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  1. I don’t consider camp to be the “train” and this a NFL board. MLB, EPL, NBA those aren’t exactly apples to apples.
  2. Not yet......stay tuned Batman. The train hasn’t even left the station yet.
  3. More money for the attorneys....as usual.
  4. https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/07/06/nfl-nflpa-coronavirus-agreement-washington-team-name That heavy stuff? With the revenue numbers expected to be way down this year, the formula on the 2021 cap is likely to spit out a relatively ugly number, and having the cap drop helps no one. It hurts owners, because it makes it tougher to plan. It hurts team-builders and coaches, because it’s almost certain to cause a bloodletting on a lot of rosters. It hurts players for very obvious reasons.
  5. I think you may have missed some dots. Like the Pro players are more immune than college players? Other pro leagues have already shortened seasons but the NFL is going to pull off business as usual? In a game that is basically a street fight inside a phone booth? The NFL has yet to play a preseason game, let alone a regular season game. You may be getting the cart out in front to the horse.
  6. Maybe you could tweet something that will change their mind. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. Don’t hate the messenger. As I said this could muddy the waters. Seems to me no preseason could make the season last longer if it even gets that far. Sorry you don’t like the news but I highly doubt there is anything you can do to affect the situation. Popcorn, anyone?
  8. This will muddy the waters. https://www.nfl.com/news/nflpa-votes-to-play-no-preseason-games-ahead-of-2020-season
  9. I know the system is designed To make an enemy of I and I Cause all them want to do is divide So their violence can justified But I know that love is gonna conquer all the hate, ya know It takes love and understanding for the people to grow And if we learn to live in love, well We can surely rise above, yes Jah You know the people are waking up, yeah yeah Movement a come and come Said near and far, no matter where you are You can feel this Movement. Movement Iya. We chant a song for the people sing along And we say Movement, together as one Cause no matter where you are Know where you come from Rid the earth of separation Cause this generation too strong for Babylon Together as one Iya Terra "Movement"
  10. Perfect. Speaks to the bloat and pork barrel spending that occurs there.
  11. Just play F Tha Police by N.W.A. and call it a day.....that should clear things up rather quickly.
  12. The logistics of this are monumental and before you tear it down, think about it from a legal perspective. Would signatures have to be verified? and against what? on what? by whom? how many extra layers will this create? Where is @WEO?
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