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  1. The NFL is essentially "mandating" that players get vaccinated without mandating it. I wonder if teams will release some unvaccinated players for "different" reasons and the other teams won't sign these players.
  2. I don't think Beasley has done enough yet to get cut. A few weeks ago, I did think he was a lock to make the roster along with Diggs, Sanders, and Davis at WR. Now, I'm not so sure he's a lock. The door may have opened up a little. If Beane and McD don't have full confidence in Beasley, staying focused on helping the team and not being a distraction, I could see them trying to trade him or releasing him. I don't like the idea because I think he's a good WR. If Sanders, Hodgins, and McKenzie have a great camp though, maybe it's more a possibility.
  3. Mingo will have his day in court. If convicted, prison is a bad place for a convicted pedophile. They might have to put him in isolation to protect him.
  4. Taking Rousseau definitely has an element of risk. As others have said, he only played one season and had 15.5 sacks. If he had two seasons with those numbers, he wouldn't have lasted as long as he did. All draft picks have some element of risk. Rousseau has freakish length and seems like a good kid. I trust McD and his staff in coaching up Rousseau.
  5. I haven't read the entire, so apologies in advance. Curious to see if NFL will allow teams to place a player who is unvaccinated and unwilling to follow league Covid protocols on an exemption list or if team has to carry player on their 53 man roster.
  6. I know it's voluntary, but where the eff is Star!!
  7. Had the same thing happen to me after McD's first year. I tried to surprise my brother who lives in Orchard Park. After I was denied, I called my brother up, told him the situation and he bought us season tickets.
  8. That sucks dude. I was wondering what was happening for STHs who were Canadian.
  9. One of the funniest calls of all time. Guys would be thrown out in today's game.
  10. I agree. The good news is I believe the Bills have good guard depth and I tend to think Ford is on a relatively short leash. I don't think we will have a Peterman flashback.
  11. It was the highlight of their season. After that game, their season circled the drain. Meanwhile, the Bills went on quite a run.
  12. This is the best diss out there. Zach "Lance" it is until he proves himself. 😁
  13. If Ford continues to struggle, I don't see the Bills sticking with him the entire season. They'll bench him for somebody else. I think he starts training camp as the starter at LG but not convinced he will win the job. Pretty good competition imo.
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