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  1. He's not wrong. It was pretty dirty. We had already knocked the ball down when Rapp laid that hit on him and he clearly went helmet to helmet when he easily could have avoided the hit altogether. That being said, we never get calls when Josh gets hit in the head or Diggs gets hit while defenseless. Those calls are reserved for certain players on certain teams to be determined by the NFL's marketing team.
  2. Shocker. Hope everyone who fell over themselves to turn the conversation to child porn takes a long look at themselves. Don't be so easily fooled, folks.
  3. It's not Josh's responsibility to install screen plays into the offense or call them during a game. I mean yeah, he could check into them. But how do we even know he has those plays available if they never run them?
  4. Yup. Tell your QB to go make plays when the plays are bull ***** then get upset when something bad happens. OR draw up something with a chance of succeeding without superhuman abilities.
  5. You would think that a regime with a history of turning late round defensive backs into serviceable starters wouldn't waste a 1st round pick on a player who doesn't even fit their scheme but he we are
  6. Can't imagine why he was throwing to receivers who were covered. Could it be that there wasn't anyone open? Nahhhhh
  7. No he's not, but there are many ways to win in the NFL. Brady was basically an OC on the field but he didn't have the arm talent or rushing ability or scrambling ability that Allen has. Allen is not an OC but neither is Dorsey. You need at least one to win a Super Bowl.
  8. Yeah sure, everything was going so well up until those those turnovers. It was either punt or INT. I'm not going to blame Allen for trying to win.
  9. Agree with pretty much everything except the TE. Knox is better at pass blocking and had one glorious catch where he ran over a defender, but Kincaid is clearly the superior route runner and pass catcher. He is as advertised. Now we just need to find a coordinator who can utilize the best TE combination since Gronk / Hernandez.
  10. Yup. It's almost like special teams is a crap shoot and it doesn't matter if you pay 5 guys 5 times the league minimum to play only special teams.
  11. Play action is an amazing play. It's so good, it works even when you don't have a good run game. And Allen is one of the best QBs in the league when rolling out, so why not design it? I'll tell you why: because our OC is an absolute dip ***** who doesn't know the strengths and weaknesses of his players.
  12. But if you want to get real about it, the Jets' whole philosophy on defense is flooding the pass routes while only rushing 4 defensive linemen. There are no areas of the field they aren't protecting. And they're also good at defending the run. That's why you need to scheme up plays that either draw the linemen in too far to defend against short yardage plays or scheme up plays that leverage mismatches. Dorsey did neither.
  13. Zach Wilson didn't have to make any great plays to win this game. A couple handoffs to Hall, a lob to Garrett Wilson, and a punt return TD. That's the difference between good coaching and whatever we have.
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