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  1. Mahomes was only able to scramble because all of the pass rushers were being held. And he clearly flopped.
  2. I know, it's amazing how much drive-ending or drive-continuing penalties can affect the game. Edit: And also how much easier it is to play football when you get away with penalties constantly.
  3. Well let's see. There were 40 seconds left on the clock when the Bengals punted and the Chiefs got away with two obvious blocks in the back resulting in possession about 40 yards past where they should have started. Then they get away with 3 separate holds on the same play where the Bengals get called for a soft game-sealing penalty. And that's only a few minutes after the refs declined to call a more obvious roughing the passer on the Bengals' previous drive. So the Chiefs did absolutely nothing on their final drive (besides get away with obvious penalties) and were awarded a 45 yard field goal attempt to end the game.
  4. If it's pretty even when KC gets a few questionable calls (not to mention the non-calls) then it's not really even.
  5. It's a possibility. The Chiefs get help from the refs in the last couple drives almost every game so it gets hard to tell them apart.
  6. I'd rather watch the better team be cocky than the lesser team be gifted a win by the league.
  7. Dude you are wrong. The NFL would have continued that game. McDermott and Taylor stepped in (rightly so) and told them they wouldn't continue.
  8. Well, they were all called / not called for the same reason. Not because of whether they're penalties or not, but whether it helped KC or not.
  9. Yeah I saw both of the blocks in the back in real time. And the NFL looooves calling those regardless of whether it's legit or not. There's only one reason not to call multiple obvious penalties on the final return of the game.
  10. Maybe you would be outraged. I cringed at some of the personal fouls Josh drew this year. It's smart on his part but it's ridiculous that QBs get away with flopping out of bounds constantly.
  11. Just re-watched the intentional grounding. It was 5 yards in front of the receiver but never made it back to the line of scrimmage so it was actually a good call. The personal foul was still terrible though. In real time he was out of bounds for about a tenth of a second and the defender barely touched him. You just can't call ticky tack stuff when it decides the entire game.
  12. The intentional grounding penalty was awful. It landed about 4 yards in front of a receiver. The personal foul was also egregious. Ossai got one hand on Mahomes and didn't even push him. The Chiefs got the royal treatment from the NFL today, as usual. I'm sure the sports books are happy though.
  13. His O line is just terrible. He was getting pressured as quickly as Josh was in our game. There was no excuse for our defense to get so little pressure on Burrow. Or for our DBs to be playing 10 yards off coverage. The Chiefs' defensive coordinator actually game planned for the Bengals and ours didn't.
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