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  1. Probably a great big back zit they don't want exploding on a teammate
  2. The nationwide value is more than likely very low, one to two hundred bucks (more had they won one). However, that value grows exponentially to some rabid Bills fan GO BILLS!
  3. Loved Steffi and her schnoz. Remember this? "How much money do you have?"
  4. Garages are in the infield behind the pits. I would have to believe there are many security cameras trained on that area. Not to catch a shmuck like this, but car tampering. There's a ton of money on the line, they will find the perp https://www.talladegasuperspeedway.com/Plan-Your-Visit/Maps.aspx
  5. Trickery is part dabols game, but not throwing from the line of scrimmage But who knows. Run the ball when it is working. That's the lesson dabol needs to learn
  6. The only NFL player I ever met played for the Bears. It was in 2005 or so and he was 84ish. For the life of me I cannot remember his name but he must have played for the bears around 1955. I believe he played linebacker. We played in a golf league together one summer here in Florida. He was actually a very good golfer at age 84. The cool thing was he carried a copy of the hand written contract that he and George Halas signed. If I recall, he was playing for $150 per game.
  7. After reading a good portion of the posts in this thread, I have come to two conclusions. The first is that young people may or may not learn from their mistakes. The second is that self righteousness does not benefit society. We have and will make mistakes. That is what makes us human
  8. And he didn't rob anyone!
  9. Mike needs a lesson from @Gugny on how to do a multiple choice poll She puts eggs in her tuna salad. SMH I voted stay off my ***** lawn
  10. flaz

    Italian Sausage

    Hot Italian links on a crispy roll either style, peppers and onions or parm. Has to be from momma Leoni's in the industrial park here in the cape
  11. I actually do kiss the big ones, like Jimmy Hughston did
  12. I reached to lip a bass 2 years ago. As I pulled the fish out of the water, a 9 foot gator lunged for it. Then as I tried to run, I tripped over a root. I looked back to see the gator grab the bass less than a foot from my foot. FWC removed it last year I don't do that anymore
  13. My second favorite is a BLTE. A BLT and fried egg sammich
  14. I can't wait for lunchtime. Half inch slice of meatloaf, mayo on rye
  15. I only rode a school bus in the late 60s, and that was always on a Friday, to spend the weekend on Burt Hill. My good friend Steve's father, Cappie, drove bus and owned a dairy farm. Back in that day, nobody wore a seatbelt in a car. We now know that seatbelts save lives. It is time your bus riding kids have the protection they deserve. I realize there was no fatality, but there was much luck involved with that outcome https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/11/us/ohio-bus-crash-video-trnd/index.html It also means taxpayers will foot the bill, and I have no problem with that
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