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  1. DD is a good LT in this league. He’s a fun loving guy and like able. But this seems a bit over the top.. why instigate your opponents at this point. Perhaps spend a bit more time getting fit so your qb isn’t under pressure on key plays? I kid I kid.. but just seems unnecessary.
  2. They didn’t hand them Mahomes. Mahomes is great in part because he plays for the best coach in the NFL. The Bills got TW and leverage to get Dawkins and Edmunds. JA would have at least 1 SB if playing for AR.
  3. Total speculation on my part. My thought is when the Bills grilled him about his involvement in the case , he may have not told them everything. I’m not saying he was guilty but perhaps the Bills got a bit blindsided by some aspects of the case. Otherwise the Bills are just incompetent as he is clearly better than who they have had since.
  4. Yes wicked pick on the 3rd down.. better not call it on niners this drive
  5. Of course.. Patty gets gift fumble and blown coverage. Now your lead for MVP.. yup I said it..
  6. At least he was the best musical talent all day
  7. They were saying he was pissed for being off the field when Pach fumbled.. he slammed into Andy pretty hard..Andy didn’t seem real happy. I expect 15 passes his way in 2nd half 😂
  8. Nice OL downfield and no call. Rooting for niners but bad no call!
  9. It’s time. The $$$ vs the drama diva doesn’t add up. But I’d be surprised given his cap hit to the Bills and a potential trade partner if it’s feasible. Would have been great to see him man up about his poor year end and playoff performance. But he’s way above that on the never accountable scale.
  10. Virtually every team plays 2 high Safeties so it’s not surprising. Occasionally one pops but it’s smart not to force it which everybody says Josh can’t do. Turns out he’s pretty hood at taking what is given, particularly in the playoffs.
  11. The Bills D was decimated by injuries.. KC played super conservative with zero fear that Lamar could outscore them. The Ravens offensive game plan was by any measure a complete disaster.
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