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  1. Said the poster in fantasy land about the 2016 Election.
  2. Bob's Country Bunker now has a chicken wire divider at the bar.
  3. He's getting 1.25 dollars per thread to clutter up the board. THAT is the truly sad part of all this.
  4. Joe Biden does not have a hard on because he is a withered old man. Don't kid yourself about Biden otherwise.
  5. You should want to date Trump's daughter. Then you could think about three meals per day, a vehicle made in the 21st Century, and heat in the winter time to name a few things.
  6. Yates County and the surrounding area for me. Getting to be more in the Rochester-Buffalo area but not too many west of the Genesee River. More Amish in the Southern Tier.
  7. I don't find Wegman's too bad on chicken and pork but the wife prefers chicken over pork.
  8. There was one of those in Hornell, NY on 21 West going towards Almond during the 1980's. Never ate there. Usually went to Friendly's in Hornell with a date.
  9. Most likely not even that. I guess that I am too old to understand the concept of selling my daughter's hotness to the community at large but it sure as the sun rises in the East is out there. I wonder what old Bull would say about the mothers taking their daughters to the nearest hookers-r-us store to make them more appealing to the town's menfolk. I've been aware for quite a long time now about mom's getting their daughter breast implants. This is where the real damage is being done in society.
  10. The Mennonite church elders are coming! You best get off and hide the computer immediately unless you want a shunning.
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