are the only three I see making the team. Sweeney makes the PS and the others, like Croom and Fischer will be cut.
  8. I'd be really shocked if Sills didnt make the roster with how they paid to lock him up and an UDFA
  9. Pulling for Zay, and let's be honest the off season could have two outlooks for Zay Take 1- They signed two guys, three if you count Williams from the CFL. They also dished out a handsome bonus to land Sills as a UDFA. They signed two tight ends if we count Fischer and his positional change, and drafted two more. They clearly want to add to the skill position core because it was lackluster. Or 2) Despite all of that, by some accounts WR wasnt even considered a high priority for the Bills brass in the draft. Therefore, there is still a very real possibility that there could be playing time up for grabs if Smokey Beasley and/or Foster start to slip up.
  10. You always take BPA. It's not redundant if you find a way to utilize the talent. Moreover, you can never have enough quality front players, and Quinnen is vastly more of a backfield disrupter than Leonard is.
  11. They signed upwards of 17 players, they also tried to trade for AB. Not sure the course is as narrow and definitive as just building via the draft. Moreover, not every pick will workout, if you have a chance to add a legit NFL player, you roll those dice with a QB on a rookie contract.
  12. I'm more concerned that there was no edge rusher taken until the seventh round.
  13. This! 110 this! Also, if they have reservations about Shaq and his injuries, what exactly is Ansah, a beacon of immaculate health? I would have no issue adding Ziggy, but we have no one signed at edge beyond this season and punted on Chase in the third for a RB. Again, love me some Singletary, but this seems short sighted.
  14. Or, check this out, you cut him before the new league year starts, ala Texans and Kevin Johnson and you arent on the hook. So you really dont have much to lose, but thanks for making it simple for me.
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