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  1. Tiberius can now afford heat along with steak and potatoes.
  2. "So, this morning I cast my first ever vote for Donald Trump for President - a development that would have profoundly shocked 2016 me, but in 2020 is mostly an act of self defense," is probably how Tiberius' personal diary reads if we could glance it. Followed by "It makes me sad to think that Bloomberg would prohibit me from having 32oz soft drinks, get treated for STD's, and then be tested for IQ followed by being interned in a re-education camp."
  3. This may sound like I am going against the current grain here but I just don't see the point of huge cash awards as a way to solve a problem. It would be better to get any organization to change their ways. Reform any organization back to its ideal state where it did many millions of people a lot of good.
  4. ............says the guy who is limited to pretty much attacking other posters personally.
  5. He will get your vote and if he were to be elected upon his last day in office supporting yourself will still amount to working in the laundromat (wear clean clothes!), being a paid online troll, and picking up cans. Your schtick was better when you were pitching Warren by the way.
  6. You obviously have not heard him speak in just the past few days. He has put out gems such as minorities do not know how to act in a business environment, any dummy can be a farmer, and old or terminal people can wonder off into the woods to die (he will see that they will get a pill to remain comfortable while the death process is going on). What else is waiting to drop from his mouth? Talk about being insensitive.
  7. Except for Biden. He will be angling for the best recliner in the television room at Springfield Retirement Castle.
  8. He is so unaware that he just realized the petition is in fact laundromat customers asking that Tibs wear fresh underwear each day as the smell of two week worn underwear was making the clientele gag and the doors have to be kept closed or the pipes will freeze.
  9. Transferring a human's consciousness has been around in SF for generations. Just one more thing that humanity does not need as the -a-holes will be first in line as they think that their thoughts are so valuable to society.
  10. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/02/17/doj-alumni-staff-attorneys-resist/ They are talking about bringing human waste from NYC to dispose of in the greater Rochester area. The jobs created most likely will pay more than the laundromat. I don't really want any more crap around than what already is but if I can't fight you might as well get paid to handle it.
  11. We all know that there are idiots of all persuasions out there. Idiot conservatives have been covered at length. We need to address the concept of just because you are a liberal that does not automatically make you enlightened or intelligent.
  12. I guess that V'ger did a heck of a job on her brain?
  13. Similar thoughts for me at the time and at a similar age. Today I think of it as Lightfoot and others back then really knew how to write music and tell a story.
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