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  1. Sounds familiar. Could her and dbag Donnie share a jail cell?
  2. Grabbin kitty is ok these days, don’t you remember?
  3. BS! The second kind turns a blind eye to anything Trump does that is questionable. Plenty of facts have come out over the years to know that he’s a scumbag. But, so are many of his followers.
  4. JT may as well bang her. I doubt dbag Donnie is allowed to hit that anymore.
  5. Holy ***** did I miss it? Oh, not that 13th either? Man!
  6. Hey wait, is it the 13th yet? oh, not that 13th. Ha ha you nutbars! carry on!
  7. He's a douche and they portray him as one. What's the problem pussies?
  8. He made some dumb mistakes and has apologized for them. Can you imagine if our leader apologized for every mistake? ***** he wouldn't have time to golf or assault chicks he would be so busy.
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