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  1. Apparently Carolina had cap issues like OBD. You can hate on him all you want, whatever he does or doesn’t do is pretty irrelevant to me. Enjoy
  2. Other than helping build Super Bowl teams in Buffalo, NY (Giants), and Carolina the thing that caught my interest is the probability that Gettleman showed our current regime how to rip the bandaid of in a rebuild.
  3. I think you have pretty much summed things up. Terry’s moral compass seems skewed to his checkbook.
  4. Read today’s MMQB. Gettleman is far from the worst GM in the league and probably a mentor for our current regime in some ways
  5. Still? Again? When will this end?
  6. As my Grandfather told me many years ago, everything is for sale. Should the “right” buyer come along, he could be gone baby gone.
  7. Poor picks like Maybin and Williams
  8. Didn’t you learn anything from WWII? Opening up multiple battle fronts is asinine. You have an attachment to an outcome and can’t see the moment for what it is. Kraft is a Titan of industry and has friends in high places in multiple locations. This thing goes away and you are the one left with a sore crotch.... maybe you try some of that weed. You can get it in every state with ease, legal or not. Just sayin’
  9. Kraft can ride this pony as long as he wants. The DA will do anything and everything to get out from under this ton of bricks. it’s what they do when they are out gunned on a case that is as far as Kraft is concerned is a misdemeanor. The DA will be lucky to get a draw.
  10. Good luck with that. Maybe the Bills should just play air hockey.
  11. Duh to them expecting it, but Kraft’s team can drag this thing out way longer than the DAs have time or money for. The DA may have some moral high ground, the law and desire but Kraft has money and better lawyers.
  12. Yes but we used count those two teams as for wins each year, so it has cut both ways. Brilliant! But concert tours are generally during the spring, summer and early fall. Who is going to a stadium show in Buffalo in December?
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