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  1. Thanks for posting his stats. It proved my point that he was terrible the last two years.
  2. Check out his career stats. His best year, 2014, he averaged 210 yds passing per game. Every other year is below 200 yards. Before you tear into me I actually was a big fan of his when he and Harbaugh were with the Niners. I watched many of his games. His play just wasn't that good and then the protests started. His play "got lost" in the controversy that followed.
  3. From a pure football standpoint, he was terrible the last couple of years in the league.
  4. I appreciate your enthusiasm. Personally I think it's going to be another close one. Hopefully a Bills win.
  5. I'm looking for win # 7. These last few games have been disheartening. Fish and Broncos are playing better lately. No longer locks imo
  6. This. There were plays to be made and Allen did not get the ball where it needed to be enough. Motor should have had more than 8 carries too.
  7. McD drafted Milano. Beane wasn't here yet
  8. This. Absolutely. I believed going into the game, if the Bills could get a combined 150 yards rushing they would have a good shot at winning. Browns run D 30th in the league.
  9. Bills have quite a few holes. A WR1 and a DE that can pressure the QB top the list.
  10. He pled guilty to lesser charges. The DV charge was dropped. He hadn't been in trouble with the law before. I think he's on a short leash.
  11. Signed to practice squad today but he's going to need time
  12. I think we all know that the Bills need some help on offense. Discussion over
  13. I actually joked about this at the game
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