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  1. im not a Q guy. That said, Q is a blogger. I’m complaining about a politicized, complicit media.
  2. If you wanna say outside actors are using BLM protests to stir unrest I’ll agree.
  3. Oh my god....do you even news, Bro?! https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/new-justice-dept-disclosures-cast-fresh-doubt-on-trump-russia-investigation/2020/09/25/f08ccfb0-ff61-11ea-9ceb-061d646d9c67_story.html I didn’t vote for Trump in ‘16....when the Russia probe began I wasn’t a Trump fan and I knew then it was BS.
  4. https://news.yahoo.com/pledge-dismantle-minneapolis-police-collapsed-155801253.html Oh my god — defunding the police aint working, yall! Who coulda seen that coming?!
  5. I was literally about to suggest that liberals are going to say that white adoption of majestic black children is neo-Slavery. Then I saw your post and realized the Democrats beat me by a mile to their own predictable nonsense.
  6. The right thinks Democrats are unAmerican savages hellbent on destroying the values and institutions that created this country because the Democrats are unAmerican savages hellbent on destroying the values and institutions that created this country.
  7. Allen sucks because he’s a Bill. Y’all keep forgetting that. Not my opinion, but it is EAs.
  8. I feel for her. Those savages are going to do everything they can to dehumanize her and I bet she gets doxed.
  9. All I wanna know is who Barrett gang raped and when.
  10. I’m voting Trump. This is a nothingburger. Just Joe trying to talk tough with the troops. It wasn’t an insult. His policies are insulting, that wasn’t.
  11. Man, unless you’re a teenager that’s bad then. Being in your 20’s would explain so much....if that’s not it then....
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-aides-didnt-tell-him-165147275.html ...good call
  13. Ya know what went wrong in the Breonna Taylor situation...piss poor training. You don’t cure that with shovel work. Ya cover that with lots of gun training. More trigger time. More training. More. More. More.
  14. Ive met Grossman, Ive heard him lecture. I respect him, but his books are nonsense and historically just not sound. I agree his ideas are militaristic and not often suitable for police practices. That said I think we agree then that we need more funding for the police and you actually seem to not want to eliminate them. Many of your ideas are not practical and just silly. Also you want to add a lot of bureaucracy. That again is naive. A good solution is less bureaucracy and less red tape. I’m sure the things Mao thought would work well sounded really great when he put them in bullet points...in reality however, his inexperience led to the suffering and deaths of millions. Do you support teachers unions? How far are we to eliminate unions? As a conservative I’m loving your idea of killing unions.
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