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  1. I find this trade rather curious. The Chiefs released Kareem Hunt last season for his alleged domestic violence videotape. He hasn't been convicted of anything yet. Then you have Tyreek Hill who is accused of breaking his son's arm. Now they traded for Clark who has his own domestic violence issues. When will the Chiefs wise up?
  2. IIRC White can play all 3 LB positions, is a 3 down backer, can cover, and rush the QB. Seems to me he would be on the Bills short list.
  3. I'm not against taking him but it would be considered a reach at 9. He's considered a mid to late 1st rounder
  4. Daniel Jeremiah was pretty accurate with his draft day mock last year.
  5. Beane is just waiting this out. All of the pressure is on Seattle especially since they re-signed Russell Wilson and have just 4 picks.
  6. No doubt. A long way to go before cuts. Conor McDermott is an interesting situation. He's been here 2 years but hasn't played much. Not sure what to think of him.
  7. Good post by the OP. I think the Bills will draft a developmental OT in the 3rd or 4th rd. This guy will be the 9th olineman. If it goes well, this olineman will be the swing OT in 2020 and the starting RT in 2021. I believe this is the strategy that will emerge more and more in the next few years. Most of the OL signed this year are upgrades to what we had last year, are stopgap measures, but will eventually be replaced by young, cheap draft picks. Bills OL guys: Dawkins, Spain, Morse, Long, Nyseke, Waddle, Feliciano, Teller, OT Draft pick. Cuts: Sirles, Ducasse, McDermott, Boettger, Bodine (maybe trade)
  8. I like Chris Simms. He gives very specific detail on how he rates the players and is very informative. It's a little long but a good listen. 1 Williams 2 Lawrence 3. Oliver 4. Tillery 5. Wilkins 6. Simmons 7. Jones
  9. Beane wants to have a dominant Oline that will impose it's will on the defense. They want to pound the ball and then let Josh make plays downfield when the opportunity presents itself. When the defense gets frustrated, the big uglies will be there to protect Josh and skilled guys.
  10. I was going to post this myself. Saw this game live with my dad. This game got me hooked on the Bills.
  11. The Bills have P Cory Carter on the roster as well as Bojorquez. Carter tore his ACL in preseason last year and Bills put him on IR. He probably would have beaten out Colton Schmidt if not for the injury.
  12. The Bills will likely have a possible trade in place but if a guy they like is there at 9, they'll take that player. Reminds me of Denver's situation last year. Chubb was there at 5 so they canceled trade with Bills.
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