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  1. Exactly. The objective criticism of McDermy is warranted. He’s since admitted as such. Whaley just happens to be the Bills former GM. He’s not alone. Don’t get the bitterness angle.
  2. Huge play and could have kept Bills in the track meet. Interesting how well Yeldon played in this game. If Bills were not either very good or interested in running. Should Yeldon have played more? Not just in this game. I have been very supportive of DS but I’ve shifted my thinking. Bills need more speed and a Kamara type of breakaway threat. Hard to find I know. But the Clemson RB might be a good addition.
  3. Wow Wyche never ending attack on any non minority hiring is something. It’s about candidates being in the funnel. OC’s and DC’s generally get the coaching jobs. Focus on getting more in funnel. Seems as though Sirianni although young has paid his dues for many years. Attacking these hirings essentially as racism is just not a complete evaluation of the situation.
  4. Bills getting insane amount of credit. It’s not ridiculous for Bills to be the underdogs this week. With all due respect to JH, all athletes thrive on creating this us vs world mentality. But as Bills fan I’m overwhelmed with the positive respect the franchise is getting. And deservedly so. So I’m pretty appreciative of the Buffalo love. Not what we are used to. But nation is aware Bills are good and it’s not a short term trend.
  5. It’s the toughest job this side of Houston. I assume they want to keep Wentz and his ugly contract. Sirianni comes from family of coaches. His dad coaching HS and his brother coached SW to state title. Other brother is coach at Washington Jefferson in PA a D3 powerhouse. But without a doubt a tough gig !
  6. Southwestern HS, good all around athlete. WR at Mount Union where he won D3 national title. Got on the bus with Reich and has followed him on several stops.
  7. Just thought on one throw he seemed slow out of the break. And possibly wind impacted how it looked. Very pumped if he’s good!
  8. Rare that it happens. He’s been good guy off the field. In the NFL those are really bad issues such as domestic or general craziness-AB. He really has no leverage unlike the NBA. I don’t think Texans can win the PR damage of a trade of a top 8 QB or get enough value.
  9. Got ya stand corrected. Missed the dead $ so way off.
  10. I thought he was about 7.5ish for 20& 21 but I am not a cap expert so I must have misinterpreted.
  11. Morse, Star, Matakevich, Gaines cut create about 23m. That keeps Milano and Willams. Likely the least painful way to do it. Unless you keep Star over Butler or Jefferson.
  12. Thought the discussion was about Williams? JA certainly will impact the salary cap but think Bills will structure it in a way to best keep as many good players as possible. Morse, Yeldon, Winters, Norman added to Murphy, TN, and Kroft. Each player while part of great depth have an option to replace (again not ideal). This creates 30-40 M allowing Williams and potentially Milano to sign for average of 10M each. Won’t be easy but can be done.
  13. Smoke had 8 catches vs Ravens. Beasley looks banged up for sure.
  14. John Brown makes the Bills better. Deep ball respect sets up underneath for other guys you mentioned. He will be back.
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