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  1. The race card gets thrown around so freely these days, I think this allegation will come to pass and probably have little impact on his reputation. They should give him an additional 6 games for being and rabble rousing #######.
  2. My landline has bluetooth and I connected it to my cell and kept getting robocalls on my cell, so I unpaired it.
  3. I think I would have a good shot until someone digs up my past indiscretions and finds out I dressed up up in black face every Halloween since 1983.
  4. Absolutely....and my phone setup only allows me to block 25 numbers which I seem to have exhausted in the first month.
  5. Yes.....because its bundled into our cable plan. Rarely answer it because it's 99% telemarketers.
  6. Love Oasis. I wish they would love one another a little more.
  7. I pay more attention to Romo as an announcer than I did as a player. I think he's spot on most of the time. A very likeable guy.
  8. I agree. I think this whole thing was sham. Regardless if he did wonderful or terrible, I dont think it would have moved the needle far enough to change the opinions the scouts had going in.
  9. There's nothing offensive whatsoever about the shirt. IMO it's more about situational awareness. It's just another talking point that takes the focus off of the workout. He's supposedly being blackballed because of his actions regarding his political and social stances, and the distractions that they may bring. One would think that if he was interested in making the best impression (i.e. I'm here to play football and not create a circus), he would have avoided anything non football related.
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