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  1. Yeah. Todd Bowles comes to mind. The guy is like a statue on the sideline. His facial expression rarely changes.
  2. Belichick smashes a phone, hes a genius. Dorsey smashes a tablet he's unhinged.
  3. Report: NFLPA opening investigation into handling of Tua's head injury https://www.thescore.com/s/22948401
  4. What are the rules for this? Can the visiting team bring in their own equipment (i.e. EZ Ups or some other type of shade mechanism). Im assuming it would have already been done if it were allowed.
  5. Yes...I believe Stephen Ross will chair the board of the newly established NFL ethics and integrity committee.
  6. Lol....I know every back injury I had caused me to wobble around and fall to the ground uncontrollably.
  7. Yeah....turf absorbs heat. Its always hotter than the air temp.
  8. And the world will still be spinning. A minor bump in the road.
  9. Well Stephen Ross isn't known to be the pinnacle of ethical integrity.
  10. It 100% matters if people are suing the NFL for CTE and player health is supposed to be paramount. It may not matter on the small scale of the game, but it's a huge black eye on a league that supposedly prides itself on player safety . Not just about the game dude. If you're going to flag Edmunds for a hit on a defenseless receiver because of player safety, then the league is obligated to protect a player who fell over and needed two guys to keep him on his feet. It's about the NFL double standard, not a win or loss.
  11. That's called home field advantage.
  12. My concern is it only takes 1 play with the speed they have. Need a turnover or 3 and out.
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