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  1. Its pretty easy to drink in large quantities which is dangerous, then you feel like ***** the next day from all the sugar. At least thats been my experience. I got a bottle about a month ago, but probably won't get another for quite a while.
  2. Kind of looks like William H Macy in Shameless.
  3. Unfortunately most of my favorites are dead, and as the saying goes "never meet your heroes"* Warren Buffet Dave Chapelle Willie Nelson Al Jourgensen Vladimir Putin *(not a hero)
  4. Not even going here. Depends on the artist. This is a slippery slope when everything is offensive. I appreciate the topic because its solid. Looking forward to reading the responses
  5. Now John at the bar is a friend of mineHe gets me my drinks for freeAnd he's quick with a joke or to light up your smokeBut there's someplace that he'd rather be
  6. Slightly unrelated, but Its a soccer thread. Feel free to redirect to a more appropriate thread........ HOW ABOUT THOSE REDS.......AL LONG TIME COMING. Go Liverpool, not even Corona can stop them. Congrats 👏 fellas
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