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  1. If your going to opt out, just opt out. The attention these two want on themselves is old. Do it and go away for a year. Don't want to hear from either.
  2. Everything you google isn't facts. Show me specific examples of athletes getting the illness and their career being ended due to the effects. There have been countless athletes getting it, so where are the athletes that are getting their career ended from it. Sorry, but you can't compare a 24 year old athlete to an 80 year old cancer survivor.
  3. You're gonna have to show me proof of these issues with professional athlete's because I haven't heard about athletes losing careers over complications from COVID. These guys play football, every snap they take could be career ender. Using COVID as a possible career ender is really stretching it.
  4. Yeap, but these players somehow think COVID is an immediate death sentence. The older I get, the more I just become nauseated with athletes in general.
  5. There is a case to be made the opting out is NOT the best interest of his family. By real deal, what do you mean? % wise, Tre/his wife and kids are extremely low. If you are trying to eliminate all risk in life, how the heck would you ever live.
  6. Injuries happen during training camp.
  7. Not sure what you mean. If Tre is so worried about his family contracting the disease, he should be following strict lockdown whether he is playing or not. At least with him playing, he and his family will be able to get tested regularly unlike the general public. Lockdown and play = get tested regularly Lockdown and not play = not get tested regularly
  8. Ummm, the entire US was supposed to be living in essentially lock down since March. Not sure I even understand what he is trying to say. So is he saying his family hasn't been living in essential lockdown since March? That's an issue if that is the case.
  9. Another perspective I don't understand. There is a better chance Tre gets the virus hanging out in Louisiana than he does playing in the NFL. If he gets the virus down there, he is not going to have the testing he gets with the NFL. If he gets it playing, at least he will know right away he has it. He gets it in Louisiana, he won't get test results for days. Best way to protect your family is to get tested the most. The virus is everywhere, it's not like him not playing means he won't be exposed to it.
  10. It would really be a shame if nurses, doctors, and essential workers started opting out of their jobs. Baffles me how a professional athlete can opt out while others are truly risking being exposed to the illness. So if he opts out, is he not going to leave his house or see anyone till a vaccine comes?
  11. There is no cap benefit to cutting him now versus Sept.
  12. lol, ok buddy. I will sure stop because you told me to. Please explain why they would cut Long now when they haven't even started camp yet and guys are going to get hurt? The only reason to cut the guy now is to save money. Don't give me the whole nonsense about letting him catch on to another team. He doesn't need another team if he is on this team.
  13. Wouldn't be so sure of that. Long was expected to make 3.074 and 4.5 million over the next two year. I would think Winters is right around there.
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