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  1. Edmunds is a guy that I think people will miss when he’s gone.
  2. Would be nice if a good OL falls into our lap. Not sure we’ve improved enough there yet. would love to add another CB. I feel we have another vet lined up shortly. Hopefully someone not too long in the tooth.
  3. No love for Hamsah Nasrildeen? I saw mocks with him as high as 2nd round. some interesting names still left.
  4. I wonder if they are souring on Oliver and/or Epenesa. Still early for both. Interesting pick taking another dline man. I wanted Creed Humphrey there.
  5. Love it. Our dline in good hands with Epenesa, Oliver and now Rousseau.
  6. I’d take a flyer in the 7th at the point. Could work out, likely will not. 3 back surgeries? I don’t know how many guys can come back from that. Poor kid.
  7. I could see us getting Dunlap if he’s cheap enough. Maybe a CB on that level as well. Couple guys to add depth and rotate with our other vets. Hughes, Addison, Epenesa, Dunlap, Johnson at edge could be a good underrated group.
  8. No thank you to that type of money for Rudolph. I really thought he’d be a bargain signing.
  9. I’d much rather this than use a 1st on a RB in the draft.
  10. Adding Trai Turner or Gabe Jackson to our OL would really give us some impressive depth. If one comes cheap enough I think that might push Beane to not use an early round pick on the OL. would really like to see Beane open up a bit more cap to take a run at one of the pass rushers available.
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