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  1. Is this a bad time to tell people that I was born on the 14th day of a month in 1988?
  2. I'd never want everyone to agree with me because that would be boring. As long as we can disagree in the right way, we might learn a thing or two. Personally, I like the college game because I think there's more diversity in schemes and skill sets. I'm in a minority that LOVES watching option teams run it 70 times a game. I respect the NFL as being the cream of the crop in terms of talent though. I suppose it's just a matter of perspective.
  3. I'm sorry for your loss, my old friend. I hope you and your family can hold onto precious memories during this time of grief and that they can provide some kind of solace. If you ever want to talk to someone outside of the family, my door is always open.
  4. Having just watched the final F1 race of the season last weekend, I can firmly say that the video of that Florida dog reversing in circles for an hour is more entertaining than F1.
  5. I think we're on the same relative wavelength. The fact that this is football is why it's so egregious. There are legitimate plays that can end seasons or careers. There's evidence that the human body deteriorates at an astonishing rate just from playing the game. It's already dangerous enough without these types of actions. Myles didn't just cross a line last night, he bulldozed it. In an era of enlightenment on head injuries and emphasis on player safety, I'm not sure how you can ever reasonably trust Myles Garrett to play the game again.
  6. I don't think Myles has the pattern of aggression that those guys have had. I also think that his actions last night elevated above those that Suh and Burfict inflicted, as habitually dangerous as they've been.
  7. @ExiledInIllinois My dad is a huge Mike & The Mechanics fan so I grew up listening to them. I wasn't particularly enamoured with them when I was younger but, as I've got older, I've developed a real appreciation for the songs. I don't have a lot in common with my dad and we've never had the best relationship so maybe there's an emotional element to it.
  8. I'm with you. There's been more than a few occasions where I've re-watched films and TV shows and been surprised at some of the language and tropes used that never entered my mind as a kid. It's not my culture that would be depicted in any kind of derogatory fashion so I'm not about to tell people of other cultures that they can't be upset by it.
  9. Honestly, I wouldn't be that bothered if they banned Myles for life. Even with the mitigating circumstances, his actions are still criminal. That being said, I'm not particularly of the mind that Rudolph didn't deserve it. Rips at a guys helmet on the floor, kicks him in the groin, throws a punch, tries to grab his dick again? He should expect to get ***** up. I'm not sure that the NFL will punish Pouncey for kicking a man on the floor either.
  10. That wasn't my point. Quarterbacks are the most exposed players on the field by their very nature, I think most of us will agree with that. My issue was with you pretending that fumbles are only bad if they result in lost possession.
  11. That's not how this works, Bobby. You can't be a team that preaches process and then argue that bad process is good just because you're lucky.
  12. I'm shocked it's taken this long for him to be given an actual punishment. He's been doing this since high school.
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