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  1. Rams are facing a big year. Regarding the Rams, they have big $ contracts with Goff, Gurley, and Donaldson. Plus they have to pay Ramsey soon. They don't have a first rounder this year or next. They have some cap space but not much flexibility and therefore, if I was a Rams fan, I would be concerned about sustainability. Honestly, I wouldn't want Beane to follow some of what the Rams did. I know they made the Super Bowl and I like that part but some of their moves, giving Gurley a big extension and trading two firsts for Ramsey, I think will limit their ability to infuse the team with young and cheap talent. Beane, I hope, will push the right buttons.
  2. Chad Reuter has this pick for the Bills as well.
  3. I usually believe Joe B is on solid ground but not this time. Based on Beane's after season comments, I'd be shocked if half of this is right.
  4. This guy was a real talent when he was healthy. 7 concussions. Hopefully he was smart with his money.
  5. Minny is going to need to do something. $12 M over the cap right now.
  6. Per Spotrac, they're $12 M over the cap. Worst in the NFL.
  7. After watching Beane's post season press conference, I didn't come away thinking Beane was going to do a big $ free agent signing. If they re-sign Shaq, that may be the biggest contract this off season imo.
  8. IIRC, Higgins plays outside the numbers a lot and doesn't like coming into the middle of the field.
  9. In Garrett's post game interview he never mentioned a racial slur by Rudolph. He seemed rather subdued during it. To me, this is very telling. He didn't have any time to process what happened or the ramifications of his actions before the post game interview. Only days later, did he process everything and understood the ramifications of his actions, were we to hear his racial slur justification.
  10. This may be true, however no one on the field is backing him up so now he comes across as a liar on top of everything else. His credibility is sinking fast. Enough time has gone by, he should let the dust settle and look forward imo.
  11. Frank Gore is gone and so is Lorax. Both 36 along with 9 draft picks. Pretty good chance they get younger.
  12. I just watched his highlights from last season. The kid is all over the field. Smart too. What round do you think he goes? I noticed he has some injury history. I'm thinking 2nd round.
  13. I fully expect Beane to address Oline this off-season based on his post season presser. At a minimum, Ford will have competition at RT beyond Nyseke. Perhaps Ford goes straight to LG. I also expect Bills to draft an Oline guy who can play T and G.
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