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  1. Caption this...

    Who am I?
  2. That would be sad. Yoda pulling all the strings.
  3. What was Peyton’s time? He might have had a 5.3 with a strong tail wind
  4. Are We a Playoff Team with A.J. ?

    We play to win or whatever Herm Edwards said
  5. My ideal draft

    Mayfield falls to 12?
  6. Per ESPN Bills very likely to persue Dolphins SUH

    Those were my thoughts too đź’­
  7. Last year's Round One Trade Down - What if

    Santa Claus 🎅 is coming to town. What if Martin Luther never stepped out on the balcony or they had a bulletproof car instead of a drop top for Kennedy?
  8. That’s great news. Brady will have to find a new BFF and I don’t watch the kind of movies Gronkowski would “star” in.
  9. pro sports money/contracts

    It comes in a suitcase filled with small bills.
  10. Reich HC...Now I EXPECT a Favorable Deal for the 3rd Pick

    You what they say about expectations....
  11. Please raise your hand if you thought playing for the Evil Empire was a day at Disneyland.
  12. Reich HC...Now I EXPECT a Favorable Deal for the 3rd Pick

    Looks like it is going to be a long offseason