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  1. Blokestradamus

    RB Prospect Talk

    Excuse me, sir. Are you calling me fat?
  2. I'd draft the !@#$ out of Prescott Glennon.
  3. Blokestradamus

    My personal vow regarding Josh Allen: Who is with me

    I figure he'll get 3 years to prove himself at least. I'm willing to give him that. Lord knows I've jumped the gun on young players before, good and bad. It's no secret how I felt about him as a prospect but you might notice that I'm not spending my days screaming about every negative play.
  4. Blokestradamus

    RB Prospect Talk

    My victories are few and far between, I like to enjoy them. I'd keep the stocks though. On the RB front (to stay on topic), I'm probably going to like Benny Snell Jr from Kentucky. I'm a sucker for contact balance in a running back.
  5. Blokestradamus

    How is Dean Marlowe not still around?

    Offensive coordinator at Riverdale High School in Tennessee
  6. Blokestradamus

    How is Dean Marlowe not still around?

    A gold star to the OP of the 'How is Ruben Holcomb not still around?" thread.
  7. Blokestradamus

    Someone needs to be fired over Mahomes right now.

    It's time that I came clean. I'm actually Kliff Kingsbury.
  8. Blokestradamus

    RB Prospect Talk

    Get back to me in a few months. I'm still taking a lap from being a Phillip Lindsay truther
  9. Blokestradamus

    Poyer Drama breaks open

    You see, this is why I avoid attractive women.
  10. Blokestradamus

    Andrew Luck is done

    This aged well......
  11. Blokestradamus

    Updated: Early 2019 mock draft

    Must've been that Thompson kid from Bama
  12. Blokestradamus

    golf fans -- is Tiger Woods done?

    I only care if Europe wins.
  13. Blokestradamus

    Is Thad Brown the dumbest Bills media personality?

    Velcro is a wonderful thing.
  14. Blokestradamus

    Where all the haters at???

    Hi baby