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  1. I hope they got that damn prince and his relatives that keep emailing me.
  2. It's the same situation with every AFC east team. They all have an international player and an 11th ps position for that player. I agree, but I think it's going to be a numbers game. I think he'll go to the designated position.
  3. That's only if they want to use him during the year. He goes straight to the practice squad in the extra position otherwise, but they can't move him to the 53. I don't see the benefit to this since he's on a 1 year deal, but that's what it is. No other team can get him if they put him in the 11th ps position...period.
  4. This is incorrect. He does not go through waivers if they put him on the practice squad. He can't be picked up by any other team and doesn't count as one of our ten... but we can't use him all year. If we decide to use him, he has to be on the 53 from the beginning. Once this happens, any move from that point forward is the same as any other player.
  5. Then some people did some things... right?
  6. OlogyTV... you get it at ologyhosting.com it's the best I've found for sports.
  7. It was a joke. I think if he were actually a rapist, we would have heard about it long ago. He's been pretty famous for quite some time now.
  8. This crazy lady is really doing a disservice to all the women that Trump has actually raped.
  9. About a year ago, a group of us were sitting at a bar. One of the group is a small business owner and was talking about hiring some extra help for summer. The bartender said that she would talk to her daughter who was a student and free for the summer. Within seconds this business owner had a friend suggestion on the book of faces. These people have never crossed paths. The mother is not on facebook. There really was no explanation other than his phone was listening, or pure coincidence.
  10. I heard some joker on the TV earlier spin this so that it was ok because Hillary actually paid an American company, who paid an Englishman who didn't work for any government. So it's apparently fine as long as you launder it well enough.
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