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  1. I guess that I would be bothered by what you said if I thought you had any brains. I'm not bothered by you so what does that say about you?
  2. Don't make a promise that you won't keep. See ya in a few minutes no doubt you barbarian you.
  3. FIFY. I only hope you that live long enough to harvest the "fruits" of your labor. I have a feeling that they will not be sweet.
  4. I don't worry about them. I am more concerned about the elected seditionists in the halls of Congress. Also, the paid agitators who frequent this board as well as the unpaid useful idiots who ask us to ignore our own good senses.
  5. I can handle 10 degrees F. I am just stating my preference for performing work. If you feel that you work best at 45 degrees then so be it. We are all different in that respect. My father loved to work when the thermometer hit 80. If I normally crap at 8 in the morning and you crap at 2 in the afternoon then so be it.
  6. You're quite dumb. So Tier is blatting about something that really is not a violation. All his posts can be seen unaltered. A call out thread such as what you posted is a violation. Be nice to me as I do not have to be here. If the money was in place right now I would be throwing up a nice little out building on the property. 55-60 degrees temps with mostly sunny skies is prime weather to be outside and I enjoy it.
  7. He does not know how to fight these battles so he runs to daddy to defend him.
  8. Why do I have a feeling that your take would be different if the liberals here were winning that battle. You say it is against the TOS and yet from time to time it is rampant over on TSW. Do those posters get called out on that? If ST could offer more than rants about "Covid Donnie" maybe he would receive less grief.
  9. Secrets like that are hardest to keep. Trump has been a public figure more scrutinized than Biden over the decades even the times Biden has thrown his hat into the POTUS ring. If Trump was getting money from an illicit figure there is a high probability of that leaking out to the public as Trump has quite a number of enemies and has had for a long time now. Biden has stayed in the shadows because he has been considered a light weight. That the Vice President is perhaps the most invisible man in DC.
  10. It (the moon) will be run by Martin Landau and his wife Barbara Bain plus a number of people with a British accent.
  11. Your distinctions are as clear as mud. I don't have anything against you personally but your post is structured poorly for the purpose of discussing Hunter, the diaries, and so forth. #RochesterSchools? I did not attend city schools and lived in a district outside of the RSD. I have a Regents Diploma and ranked pretty well in my graduating class. Diary story becomes very important IF confirmed as it leaves people to wonder what Biden can be blackmailed over. Sleep over with the kids friends seeing daddy's open bedroom door? Would you want a person working for you if you knew they could be blackmailed and in the process harm your business? I don't mention it as a joke because I know people that have been hurt by such things. As to your post most teachers would not bother trying to sift through that guessing what you are trying to say. There would be comments off to the side about "I know you are trying to say something but leave doubt as to what."
  12. Your jealousy is obvious. Anyways, you got a few more hours of picking up cans so you can afford the hookers in the red light district.
  13. For what TFR would be trying to say in a diary thread? Hell yeah. I don't get down on people for not being professional writers but TFR needs to explain things better if he says the NYT piece does not pertain to the diary which seems to be the implication.
  14. Why would you randomly post Hunter material when the topic is about the daughter's diaries. You : "OK, you made me look for it...................... One would only take it since you were in the diary thread that you would be looking for material concerning the diary. If you were intentionally wanting to talk about Hunter would you not start off by saying "I want to talk about Hunter" or "I want to pivot the conversation to Hunter?"
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