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  1. I am surprised that I've never heard of any interest in Dan Norton from the England Sevens team. A guy I went to school with played Sevens for Scotland and reckons that Norton is the fastest human being he's ever seen.
  2. John had a really tough first year in Buffalo when his mother passed away. The way that he dealt with it was admirable for someone so young and removed from his immediate support group due to his relocation. I still believe that there's a starting calibre player in there if he can find the right fit. I truly hope that he finds that in Cincy because he's a fine young man that I will always have an affinity for.
  3. Couldn't talk about it. Secret FBI business.
  4. She's not nearly attractive enough to put up with that accent.
  5. Just trying to help him by playing him at his natural position of punt returner. No wonder Gregg had so many job offers, the man's a genius.
  6. I've only just put my pants back on, it's been one hell of an evening. Ty has been a man crush for a couple of years and I'm over the moon. I agree with a lot of the talk that he's probably going to be the new starter at RT but I really do think that he's best at LT. I'm just so happy that he'll have the chance to show the world what some of us already know; that Ty Neskhe is a damn good player.
  7. I'm 110% certain that this gif is made for this exact moment. I should've been born tall, fat and American.
  8. I finally get my CB1. All is good with the world.
  9. I clicked on that twice. I was not disappointed on either occasion.
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