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  1. Holy cow that contract is awful. Even after 3 years, to get out will be a 7.8 million dead cap.
  2. The risk of rolling with over 30 safeties. The main reason why I have zero ambition to sign Hyde or Poyer to extensions.
  3. I'm sure he will be cut and signed back before the year is up.
  4. I 100% understand how the NFL works, and could give two craps if someone takes Shakir off waivers. The guy just isn't quick enough to make it. Stevenson has something that every team is looking for, speed. I'm sure it will change after we play Miami on Sunday, but this team still lacks speed. It will come back to bite them. No you can't keep Stevenson on IR all year. As soon as he is cleared, and he will be soon, the Bills need to make a move. On pure raw talent, Stevenson>Shakir.
  5. Need to see more creativity with Mckenzie, especially when we need to get some sustained drives to burn some clock. Wasn't a huge deal with the Titans offense getting back on field with taking no time off clock, but we seen it how many times this weekend alone, how easy teams can erase leads. Unless they are 1 yard screen passes, I really don't need to see three passes when burning clock helps everyone.
  6. Dude looks tiny and slow. Like I said during those training camp work outs, his feet speed is way too slow to be a good player in the NFL. Gonna have to improve that quickly. As soon as Stevenson is ready, Shakir can go to PS.
  7. Him and Brady are a perfect match. Two over the hill, self centered big mouths.
  8. I can't wait to watch Bradin Bryant. Always have been a fan of the guy. Think he makes a difference.
  9. If you injure your sprained ankle more, then you have an absolute trash training staff. A good training staff can get that thing stable and solid.
  10. A shot and some tape can go a long way for a sprained ankle.
  11. It's 70 degrees. I'll takes the humidity at 70 degrees and no rain/wind.
  12. So 5 targets on like 60 snaps? Like I said, he just isn't targeted all that much, Blocking as a WR is very low on my list of things that will influence a game.
  13. I'm torn on how much Gabe really means at times. He just doesn't get that many targets. I feel like you can easily develop a game plan that excludes him pretty easily. I kind of expected this team to use Singletary a lot with or without Gabe. I do really think this team wants to run more 2 TE sets with Singletary back there and Morris being hurt, made them de-rail. I think they get back to that today.
  14. Ehhh, nothing beats a nice sunny fall 1:00 o'clock sunday game for a home opener. Football loses a little luster after Sunday.
  15. Does anyone else hate this start time? I think I'm just having bad flashbacks to that 7:00 game vs KC like on a rainy Tuesday night during COVID. It's just such a strange time to be starting a football game.
  16. I was on monthly and when I found about the increase, I paid for the full year at the cheaper rate. I use it a lot so its probably worth it for me. I may next year just buy it Sept through March for college sports. That will be about 60 dollars.
  17. My buddy went to U of Tampa and if I'm remembering correctly, this is a really crummy part of town. Kind of reminded me how Buff State was set up in Buffalo, where the campus is real close to some shady parts of town. If someone tried to get into my car near some of the streets near Buff State, if would be tough to hold judgement to see if I was going to get shot or stabbed first.
  18. Enough is enough. Myers needs to go in. This guy ain’t it. No zip on ball.
  19. Well doesn't look like team knew what they were doing. Put him out there week one and re-injured it. Like I said right when it happened, Calf injuries and DTs are not good.
  20. So glad we gave Mo an extension before the season. The guy really has earned it. Wonder how many more years of embarrassing football that bought UB.
  21. Stefon doesn't run block, thats why he didnt get as many snaps. Look at Gabe's snap count. That's because Gabe blocks.
  22. It's an upgrade and it was evident from the first drive. The outside runs to avoid Donald is something that I never understood with Daboll. To me, it always seemed like Daboll never schemed for his opponent and just ran the same plays week in and week out. Daboll lacked common sense.
  23. Brandon Bryant has looked good every single time I have seen him play. I have no worries. Also, Boogie got his INT from the DT spot.
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