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  1. Not a chance I'd move a 1st for AJ Green at this point. 31, injury history, only this season left on deal. No thanks. He'd be a great fit here. But at that price...nah.
  2. Diggs would be awesome here. Trent Williams would be equally awesome. Sign me up for both. Von Miller would be pretty cool but I don't see him being moved.
  3. We're going to get nothing for him. Likely going to get cut. I don't see him having any trade value. Too bad because we could use a long rangy WR type. Maybe we move him in a deal for AJ Green but even then I don't see a fit unless we give up a decent pick as well.
  4. Our defense has been pretty great. Id like to see more pressure from the ends and figure that will be a target for us next offseason. Lawson and Murphy are good rotation ends but would be nice to have someone with more impact. Good thing with them is you can keep the line fresh without having much drop off in play. Give me a stud pass rusher if possible.
  5. Wasting a good defense today. Our qb is not looking hot right now
  6. I'm hoping that Feliciano is healthy. He's been a big difference maker for our oline. Nice to see singletary out there.
  7. Oliver has been pretty good in my view. Creates a bunch of havoc in the pocket. Chases ball carriers well. If this is his floor we should be very happy. I'm stoked to see how he progresses over the next few years as he gets stronger and more experienced.
  8. Come to BUFFALOOOOO - no one This guy must have CTE or something.
  9. Not going to lie. Beane should try and take advantage of this time that Allen is on a rookie deal. Melvin Gordon would be a hell of an add to this team. He'd add another dynamic to the team we haven't seen in over a decade. Another guy to watch out for could AJ Green. Imagine both? What a complementary group of WRs that would be. Brown- Burner, Beasley- slot, Green- red zone target. Add Gordon to that... Jeez. /Mid daydream
  10. Talk of the fins possibly settling for a 3rd. Should be all over that but I doubt they trade within the division.
  11. Oline stepping up this year would huge.
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