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  1. Wouldn't surprise me if Watt is waiting on one teams to work the cap and contracts of current players. Could be Bills, or another team.
  2. I think all these old coaches need to retire.. Izzo, K, Williams, Boeheim
  3. Crazy to see how far Cuse hoops have fallen. Feel like its been years since they have been relevant.
  4. OLB has historically been one of the easiest positions to transition to the NFL. Most times, you can get 5 good value years (1st round picks) out of LBs.
  5. I really don't think he goes before 5th. Playing the MAC will hurt him and also having an elite Oline for the MAC will also hurt him. His vision is alright. Going to be a lot tougher to break tackles in the NFL at his size.
  6. Patterson is a dime a dozen back in the NFL. I think he goes around the 4th to 5th round this year.
  7. Wish Dodson would have stayed healthy this year. He is more athletic than Milano, which is what we need.
  8. Watson is the better QB, but those 40 million dollar cap hits coming are tough. I really hope Bills hold off on Allen's extension and don't have to pay 40 million a year. Too many games this year where Allen wasn't premier.
  9. Javonte Williams is better. More explosive and quicker burst.
  10. Agreed. Feliciano is vocal, so the fans like him more. Morse is smart as a whiz and is constantly calling stuff out for Allen. It was really evident that was missing when he was gone. I think Feliciano is average. Personally, I would offer him low tier money. If he doesn't take it, I'm starting Ford there next year. I think that is Ford's natural position.
  11. Seriously, what did he do good at center vs Seattle and Arizona? Allen was sacked 7 times vs Seattle and our running backs ran for 19 yards. Versus Arizona, our RBs ran for 35 yards. Feliciano is no where near the pass blocker and snapper Morse is, and our run game is not better with him in there. People seen Feliciano play center in preseason and think he is good at it.
  12. He has missed 2 games since becoming a Bill, and one was supposedly not even for injury. You restructure his contract, he counts a little over 7 million on cap. Middle of pack for centers.
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