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  1. Doubt it. Fitz would have found a way to not make it.
  2. They were 3-7 outside their division. Is that getting "far"?
  3. Even is Fitz's good years, he isn't good enough. Wash needed to upgrade the QB, not roll with Fitz. It will be their demise. Their front 4 is good, not sure about the defense as a whole. Not to mention, what the heck have they done to that O line. I don't get the overhype of Wash. They got lucky being in the NFC East.
  4. I'm talking recent. Since 2015 National Championship, they have been largely a disappointment. There has been consistent good teams during the last 5 years, and Duke has not been one of them.
  5. They haven't been perennial top 10 in years with K. I just don't understand what you are trying to say. K is not leaving on a high. Quite honestly, the last 5 years have been some of the worst coaching performances in CBB. Coach K has made Duke, but he is not Duke. They have become their own brand now. The college bb brand will never be the same, that applies to Duke too, with or without K.
  6. What do you classify as "winning"? Lots of traditional power houses are not winning national championships and it doesn't change anything. The hate will always be there that people will tune into.
  7. K built the Duke brand. That brand will still be there, meaning the top facilities, most national exposure, connections. good conference, etc. Not sure who would want to play under K's coaching recently. These players went there for the exposure they receive at being at a school that gets the most televised games.
  8. About time. These old guys just can't keep up. CBB is a different world. It's literally all about recruiting for one year. I can see why Scheyer would be next in line, he has been the main recruiter for Duke.
  9. If it says still processing, don't expect anything till at least Aug, prob later. It's this new system the IRS put in a couple years back where it automatically pulls returns to be manually approved based on changes in your return from last year to the current year. Unfortunately like everything the government does, the software is horrible and flags too many returns that have no changes or issues. Your return will need to be manually signed off on by an IRS agent and they are millions of returns behind, especially since if you used your 2019 earned income for the earn
  10. Ahhh, the classic "respect for the game" Also, Brooks was nothing but class playing with Mickelson, even after he rubbed him the wrong way when Brooks was a kid. Those feelings just don't go away and Brooks put it aside to be nothing but a great competitor on Sunday, even after Phil should have been docked for slow play plenty of times on Sunday. No to mention that the security lost complete control of the crowd. How is that Brooks fault? I'm curious how many interviews you actually listened to from Brooks. From your response, it sounds like zero, which I don't unde
  11. Brooks is a realist about golf and for that, I'm a fan. He says what 95% of the people think about golf. It's takes too long, you don't even know what hole you are in in the middle of the course, the majors are the only tournaments people care about, etc. It's a game, and Brooks treats it that way. Doesn't take it seriously and is out there to make some money.
  12. Think it has more to do with Gaine still collecting from Houston and not wanting to move his family back to Buffalo again. We will see when his kids get older what he eventually does, but right now he has a nice gig.
  13. Got my second pfizer on Friday morning and man it hit me hard. Was not expecting it to be that bad. Friday night was like a full on flu. Every symptom. Sat felt so weak and achy. Had a really bad cough too. Had to take an inhaler. Late yesterday, I now have tons of swelling in my armpit from the arm I got my shot. Looked it up and they say its swollen lymph nodes and could last 1 to 2 weeks. Really questioning what the heck I just put into my body. I can't have my arm rest against its side and certainly can't sleep on that side because its so swollen and sore.
  14. Elon toying with the market is exactly why I don't do anything with crypto. This needs regulation bad.
  15. Interesting name. Dailey spent some time coaching in Buffalo, but before Mo. I'm assuming Dailey would run the option with his run-pass skills as a player. Could be huge for Myers
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