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  1. I logged on at noon yesterday and there was nothing better available than my current seats on the 33 yard line 30 rows up. Very slim pickings. I may be selling several games this year. Not sure if my son is willing to be vaccinated.
  2. I don't answer my phone if I don't know the number. Nor do I answer my doorbell if I don't want to. Ringing phones and knocks on the door are merely suggestions. Don't understand why some people choose to be slaves to them.
  3. Jeez, it looks like he's holding a baked potato.
  4. Also the reliance on self reporting is IMO a problem with this study. Having lived in 5 different NFL cities, I think the "drinking is macho" ethic is highest in Buffalo relative to others, and that includes Pittsburgh which has a strong blue collar history. That said, if you're a Bills fan asked about GameDay drinking, I think you're more likely to proudly embellish.
  5. Link? While my memory differs from yours about what explanations were given, what you are asserting would have been an incredibly shallow and disingenuous explanation, given that it was well known to the public and more importantly to decision makers that the stadium was designed to be expandable.
  6. Very well put. Thanks for putting "tailgating" in its proper perspective.
  7. This isn't a serious point, is it? Lack of seating at the former Pilot Field was NOT the reason we didn't get a major league team, Bob Rich and our bad demographics were the reasons. You do know that the baseball stadium was built to support an eventual upper deck, right?
  8. I had season tickets for 5 years while living in Texas, to help support the team when the future ownership was in doubt.
  9. Don't know, don't care, just enjoying the fallout.
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