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  1. Will many hours of crying over a failed impeachment ruin the Hilldog's face lift?
  2. The old Seinfeld trope about looking directly into the sun (he specifically was talking about cleavage) when checking out an inappropriate to the observer female applies here. Think of Rosanne Barr circa 1990, Rosie O'Donnell, or the female Monroe "Brother" from Green Acres to keep Mr Mojo from rising. It's tougher if the subject is touchy-feely as I have been exposed to a few times. Most of the time it is innocent but one time the woman in question was definitely trying to get a rise out of me. Another time an old high school crush showed up at my place of work in an extremely hot outfit that she would not normally wear to my recollection. I had to excuse myself and go to the rest room to splash very cold water on my face.
  3. That's the key to elitism and something I learned while taking a marketing class at Cornell many years ago. And these businesses watch the profits roll in which I have nothing against. I just wish that consumers would look at all the information before making choices because there is a shocking lack of value in many food and clothing products. Not sure of the cost structure any more but it used to cost GM to build a Corvette the same as it did to build a Malibu. Yeah, I get that the Vette has a certain appeal that the Malibu lacks but knowing the building cost a consumer has to feel just a little ripped off when they sign for a Vette.
  4. The kind that accumulates at the bottom of an unflushed toilet bowl.
  5. I think that McMahon-Tate came up with that slogan. Yes, it is stupid to be mad over the commercial which I am not. I think that it is the theater of the absurd. As far as pleasing the wife that is something that most of us here understand but that is not all the men out there. There are guys out there and I have met them who believe that they are the undisputed lord of the manor and the wife will do as she is told.
  6. Yep, a French biking mob. Your life has to suck fairly bad to get self esteem from a Peloton in my mind. Did not know they had virtual capability. I thought it was husky voiced life coaches riding their own bike in the studio by and large.
  7. Probably was a break from her six figure job that calls for 84 hours per week plus bossing the nanny around while home.
  8. Coastal elites? Pretty much I would guess. Another obnoxious commercial. Probably 85,000-90,000 dollars worth of vehicles sitting there or more. How many WNYers could splurge like that? I drive an old pickup but that is partly due to me being cheap and partly due to my Cornell professors educating me on the best use of money. I've bought plenty of low mileage vehicles but never have bought one completely new off of the lot.
  9. Did not know that the Peloton woman was already being discussed in the commercial women thread as I have not checked in there for a while. I'll leave this up for those that want to discuss why people are up in arms about the commercial or just want to ridicule it. Probably pissed off some of their target market. Women who feel that they don't need no stinkin' man to run their lives for example. There be plenty of wives or girlfriends of rich men to take their place I would imagine.
  10. I knew the commercial was kind of obnoxious but who knew that people were getting downright angry about it. I'm talking about the one where the husband gets his wife a stationary bike and we see a quick synopsis of the next year of her riding it. She shows a range of emotion from nervousness to pride when the "coach" mentions her name. I thought the commercial was over the top with the emotionalism but some criticize it because they thought it was sexist (she needs to work out but not him), that the husband was abusive for "forcing" her to ride, or ridiculous because the wife was already fit. I guess that the actress has received a lot of criticism and some being emotionally charged. It's one thing to ridicule a commercial but another to have a meltdown over it.
  11. If you are building a self standing table then four legs are good versus two. The American people did elect Trump. You're just sore that people that you view as yokels had a say.
  12. But I beat to you that in terms of pointing out examples help clarify points and eliminate unwanted speculation. You brought fair criticism to yourself based on your numerous prior posts. Anyways, some of us are discussing the topic without partisanship. Civics classes all 4 years of high school. Yay or nay?
  13. Shouldn't you be whining about the electoral college and that all the 3 million votes that put Hillary over the top were legitimate?
  14. I know that it pained you greatly to make that statement. Have a cookie.
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