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  1. Lawrence may not even be the number one overall pick. Now that Fields is playing, Lawrence will have to play a lot better than what he did on Saturday.
  2. They had to activate him if they wanted him to play at all this season. I will be happy once I see him playing in a game. The way this team operates, it could be weeks from now.
  3. Guards just have a less factor on the game. A mediocre guard you can get away with. You can't get away with a bad tackle.
  4. House ain't worth fighting over. There is much better on market. Not sure why Tre would want his address exposed now anyways. Walk away.
  5. We only run to the left, so how are Dawkins and Williams even in the same conversation? Williams also has 4 penalties this year (tied for most on team). Williams has not been good this year. I struggle with what people are seeing. He is being asked to do so little, and you are noticing him far too often. I also think Williams not being trusted is a huge reason why Allen is better throwing to right than left. He can put his back towards Dawkins and feel confident. https://www.footballdb.com/stats/penalties-player.html?yr=2020&tm=4
  6. It's been week after week with all these mentally, unprepared errors. Not only are the penalties bad, but when we are taking timeouts is even worse. Too many times we waste a timeout to set up a defense, to get completely blown apart the next play.
  7. He really is. Gets blown by far too often (Look at the fumble by Allen) and the Bills don't run to the right. Can't run block, and is getting blown by in pass coverage.
  8. If the Bills don't have a game plan to exploit their weaknesses, I will lose all faith in the regime. This is the biggest game of the season, and with the history of this team, you better be prepared. If this team continues to look completely outcoached, I will never be able to shake the notion. The Bills are a team that seem to carry over a lot of the past games play. I really hope that 2nd half vs the Jets was a turning point.
  9. They have a tackle on their roster that played really well last year (Ty Nyseke), not sure why they refuse to play him and play Williams (who is by far weakest link).
  10. Patriots will eat you up if you do that. Their weakness is the d line. You need to run right at them, right down the middle. They then bring the LB in and you run to the outside. Den and SF both did this with great success. Why are people so against running the ball? People wanting Allen to put up large stats just so they can say he is a top QB are not looking out for the best interest of overall team.
  11. Be prepared to lose if you expect Josh to sit back there and throw the ball over 40 times. This team needs to establish a run game.
  12. There is really nothing to sell when the majority of time he is just keeping it. There are really few handoffs in RPO. Singletary has 4 and Moss has 1.
  13. Our offense has fallen off a cliff. That's not adjusting, that's just failing. Adjusting would mean you stay at the same rate you were going prior to the other teams adjustments.
  14. Is health really an excuse when we have seen other teams come in really banged up (KC on oline) and scheme their way into incredible production? For some reason, this offense under Daboll does not scheme game by game. I feel like I am watching the same scheme every week, no matter what the opponent is playing or doing. I watch these teams before we play them and can pinpoint where they are weak. The Bills then play them, and we run the same scheme we have always ran, no matter what the other team is doing.
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