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  1. Well said Kirby. I watched this yesterday and thought it was very shallow. But you said it perfectly. None of these videos can really capture the "soul" of Bills fandom.
  2. I dont want to hear it, I'm going to the game. And we will win.
  3. Great, this just gives Mike Schopp another personal addiction to talk about, so he doesnt have to actually talk sports.
  4. When I saw this thread my immediate thought was DirecTV. They are the worst ever since AT&T acquired them. I even had an employee, a tech at my house, say the same before I even mentioned it.
  5. Funny, we're practically neighbors. My son went to PR.
  6. No problem. We can hash it out at the tailgate, because my plans have changed and I'm IN. Will be at the game (section 113), just got my tix. Ironically, this will be the shortest commute to a Bills game that I've ever had in my 10 years as a STH!!!! Gibsonia is in Richland Township, just north of Hampton.
  7. Reasons for not going to the game - family considerations. Enough said. Yes, I do drive up & back home to Gibsonia for home games. Only occasionally do I stay over. I may try to stop by the Saturday night party at Mario's, we'll see. Likely will be there Sunday night.
  8. ST holder here living in Pitt but I plan to watch this one at Mario's East Side Saloon (apparently home of the Pitt Bills Backers). I have my reasons for not going to the game.
  9. As P. T. Barnum famously said, there's a sucker born every minute. Some stupid team will sign him eventually.
  10. It would be fascinating to see behind the scenes, i.e., which coaches are lobbying for who to be active. But I have to think that if Daboll were to say that this week's plan requires Yeldon to be active to combat blitz packages, he'd get his wish.
  11. I have had a different experience with both Pats* and Bruins fans. Both have gone out of their way to belittle Buffalo and its fans, crossing the line from passionate fan into asshat territory.
  12. No, the 12th man ran off the field before the play, but it was right in front of the ref.
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