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  1. There is already a thread for this
  2. I was right there with you and am still on track with predictions. 👍🏼
  3. I think he sees a lot of himself as a young coach in McDermott
  4. You are making hard for me to pull for the Jets.....
  5. I think the Bills cover. This D causes problems for everyone. It will give Fitz fits and the offense should be productive with a week to prepare against a bottom feeder. Throw in a rowdy home crowd and you can bet this game like it has already been played! All opinions are mine and for entertainment purposes only. My attorney said to put that in.
  6. That has definitely been the narrative but while 3 games isn’t quite the same sampling as 3 years could we dare dream: a new trend is developing?
  7. Stat to know: In his past three games, Brady has been pressured 24% of the time, which is up from 15% in his first three games. When pressured this season, he is completing just 24% of his passes (third worst in the NFL), is averaging only 2.5 yards per attempt and has two interceptions. The Jets blitz on 38% of opponent QB dropbacks, which is the fourth-highest rate in the NFL.https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27860778/week-7-nfl-game-picks-schedule-guide-fantasy-football-tips-more#nenyj Times, they maybe a changin’....nah, probably not....
  8. Cool design, but as someone else seems to imply, your avatar would make a dope tee.
  9. No. I think college overtime rules are like participation trophies.
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