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  1. Rams just got 8 500 level for $105. About 3 1/2 hours from Clovis where I live.
  2. No imho.. Davis is immediately the 2.. but I do think TJ is solid at 3.
  3. It was pointed out that Gore could save $$$ for BB. But I see them as different skill sets.
  4. I think Davis will get far more snaps I agree. But I do think TJ has a role. We shall see. You certainly could be right on the $$$ aspect of roster decisions.
  5. Seems like Gore is immediately ahead of TJ on the depth chart on this thread? TJ has earned a spot on this roster and will hard to move out. Gore is a PS guy as TJ has a different element in his game.
  6. He was used when Brady took over. I thought he added a nice dimension. I suspect he will have some specific plays in a game plan this year. I fully expect he is active with as stated Davis the short yardage guy. Good problem to have. I see Gore competing with Davis and likely on PS.
  7. Wilkins is going to be missed big time!
  8. The guy was in the top 30-40 on virtually every board .. taking at 33 in a massive reach at a position of need???
  9. Funny for KC you say one of 3 guys.. but the reverse argument for the Bills doesn’t work?? As if Rice is some amazing WR (suspension forthcoming).. Rice is good but Shakir/Samuel are not miles off .. Diggs is not the 2 in Houston?? That will be interesting to see if enough footballs to go around. The Bills WR will be fine simply because like PM and Rice Josh will create a good WR group. Oh without anyone demanding the ball and respect and attention and more $$$ and more attention and more respect…..
  10. I hated the trade initially. Bills pick up a 3rd and KC gets a guy they would have had at 32. Smart national media have picked that up. It will be hammered home in a false narrative like MM does if Worthy is good. If Coleman is better BB won’t get credit for getting his guy and fleecing KC. By the way after playing at Texas the best facilities in college apparently Worthy was rather unimpressed with KC. They rank 31/32 in facilities and never miss on WRs 😂
  11. Nice 👍.. I was flipping out over the KC trade. Now I’m fine 🙂
  12. 1000 yards 3 seasons in college 21 TD’s last year maybe ??
  13. Yeah but people here don’t like wasting a 4th round pick on a rb!!! A position of need for the Bills. Likely a third and short option an area the Bills need to improve. A guy who only had 20+ TDs.. what a waste!!! Not someone the Bills would have got at 128. What asset management are you taking about? The Bills have several roster needs. This guy fills a need position and will bring value on 3rd down. Marvin Harrison Jr was off the board.
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