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  1. And this year we'll focus on special teams so the 1st year won't count until 2021. Honestly can't you see the hires they've made on offense problematic? What makes you think it will be different? If they thought Dennison and Zay Jones were so awesome what makes you think they will figure it out in year 4? What evidence is there?
  2. Kelvin Benjamin... if any player pays him more than 10 mil a year they are in trouble.
  3. I still think we should have grabbed some declining vets like Decker, Crabtree or Rishard Matthews.
  4. I would Trust McD more if Dennison wasn't brought in, then fired, then started a season with only 2 inexperienced players for QB and no legit WRs for their 7th overall pick to throw to.
  5. So I show ratings and poll data you give proof but I'm the coward? Projection much? Where's your argument? Oh that's right, you just say a bunch of non-sense and pretend I'm solely focusing on 2 teams. Today I'm not wrong. Ratings are down since 2010-2011 peak and have dropped until 2016-2017. They are finally back to 2016 levels in 2019. So I'm right now and I'll be more right later. Football is still mostly watched by white males, trending older on average at 50 yrs old. Why do you think the NFL is pushing the global cities? Because they see a demographic crisis in the US. But go ahead, pretend you're right with no facts, figures, poll or stat data... but I'm the coward hahahahaha
  6. Every team I would argue struggles with great defenses. In the game of football mismatches are one of the most important parts of success. The best example of how teams can look differently is the change to the Titans before and after Tannehill. They went from 28th in the league to 4th. We don't know what our real struggles are just yet. Maybe our WRs can get open with man. How would we know? Play calling might be different with different circumstances. As you said, both can be true. Obviously I believe in putting better talent on the field on offense, but no one is certain it will make a substantial difference. We might field better talent and still score the same amount of points against better teams with the offset of playing better defenses.
  7. Impressed he recognized the talent on the offense was above-average. So many people are barking it's lack of talent, and it's not. We had an above average O-line, decent receivers, and above average running game. I still think a lot of what we think about the offense will either be exposed with better competition or will be solidified quickly next year. There is no way you give up on a QB like Allen with talent, heart, and desire. He's still the weak point of the team but he could be our biggest strength.
  8. Young people are already tuning out the NFL: https://www.turfshowtimes.com/2019/7/29/20746216/fortnite-world-cup-nfl-age-ratings-viewership-demographics
  9. If ignorance was bliss you'd be raptured. I never said there aren't short term gains. Long-term no one will care. 2019 ratings rebound are on par with 2016. Ratings peaked in 2010 and 2011. Ratings and stats are all against you. Also, have you seen how viewership of the NFL by age demographic is hitting new lows?
  10. My point is they people won't just follow the San Antonio Bulls. Just like they aren't just following the Rams or Chargers. It's why teams in L.A struggled to work. Yes short-term gains, I admitted that. Long-term? Not a chance. Go look at the stadiums even when the Rams had a good year. LA isn't going to watch them. If LA or Las Vegas has noticeably empty seats every home game this year my point is proven. If they are full you're point is proven. Fair enough?
  11. As long as it's not Norman Einstein I'm onboard
  12. There is zero evidence of this. Look at baseball. Look at the Rams when they were trying to sell tickets at $6 and no one comes. Their stadium has a ton of empty seats. While it may have a short term gain watching it on TV/internet, long-term it will kill it. Look at the stadiums of the new teams: Chargers, Rams, even the famous Raiders. Their stadiums are fairly empty. You can't synthesize fan loyalty. Here I'll ask others a question and let's see who is right: If the Bills moved to a different city, let's say San Antonio and went by the San Antonio Bulls would you watch them still? I'll vote no
  13. Sure but we came from a world before the internet. Again this is not dealing with guys who watched the Bills as kids and had a real connection to fandom. I’m referring to young people who grew up thinking of football through a computer screen, and fantasy… that will erode fandom. It’s like how computers make people say things they would never say to your face. Social media has people more of idiots You don’t love your family MORE when you see them less, when you don’t grow up with them, and kids who only see a team on a screen and even more so through box scores on a screen will never love the game like their grandfathers. Part of liking a team isn’t watching them, it’s the people you watched it with, the bond you had around the team. For a few people that might be the case, but real fans are typically born from someone close to you enjoying the game with you. Make the game a further abstraction and you are eroding fandom. I’m from upstate NY but my kids were raised in Kansas. I could have them go to the Chiefs and like them, but I’m not going to Hell. I love my team. My kids started to celebrate when the Chiefs won and my son who is young said “You must be happy” and I told him I’ll never be happy until the Bill win.
  14. PFF just gave me him a rating of the 150th best DT this season. Congrats Ed! Please break 140 this year!
  15. Yeah I just looked up my reference book... Says right here and I QUOTE: "1st team All-Pro CB is rated the 102nd best player"
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