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  1. He only found out how to spell his name properly when he was like 27.
  2. Blokestradamus

    Was Baker Mayfield a DOUCHE Yesterday?

    Maybe Baker would score more points with some if he spilled the beans to Mike Silver and let that weasel do his dirty work for him.
  3. Blokestradamus

    John Harbaugh & Ravens to part ways?

    I would put one of my British pounds on him ending up in Denver.
  4. Blokestradamus

    (hypothetical) Alabama vs. Bills spread

    I've gotta take Bama on the spread. No way the Bills would notch up 10 field goals vs Saban's defense.
  5. Blokestradamus

    How would you fix the Offense?

    Indeed. Let's get a guy that's well versed in the development of quarterbacks in the type of system that's becoming the norm in the NFL.
  6. Blokestradamus

    If TSW called the shots

    If you let me grab the 2012 version of Kolton Browning, I'll run a 2 QB system all day long.
  7. Blokestradamus

    82 &28

    Charles needs to be on a different team next season. His knee condition is chronic and it's not going to get better with age. It's a shame because he was a really solid TE in Miami but they need to move on and address the position properly.
  8. Blokestradamus

    Bills Horrid Special Teams This Season

    Pete Alamar, go get him.
  9. Blokestradamus

    If TSW called the shots

    We'd have either Josh Rosen or Patrick Mahomes if I was the boss.
  10. Blokestradamus

    If TSW called the shots

    I'd have a better QB room than Allen, Anderson, Peterman & Barkley because I ain't blind.
  11. Blokestradamus

    Kelvin Benjamin needs to be cut

  12. Blokestradamus

    How would you fix the Offense?

    I'd take a blank cheque to Norman and tell Lincoln Riley to write any number he wants on it. That dude is special.
  13. Blokestradamus

    I think I'm out on McDermott

    It's not even like some are playing chess and others checkers. Sean McVay & Andy Reid are playing chess and we've got that annoying ball in a cup thing.
  14. Blokestradamus

    I think I'm out on McDermott

    I'm not definitively out on Sean at this point but I am majorly concerned. I'm not sure about his game management, his staff choices. Regarding his staff, they were brought in (Dennison, Castillo in particular) as experienced teachers and yet seem set in their ways without an ounce of adaptability in their body. His talk of accountability took months to fall short after trading for Kelvin Benjamin. Whether he wants it to be the case or not, his legacy is starting to be defined by Nathan Peterman. As a fan, that's mortifying.
  15. Blokestradamus

    When $90M isn't really $90M...

    I wouldn't. My ***** leg might fall off in the cold