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  1. It was pure BS. Milano can't defy physics mid air. There has to be some common sense applied.
  2. They have also been without Corey Thompson for a few weeks now and he was a special teams contributor.
  3. I'd imagine the Bills will be an extremely popular pick week 7. I know I would be picking them if I was still in it (thank you week 4 Rams...)
  4. Details of the game aside, I am opposed to ever picking against the Bills in a survivor pool. I just can't bring myself to do it.
  5. Someone picked the Titans? Boo this man!
  6. Don't forget about Nsekhe. I think they were being very cautious with his knee yesterday so he should be good to go in a couple weeks. Either way, we gotta be pleased with how Bates looked. Can never have enough O-line depth.
  7. I hope none of these are too serious and they are all good to go in a couple weeks. That being said - it's great they were able to keep Eddie on the PS as Murphy insurance. However if he does miss time I think Bam Johnson has earned the extra reps in his place.
  8. I think they select a rookie from each team that doesn't necessarily have to be a QB. I believe this year was Singletary for the Bills. EDIT: It was Singletary
  9. Not that I have seen. My guess is that Singletary and Taron Johnson will be last minute decisions again this week.
  10. I love you getting all this crap after you spent an entire day arguing with a guy who was ACTUALLY serious about sitting Allen despite what the doctors say 🤣
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