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  1. Fantastic start to an album. I've also been listening to Lamp Lit Prose by Dirty Projectors recently.
  2. No, I'm saying that despite all of his hard work and principles, the system spent countless hours trying to undo all of his work. For everything good that he achieved or tried to achieve, it's still a problem half a century after his death. People have protested in the "right way" for decades and how much has truly changed? When non-violent protest doesn't work, how can people keep doing it expecting the same actions to provide different results?
  3. Martin Luther King tried to find the middle ground. That got him blackmailed by the FBI and murdered. Fred Hampton tried to find the middle ground. That got him executed in his own home by his own government. The burden is not on black people or minorites to stop racism. ***** your middle ground.
  4. Learning isn't a belief. Just tell WEO that the intellectual evidence he provided you intimidates you. Bloody MIT and their book learning.
  5. Dude, just say that you're too dumb to wrap your head around a concept. Communicate better, boo 😘
  6. My weatherman is better than all yours. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-manchester-52297848/weather-presenter-goes-viral-drumming-to-bbc-news-theme
  7. I'd be way more concerned if they threw out Ruvell Martin and Geoff Hangartner.
  8. She's alright to look at but I don't really rate her ability on camera. It's like most 'celebrity' sex tapes, once the novelty wears off, you realise most people aren't good at the sex.
  9. Did it ever occur to you that she hates life the second that you call?
  10. I'm just here for that one line. Outstanding work.
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