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  1. Tua's injury history is well documented and have been echoed most of the draft process. Lombardi isn't really saying what others havent already said or arent following suit with.
  2. Damn right he better take note, while hes at it buy the Sabres too...
  3. Is it that farfetched, that someone with Tua's injury history might be be failed by certain teams medically? Hate Lombardi or not, I mean, it's not that out of the realm of possibility. This is not a hot take type of headline.
  4. The hype is there, absolutely. However, I aire on the side of caution. The Mayfield/Darnold/Rosen class was supposed to blow 2004 out of the water, and to date. Lamar- they were all dead wrong about Allen- for my money is the second best in the class, but still has a long way to go. Mayfield- chubby boy getting hummers behind chain restaurants while regressing mightily last year. Darnold- All the talent in the world, no support from coaching down to the roster. They have a good GM in place, but like Carr with the Texans back in the day, the damage might just already be too much. Kid sees Bruce Willis for crying out loud. Point is, the hyper train, while fun leading up to the draft, often leaves the station with less passengers than they started off with. Hence why, I really do think Beane nailed it with landing Diggs.
  5. Get rid of the ATL and they are not half bad. Minus the gradient red/black. I do like the helmets a lot.
  6. Well, at this stage we have to decipher which is theoretically worse. Reaching for a bad player, or a censuses player flopping. I think when you also factor in how highly Williams was picked, its vastly more damaging, in turn that's what give it the edge for me one of the worst picks.
  7. Mike Williams Whitner McCargo Edwards Parrish Troup Maybin in that order
  8. Terrence McGee!! Nevermind he was just KO, not PR. My bad!
  9. A first and a future forth is not really a "haul." The other fodder picks were extras received from other trades. More than fair compensation. That being said the 2006 draft, outside of Kyle Williams might be one of the worst classes as a whole Whitner at 8th overall. To this day this has to be one of the biggest reaches of all time. McCargo at 26 was another pretty remarkable reach. Considering most saw him, at best as a late second rounder. Yet, we traded up to freaking 26th. Youboty Simpson KYLE WILLIAMS Brad Butler Keith Ellison
  10. To point #4, especially when you consider Beasley is turning 31 and Brown is turning 30, both this month. While not necessarily old, in a class this deep, it would be a good long term move to snag a kid that can learn behind them for a season or two. Wont be asked to do too much too early, which can be an issue with younger WRs (at times).
  11. Is rarely healthy, inflated numbers in blowout games with the Texans (to the tune of a quarter of his production in 2018), all while having one of the most disruptive players in the league across from him, was traded for a bag of peanuts, and the team that obtained him... yet to resign him. That's two organizations, TO DATE, that have seen him up close and moved on. Maybe the Seahawks circle back, maybe a team like the Browns meet his demands. Would be a waste of money.
  12. There are several teams who could upgrade the pass rush, plenty who did in a variety of other ways outside of Clowney. The dude is massivley overrated, more hype than production.
  13. I'd rather a guy ace the interview than not. Peterman is one example, sure, and it's at times why some of these limited ability backup types becomes coaches. e.g. Kellen Moore (spelling?) the OC of the Cowboys. On the contrary, you have seen very physically gifted players, said to have lacked it between the ears and ended how struggling at the NFL level. e.g. Jamarcus Russell/Vince Young. That being said, we really dont know the extent of what the realm of "bad" consists of from team to team. This also could be a boat of load misinformation in order to hurt his stock and hope he slides a bit.
  14. @GunnerBill absolutely awesome write ups on those specs. Really liked the info and some good insight. I cant get as in depth, but some of the names I'd like to throw out there Anthony Gordon, QB Wash State (not sure if he qualifies as a true sleeper, but) Darryton Evans, RB App State James Robinson, RB Illinois State Isaiah Coulter, WR Rhode Island McTelvin Agim, DL Arkansas Geno Stone, S Iowa
  15. Newton is a shadow of the MVP season, and there is a very good reason he is still a FA.
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