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  1. Two teams playing very well. Sunday night under the lights. Playoff ramifications. Terrible towels. What’s not to like?
  2. Indeed. Under the lights. Two teams playing very well. Playoff ramifications. What’s not to like?
  3. It takes a large set of onions to post that here but it looked that way to me too.
  4. Sometimes it is best just to let the dog have the bone?
  5. What we saw was what we should have known if we were paying attention. The offense still isn’t there and won’t be until similar assets are applied to that side of the ball. They brought in a bunch of lineman that were on the street for a reason, so while an improvement they aren’t ready for prime time yet. Josh is still developing. Behind a porous line he didn’t stand a chance so he made old mistakes we don’t like. For all the lambasting Prima Donna WRs get they make those insane catches we are in desperate need of. Josh throws bullets and his touch is a little off so having the best hands in the business might be a good idea.
  6. It is anything and yes I do remember and the receiver was falling backwards into him. Sorry. Excuses don’t win football games. Blaming the refs every time there is a perceived slight may be convenient but it won’t get you the trophy.
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