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  1. I thought the Bills run D was strong last night. I liked the way Gore and McCoy ran last night. Those two areas, run the ball and stop the run, seemed to be the Bills game plan last night.
  2. Special Teams has me most concerned. Probably need to sign a punter for the 4th game and let Bojo go. He has been inconsistent going back to last season.
  3. Bills have had terrible starting field position. Wondering if this is why so many running plays
  4. Lorax Milano Edmunds Thompson - plays both outside backer spots Stanford - backup Mike Joseph - 5th rd pick plus STs Lacy gets short end of stick. Nice preseason
  5. Preseason football, unfortunately, is a necessary abomination. Yeah it's boring, hard to watch at times, and sometimes guys get hurt but the players benefit from it. Coaches benefit in evaluating talent. The fans not so much.
  6. Yeah. All you have to do is watch the Bills vs Bears game last year to stop Peterman. He doesn't have the arm strength to make defenses cover outside the numbers among other things. They say Peterman is a good guy. I wish him well.
  7. The dolphins in the first half had more penalty yards than offensive yards.
  8. Karma baby. All that crap he said to Oliver got him! 😝
  9. Did DA have a concussion history before his time with the Bills? I hope his symptoms clear up soon.
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