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  1. Do they insure for natural disasters? All I have heard is that you can't even get insurance in Florida in certain areas for things like hurricanes.
  2. We already know it wasn't a standard tear which puts his timeline in the 10-12 month time table so he is currently right in the middle.
  3. Gabe's ankle is being used an excuse that is not warranted. Since Gabe has been in the league, there are weeks at a time where he doesn't produce. I know (myself included) had very high expectations of Davis, but the first years in the league were nothing but inconsistent. I expected different this year, but that was probably on me. Think it's going to come down to Davis being a nice player, but I think he lacks the consistent aspect of being a good player.
  4. I'm not convinced OBJ isn't ready till Jan. I'm not about inserting a guy who hasn't played in a year into a playoff line up. It's not realistic and don't know why people keep on bringing it up.
  5. I think they have a couple weeks to remove him from the PUP list. If he gets put on IR, then there was a serious set back. As of right now, it hasn't even been 11 full months since the surgery date. Not that easy because then he has to take up a roster spot. We don't have many spots in the CB to play with right now.
  6. Crowder has been terrible. Give me Austin at this point.
  7. People completely overrate practice for a guy that has been in the system for multiple years. As soon as the knee is healed, he will be on the field. He is probably in the best shape of his life and knows the system.
  8. I personally don't think he should be practicing at all and just play in the games.
  9. One of the lowest PFF grades and had a huge penalty that cost us the game. Also, got burned on the Waddle play.
  10. Hyde is out for the year. The current injury report won't change that.
  11. With Hyde being out for the year, why isn't Beane signing a Safety? The guy on the PS isn't even experienced enough to come in. This team refuses to use Neal on defense. I don't even know if he played any defense in the preseason. I guess they could use Cam Lewis who never seems to be healthy anyways. Right now we have 3 total safeties on roster, and IMO Johnson really struggled last game. With a couple vets still on market (Landon Collins, Jaquiski Tartt, etc) it seems strange that it is being neglected.
  12. Vegas also had Miami +190 on moneyline vs Bills last week. Easiest money I have made.
  13. Where's Stevenson at in his recovery? This team needs speed and a field stretcher. Davis clearly ain't 100%.
  14. Holy cow that contract is awful. Even after 3 years, to get out will be a 7.8 million dead cap.
  15. The risk of rolling with over 30 safeties. The main reason why I have zero ambition to sign Hyde or Poyer to extensions.
  16. I'm sure he will be cut and signed back before the year is up.
  17. I 100% understand how the NFL works, and could give two craps if someone takes Shakir off waivers. The guy just isn't quick enough to make it. Stevenson has something that every team is looking for, speed. I'm sure it will change after we play Miami on Sunday, but this team still lacks speed. It will come back to bite them. No you can't keep Stevenson on IR all year. As soon as he is cleared, and he will be soon, the Bills need to make a move. On pure raw talent, Stevenson>Shakir.
  18. Need to see more creativity with Mckenzie, especially when we need to get some sustained drives to burn some clock. Wasn't a huge deal with the Titans offense getting back on field with taking no time off clock, but we seen it how many times this weekend alone, how easy teams can erase leads. Unless they are 1 yard screen passes, I really don't need to see three passes when burning clock helps everyone.
  19. Dude looks tiny and slow. Like I said during those training camp work outs, his feet speed is way too slow to be a good player in the NFL. Gonna have to improve that quickly. As soon as Stevenson is ready, Shakir can go to PS.
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