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  1. That wasn't my point. Quarterbacks are the most exposed players on the field by their very nature, I think most of us will agree with that. My issue was with you pretending that fumbles are only bad if they result in lost possession.
  2. That's not how this works, Bobby. You can't be a team that preaches process and then argue that bad process is good just because you're lucky.
  3. I'm shocked it's taken this long for him to be given an actual punishment. He's been doing this since high school.
  4. He was born 'Brett', that's a non-starter for me. The only QB called Brett for me is the only great Wyoming QB, Brett Smith.
  5. He's really not, though. He's a solid 6 and I probably wouldn't say no to the lad, he just doesn't have any features that get the juices flowing. The only QB in that lauded class worth a damn is Baker. We would have beautiful dad bod babies.
  6. I think we can still see a few anti-Semitic tropes being dropped in threads about Josh Rosen. They feel safe hiding in plain sight. I don't know about not building hills to die on, as long as you remember to have fun with that. Disliking Kelvin Benjamin will always be too fun to give up on
  7. There is a definite contrast between the two. I'll always make no secret of the fact that I like Josh Rosen as a human being but I do understand why people within the football community, especially those from a more working-class background, might find him to be an unwelcome extension of some form of 'liberal elite'. There are seemingly many within the game that see his outside interests as a distraction but that isn't a new thing specifically for Mr Rosen. I remember the debate with Derek Carr a few years back, with some wondering if him being married with a kid at 22/23 was a bad thing. My main take from all of that is that you need to be a borderline sociopath to work in the NFL. With Mr Allen, if you buy into the idea of him being some 'big, dumb white farm kid' then that's your prerogative. I think over the past year or so, he's proven himself to be far smarter than that idea. He's shown that he's willing to work hard for his craft (which is imperative) and he's shown himself to be a natural leader of men. There is a magnetism about the kid that is clear to see. His personality is far more endearing for a lot of people and he's more of a 'football guy', whatever the ***** that means.
  8. People like to pile on when other people offer their opinions, that's the beauty of the internet age. The reality is that a significant portion of anyone giving draft opinions won't actually watch that many games. They'll find a talking point and it essentially works as the NFL draft version of Chinese Whispers. We also cannot discount, as much as I loathe to drag this into a political realm, that there was far more going on culturally with pro/anti Josh Rosen people than just his football acumen. That probably helped to lend itself to the fractuous nature of the debate.
  9. This is where I'm at philosophically with the draft. Nobody can accuse either of us of being disingenuous because we assess the evidence we're given and make our own conclusions with it. Nowhere in our prognostications do we suggest that growth isn't possible, just that we know that progression is neither guaranteed nor linear. I believe in a sample size. I said a few days after the draft that I'd give Josh 3 years before I wade into the debate again. We all know how I felt about the kid at the time. I don't need years of people throwing my takes in my face to discredit me while forgetting the times that I've been right
  10. I haven't quite got my nerd on yet, obsessing about special teams but I did catch the first half of the Oregon game. Blake Maimone looks interesting. Kid has got a big leg but his 2018 stats scream inconsistent. I'll be interested to watch him this year to see if he's able to cut down on the shanks.
  11. The fact that I wasn't immediately tagged in this thread feels like an insult.
  12. I'm sad to see that Bob has moved past simply calling everyone that he doesn't like a 'jive turkey'. A more callous individual might remind him that his boys have nearly jumped out of a window naked in some kind of induced state and been sentenced for violence towards a woman.
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