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  1. Since the NFL has decided to promote political agendas outside of being a US citizen and chose to promote groups hostile to my family than I have decided to renounce my fanhood in the NFL. I hope many of you decide to join me and if you continue to watch just because you need a way to escape do not have any financial contributions to watching games and watch game solely in sports bars so that the NFL cannot directly contribute to the ratings. Laughably I am a “Minority” and the reason why it’s laughable is that one’s voice should be based on the truth of the statement and not on the basis of skin color. As a Native American I do not find the Buffalo Bills name offensive and while our history may have had moments of embarrassment we are stronger when we look for the truth of why our country is as great as it is and why people of all races and creeds wish to come here. I support black lives, rights and families but anything in support of the Black Lives Matter movement is an insult to families, black or whatever race, who built this game and passed it on to their children with their mission statement to abolish the nuclear family and support for Marxist ideology. If you think that you can escape the consequences of believing that everything is to be criticized and nothing loved and than trust me eventually everything will be persecuted including you. The powers of the league and society in general know that they can abuse after you because you are the hard-working and you are the people most responsible for your own personal actions and love your downtime so they think that they can bully you to accept getting kicked. Whether you plan on watching this year or not let the NFL know how displeased you are. This is how they get to bully you. They use the threats of complaining which as responsible adults we see as childish and adolescent but we forget these people hate us and they hate our families and don’t ever underestimate wicked people. The cheap insults I expect from petty people shouldn’t bother you. They just know that you are a good person they can use insults whereas you find them to be morally reprehensible. Never let weak bullies corner you. Fight back now. It is our Independence. God bless America
  2. With sooooo many athletes getting Covid and almost dying their only chance of surviving is to go to a Black Lives Matter rally and peacefully protest.
  3. Go study the Post Hoc fallacy; this is the quintessential version of it. The actions of individuals are not the same thing as league policy as a political statement over our country to give us our freedoms. What an individual does is not a reflection of the whole, but if the whole makes a decision that some individuals don't do you can make a summary decision. His reasoning is very sound.
  4. Good for you. I'm holding out to see if the Bills take a knee. If they do I'm gone too. I'm glad you wrote what you did.
  5. It should say enough to you, it's a power grab by a hostile power forcing subjugation and the power of the mob against unsuspecting people. Wear a OAN shirt apologize or be fired, kneel before the flag and say how much you hate the police you're a hero. And as far as buying tickets go steal them, it's how you take power.
  6. Well BRAVO, only players are stupid enough to alienate their revenue source. As they commit financial suicide and then strike when the salary cap can't be raised let's see them kneel more. The biggest reason why owners around the league stopped this is because the stadiums were rapidly emptying and ratings went down. As an employee you cannot dictate the terms of employment except for immoral or unethical clauses. If the Bills kneel as a sign of protest I won't be watching this year. As Martin Luther King astute observed that peaceful protesting "does not seek to defeat or humiliate the opponent, but to win his friendship and understanding."
  7. My father Jim Kelly Phil Collins Paul Wheaton Mike Tyson
  8. Massive difference between “a” death threat, and a cacophony of howling people seeking to destroy you. Brees had that, Ford had “a” death threat. The side against rioting. The side against making this a political movement (which it is), the people who see that people aren’t protesting anything as the cops are in jail. Let’s be honest, the protests are for a change in POWER, that’s the side I’m not on. Of course they do, but the difference is the amount and intensity and the proof of insanity. A death threat with no other proof of violence isn’t much of a threat, but when you see people beaten and murdered then it’s a bit more serious. Let’s go through your first link: https://www.adl.org/news/press-releases/adl-report-white-supremacist-murders-more-than-doubled-in-2017 “White supremacists were directly responsible for 18 of the total 34 extremist-related murders in 2017” Ok 18 deaths in the US in a year is individually tragic and collectively insignificant. Let’s be serious, 18 deaths is a terrible day in Chicago: https://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2020/6/8/21281998/chicago-violence-murder-history-homicide-police-crime Over 3 days 25 deaths. You want real statistics? https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/05/the_dishonest_politics_of_interracial_violence.html Blacks are 1200% more likely to kill whites and that amounts to roughly 500 people a year. Proportionately that would be over 2,000 deaths a year if the populations were equal. Imagine if the stats were inverted? You'd see protests, and rightfully so. Ok fine, but how many "Kill the white people" tweets, and videos could you find in under 10 minutes? A lot more then Hang Fauci and Gates. See this is real vs pseudo-bravado. This Dallas gunman wanted to "Kill White People": https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-36749223/dallas-gunman-wanted-to-kill-white-people And he did. Conversely a KKK leader just flowed into a crowd at a BLM protest recently: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jun/08/klan-leader-charged-harry-rogers-virginia But before you think 1 = 1 no... Fresno guy went out to kill white people The snipers killing the cops were out to kill white people The videos of these riots were out to "kill white people" since this started and beating them are numerous. But I'll make this more easy for you. A black guy was punched by a white guy at a Trump rally. It went "viral". When blacks beat Trump supporters, ripped them out of cars, ripped hats off people and there are videos not a peep. Even more pathetic a black Trump supporter was sucker punched by a white guy and that didn't go "viral". There is no Ferguson like event for Japanese, Chinese, Native American, Mexican, (name your race here) where they burn down neighborhoods after police brutality and all of them suffer from it. How much more proof do you need? Show me the Korean neighborhood burn-fest. When the cops killed Justine Damond, Hugo Reyes, Nick Christie, Jeremy Mardis or Tony Timpa. Timpa died the same way George Floyd died and all on camera. No riots. The difference is no one else is asking the world to kneel before them in a power grab: Should they protest? Yes, look at Miriam Carey who was savagely killed for no reason. They should protest and honor her, Floyd, and any other person who was abused and killed. Blacks are killed by cops but in 2020 if you think cops desire to kill black people out of a racist jihad it's silly with no evidence. Cops are just overly violent, many times because they watch videos of them getting shot, and where a cop is 1850% more likely to be shot by a black guy than vice versa. That data comes from the FBI. Read this and it's full of citations from vetted sources: https://www.dailywire.com/news/5-statistics-you-need-know-about-cops-killing-aaron-bandler https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-myths-of-black-lives-matter-1455235686 Kinda kills the narrative doesn't it? The WSJ post behind a paywall is pretty clear... this is a myth and power grab.
