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  1. Says the guy who, in another thread, tries to use a proven lie to make a point.
  2. I disagree..It can't be assumed that this particular (*^*&%^$^#knows anything.
  3. I think you are correct on this one. I believe it should have been dealt with swiftly. The evidence has been there all along, and if it got bloody and some of these people had to die, oh well. These are the worst people on the planet and what they have done to this country is a threat to the entire world. They can not be allowed to win and the longer it goes on the better their chances are.
  4. I find it funny that everyone's hair is on fire over this tweet, but nobody cares that the Democrats want to change our entire system of voting.
  5. Has he been around for a while? My mistake.
  6. @Deranged Rhino... meet one of the newest members of the idiot brigade.
  7. He contradicts himself. Is he upset that Dave didn't ask hard questions? Wouldn't it be political if he did? It wasn't really a political interview. I think you are correct that if it was Obama he would have been ok with it, or if he buried Trump with gotchas he would have been ok. Also, he was upset because he just wants to do funny and be entertaining. I found his whimpering fairly entertaining. So, Big Cat, keep your head up buckaroo... mission accomplished.
  8. It's helping me out. I'm saving money on my MLB extra innings subscription and my bills season tickets. Neither of which I will be renewing.
  9. Yes, but Category 2 is orange and there is a bad orange man in the white house. Everybody knows that when this happens in an election year you automatically advance 3 spaces... black pandemic. Simple math really.
  10. I have to believe that this level of idiocy has to be creating more Trump voters. So at least he's a useful idiot...just not in the way that he would like.
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