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  1. You may be right. Bills may dress 5 DTs and 5 DEs. I believe Bills only have 8 DBs right now. Poyer, J. Johnson, Hamlin, Lewis, Elam, Jackson, T. Johnson, and Neal. (Benford is out, Hyde IR, White PUP) Joe B said Bills did not elevate Ingram from PS.
  2. Per Accuweather - Hi 58, 91 % chance of rain, 4.5 hours of rain tomorrow, .38 inches of rain, wind gusts up to 40 mph, winds 12 - 15 mph.
  3. I hope Tua is alright. I made "light" of his injury based on Sundays injury where he returned right after halftime. Frustrated by that situation. Didn't mean to offend anyone.
  4. Could be both. Tre may need some ramp up time even when he returns. I'm thinking this is more of an immediate need signing. Benford is out a few weeks per McD so that leaves T. Johnson and Elam. Dane Jackson may not be ready Sunday so Rhodes is insurance imo.
  5. If you can truly afford $1000 for the game - go for it! Allen vs Rodgers. Might be last chance to see it. Sometimes experiencing something that is rare is worth the money.
  6. I don't see a trade for Barkley happening. He's making around $7M this year and the Bills have about $1.5M in cap space. Beane would have to move more money into future years to make it happen. I could see them trying to sign OBJ but that could be difficult financially and he'll have a bunch of interest.
  7. The short answer I believe is they think Cam Lewis can play safety if needed. The longer answer is they are hoping that guys return to the lineup w/o further injuries, they are tight in the cap, they like Cam Lewis, and they may get Benford reps at safety once he returns along with everyone else.
  8. Yep. McD dropped the td in the end zone, dropped a pick 6, missed a FG, messed up the snap at halftime, gave up the 3rd and 22 conversion. Is it all possible that despite gaining nearly 500 yards in offense that the Bills players just didn't make one more play to win the game. Here's a what if for you - what if the Bills won that game? Would you be blaming McD on a close victory? Maybe your last sentence should have been your only sentence. "However, on the flip side, can anyone blame him for what happened at the Dolphins considering the OL he was behind and, by the second half, he basically had no one to work with?"
  9. He held onto the ball unlike Davis. Try again.
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