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  1. I saw the Ohio State band at Wembley a few years ago. One of the most enjoyable moments of the entire day. I adore this idea.
  2. The resemblance between Deshaun Watson as a woman and Alex Scott is causing some issues in my mind.
  3. Haven't graded him yet but Forristall is someone I've noticed a few times over the past couple of years, especially in the run game. I think he's one of two (along with Bruno Labelle of Cincinnati) that stand a chance of getting a draftable grade simply because of their blocking. I don't think he should be on the Bills' radar because the TE group is already pretty meh without the addition of another ultimately limited body but I'll be rooting for Miller to stick on a roster somewhere. I still desperately want guys like him to have a future in the modern NFL.
  4. I have always liked Derek as a player too.
  5. He annoys people because his outward media persona is cringy as hell. I don't think many people think he's anything other than a stand-up dude and a model professional. He's just cringy.
  6. All these years of subscribing to that guy that posts Georgia Southern games on YT will not be in vain.
  7. I'll definitely keep an eye out for him next season. Judging by his school bio, he's a smart kid too.
  8. He's so small, nobody can hit him. Bloody midget.
  9. I got around to watching Nixon a couple of days ago. I am moderately in love with a fat lad from Kenosha. His athleticism really stands out, he looked half a step quicker than everyone else in the games I watched. His recognition skills are outstanding, especially in the run game. He stacks blockers really well. Wins in the pass game with his burst and his swim move but needs to develop more counter moves. Think he's going to be a 2i or three-tech for most teams but he could play one-tech (even if I think that's wasting his main positives). Gave him a second round grade
  10. The second half of the Ohio State game, he was the best player on the field. He really came up big in the biggest games. I made some notes about him needing to play with more eye discipline and relying on his technique more than his athleticism but I think he's got everything you'd want for an aggressive three-tech.
  11. Rest in peace, Marty. Until I saw he was in hospice care recently, I hadn't thought about him in a long time. When you look back, he really had an amazing career. When you see some of the quotes about him from former players, it paints a picture of an even better human being. My deepest sympathies to his wife, Pat. The last 6-7 years must've been hell for her watching the man she loves drift away. The people that care for loved ones suffering from something as horrific as Alzheimer's are truly remarkable.
  12. I'd be embarrassed to be called a streaker while wearing clothes. That said, his contact balance is borderline elite so I'll overlook his flaws.
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