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  1. iinii

    Bills defense is overrated.

    The defense isn’t as elite as some would have you believe. Three weeks in a row they haven’t been able to stop, Bortles, Tannehill, and Darnold ( a veritable murders’ row of NFL Quarterbacks) on last minute drives. Those DVOA stats must be misleading.
  2. iinii

    Is Brian Daboll a HC candidate in Green Bay?

    So that is where we disagree. The conspiracy or “grassy knoll” doesn’t exist. The Jets aren’t taking Daboll so that they can have the best OC or HC in the Division, because IMO he (Daboll just so we are clear) isn’t. Who made the powerhouse is VERY material. The only way Daboll coaches a Super Bowl win as an HC is the Barry Switzer way. Feel free to quote me. Thanks.
  3. iinii

    Is Brian Daboll a HC candidate in Green Bay?

    How about, it ain’t gonna happen? Is pedigree is all on paper. He worked with the Patriots and the GOAT. They both would have achieved the same thing with out him. He didn’t make Alabama the powerhouse it is either. So when he doesn’t get the HC job it will be you with the dumb reply.
  4. iinii

    Is Brian Daboll a HC candidate in Green Bay?

    The grassy knoll is right behind you.
  5. I think you are spot on. Granted the needs are well established on offense but with a draft heavy in quality D-linemen, and the scenarios you have mapped out, not taking one could be a big mistake.
  6. I think you are going to be somewhat disappointed when he takes a DL in the first round.
  7. iinii

    Dolphins 21 Bills 17 Postgame Thread

    At least he is getting experience
  8. So.....It was the Fish. And last week Bortles waltzed down the field late to make it a one score game.
  9. That running thing isn’t going to last forever.
  10. iinii

    Around the NFL Week 12

  11. Bell won’t be a Bill. Too many distractions for him to be a McDermott guy.
  12. iinii

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    No but I am Satan
  13. iinii

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    It wasn’t because he was scared of McBeane. Put the Koolaid down, it is affecting your brain.
  14. iinii

    Canned crowd noise

    Sadly the NFL seems to like it.