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  1. BillsFan17

    LB - Starters/Depth - Is more needed?

    I mean, how often are we running three LBs on the field?
  2. The data proves exactly what you are saying tho. Yes, there are players at almost every position that happen to get selected all over the draft, but the highest probability of hitting a stud comes earlier in the draft. Sure, you can win a lot of money playin the lottery, or you can make a lot of money putting your head down and busting your arse. Which one has the higher probability for success/results? Doesnt stop people from playing the lottery, and some even win, but I'll take my chances with hard work. As far as those teams you have mentioned, one of them happened to have a first ballot (IMO) Hall Of Fame TE. Also had the likes of Randy Moss at one point. They traded for Josh Gordon and have at points tried to target better WRs than just fodder. Also happen to have arguably the best QB of all time. I do get the point you are making, however trying to emulate those organizations goes well beyond the personnel they incorporate, is vastly unfair. There is a lot more at play than just the players.
  3. I agree I'm a Montgomery guy. Well, a Henderson, Sanders, Montgomery, Gaskins guy to be exact lol
  4. Oliver was also in a far worse scheme as laid out recently by PFF. Also Oliver-32 GP 13.5 sacks 53 TFL 122 solo tackles Tillery- 42 GP 12.5 sacks 23 TFL 70 solo tackles So, you can try an convince your self Tillery brings more to the table, but clearly he doesnt. As far as rotation, that would be predicated on context, would it not? Not some sort of fixated number. -What down is it? What package/formation is the offense using? How fresh are the bodies? Etc... As far as Star, the guy is a limited at best zero tech and is the perfect example of your argument... doing something stupid and rash because you have a need and not assessing the value. Buffalo has just given up 18 rushing TDs the year prior. They made a knee jerk reaction trying to address a desperate need. Moreover, loving a third rounder, at a position that features more than one of them at a time on the field, and more than likely a rotation of some nature, doesnt mean you cant improve there You said yourself, you really like Foster and how he played at the end of the year, and you still want to improve at the position, all the while Foster showing a lot more than Phillips did. All-in-all there just isnt a WR in this class that has the same grade/value at nine as DL does. If anything, the original post shows that the third and fourth rounds are probably the worst rounds for WR
  5. BillsFan17

    Antonio Brown on Instagram trashing Bills!

    Lol, so no one considers TO a top five WR all time because of his antics? Randy Moss is arguably one of the single best ever to play WR, but his antics get him taken off the list? Gtfo, Brown will go down as one of the best of our generation and probably top ten WR ever. Just became you are upset/hurt doesnt mean you can make stuff up about his legacy, especially considering the position typically has these types.
  6. Why are you assuming that player only plays 40% of the snaps? Also we have two DTs on in the field usually, and players like Oliver can move around and be utilized in different fashions. Pigeon holing a position Buffalo still needs to improve on... Buffalo was 16th in yards against on the ground, and tied for 25th in TDs against on the ground. Buffalo was also middle of the pack in sacks. All while having the same three guys you mentioned. Star- overpaid and sucks Phillips- a nice mid season pickup, but certainly not someone who stops us from drafting a superior talent. Dirty Harry- A third rounder who really didnt do much of anything. A day three pick for a reason. No one there stops me from taking a highly rated DT like Oliver.
  7. Look at most of the deals the Bills gave out, especially to Fisher... I'd be surprised if the guy makes the final roster.
  8. BillsFan17

    Andre Dillard at #9?

    Yeah, but then the person wouldn't have been able to start an entire thread on it.
  9. BillsFan17

    Rotoworld: Bills draft needs & 7 round mock

    Yeah, it's really not a good mock.
  10. BillsFan17

    Bills sign S Maurice Alexander

    Alexander hasnt played a D snap if I'm not mistaken for a few years.
  11. BillsFan17

    Bills showing Interest in Darius Philon, DL

    The more I look into this guy, the more I see someone who could really make their mark in this league if given a full blown opportunity. What hes done in spot duty behind some of the names with the Chargers is very impressive.
  12. BillsFan17

    Ledyard: 2019 NFL Draft Edge Defender Rankings

    You can have a distaste for Sweat, that's fine, but Gary doesn't belong in this conversation at all.
  13. BillsFan17

    Gettleman - idiot or genius?

    It's simple, if you want to rebuild, you start with your QB. If the draft didnt have one that was suitable, or you were unable to obtain one via the draft, that is understandable. However, you have arguably the best QB class in sometime and you pass on three of them for one of the least valued positions in the sport....
  14. BillsFan17

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    What I enjoy is the, so-and-so will be the safer, better long term pro. Outside of the shoulder, Shaq Lawson was considered a low ceiling but high floor, safe spec. So far, hes kind of lived up to that. A very very sound run defender with limited pass rush, a low ceiling but high floor. So, excuse me if I cant see busting the door down for "safe" at ninth overall. In a class where there is enough depth to be a little bit risky.
  15. BillsFan17

    Ledyard: 2019 NFL Draft Edge Defender Rankings

    I'll be honest, if the Bills do take someone on the edge, and early I'd hope to ***** its Burns. I honestly think there could be a case made for Ferrell too. Would be a little high for my blood, but could see why they would possibly go that route.