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  1. OP, my take on what you have reported is this: Pegula liquidated East Resources to buy the Bills at a good time. He sold that part of his portfolio "high", which is usually seen as smart business. That is all.
  2. I thought the protests were about police brutality. What part of the American government do you want to see McDermott protest?
  3. Are you thinking your participation as a fan would be in doubt at the moment you jump in your car?
  4. The idea that the military is "political" is interesting. Is the military conservative or liberal? Before you answer, consider recent statements from Generals Colin Powell, James Mattis, John Kelly, and Admiral William McRaven.
  5. Can someone point out Diggs in that group photo? I don't see him but the guy in the tyedye shirt looks like Antonio Brown.
  6. Last year and the year before I believe, Bills season ticket holders got ST Max for $100 as a perk. Hopefully that continues this year.
  7. Its scary that there are people out there who belive this. No
  8. I thought Bulldog fans referred to him as Jake From State Farm.
  9. I speak from experience. You learn failure is no option.
  10. Am I the only one who thought that the CBA prohibited players from meeting with their coaches in the offseason?
  11. Having to grow up fast due to losing a parent when young has its benefits.
  12. You do know that 60,000 season tickets have already been sold, right?
  13. You simply can't bring up the color rush unis without it turning into a like/dislike thread. Dislike intensely, here.
  14. Well I've been a STH for 11 years and never sat in the EZs so I've seen a few things occur inside the 30 yard lines. In my section last year I saw an old buzzard 60+ vomit at his seat. Maybe I have a low tolerance but IMO people sitting in my area sure know how to drink and it gets annoying getting up 6x a game for the same drunk with a pea-sized bladder.
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