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  1. He has no symptoms but decides to test anyway....Makes perfect sense to keep hin out of the public eye until his handlers come up with a solution to address his rapid mental decline.
  2. A couple minutes late is understandable. 3-5 hours is inconsiderate and disrespectful.....Me personally, I get there early and leave early.
  3. Agreed.....I don't know many CEOs who been so adept at kept a ship running over so long . I grew up watching wrestling back in the Hillbilly Jim and Junk yard Dog days. Lost interest for a while, then got back into it during Stone Cold and The Rock heyday. Haven't watched it in years, but whatever vince did or didn't do, there's no denying he's a great businesses man and is able to adapt to put out a product that's been in demand for decades.
  4. So, I just watched the Scarlett johansson episode. I never got what all the buzz was about. I thought she was attractive, but there are a lot of attractive women. My God, I've never seen a more beautiful person eat chicken wings. She's stunning, and requested beer....It's a yes for me.
  5. Sometimes it's just beatin' Some days you just forget What all you've been given Some days you just get back Yeah, some days you're just alive Some days you're livin' Some days you're livin'
  6. Agreed....I'm thinking if i can make make it to 80 and still be somewhat functional and then drop dead, I'll call it a success .
  7. Federer is a class act. He's retired though right? The other two are still playing and at a high level. I suspect they'll collect a few more.
  8. I think this is Novak's 4th consecutive Wimbledon which is pretty impressive. Between him and Nadal. They're blowing everyone away with the number of majors won.
  9. Kyrgios is such a punk. Hope Djokovic pulls this out.
  10. When it rains it pours. RIP. James Caan and Tony Sirico.
  11. In the grand scheme off-season threads I think this pretty tame. Let's grab a beer and go to PPP to put things into perspective. Cheers to Friday 🍻
  12. Regarding the New Balance. I bought a pair of 1080s a year or so ago and they were awesome. I went back tonight and must have tried on 4 or 5 pairs of shoes and none of them felt that special. The kid in the store was looking at me like I was fitting to heist the place. We had a conversation and he told me "nothing you try on is going to feel like the 1080s". I wanted a dark shoe because the light ones show the dirt quicker and I always mess them up within a few weeks. There were none on the display shelves, but I found an older pair on the clearance rack. Jackpot!!
  13. I did stumble upon those as I was searching. I managed to get the NBs at a discount so I stuck with those, but the Hokas seem to be legit.
  14. As I try to age gracefully, I've noticed my feet starting to hurt in various places over the last several years. I never really put too much thought into shoes aside from certain brands I've become accustomed to and if they look half decent. Right now comfort is paramount and I think I've put together the best shoe and sock combination that I've ever experienced. It feels like I'm walking on a cloud. New Balance 1080 shoes with the Thorlo padded socks. It's glorious. This is just casual walking around. I'm still trying to find the right non-slip work shoe. If anyone has any recommendations throw them out there.
  15. Fireworks suck. They scare my dog, keep me awake and I find random ***** in my yard and on my roof. If you live in a residential neighborhood stick to sparklers and snakes.
  16. I dont know much about the guy, but he seems like a good dude. The Nirvana covers he did were legit and he seems to like all kinds of music. Anytime I see a face tattoo I always think there are some issues there.
  17. Ahhhh the good ol days. 4 times in ☝️day.
  18. Reggie White is an under the radar candidate. Its hard with football because it's offense and defense are two different animals. Nobody remembers great defensive baseball players, its always offense.
  19. NCAA football is getting turned on it's head. Will be interesting to see how this all plays out.
  20. Call me heartless, but i really have no sympathy for these people, or those who fall off a cliff trying to take a great selfie.
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