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  1. I like 11-5. Split with the Pats for a loss, split with the NFC east which makes 3, and split with the AFC north which brings it to five. We don’t lose to the Jets, Phish, Titans or Broncos. We don’t play on grass on the West Coast which always is a hang up so...... This team could make some real noise this year. The Cleveland game, dare I say it, could decide who is on the road Wild Card Weekend. Get your popcorn
  2. He will be here the week of the game, most likely.....
  3. A better helmet is part of the problem. The better the helmet the harder players hit. The more they feel protected the faster they play.
  4. Considering age and time together she might not care, as long as the checks don’t bounce.
  5. I doubt Allen could keep up with Stabler after dark.
  6. No that is the same as the preseason ripoff for season ticket holders. The NFL doesn’t care about ticket sales the way they do tv eyeballs.
  7. When he knocked the ball out of Lett’s hand in what had become a meaningless game is enough for me.
  8. Is your phone Freudian?
  9. Seems a bit outlandish but you never know. Last year only one division finished with 3 teams above .500. I am not seeing the Jets rounding out the three, even if NE has a rough year.
  10. Why don’t they just play football and not commercials that cause incessant game breaks?
  11. Great! It has obviously been awhile since I have been back for a game. Thanks
  12. I have been remembering since I read that article the day it hit my desk back in ‘01. I promptly purchased an away Jersey with his name and number because of his selfless commitment to everything and everyone. In no real order, but Family, Football, Country, his Brothers on that hill. I have said for years he should be on the Wall at New Era. He may not have the yards, tackles, throws the others do but none of them combined gave as much as he did. Thanks Bob Kalsu! BTW I chose an away jersey since he didn’t make it home.
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