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  1. My hope is if we keep him engaged somebody from the medical world will see it and offer him the help he needs. Or at least make for one heck of a psychological study.
  2. Nonsense. Opinions for the most part were formed well in advance of 2016. Many people either disliked or liked the Clinton's. A number of people wanted a Washington outsider to be President. This is why a class action suit was never heading to court over the hacks. It could never be proven if any impact by the hacks was had on the 2016 election.
  3. I know I will be sorry for asking but how do you know that Trump would have lost? Is there a poll taken from 2016 that says so? Can you mind meld with 100's of millions of Americans to know their intent?
  4. Since the Meuller Probe went so poorly she probably is looking into countries that have no extradition treaties with the US. Just in case..........................
  5. I don't buy the old versus young argument. I saw a lot of experimentation in college during the 1980's. And these are the same people that are in high office or the board room today. The old person back in 1975 shouting about Reefer Madness is long out of the picture. Could be just like alcohol for every person that can manage their consumption there are a dozen others whose consumption sends their lives into a tailspin. Pot may not be physically addictive but appears to be mentally addictive to quite a few. There may be external factors involved in this such as personal stress but the outcome is still the same.
  6. It's why the Southerners were so adamant in their stance. From their point of view their backs were against the wall.
  7. Dupont during the period you are citing would have had an interest in minimizing cotton production but did not. They were not even at the point of having a commercial interest in promoting cotton production in terms of seed or herbicides. i would bet that alcohol at the time period cited would have been a greater threat to gasoline. Many Great Depression era engines were distillate run which meant they used alcohol straight or in a mix (ethanol being the colloquial term today). Corn, cabbage, potatoes, and other crops could be grown over a wider number of acres than cannabis to be made into alcohol. May be able to get 3 crops a year in the South but how fast would that deplete the soil? Remember that one of the cornerstones for causes of the Civil War was admission of western states such as Missouri as slave states because the original South was becoming soil depleted. So much so that George Washington Carver's work was all the more instrumental in reviving the agricultural South going into the 20th Century. I may have not delivered the knockout punch to get the 100,000 dollars but certainly poked some serious holes in Herer's book. Maybe pay me 75,000 dollars plus 5,000 dollars for political correctness for throwing GWC into the discussion.
  8. And we are surveying them out of how many other Americans to identify a statistical trend? Do the dozens of guys in the same school class as each of the people that you cite that smoked pot count as part of the survey even though they had ordinary lives at best? Set aside Lincoln for a minute as he is not a part of contemporary America does 3 persons out of over 170 Americans (55 percent of adults are thought to be pot smokers based on surveys) identify a statistical trend? Should we mandate pot consumption for the likely hood of academic success? From what I have seen as of late the statement "sober as a judge" is not reassuring.
  9. Why wait until its legal unless you live in a neighborhood that is being profiled by law enforcement? I get pot offered to me frequently and I am one of the most square people that I know and others perceive me the same way. The way I see it is unless you buy it in an alley behind a dive bar it is not all that risky to buy.
  10. Sometimes it appears to me that reefer aficionados will go mad if they are not allowed a regular intake of their preferred recreational drug. I've worked with some awfully grumpy potheads that had to go without for 8 hours.
  11. Regardless of what side you favor in this there is no denying that people rally around their own interests. Yellow Journalism probably served Hearst greater in building and maintaining his wealth. I don't know that Hearst's investment in wood products tells the full story regardless of a person's position on MJ. From an agronomic standpoint given the production methods of the day MJ/hemp would have competed with other field crops such as vegetables given the soil and water requirements it has. Most forests are such because terrain and soil does not allow for alternate plant species. A similar observation can be made about vegetarianism versus meat consumption. My liberal college roommate from many years ago said most ground here in NY should be used for vegetable production. I countered knowing from my agrarian cousins that vegetable production is not possible on most of the land here in NY. Many soils here are too shallow or too heavy or on terrain too steep here for vegetable production but will allow growth of grasses (not that "grass") that can be fed to cattle. What I am saying is while Hearst took a stand for personal gain versus displaying scientific knowledge he did create the unintended benefit of making sure that any tract of land was put to its best use going in to a time of war and of extreme rationing. We did not lose valuable time in terms of weeks or months reconverting back to wood pulp from hemp.
  12. The Russians were always here since the days of FDR on the behalf of Democrats. Maybe we should be looking into collusion charges for DNC operatives from the days of Obama and Clinton? It was going on before the existence of the internet. Yes, listening to Warren talk reminds that we don't have to have a complete idiot as President. It means throwing her worthless tail to the curb once the formal primary/caucus season starts. With all the Democratic hopefuls making fools of themselves the electorate will see the best choice does not reside with the Democrats so better days are ahead!
  13. Tis not a good day at the Soros Cubicle Farm. Tibs needs to slip off the restraints and ball gag first.
  14. Actually, the Democrats do. I'm still not convinced that Hillary has fully stepped aside. She is being pragmatic for the moment and running things from the shadows.
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