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  1. Carolina is 3-2 vs. Brady. Seattle is 2-1. Arizona is 1-1.
  2. This was not a scoring play. The call on the field, after the officials conferred, was no TD. Unless it is called a score on the field, it can't be reviewed.
  3. Baltimore is planning to use the franchise tag on Judon if a deal with him can't be reached: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/ravens-to-use-franchise-tag-on-matt-judon-if-a-long-term-deal-cant-be-worked-out/ And a kicker who can kick more than 50 yards.
  4. Haha, got it! Well, then you need to add a few more, lol!
  5. Thank goodness we don' have to play Baltimore and Houston again.
  6. Why did you put three asterisks afters "Pats" in your title? "Sal just declared the Pats*** reign over" But Manning did win a SB with Denver, and should have won another in Indy, if they hadn't blown the game to New Orleans.
  7. Nope. Luck owes three years to Indy still, per his contract. It's either them or no one. Brady has more wins against Buffalo, at 32-3, than any other team: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/B/BradTo00/splits/
  8. It's two days later, and you still aren't over the loss? Haven't the miscues by Buffalo been discussed in so many other threads?
  9. I say this because of this video of Poyer (first few seconds), where he taunts the Dallas fans:
  10. True, but the Jets and Dolphins don't have to play Tennessee and Pittsburgh like we do. They get to play Cleveland/Indy and Cincinnati/Jacksonville, respectively. A lot easier.
  11. We have to play Seattle, SF, the Los Angeles Rams, KC, Tennessee. Pittsburgh, and New England twice.
  12. Except KC, Denver, and Las Vegas are predicted to be good next year.
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