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  1. So when offensive skill guys got to camp, they hit the ground running and were progressively ahead of the defensive guys. And that edge may still be holding up now. It also plays into what another exec raised to me—offensive rookies are contributing more right now than defensive rookies are. Which, if those guys were taking part in those spring camps right after they were drafted, makes sense. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp/nfl/2020/10/08/tennessee-titans-nfl-league-office-covid-19-protocols seems a lot of coaches are on to this. The above quote is one of ma
  2. That is pretty rusty then. Hoyer has six years of rust on him.
  3. I agree the Titans have obstacles but they are different than NE’s. The biggest one is that being at home is way easier than traveling, especially day of. Getting up early and spending all day on a bus, plane, bus is mentally and physically draining. The Pats then had to play a professional football game. After that kind of day I want to hit the bed in my hotel room. Whoever plays for Tennessee won’t have to endure that.
  4. While the Titans have issues on the D line which play into the Bills favor; comparing the NE situation is a bit of stretch to me. NE traveled yesterday and live in an Eastern Time Zone. Tennessee will be much more rested these the Pats.
  6. Patriots all day. They are vulnerable. KC not so much. Why not get home field throughout? You know what the say about the lead dog and how it correlates to the view.
  7. No. Diggs may help facilitate something that eluded Bennett.
  8. Please realize my thumbs up was hopefully as sarcastic as your 3-13.
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