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  1. Mike Schopp will tell you that NFL defenses can rarely be counted on to stay good from year to year. Take that whence it comes.
  2. I think I heard Tasker mispronounce his OWN name the other day.
  3. Whenever these kinds of "X has emerged as a frontrunner" reports come out, my mind always go to, who gains from this coming out? I usually land on the agent trying to gain leverage.
  4. I make it a point to wear my #15 Kemp jersey to a few games each year, as a tribute. Best $50 I've spent at the Bills store (it was a clearance item).
  5. That was under old ownership. The Pegulas are a bit more savvy about marketing - they fly all Bills flags.
  6. I thought Coy did an outstanding job of presenting Pancho's plight to the rest of the country, all off the cuff.
  7. The new guy makes an appearance.
  8. At the Bills draft party. Early highlights: met Joe Di, and got a pic of my son with Sean McD in the training center. Good night so far!
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