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  1. No. So far she has withdrawn from team competition only, not the individual
  2. Biles out of team competition. 🌚
  3. My brother has a second home in Annagry
  4. The actually have it on the plane. Phil lost his balance on that tee shot
  5. I'm boarding a plane in Buffalo to Ft Myers so I'll miss his round. Plenty to watch after I get home though
  6. Lefty needs to take advantage, of moving day, in a big way! He has a steep hill to climb to get into contention
  7. It's been going on for years and years. In fact, two of the biggest culprits are in this very thread
  8. Actually my step dad was eyetalian. Wonderful man and great dancer. Poor guy was at Normandy at age 16. What bugs me most is the head bobbing and shaking.
  9. These ***** ing commercials they're playing during Jack's Memorial Tournament. The first one on every break is a Nationwide ad with snapping fingers. It's worse than fingernails on a chalkboard
  10. Why do you continually refer to my nuts? I never take anything personal unless my nuts are involved. And as far as your sense reality is concerned, a mullet is a fish. Bottom mud sucker, which you happen to ware on your head
  11. If your head was bobbing yes at the time, I would consider it a sign of respect I close my eyes whenever you post or when Gugny and Virg get kinky
  12. I put this in the SB at a bad time. The question is---What is more offensive, talking with your hands, or nodding your head up and down or back and forth with every word. I find them both extremely offensive.
  13. Butch is the only Bills autograph I have. He showed up at our little backers club, at Groove Street, in Ft Myers. Really cool guy!
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