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  1. I was half expecting Ray Ray to cough it up there. That kind of night.
  2. Yeah that sounds about right. Seems fitting for obvious troll posts. At least I like it better than the "meh" or "confused" for that scenario.
  3. Steelers botched snap over Ben and Browns recovered for TD
  4. I want the Titans in this one. For one, it keeps Lamar off the "playoff win" scoreboard for the 2018 QB class. And two, it gives the possibility of a rematch with Titans, which I like our chances in.
  5. Can we get your avatar as an emoji? That cat is hilarious.
  6. I feel bad for the guy. First, he gets snubbed from the Pro Bowl and then the refs rob him of that amazing game winning play. Dude is a straight baller.
  7. Only a matter of time before he checks the next box: SUPER BOWL!!
  8. I think I am only going to watch this game just to see if Young can crush Brady
  9. Rams so beat up after this game. Hard to see them competing with GB next week (assuming CHI doesn't upset NO).
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