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  1. It's pretty bad down here in DC too. It really is an epidemic. Stay the course JerseyBills!!
  2. Here is a clip talking with a local DC reporter.
  3. Ethan - nice effort for a projection in early May. Per some reports, Beane tried to sign Long last offseason but lost out to the Jets. The Bills seem pretty strong on Long so I believe this spells the end for Bodine. I may be wrong but I see the bills keeping 9 OL. Ford, Nyseke, Dawkins, Waddle, Morse, Long, Feliciano, Spain, and Teller. Cuts are C. McDermott, Ducasse, Boettger, and Bodine unless a team is desperate for a Center and trades for him. You never know.
  4. Great to be able to see this. Beane and his guys working the phones and working the board. Beane comes across as having a good feel for pick value and where players are slotted.
  5. If the Bills sign Ziggy, I could see them trying to trade Lawson or maybe hold onto him. He's still on a cheap rookie contract. I think it would mean that Yarbrough would be cut. Plus letting Lawson walk as a free agent may yield a comp pick.
  6. At the risk of being obvious, teams carry 6 WRs mainly because guys get hurt during the game. Also if a team runs a 3 WR set or 4 WR set, they get winded and need a break. The WR 6 spot is usually a return guy and doesn't see the field much as a receiver.
  7. In Beane's post draft presser he was asked about David Sills. He had Sills on his draft board and he said there were other receivers drafted that were not on his board. He has pretty good size, 6'3 210, and he has a knack of catching contested balls. I think the WR 5 spot comes down to Sills and Duke Williams. I think Roberts will be WR 6. Brown, Beasley, Foster, and Jones the other 4 WRs.
  8. You are probably right. I know a guy who's an Eagles fan who has "infiltrated" the Patriots fan forum.
  9. I'm torn on this DE situation. I feel the Bills either keep Lawson or extend Hughes. Losing both at the same time is quite a predicament. If all goes well this season, the Bills won't have a high draft pick next year. The early mocks have 4 or so receivers with 1st Rd grades. My guess is Bills want to draft a WR1 next year. This would leave DE as mid 2nd pick maybe worse. I'm leaning towards extending Hughes. He's better at getting to the QB.
  10. That Oklahoma tape is actually pretty telling. He earned every yard. Considering the talent difference between the two teams he held his own.
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