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  1. My brother flew in from the bay area for the game. We're doing the bus ride with the Buffalo Chips mafia. Wings and weck at the tailgate
  2. The hammer was a regular on the Neil Rogers show, from 10-2 in Miami back in the day. He was also on regularly with Jim Manditch (TE for the undefeated phish. Infact, they had a show together on WIOD, or another station, called Hank and the Bulldog (Manditch). Great radio back then on days the a.m. signal would reach from Miami to Ft Myers
  3. JP Losman's mother was a smoke show. Sat behind me in the endzone at the Miami debacle when we were ahead by 20 and lost the game in the second half
  4. It better not be weeks 3 and 5. I have tickets to both games!
  5. So state why you disagree. Or is that just another bump to your count
  6. Not gonna read 13 pages of post bumping. My option was not in the ABC or D. If there is another meltdown like the 13 seconds, he be gone
  7. I wear an Omega 300Hz "tuning fork watch" given to me by Mrs flaz in 79. It has an inscription on the clasp that makes it priceless to me. I had it refurbished 3 years ago to the tune of 750 bucks. I probably shouldn't wear it on a daily basis but I do
  8. I prefer ravioli or tortellini
  9. Either early game is ok. No tryptophan induced sedation for the noon game
  10. I grew up in swny (Cuba) and moved to Cape Coral in 78. I've never been to a Bills game in OP but I've been to 9 games down here. Miami 6 (3 on bus trips out of Buffalo Chips), 2 in Jacksonville and once in Tampa. My brother (from California) and I will be trying to get tickets to the home opener this year. Our cousin lives in Williamsville, should be a fun football family reunion!
  11. I totally agree! Side roads or a rest stop are always an option. I did drive blind once when I was in AZ. South on I-10 just before Tucson. A field had been freshly plowed and we wound up in a mini haboob for a quarter mile. Had to wash my shorts out in the sink!
  12. Why the ***** drive like that in zero vis. I've driven in plenty of bad conditions, but not when I was blind
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