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  1. Without s doubt.
  2. iinii

    Reuben Foster; Suspension

    Crazy ex-girlfriends will get you every time
  3. iinii

    Bills will win the division this season

    Have you seen the schedule?
  4. iinii

    ESPN says we overpaid for Star

    They ought to know. They have been overpaying for quite a few things lately.
  5. I will be at my little job later.
  6. iinii

    Confession time at TBD

    Convicted is the word I think you were looking for. I called that injury right before it happened. I have yet to replicate that feat but.....
  7. iinii

    how is Josh Allen doing so far?

    Where does that put Ryan Lief?
  8. Will this thread ever unravel?
  9. Or getting a bigger hammer?
  10. iinii

    Make 3 predictions for the 2018 Bills.

    At least you warned us upfront, #3 is daring
  11. “Expect nothing and accept everything” -Gary John Bishop
  12. iinii

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    I feel your pain.