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  1. Agreed. Most of these people here were not around for the mid-1980's when we were given the bottom of the barrel routinely in terms of broadcasters. Jay Randolph and Reggie Rucker for example.
  2. Gum-ball has been terrible for nearly ten years now. He always seems ill prepared for the games he is calling. There must be someone out there who is ready to take the leap from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.
  3. They still have an army the size of Batavia infesting widely intersecting websites such as this one. The last hope so to speak. Tiberius is on their payroll.
  4. Hillary may out run justice in this life but there will be a judgement day. Given her health it may be sooner versus later.
  5. Right around the time of our SB years it got brought up and the NFL had a policy in place for such a contingency. Aside from the obvious memorializing games scheduled with the deceased club are not counted in the standings.
  6. Not the big thrill it was 20 years ago but I do it in part because the wife wants nothing to do with it. Running a JD X500 with 54 inch deck. The differential lock is nice for trimming along ditch banks. Looking to go to a JD X570 or X590 in the next couple of years. Also, picked up a tiller last year for the X500 but have yet to put it to work.
  7. That person would not be in my social circle from the time of learning about it going forward. You?
  8. I used catch his show on Empire Sports Network. Was a good way to wind down in the evening.
  9. Ogre (Donald Gibb) used to spend a lot of time in LV and would share a brew with fans upon occasion. He used to do a lot of henchman roles on shows like the A Team.
  10. I was going off of DR's comments and perhaps he has information that most people do not have access to. I also understand that images on Google Earth can get dated and what we might look at today might be altered or gone if we could actually be on site to verify. If I misunderstood any of DR's comments then my apologies. Why was the tennis court demolished? Don't know and if we are lucky Maxwell could shed some light on that. The cynical side of me says maybe the demolition was done as prep work to pour concrete to hide evidence. Maybe build a building over it so it is not so glaring.
  11. Not really. It would have been far easier to sweep it under the rug a few generations ago when the public did not have access to satellite images. Further, most people would not be able to comprehend the idea of a a pedophile ring because it never got mentioned even in the most private of settings. I would hope that the Feds turn that island upside down looking for evidence. Obviously, it is bad for the kids to be mistreated but is bad for society as whole to let pedophilia go unchecked. If Epstein gets forgotten about it will be a sad day for humanity and open the door for worse things to happen. We want to think that we have evolved beyond the need for harsh punishment for even rather horrendous crimes but my feeling is if somebody receives capital punishment out of this it will send a message that you run the risk of losing your life if you dare tread far outside of societal norms.
  12. So what? Maybe the guy had the tiniest amount of decency in terms of an earthen grave. Maybe he was concerned that if thrown in the ocean the chance was there that some remains would float to the surface? Don't know but maybe we will learn if Maxwell spills the beans on what took place there.
  13. Assuming that Epstein handled no bodies the more they are handled the more opportunities to be seen by more pairs of eyes. Until the last year or so Epstein was confident to the point that he felt nobody would ever see anything on the island in terms of bodies. So from his perspective why handle the bodies more than you have to especially when the island is private property owned by him? It's over a tennis court that does not actually exist in the spot implied by Google Earth. Why randomly impose an image over an open field?
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