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  1. The problem is all gyms are closed by order of the governor, at least in my area (California). That sucks, because I need to be working out too.
  2. Cam at 4:14: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hQJNXy4LIs
  3. Albert Greer has also revised his article in SI, with his thoughts about the Bills: https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/02/05/2019-lessons-learned-mailbag-tom-brady "From Brad Hesch (@bhesch34): Any initial thoughts about the #Bills draft targets? I keep hearing WR but I think DE is a need. Brad, I actually things might fall better for the Bills to take a receiver than defensive end in Round 1. Obviously, by the time they’re up at 23, Chase Young will be gone, and I’d guess that LSU’s K’Lavon Chaisson and Iowa’s AJ Epenesa will be too, based on how pass rushers are valued. And that might be a little high to start picking off guys on the next tier, like Penn State’s Yetur Gross-Matos. Conversely, there figure to be a number of receivers that drop right into that range that’ll be worthy of the pick. Maybe it’s someone like Higgins. Whoever it might be, my guess is you’ll get better value at receiver there than with a pass rusher—with the full acknowledgement that... (UPDATE: In my fatigued state last night, I answered that question as if it was about the Colts. So I’ll give you guys the previous answer I gave to Brad asking—or not asking—about Indy.)"
  4. I just read this in Breer's just-released SI column: https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/02/05/2019-lessons-learned-mailbag-tom-brady "From Brad Hesch (@bhesch34): Any initial thoughts about the #Bills draft targets? I keep hearing WR but I think DE is a need. Brad, I believe those are the two areas highest on their list, if they don’t take a quarterback high in the draft. And I think it’ll be easier this year to get a good receiver later on than it will be to find a good pass rusher past the first round. So I’m with you in thinking pass rusher could be the way they go. At 13, will there be a pass rusher worth taking? Iowa’s A.J. Epenesa, if he slips that far, would be, I believe, and LSU’s K’Lavon Chaisson, a former blue-chip recruit who really turned it on as last year wore on, would be an intriguing option with a ton of upside. From there, there’s probably a little bit of a drop-off, which illustrates why taking one in the first round might make some strategic sense." WTF? Did Breer just say the Bills might draft QB high, and that they draft at 13? Or did I misinterpret this?? He's a major sports columnist, so I doubt he would make a mistake of this magnitude. ------------ EDIT: As @whatdroughtand @Hapless Bills Fan said below, Breer was referring to the Colts. Breer has since apologized in his tweet, which I posted below.
  5. Good point on baseball and football not conflicting, but then there is the NBA and NHL. I also love cold fall baseball playoffs! They have to be in October. Also, when I went to school in upstate NY, the first week of the NFL was on Labor Day weekends, and school always started the Wednesday after Labor Day. Having the NFL to watch took away some of the pain of having to go back to school. If high school football were delayed into December, that would also conflict with winter sports. And another point, if there was too much snow, people would hate tailgating.
  6. But the most beautiful fall days are in October and even early November.
  7. But the teams need the extra weeks to prepare for the draft and free agency. Plus back to school in September means football.
  8. That's good now, but I remember in two of the four Bills Super Bowls, there was only one week between the Conference Championship Game and the SB. In the olden days, they would move it from two weeks to one week if necessary in order to make sure the SB occurred in January. The NFL was against having the season go into February for some reason.
  9. That's sort of what my friend said he did in 1983 after Washington beat Miami in the Super Bowl. He said there was no one in school on the parade day that week When I was in third grade, my bed time was either at 8 or 9 PM. Then what about the college games? And the bars would lose business.
  10. There is no way to judge his level of impairment. That would be like saying you can't have a beer then drive. Plus, marijuana is legal in many states.
  11. Gotta give credit to the Bills fan for this idea, although I personally believe the SB will draw higher ratings on a Sunday, since too many people go out on Saturday nights. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/teenagers-petition-to-move-super-bowl-to-saturday-has-over-30k-signatures/ "The Super Bowl has always taken place on a Sunday, but a New York teen is attempting to change that. Frankie Ruggeri, 16, has tarted a petition on Change.org to get the Super Bowl moved to Saturday going forward." [...] ""Ruggeri believes that more fans will be able to watch the Super Bowl if it is moved to Saturday. The teen also brings up the point on that petition page that people have to go to work and school on Monday, which means some younger children can't watch the game in its entirety." [...] "The petition isn't stopping Ruggeri from staying up to watch the big game. Ruggeri, who is a fan of the Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams, will be watching and rooting for the San Francisco 49ers when they take on the Kansas City Chiefs."
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