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  1. Your burger should be cheap since it will be exclusively soy byproduct.
  2. Yes, I have no doubt that you believe logic is stupid.
  3. If it has served you well then you would not be on a sports team message board pitching crap to people that do not believe in you.
  4. Change is the one constant with humanity. As I said large volume slaughter of mammals is a rather recent phenomenon. It would not surprise me to see that change within the next 50 years. I don't fear such a change which may surprise you. As to male calves that was once accurate but sexed ***** has been around for quite a while now so it is not the issue it once was. As to impregnations that would happen in nature as the males would seek out the females that were in heat. As to discomfort that is seldom true. Can people be cruel to cows? Yes, but that happens on a very extremely remote
  5. Tiberius said it himself when he admitted that those in some states (in this case Kentucky) would rather shoot critters for viddles than weed plus tend a garden. This in an era when it most definitely was not a matter of eating meat or starving. This mentality is very evident in other states including NY. If I had to guess most people are still very primal when it comes to food. Not sure what else matters in this matter. The rest of your statement may be your principles but not those of most human beings. But, yes, there are certainly issues with modern meat distribution. Wide spread sl
  6. True. It might help dampen egos that could sorely use some kind of deflation. The point was it takes a lot of effort to grow vegetables if mechanization and chemicals are taken out of the process. I doubt many would be down for daily weeding including getting down on one's knees and hands for many weeks consecutive to do so.
  7. If people had to grow their own vegetables a lot more would be gatherers or hunters.
  8. I have not seen a Bumbles post in a long time. Does he have a different handle? Is he on a different site? He was an excellent source of information on things such as players' contracts and other NFL business issues.
  9. People were pissed on a daily basis which did not help. Fire Jauron. Fire Chan. Fire Dougie. What's Ralph's plan? Does Ralph have a plan? Erie County stadium lease? (Fill in the blank) was a bust. Marv not a good GM. Bon Jovi stealing our team? 6-10. 7-9. and right down the line. Too many good posters never went on to other boards or at best post very sparingly.
  10. Of what board? If BBMB there were many problems but I was content there to stick with just football. Stadium talk helped get through a year when the team was down.
  11. That was your Corn Flakes that you were pissing on. Ever wonder way you need to go to the ER at least twice per week?
  12. Most of them know that they cannot make it in an open and free society. So they have to fantasize about being commissars in a 20th Century Eastern European closed communist country. They make no issue about wanting to control you in terms of the food that you eat or your choice of transportation.
  13. We left no mess and 7.5 years to clean up the first 100 days of Biden overflowing his Depends diaper seems like too long of a time. Lets move on to DeSantis who will have the Biden malaise cleaned up during his first 30 days in office.
  14. 1/3? The Biden Administration keeps saying that nationally on average it is around 6 percent. Surely, there is no one area that is still stuck at 1/3 despite the efforts of your great leader?
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