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  1. People are underestimating the Jets. If they had Tyrod last year, they would have won the division.
  2. I had to make sure I wasn't watching the video in .5x speed when he did that cut to the outside. Sheesh.
  3. Like I mentioned weeks ago, Beane has never seen an interview he didnt like doing. He loves to have his name and face out there. Someone has to keep stroking that ego.
  4. Nathan's is the one biting the hand. The competition has become a joke. Only reason I checked it out the last few years was because of Chestnut. Ain't nobody watching without him. It was a dying thing already.
  5. The Westin is in a location I enjoy too.
  6. This is really bad advice. The 1 hotel anywhere near the stadium is complete trash. Lots of great hotels downtown. The visiting teams stay at Hyatt Regency. The hotel within 500 Pearl is nice because there are things to do within 500 Pearl.
  7. He won't get near 5 million in GA. The style does look very updated, I wonder if he put in some money since 2019.
  8. That makes no sense. If he is rehabbing, he should be in Buffalo doing it. He is working out on his own. He is holding out due to contract. I thought this was pretty well known. He is getting old, this is his last attempt at getting paid. He posted things back in March.
  9. Does Douglas plan on sitting out TC? I know he wanted an extension and never got it.
  10. Why does Beane talk so much? I dont see other GMs continually on so many media shows.
  11. Netflix is terrible and one of the more pricey options. Peacock isnt a bad price and has a lot of content. I don't agree that these should be put on the same terms Amazon you can watch for free on Twitch. I can honestly say, I will not be subscribing to Netflix to watch these games.
  12. How do people listen to football on the radio? If I can't watch it, I ain't listening to it.
  13. Not sure if you are aware, but there are about 10 or more different charts out there. Places have tried to change the pick valuations based on recent activity. The most known one is the Jimmy Johnson, but there are so many other charts out there.
  14. What are you talking about? Oliver would have been a UFA. He would have been negotiating with 31 other teams come March.
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