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  1. I don't want this college football season to end, yet wish the NFL season ended weeks ago. It's not just the Bills for me, it's the entire NFL product right now that I could careless for. Greed has killed the game. Kirk Herb was on PMT a few weeks ago talking about how boring it is calling an NFL game vs college. I will forever say that the NFL has the advantage of being on Sunday's vs Saturday's, in terms of viewership. I always can't stand when the league constantly pumps their TV ratings.
  2. It's really not that complicated. Change nothing with Miller's roster status, and tell him to stay home. On injury report, he is out for personal reasons. We don't need the roster spot, so who cares.
  3. It's a no brainer to keep Von away from team. His play is terrible and we already have 4 DEs. I don't know what Beane is doing, but its embarrassing.
  4. We will see what Pegula does when Beane goes to him and tells him its either Allen or Mcdermott. Pegula will pack Mcdermott's office for him. Allen is beyond f'ed up with this defense falling apart at the end of every game.
  5. It just doesn't matter with the cap. Look at Hines, they could not pay him, but he is still counting against the cap.
  6. Chandler Jones is having the same production as Von this season and the contract would have been much easier to get out of.
  7. May be able to get out the contract, but wont get out the cap hit.
  8. Will Beane ever be held accountable? This contract was one of the worst things I have ever seen from the minute it was signed.
  9. Make an offer, but I wouldn't take a certain amount. Why not just list the price you want for them?
  10. https://www.twobillsdrive.com/community/topic/238009-bills-situation-reminds-me-of-atlanta/
  11. More interested in what Carolina would trade for Mcdermott
  12. He's playing WLB and not MLB, which has been a huge factor. He is absolutely terrible as an MLB.
  13. He should get mad at his screener, not the caller. He doesn't have to take any calls he doesn't want to.
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