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  1. I hope they have a better backup plan for no Siran Neal on special teams this week. Apparently he was the difference maker on kickoff coverage. This game very well could come down to who makes the bigger splash play like a huge return.
  2. Agreed. Well for the most part. A lot of it will probably have to do with how they feel Sweeney is developing. I think he can be a very capable compliment #2 TE, but obviously isn't that yet.
  3. True, but he surely came crashing down from there this season. So back to your point from earlier - the 2018 QBs are still "wait and see".
  4. Okay, there's our disconnect. About half a season of sustained top level play is much more than a glimpse to me. As you said he has had halves or games of looking really good, but is still inconsistent. I have faith he'll get there.
  5. How do we not expect growing pains when this is done? I have definitely seen strides in Josh's game since the beginning of this season, not to mention his strides last season with a less talented group. The offense is getting there. Yes, exactly. They are ALL still in wait and see mode. I just take issue with you claiming Josh has not shown a single glimpse in his career thus far.
  6. Didn't we replace virtually the entire offense around him this year? What does that say about the talent around him for the first season of his career? Would that qualify as extreme circumstances to you? Also, I'm digging the tired old 300 yards argument as a top qualifier. I'll take his stack of impressive 4th quarter performances any day of the week and twice on Sunday. He has absolutely shown the ability. He is still learning consistency, as is the rest of the offense around him. I don't mean to bash your entire post, because saying that most non Bills fans would likely keep him out of their top 20 QBs right now is an arguable point, but to say he has not shown glimpses of being the guy is completely disingenuous IMO.
  7. Are you implying Josh has not shown a single glimpse of being a franchise QB? 🙄 He said more...as in more than fans of other teams.
  8. Great post and breakdown of the growth progression for JA. I agree he is somewhere in that transition between game manager and competent. He needs to make that next step where he can "play fearless" while avoiding the bad hero ball moments. Play loose and comfortable and keep making strides the rest of the season. Next year should be when we expect to see that progression from competent to franchise. Oh, and get him a true dominant #1 WR too.
  9. Pretty sure they have posted videos of him hitting deep balls in practice all season long, not just this week. Even before it became a talking point.
  10. They do those rookie gifs after the draft and that was his number at the time. There was quite a few players that shuffled numbers around after final cuts. I can't quite remember who used to have 26...maybe Yeldon? He took Murphy's 22 when he was let go.
  11. At least with Vernon out they should be able to consistently slide extra protection over to help with Garrett.
  12. I have a feeling that Singletary/Beasley/the TE's are going to be where the big plays come from this week. The Cleveland LBs appear to be struggling right now and the safeties are a weak spot. Love me some John Brown, but Ward looks like a bad match up for him. I wouldn't be surprised if his streak of 50+ yard games ends Sunday.
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