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  1. Which points to a very fundamental problem. As first lady browbeating federal agencies into providing damaging information on her opponents has left her in a Stalinist position. Nobody is going to tell her anything and nobody is going to push any of the supports she has out from under her. This has been demonstrated over and over again such as Bernie's I don't give a damn about your E-mails remark. Bernie was neutered by the Clinton's and it showed. Gabbard is someone who was too young to have serious dirt on her when the Clinton power was at its apex so Hillary does not have the exposure threat to use. I don't agree with Gabbard's politics but do find her likable as a person so I worry that she is going to have an "accident" at some point.
  2. Go Tulsi! As to hiding behind curtains I had Hillary pegged as more of a broom flyer dodging a bucket of water.
  3. It will take many years going forward for the Clinton machine to die as it is more likely she is being prepped for a congressional seat.
  4. That idea (Russian plant) has Tibs stink all over it. Hillary would make a piss poor poker player (PPPP?) seeing that she just telegraphed her obvious interest in the race and particularly Warren.
  5. Was at a Rochester area Wegman's this morning. I saw three vehicles not stop at the "stop" white line markers. One was a municipal vehicle. Also, a van parking in a space designated "no parking."
  6. I'd do VM for a 1st and a low pick (5th or lower) but I don't see Denver biting on that.
  7. I always see the description of sardonic being used when describing Bob Newhart.
  8. If you would try some personality you could make some big tips working the bar. You might be able to quit the laundromat.
  9. I remember them mentioned often in the old education films that they showed in school complete with a motion projector. This would have been back in the 1970's along with the notion that everybody being able to buy a new spacious house working 10 hours per week.
  10. One additional thing for the people who do want concessions while outside of the stadium the Pegula's and the NFL stand a better chance of profiting if in OP versus a downtown walking district where anybody can compete with them. That might be part of the reason the Pegula's are buying property in the neighborhood of the stadium.
  11. That is entirely offset by the concept that WNY'rs know what snow is and are far more able to handle than their Southern counterparts. Either concept not being overly relevant to the traffic situation of a stadium in Buffalo fitted into an area that previously did not know 10,000's of thousands vehicles trying to cross it in the period of a couple of hours. Putting a stadium downtown near the lake eliminates a western outlet as the lake effectively blocks the way. Sure you can change the roads but then you are back to spending the lion's share of 100 million due to actual cost plus environmental studies, lawsuits, and eminent domain. Last thing first in that your horse and buggy analogy is not very apt. I am not looking to stop progress but trying to make sure that there is a circuit breaker in place for engineers who are good for the task in front of them but have no other vision. Plenty of morons who sit in front of computer screens as well.
  12. Unless you mandate no more human drivers there will be many variables for a computer to analyze every second without the ability to predict human behavior. Will the kid running towards the street chasing a baseball stop because he sees an oncoming vehicle or will he be so fixated on the ball that he completely misses it? Who is liable if the computer controlled car stops within two car lengths and is rear ended but the kid ultimately pulls up ten feet from the street edge? The driver of the trailing car will most likely seek damages to his vehicle due to the computer incorrectly reacting to the kid in that driver's mind. He will contact an attorney who will go after the deeper pockets of the computer controlled car whether justified or not and avoid the snare of trying to blame a kid in court which is socially unsavory.
  13. I think that you are being way overly optimistic. Multi-lane highways have the advantage of spreading vehicle distance out. You can cram them together but what happens when one car hits a deer if the trailing vehicles are no more than two lengths away from one another? What happens if a traffic light malfunctions? Sucks when there are flawed humans on the roadways but most can immediately analyze a variety of changing factors. I don't think that automatic driving functions are where they need to be at in less than optimal situations. Outletting towards I-90 Exits 55 & 56 at OP is no small consideration. They are additional relief valves for traffic coming out of OP that will not be there in the city along with US 20. Any traffic engineers on here like there were on the old BBMB?
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