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  1. It was the right call. A forearm to the head and neck. Easy call.
  2. Jackson had a nice run stop early on as well. It was great to see the Bills get a FG right before half. Jackson gets the interception and Allen leads the offense downfield for the FG. In a game where the offense struggled with their execution, this was a bright spot.
  3. Yeah no kidding. He'll outcoach McD
  4. Zero targets to Beasley in the first half. Brown was out and Andre Roberts was getting early targets in the game. Plus Yeldon saw a fair amount of playing time. I found the game plan rather confusing TBH.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. Tennessee is a little iffy at WR with Humphries and Davis on Covid list. Give White extra rest time for KC.
  6. So if the Titans have a positive test on Friday, Bills play Chiefs on Thursday, right?
  7. Maybe the OP should watch some Corn hole on ESPN.
  8. WGR was just talking about this. Jeremy White thought the Bills should have gone for 2 point conversion. Make it and it's a 2 possession game. I agree.
  9. Nice writeup. I like the way Norman plays against the run. He is a ball hawk and plays with emotion. Gave the defense a lift which was sorely needed. Allen can't take that sack when in FG range. Other than that, I thought he had a pretty good game.
  10. How about Adam Gase quits at halftime? My apologies.
  11. Bills saw a very raw talent who didn't have much coaching who is a leader, has a strong desire to improve, is coachable, humble, and has a huge desire to win. Beane is a wizard.
  12. Good writeup. I'm surprised at how well the passing game has been. I didn't think it would come together this quickly for Allen and Diggs. Concerned about run defense. Tough tests lie ahead with Raiders and Titans. Really like Bass causing a lot of touchbacks on kickoffs.
  13. The Bills played Jackson pretty well last year despite the loss. Other teams picked up what the Bills defense did to defend Jackson. Titans beat Ravens pretty soundly in playoffs last year. Jackson needs to improve his throwing or the league will catch up to him. In some cases, I think we are seeing it. Allen has improved his game each season since being drafted. Jackson seems to rely on his talent alone. I believe the Bills talent is now on par with the Ravens. Should be fun watching Allen go against the rest of his QB class.
  14. McD is the master of saying nothing. Bunch of words. I like it though even if it's frustrating to listen to him.
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