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  1. Get dragged around by a wife who "tolerates" my insanity 16 other weeks of the season, lol.
  2. I mean, its entirely possible we steam roll them. Also possible that these winless teams sneak up on a couple people, based solely on the fact that they will be taken to lightly.
  3. Still trying to figure out the Bears being as high as they are.
  4. You obviously seek attention, and I'm just not going to be the one to give it to you. This topic has been discussed to its end. You can look through the pages and find the explanations you want. Or, just move on. Ya know like everyone else has.
  5. Man, watching Duke score against the Titans was something else. The kid has that underdog/longshot element about him that makes us fans cling to him so badly. Really pray this kid can just keep on playing well, and carve out a bigger and bigger role.
  6. Not worth the effort at all. Yet, here we find our selves. Moreover, the original part of all this was hashed out far earlier. It was a different crowd that riled it back up.
  7. That jersey is absolutely sick! That being said, I know there are players who attend their states other major teams games, just feels different with Buffalo. Feels more tight knit. Idk why, but it just does. Mind you I'm an Islanders fan, as much as I am a Bills fan
  8. I have no idea who you are. Why would I want your allegiance? I dont know who all of tsw is, and if that be the case they dont have to respond to my posts.
  9. This is getting old, move on. The fact that people are now breaking out the actual NFL rule, this is terrific. Again, it's a glorified handoff.
  10. Yeah, I will align my self with college coaches before I align my self with you. Pretty simple.
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