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  1. McD seems to value having 2 three down LBs in Milano and Edmunds. Of the possible draftees this year, assuming Milano is not re-signed, are any these linebackers considered 3 down players? My guess is they let Milano walk because they'll need money for more valued positions and WLB is an easier position to replace than others.
  2. Bills need to keep the offense going. With Allen's contract extension nearing, I think Bills draft a WR with their first pick. Need cheap offensive playmakers.
  3. The press is pretty bad in Buffalo. I listened to Seattle's presser after the Bills game, found it much more informative than anything from Buffalo's end. Same with Indy's press after their loss to Bills in playoffs.
  4. Uncle Ted! I said above the canyon wall Strong eyes did glow He was the leader of the land Oh my God The great white buffalo Lookout! Lookout!
  5. The Bills Oline is better as well with Feliciano and Boettger in there. Both missed the first Chiefs game.
  6. Outside of the usual guys, Allen Diggs and Beasley, I believe Singletary is going to have a sneaky good game. Chiefs defense is not as good as the Colts or Ravens and there are plays to be made. Go get it Motor!
  7. They need to run it somewhat. In their lone loss this year, the Raiders ran out the clock against the Chiefs with a little over 4 minutes left. Mostly runs with a few passes. The Raiders did a nice job of getting to Mahomes with a 4 man rush.
  8. I think this is how we beat the Ravens. I just watched week 8 Ravens Steelers. Steelers did 4WR and TE sets in 2nd half. Ravens could not stop them. Steelers won 28 - 24. Steelers split out the TE to give it a 5 WR look.
  9. He reminds me of Antoine Winfield. Solid tackler. I think he makes the 53 next year and possibly CB2.
  10. The key to the game is pass pro against the Ravens D. I think the Bills will address the OL and DL in the off-season.
  11. Sounds like Flores has to mend some fences. Most QBs improve year 2. I'm curious to see how much Tua improves next year.
  12. Flores mishandled the QB situation almost as bad as the Eagles. I don't understand the timing of Fitz being benched and Tua becoming the starter. Compared to Allen's rookie year, Tua displayed no moments where he flashed and I felt he was going to be good or great. He is a JAG right now imo
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