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  1. He missed the Bills 2nd game. I think it was a hamstring injury.
  2. No idea regarding Cooks but some guys are not team guys and are me first guys. After awhile it gets old.
  3. Where do you think Benford is playing? I have him at safety 3, behind Poyer and Hyde. White, Elam, Johnson, Jackson, and Neal at corner. 4th safety between Lewis and Mayden.
  4. Good post. You left out Taron Johnson so I believe they're set in the secondary.
  5. I think Beane is done with those guys for the time being. Depending on how the draft goes he may sign a guy or 2 to the vet minimum if there is an open roster spot. The cap is pretty tight right now. Beane won't create cap space unless he really wants a guy.
  6. My take on Edmunds - the Bills decided last offseason he wasn't the playmaker they thought they were getting when he was drafted. They signed a playmaker in Von Miller, picked up Edmunds option year, and drafted Bernard. If they thought he was truly a playmaker they would have extended him last year. Edmunds' train left last year and Oliver's is leaving this year imo.
  7. The Bengals stole the Bills wives/girlfriends, took their jewelry, and kicked their dogs on the way out. That was ugly.
  8. They gave Harty $5M guaranteed at signing so they should have a good idea what he gives them right now. Regarding McKenzie, he just drops the ball too much. He isn't reliable enough for a guy who they thought could play slot WR. He's small and so is Harty and I think that's one too many. Beane was asked about McKenzie today at his presser. It didn't sound very reassuring for McKenzie.
  9. 2017 and 2018 were their best drafts. I'm not counting 2022 because it's too soon. Rousseau looks like a good pick so far and they extended Knox. Too many misses on early picks. Beane needs to do better.
  10. I know the league is trending towards faster LBs who are a little smaller but the idea of Bernard and Milano at LB along with Oliver at DT scares the crap out of me. Opposing teams will run us into the ground and keep Allen off the field.
  11. I think it's the biggest hole on the roster now. Bernard is unproven and Dodson isn't the answer. Hard to imagine they'd put a rookie MLB as a starter. I think they'll sign a vet on a 1 or 2 yr deal. Then we can focus on offense.
  12. Sal C has been drinking too much cool aid. The other day he was talking up how Barkley could be qb2 and going nonstop for a few minutes. Then going on about Dodson could be Edmunds replacement. Turned it off both times. Just absurd takes. I'm really wanting an OL guy in the draft.
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