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  1. I wonder how many games he'll get when he goes the whole way around the bend and kills someone. He should be getting treatment in a facility, not on the football field.
  2. Maybe Chuck Norris can play ***** Galore.
  3. This is unacceptable behavior. Eagle talons and or toe fungus should should preclude certain people from wearing toeless footwear.
  4. I get the big jug of cashews and eat them throughout the day at work.
  5. I may have mentioned this before on here, but one of my buddies has pancreatic cancer in his 20's. This was 30 years ago before technology is what it is today. I'm not sure what stage it was, but they ended up doing several exploratory surgeries and got it all. He's pushing 60 these days and all in all is in pretty good health aside from some sore feet. No cancer is good obviously, but pancreatic cancer is one of the worst from what I've seen. I'm sure at Bob's age its going to be a tough row to how, but hopefully he can give it hell.
  6. Who does this.......most of you folks are good people from what I can tell, but social media has turned the world into a bunch of maniacs. Brainless lemmings.
  7. Thanks for helping him out. What's next people licking random ***** and returning it to the shelf?
  8. My buddy let me use his Netflix account and I just started watching Ozark. Only on episode 2. So far so good.
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