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  1. My only prediction is that it will be a 3 point game. Somebody misses the chance to tie it up on the last play of the game.
  2. Russ didn't sow a seed until 23, I was 12. He has generational wealth and I don't
  3. Nice to see YE OLE again. Sal will do well with this. GO BILLS!!!
  4. The Onion is in no way fake news. @Mike in Horseheads posts their material on a regular basis. I use their facts and information during regular arguments with the left and right wingers here in Florida. I always win these arguments when the aggressors find out that I am not a member of either party, I actually lean more towards atheism than the other two parties. Thank god for the Onion
  5. The Point is they made no political statement. They made a social statement. Buy a dictionary or google the difference
  6. The players made their statements on the helmet. The players and the management met and came up with the plan. I have no problem with the outcome. They won, GO BILLS!!!
  7. I read several pages of this thread but not all. My hope is that Josh knows the playbook and Daboll turns the reigns loose. I think Josh is smart enough to run his version of the no huddle to be dominant in the AFC. My only hope is that Marv is not in control when these boys want to head out to the strip club the night before the big game
  8. I left WNY in 76 for SFL. I saw Yes in concert at Rich Stadium but never saw a game there. I have been to 10 Bills games here in Florida, 8 in Miami, 1 in Jacksonville and 1 in Tampa
  9. Not sure what politics has to do with football or saving lives from bad cops. (99.9% of cops are good)
  10. @Chandler#81 Good read. I thought you were just a pretty face
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