  9. I have the same opinion as these guys, who coincidentally are black and I've never said racism wasn't real, that's bad "Logic": Mackie says it best. Go to 2:45 minutes Maybe Denzel's mind is closed: Morgan Freeman go to 1:05 Here's a collage of more closed minded people: Maybe Bob Woodson, who's done more for Black America than anyone on here should open his mind: Everyone should admit racism exists, what we shouldn't do is make this a bully propaganda and be political. The protests make no sense, the guy is in custody to be judged. This is done to take power and if you are too closed minded to see that side you're right, you don't want a conversation. Mackie says exactly how you think better than I could.
  10. Yes of course they will only show the WHOLE picture. They would never refuse to show what caused it. (/Sarcasm off) This is a parody like asking a 4 yr old why he did something and they just blame it on the 2 yr old and it's never the 4 yr olds fault. Predominantly peaceful is double-speak. If any other group wasn't so protected by the media they would be screaming it was a terrorist organization with so many fires, destroyed businesses, and police injured and people hurt and killed. Make this same group the KKK and let's see how peaceful the media would see them. Oh wait, we don't have to go even that far, just protest the quarantine and people were arrested for merely asking other people on Facebook to join them. The media was portraying them as extremists. But here's the strangest thing: they didn't burn anything, hurt people, destroy the neighborhood BUT they were the extremists full time in the media. Now it's all peaceful with real violence. This is a political movement whose aim is to change America with destroying free speech, jobs, and threats. Then if you disagree you want them to shut up. Tell that to the journalists who lost jobs, teachers, and athletes who just questioned if this was all above board. Why? The mob questioned them as racists and forced their employers to bend to their will. Then show me all the people who lost jobs, forced to apologize, and left to rot as social misfits for protesting the quarantine. Strange huh?
  11. And if it was white supremists you'd ask to have them arrested. All I see is "peaceful" protesters: More "peace": Pure love: If you want to be accepted as "peaceful" which is now a 1984 double-speak term make sure there is no violence. I want you to protest, but when that group is using violence and saying it's "peaceful" let it be known that's not true.
  12. Here's one of the reasons why Brees stepped back his comments... they threatened his family and his life: https://sports.yahoo.com/brees-received-death-threats-over-flag-comments-210850887--nfl.html Sorry this is where all of this discussion board stuff doesn't factor in when you make it a "free speech" issue. It's not that simple, that's merely in the abstract. People on the other side have proven to be more violent, more threatening, and no matter how peaceful some people have been they certainly aren't en masse denouncing the violence, murder, and destruction of lives in their wake. Notice how the media isn't 24/7 showing the death of the cop, David Dorn, who was shot, 27 years of service to this country, dying on the street and he's black. Nor do they show the innocent people maimed and injured. It's political and not about George Floyd, he's just their lightning rod. All people, including myself, would be perfectly fine supporting a Black Lives Matter protest against police brutality, and to a large extent they hurt their own cause to many people like myself when it's purely political. They don't care about Black Lives as much as they crave power. When Black Lives Matter stand up for: Dave Patrick Underwood David Dorn et. al. And the other black lives destroyed in their wake, businesses destroyed. Does the mob or media care? No, they can't blame the police and protest for no reason as the cop is arrested. Instead we must see this for what it is, it's a political attack on free speech and taking of power.
  13. Why just black citizens? It's demonstrably true white people are shot and killed unarmed at a higher rate adjusted by homicide rates. "Peter Moskos, an assistant professor at New York City University’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice, has concluded that during the period ranging from May 2013 to April of 2015 roughly 49% of those killed by LEOs were white, while only 30% were black.... "PolitiFact points out, however, that blacks only make up 12% of the population. By breaking down racial populations it would appear black men are at a 3.5 times greater risk of being killed by police. But that doesn’t include a breakdown of violent crime stats. “Adjusted for the homicide rate, whites are 1.7 times more likely than blacks die at the hands of police,” Moskos said. “Adjusted for the racial disparity at which police are feloniously killed, whites are 1.3 times more likely than blacks to die at the hands of police.” Maybe the problem isn't a white or black issue, but an over-militization of the police force and brutality on it's citizens.
  14. He was as wrong now as he was then. If the argument is cops don't kill unarmed whites then look up some stats, they die at a higher rate. Some cops are just bullies and I've been shaken down once badly, and bullied many times for no reason. We should never listen to the mob, they are always wrong.
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