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  1. Why don’t they just play football and not commercials that cause incessant game breaks?
  2. Great! It has obviously been awhile since I have been back for a game. Thanks
  3. I have been remembering since I read that article the day it hit my desk back in ‘01. I promptly purchased an away Jersey with his name and number because of his selfless commitment to everything and everyone. In no real order, but Family, Football, Country, his Brothers on that hill. I have said for years he should be on the Wall at New Era. He may not have the yards, tackles, throws the others do but none of them combined gave as much as he did. Thanks Bob Kalsu! BTW I chose an away jersey since he didn’t make it home.
  4. They also have different houses, wives, cars and just about everything else. To me it is still McBeane and to you Hallen!!!! Ain’t the First Amendment grand? What a country!!!!
  5. You can retire whatever you want but as long as they are joined at the hip, it’s McBeane
  6. Cheers. Tasker was terrible, especially during Bills’ games.
  7. I have been saying and still believe the young is going to regret not choosing baseball
  8. Why don’t you go get it for me? Then you can shine my shoes and Mr. WEO’s while we laugh at you.
  9. I tried too. Doc just couldn’t let that bone go.....
  10. I was hoping for a reasonable argument but I see this is the off season and idle minds do wander.
  11. Only in a perfect world. Ever heard of the Golden Rule? He who has the most gold, makes the rules.
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