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  1. You just know there will be a bunch of posts criticizing him and the contract after his first poor play of 2020
  2. No worries, man. Glad to hear your dad is doing better!
  3. He made the pick specifically for the Titans, which is fine, it’s not a big deal. But you can keep it for the Texans instead so we can move along. With the 61st pick the Tennessee Titans select Ben Bartch OT from St. Johns. Green Bay @Buffalo Junction is on the clock.
  4. No, you wrote Texans originally. And Reed made the appropriate argument for the Titans making the selection so it wasn’t a typo. I was going to pick an OT anyway so if he wants to make a pick for the Texans now that works. Unless the Texans want that same OT and I’ll make another pick.
  5. You wrote Texans, but it’s all good.
  6. @Reed83HOF was supposed to be picking for the Texans, but oddly enough took one of my targets for the Titans. So, uh, I guess pick for the Texans now?
  7. Any process that harms the Pats I'm all for
  8. He must not be starting but I am pretty sure I saw that our boy Brandon Reilly is on the Battlehawks roster. Keith Ford is there too.
  9. Yeah not saying you are right, but I completely understand the line of thinking and can see it playing out. Whether or not it does happen, I agree the context is different from the Sammy trade. And the framework of the deal should be similar to the trade up for Edmunds, which wasn't that bad.
  10. The more I read your posts on the topic the more I am coming around to the idea. Get that elite talent to allow the offense to take that next step. Free agency is going to say a lot about whether or not Beane is following your line of thinking. If DE and CB2 is addressed then I can definitely see Beane taking that big swing. We have the later rounds picks to package and move back up into say round 3 to mitigate the loss of picks in a trade up scenario. There's no way 6 Day 3 picks make the roster.
  11. Oh I know, I just couldn't help it. Feel better @Virgil !
  12. The one used to take Delpit or the one used to take Higgins?
  13. With the 29th pick, the Tennessee Titans select Trevon Diggs, CB Alabama. The Packers ( @Buffalo Junction ) are on the clock. Logan Ryan's deal is up and he is allowed to walk in FA due to age and potential contract numbers. Malcom Butler is under contract for another couple of years (at a high price), but is approaching 30 and coming off IR. Tennessee looks to get younger and cheaper in the secondary. Diggs is a sure choice to pair with Adoree Jackson for the future and ensure pass defense does not quickly become a liability for the Titans in 2020.
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