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  1. A football team over here got caught out this weekend paying tribute to Mike Oxsmall. Phenomenal.
  2. I can't believe nobody else made that joke. This place is slipping without me.
  3. Bloody Japanese, having their own time zones. Won't somebody please think of the Americans?
  4. Max Whitlock defends his pommel title successfully. He's also heading to Paris in 2024. Might be one of our best Olympians of all time.
  5. Handsome and elite pizza taste. What can't that man do? 😍
  6. She's been the victim of sexual abuse for years at the hands of the people that she's still representing. The mental toll that kind of abuse takes has led to so many people taking their own lives. Simone has dealt with the public nature of the Nassar case fantastically, as have the other women that suffered abuse at his hand. She's also won events with broken toes in both feet. She is many things, weak is not one of them.
  7. Sounds like seeing Toronto from Buffalo is Palin into insignificance in comparison.
  8. Has anyone ever been gruntled with someone or something?
  9. The vast majority make people look like they're not allowed within 500 yards of a school.
  10. As a bisexual man, I'm practically forbidden to leave my house.
  11. Nah, I'm having nothing to do with ugly QB's. Although I'm more conflicted over the mullet than I was about Trevor Lawrence looking like he's 70% horse.
  12. You have to make moves like this when you pay franchise long snapper money.
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