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  1. Which Karen? Oh, do you mean "How's that, Karen?" If you're asking me and not that Karen person, you've made yourself look competent, which is good.
  2. So asking those who start threads to get the subject's name right is too high a bar to set?
  3. Hate threads like this, where posters throw out goofy thoughts and try to pass them off as fact.
  4. Agree, but any Mike needs the DL to keep them free of OLs. We're not doing that well this year.
  5. Fake tough guy. Character-challenged. Lombardi-era leadership instincts don't relate well to today's player. Any other questions?
  6. Let's face it, defenses have learned that the way to play Allen is to sit in soft zones and make him be patient and give him no big plays. Daboll and Allen need an effective counter to that strategy. A solid running game would certainly help.
  7. Don't forget Osemele and Schwartz out on their OL as well.
  8. What's up with mods starting new threads during games, then deleting them? Do as I say...
  9. I had the same experience off the coast of St. Croix.
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