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  1. We would have been able to take a safety and them need a TD to win it. A huge difference if a team needs a TD with 20 secs left instead of a FG.
  2. I feel you man. I get no enjoyment from the Bills. It's way to stressful. I love college football because I have no allegiance to any team. Just flip from game to game looking for the best one. The covid 2020 was my favorite Bills year. I want to relive that. There seems to be too much "me" on this years team. Team just doesn't seem as close.
  3. Yeap, McDermott should have went to Josh before the series and said immediately roll to the right out of the pocket and if you have the opportunity to run, then do it, if not launch it as far as you can. How many seconds would have came off it they did that three times. Probably gets you down to 15 secs on 4th. At that point to look into a safety.
  4. Good memory with the Daboll text messages. This is a guy who was coaching his hometown team and would have left even without a HC job, pretty scary to think.
  5. Don't let Sal C hear that this coaching staff is non-existent at halftime. The dude flips out. Refuses to admit that this has been a theme for many years.
  6. Daboll should have never been allowed to leave the building. McDermott should have been fired and Daboll took over. I said the Bills would go into an Atlanta situation where they stuck with Quinn instead of going with Shanahan after the Super bowl, and it looks like it's playing out just like I thought.
  7. It was pretty evident that there was a Daboll vs McDermott feud going on last year. Now without Daboll, McDermott's Belichick like attitude is all the guys have to be around. No one wants to be around a guy like McDermott.
  8. Tre hasn't been the same since he cried about a payday and got it. Even before the injury he wasn't like he was before he got his contract. For White, it has always been about the money. The guy doesn't want to play and get hurt again, it's really that simple.
  9. For the entire country. One specific fan base <<<<<<<<<<< Entire College Football fanbase. Kids will still opt out and the games will still be trash. Every year there are only 4 teams that have a legit chance. Everyone else is just fluff.
  10. LSU in a playoff doesn't drive the needle as an Alabama loss. LSU getting in as an 8 will be a meaningless playoff game.
  11. I still have no idea why he played over Dodson. It's not like our 2 LBs are specialized. The new spots are pretty free flowing.
  12. Look at how fun these Alabama games have been vs LSU and Tenn. Just think how meaningless they would be with 12 teams in playoffs. Alabama would still get in. Say no to expansion of playoffs!!!! There isn't a league out there that has extremely meaningful game for 8 straight weeks.
  13. Good to see Mike from Ithaca posts on here too, while calling WGR
  14. I guess you could put TCU there for one week. TCU hasn't look good, winning, but not making it look like the other top 3. I think they lose to Texas. Tenn and Georgia both deserve to be in playoffs.
  15. I'm convinced most people here watch zero football beyond Bills games.
  16. Really stinks because he was one of the most well liked players on and off the field. His whole family was great here and he was really close to other players.
  17. A neck is a little different than a elbow. I also thought Hyde was getting second opinions before we even knew anything.
  18. The spectrum app only streams local channels within the wifi. When you are using the app without the wifi attached to the address, you get around 50 channels, not the local ones.
  19. He's been pretty bad for a couple years now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6MU9B9bI1k&ab_channel=NFL
  20. Guy hasn't lost this year in games he started and finished. He has thrown 3 INTs all year.
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