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  1. All men have a right to inflict what they can enforce, laws be damned. Violence is coming. Bodies will be stacked. Good luck. I’m grinning ear to ear. I’m fixin to have things like I like ‘em — not boring.
  2. Stacy Abrams is a non factor in Georgia. She’s an obnoxious, fat, talentless, Shrek looking moron. We know this. That’s why she’s not our governor.
  3. Im not going to argue with you over what I’ve seen and read. Now, let’s make with the investigations. G’day.
  4. I am a militant Trump supporter. I adore republics but despise democracies. That said — I don’t get to pick how we appoint presidents. The rules are the rules and I will abide by those rules and accept a Biden presidency. However, I will only do so after the irregularities and suspicious activity is properly investigated. Failure to have a thorough investigation will only sow doubt and give credence to the idea of fraud. If we get the investigations and Biden won clean I’m good, albeit disappointed. If we don’t get the investigations, I will fa
  5. With this weeks ground game we might not get so many two deep safeties in coming weeks on early downs. Wishful thinking maybe.
  6. I live in Georgia. Im a Trump supporter and firmly believe he’ll win Georgia no problem.
  7. Tibs, you idiot, we’re new Rome. Do you know less than 50 years separates the story of America from that of Rome. I know the similarities. It’s kinda my hobby. It’s kinda my thing. I thought like you until I actually studied.
  8. Tibs — if you actually go back and learn about Tiberius Grachus you’d realize how silly you sound. My god man — the very era of Tiberius was the beginning of the end of the Roman REPUBLIC. It was a very complex. Politically, logistically, it was VERY complex. And, literally everything going on today was going on then. I mean my god, Tibs....it was nothing for Rome to have numerous 60,000 man armies warring on different continents. You think that isn’t complex? Keeping a 60,000 man army in the field is not an easy task today, let alone 2000 years ago. There is a great deal t
  9. Well we do use slavery....for our imports. Rome definitely had corporations. Obviously they did. My god man....who do you think collected taxes, provided logistics to the military and so on? I mean a simple study of Rome’s Equites and it’s all there. i do agree we’re not defending our borders adequately though. That’s true.
  10. 1. people like you tell me we’re a slave society all the time. I’ll argue to some extent we are. I mean, Asian sweatshops do produce a lot of our goods. 2. No, Rome did not have modern science because Rome was in antiquity. 3. Yes, Rome had businesses. 4. Did Rome have democracy? Kinda. Lead pipes......lead pipes had nothing to do with anything. They caused no health issues. Yeah, what people are talking about....usually, is the end of the Republic era and the beginning of the imperium, which is a longtime before the Goths go rampaging. The Pun
  11. I kinda consider myself an expert on how Rome fell. Our parallels are shockingly similar.
  12. He’s a bad dude, but Frosted Flake is worse.
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