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  1. I agree that they have this schtick going. But let me give an example to make my point about JW being a crappy partner. Monday morning they were discussing Da'Rick Rogers. JW asks Howard if he knew where he played in college. Howard says Tennessee, and JW says nope, Tennessee State. (I looked it up, he actually played at BOTH schools). JW was so ready to point out that Howard was wrong, when he wasn't. That's not "young-guy-laps-old-guy-for-a-laugh" schtick, its I-think-I'm-smart-and-I-know-my-partner-isnt. I find it very off-putting.
  2. JW needlessly and thoughtlessly says things to make Howard seem a step behind. Not enjoyable to listen to in the least, and doesn't appear to be a gracious coworker. That said, I wish him well with this challenge.
  3. Staying out of a contract is key. Apparently I happen to be in one now as a result of adding a mini-genie a year ago (even though they told me at the time that it wouldn't result in being in a contract). So I'm disputing the contract thing. Then I ask the rep to check on whether I have Sunday Ticket on auto-renewal (which you also don't want). She replies, oh, it looks like you're all set for ST at no charge this year. Not sure how that happened.
  4. There's an extensive thread on this topic already. Check it out.
  5. I grew up in Liverpool, a suburb of Syracuse.
  6. Sounds familiar. My concussion stories: 5 or 6 years old, just learned to ride a bike. Riding down our street when something made me look back behind me, then things went blank. Turns out when I was looking backwards, I ran into a parked car. I was out cold, neighbor carried me home. Age 15 or 16, playing touch football in the street. Ran a play as a receiver and hit my head on the pavement. Went back to the huddle, then just wandered back to the backyard, where I proceeded to pick a carrot from the garden I had planted. Needless to say, the game ended at that point.
  7. No. Born in South Buffalo, raised in Williamsville. Career has taken me to NYC, Houston, San Antonio and currently Pittsburgh. My kid's been tortured at school in each city.
  8. Why risk getting hurt trying to entertain bored football fans. Not necessary.
  9. And he admits it. He's always talking about his faulty memory or being depressed about something. Not exactly uplifting.
  10. I have to admit, you have elevated photo-only replies to an artform! Agree, his looks are terrifying.
  11. Can't answer that without further info. I'd pay $5k a seat for 2 seats, IF the seats were between the 30s, in a location comparable to the current lower level, and no more than $1500 a year each. I think this is basically what I said in response to their survey. For me it's about location, location, location.
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