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  1. He's down.....how the hell is this so hard to see
  2. Hahaha....FSU getting beat like a rented mule.
  3. That dude was on America's Got Talent. I hate clowns, and this one is no exception.
  4. Here here.....happy birthday. Free root canals for everyone 🍻
  5. I see what you did there. ....subtle but clever
  6. Gone like a freight trainGone like yesterdayGone like a soldier in the Civil WarBang Bang!Gone like a '59 Cadillac
  7. Are you a high school guidance counselor?
  8. Life keeps slipping away Fighting in a war with damnation Poised, keep cutting away I'm looking in through to salvation Just one fix Just one fix Just one fix Just one fix
  9. Yes.100 times yes.....any of you perverts know where this scenario ranks on porn hub?
  10. make it happen. I have a suspicion Kelce, may not make it though the year mainly because I have him on my roster.
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