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  1. Blokestradamus

    OL Erik McCoy

    "Your 2019 Buffalo Bills - The Real McCoy's"
  2. Blokestradamus

    Happy 50th birthday Jennifer Aniston

    How very dare you! Anna is a goddess.
  3. Blokestradamus

    What's the best name in the upcoming draft?

    I'm partial to App State CB Clifton Duck.
  4. Blokestradamus

    What do you want to see this offseason: DRAFT

    If that happens, please put up a live stream of your reaction. It'll be amazing.
  5. Blokestradamus

    Happy 50th birthday Jennifer Aniston

    Happy 50th to the most overrated woman that's ever existed. I still would though.
  6. Blokestradamus

    Would ya?

    I did Nazi the lack of response to it coming. Also, that third picture. Those eyes have seen things, man. I would say crow's feet but we might need a bigger bird.
  7. Blokestradamus

    Kipers predictions for last year Round 1

    Going back to 2013, I've nailed Dustin Hopkins, Cyrus Kouandjio, John Miller, Reggie Ragland, Matt Milano, Josh Allen, Harrison Phillips & Wyatt Teller. Maybe the team needs to stop listening to me
  8. Given that Bob Quinn is a Belichick disciple and that organisation has given more second chances than most, Kareem really must be a piece of work.
  9. I was trying to be good and help it out through the kitchen window. The lesson here is; never try to be good.
  10. Blokestradamus

    2019 Mock Drafts and top prospects

    This whole TJ Hockenson as a top 10 pick thing is some kind of weird way of apologising to George Kittle and Iowa for not ranking him higher, right? I finally got to give him a good looking at and I expected this amazing fireworks display. Instead, it was one man holding a sparkler in the rain. Not entirely sure he's even the best TE on the Iowa roster, let alone in the class. There's flashes in the passing game that help me see why some might be tempted by him. Occasionally, he'll sink his hips and really explode out of his break. Other times, he seems to just slowly power down and go through the motions. I think his blocking still needs some work but his best reps in the run game are already NFL standard. I appreciate the enthusiasm but charging head down at blocks in the NFL will go really badly (even worse than him getting ragdolled vs Mississippi St). I do have some doubts about his grip strength as well, teams really attack the ball when he's a runner and I assume that's not some kind of shared delusion. I'm very much against tight ends in the 1st round as a matter of principle but I'd make the exception for someone special. Hockenson ain't special.
  11. Blokestradamus

    Predict the 1st WR drafted

    Lockett was a guy that I enjoyed more than I liked. I had him as a 3rd rounder. Worried about his size out on the boundary, figured he was a pure slot guy. Obviously, the KR/PR skills were added value and it's been no shock that he's been such a consistent ST weapon. If you can get a Day 2 WR that's going to give you 4 years of production like he has, you take that value all day. Also, thanks for making me look at my draft grades from that year. I pretty much whiffed on 8 of my top 10 WR's that year
  12. Blokestradamus

    Predict the 1st WR drafted

    I hate to disappoint you but I think we have a philosophical difference on the mighty Deebo. I refuse to accept a WR with a RB body as a matter of principle. He's also not physical/nuanced enough to play outside in the NFL and his value is capped as a 'slot only' with ST upside. 4th round grade, sorry pal.
  13. Blokestradamus

    Adam Schefter: Julian Edelman Is a Hall Of Fame candidate

    I think that's a fair way to approach what is inherently a biased process. It's especially tough to articulate when you consider that most of the bias involved is probably unconscious, rather than conscious. I would absolutely put Patrick Willis in ahead of most of his peers despite only playing 8 seasons but you have to be careful with that. It has to be used sparingly to reflect the sheer brilliance of that particular short(ish) career. If you use it as some kind of test case to throw less dominant 8-year players in, it devalues the selection in itself. I doubt that I'll ever fully agree with every HOF induction class. I guess all I can do is argue passionately for the guys that I respect and for people that I deem as true trailblazers in the sport.
  14. Blokestradamus

    Adam Schefter: Julian Edelman Is a Hall Of Fame candidate

    I wouldn't make the argument that Muhsin deserves to be in the HOF. He was a very reliable statistical performer for a long period of time but only really had one dominant statistical season. It will be interesting to see how the selection committee looks at early retirement players like Calvin Johnson and Patrick Willis as they were relatively short-term NFLers in comparison to a lot of guys in Canton but were statistically dominant in the years they did play. Do you ping guys like Megatron for walking away from the game early? Do you reward a guy like Muhsin for being (relative to his Age 35 peers) relevant into his mid-30's?
  15. Blokestradamus

    Adam Schefter: Julian Edelman Is a Hall Of Fame candidate

    I was having this chat with @GoBills808 yesterday and the weirdest name that came up on the all-time list for me was Muhsin Muhammad. 31st overall in all-time receiving yards and the owner of the 13th best Age 35 season in NFL history. Stats, longevity would both get close to fitting the bill. If a guy like that doesn't get in, Welker and Edelman can bugger off.