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  1. Well at least we can be assured we're solid on test kits now that they are testing animals.
  2. Having to cancel my sons 5th birthday party, having my daughters soccer season pretty much wiped out as well as my sons first season of Tball.
  3. I got this game for Christmas 2 years ago the same time I got Rdr2 and still haven't played Fallout76. Maybe I should give it a go.
  4. Everything comes back around. Its only a matter of time.
  5. I had all my kids sports activities in my calendar and every time a reminder pops up and I have to hit dismiss I get more pissed. Just got furloughed for 2 weeks minimum. Got a ton of stuff to do around the house, but I don't want to spend any money.
  6. A ton of funny ***** in here. https://thechive.com/2020/04/03/thought-youd-seen-all-the-tiger-king-memes-guess-what-mother-fer-39-photos/
  7. Hahaha......I was just gonna post this. Glad I scrolled down.
  8. She has a ring on and so do I which makes me a little sad. She seems like a nice lady.
  9. Who in their right mind would watch A Clockwork Orange with a child?
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