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  1. Yes. Dallas is out. Don't know the details of when players contracted virus but was wondering what NFL would do in that situation.
  2. Due to the timing of the virus, the NFL is starting to catch up with the rest of the sports world. They're seeing athletes from other sports getting the virus even though they're following safety protocols. Training camp is scheduled to start in about 3 weeks. Reality is starting to sink in with the NFL players. Despite their best efforts to stay healthy, quite a few will likely get the virus. I can't blame Diggs at all for raising concerns about playing.
  3. Right there with you. It seems with each passing day, I lose a little more optimism.
  4. We interrupt this protest to show the Bills first offensive possession. First and 10 at their own 30.
  5. Pretty sure we're going to opt out. I've been hoping for games all along but starting to have doubts with the spike in cases.
  6. Based on what Beane and McD have done so far, I give them the benefit of the doubt. They know Cam very well. Perhaps they didn't believe he would be a good fit.
  7. No kidding. Brady one of toughest competitors who knows how to get the best out of his guys, to a prima Donna who pouts if things don't go right.
  8. J-E-T-S. Mess Mess Mess!!!
  9. I remember listening to this game on radio. It wasn't on tv. Not sure why it wasn't. Perhaps it didn't sell out in time.
  10. Florio picked Steelers over Bills. Bills won. Florio picked Cowboys over Bills. Bills won. Florio thinks Diggs overrated and Vikings won the trade. Simms likes Diggs for Bills and believes it is a fair trade for both teams. Florio might be fair but he is down on Bills. It's like death and taxes. I honestly can't recall last time Florio picked Bills in a game or said something positive about them.
  11. I watch it. I don't hate Florio but he is regularly down on Allen and the Bills. Simms on the other hand loves the Bills.
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