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  1. If they want to give me 20 grand for a circumcision, I'd probably go for it. It's not like I'm using it much.
  2. I have one question. Is he better or worse than Gary Nova?
  3. I guess we'll find out which part of you is Asian.
  4. I've got weird little toes so I'm not sure if that makes them more or less valuable. Also, wouldn't a human being pretty much lose the ability to walk properly if they lost a toe? Or would losing the same toe on both feet equal things out and balance would, quite literally, be restored? If I had to lose a toe, I'd like it to go here - https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/sourtoe-cocktail
  5. I probably wouldn't have even used a CFL draft pick on him. The hype was unreal for a guy that couldn't even read the run game. The whole falling out of a window aside, I don't think he ever really had anything going on upstairs. At least not in a football sense, anyway.
  6. I'm shocked that souped-up Rakeem Nunez-Roches never worked out. Shocked, I tells ya.
  7. I've told you before; stop making memes out of my pictures.
  8. If I was as rich and talented as Jalen, this is the kind of ***** I would do. Actually, that's a lie. I'd be waaaay more obnoxious than this.
  9. I'm sorry, pal. Take heart that you did everything you could for her and that you made the right choice at the right time for her. It's one of the hardest things to do because it requires us not to be selfish in the slightest. When we said goodbye to our Buster, I've never experienced grief like it. I cried so hard that I nearly collapsed. It takes time to get over it but you will adapt to the new normal eventually. I still have him as my screensaver so I see him every day. It's a picture from before he was ill on a family holiday so it helps to remember the good times. We kept his collar but donated whatever was useable to the local vet because I really didn't think that I could handle having that many reminders of him around the house. You'll find your own ways to deal with this and it will get easier.
  10. Oh man, I'm dying to start a thread about what you'd do after dinner with Tom Brady.
  11. I'm moderately intrigued how they'll write the script considering that Bond has always been seen as something of a womaniser and part-time misogynist.
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