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  1. I agree. The good news is I believe the Bills have good guard depth and I tend to think Ford is on a relatively short leash. I don't think we will have a Peterman flashback.
  2. It was the highlight of their season. After that game, their season circled the drain. Meanwhile, the Bills went on quite a run.
  3. This is the best diss out there. Zach "Lance" it is until he proves himself. 😁
  4. If Ford continues to struggle, I don't see the Bills sticking with him the entire season. They'll bench him for somebody else. I think he starts training camp as the starter at LG but not convinced he will win the job. Pretty good competition imo.
  5. Nothing official yet but it appears to be going that direction. Blue Jays tickets for sale in Buffalo require either vaccinations or a negative Covid test.
  6. I agree 100% with your first sentence. It may not be required in writing but players may feel compelled to get it to secure roster spot. Like you say, it is what it is.
  7. The players could play for an NFL team that doesn't require a vaccination. Requiring vaccinations is hardly new. Prevalent requirement to work/visit in quite a few areas of the world. All for the greater good.
  8. Bills beat the Vikings in Allen's rookie year. That's the game Allen hurdled Anthony Barr. Bills were a big time underdog that game. IIRC Allen won 5 games that year. Split with the Dolphins. Bills had a terrible OL that year. Curious to see Tua after a year plus recovery from his hip surgery.
  9. Don't you cry no more. (When the Bills don't sign him)
  10. I missed the start of it. Beane said Diggs is a very easy going guy and mild mannered off the field. Once he's on the field he brings an intensity that is fun too watch. He and Tre White really go at it in practice. It raises the intensity of entire practice. Regarding Allen - he wants to be the best. He's a farm boy, blue collar kid from a blue collar town. His father told him you're either playing sports or you're on the farm. He said Allen talks to former QBs regarding getting better. Tony Romo and Peyton Manning he mentioned. What do you look for
  11. Are the PS rules from last year still in effect? Protecting 4 on PS each week would help the Bills.
  12. Solid attempt. IIRC they've kept 4 TEs and 6 LBs since McD and Beane have been here. Perhaps a change going forward. Would really like to see someone beat out T. Jones, at the gunner spot on STs, who brings more to the roster. Bills roster is really deep. Hate to lose a good player.
  13. Given the rb mediocrity of the division, I'd say next man up on the beer run.
  14. Atlanta traded a 2nd rd pick to Baltimore last year to get him. The 5th year option would have cost $5.4 M. He's set to make $2 M this year. Beane likes his draft picks. I wonder if he'd trade a player to get Hurst. Maybe throw in the pick they got for Lee Smith 😁
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