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  1. Hmm every comment the team has made says McG LG and Torrence is a mauler RG.
  2. They would have already moved Benford if they were going to. Hamlin is a decent back up S. But with both starters out it’s pretty hard to grade him paired with JJ who unfortunately can’t cover. If healthy Hamlin is a solid #4 S. Marlowe in case he’s not able to come back. Benford is playing cb is going to make this board meltdown. McBeane mentioned his versatility and boom everyone had him moving to S.
  3. ILB and RT are the weakest spots. RB and DT are fine. Edge/DE until Von comes back need to improve. Unlikely the Bills or anyone else are making major moves at this point. The Bills narrative is they have stayed the same or regressed. I happen to think a healthy D and more O weapons make the Bills stronger. The expected improvement of others teams is part of the story. But not all of the “vastly “ improved teams will jell. The Bills are in a good spot roster wise. Last year many people had them #1 or close going into the season. The Cincinnati game is biasing the Bills expectations as much as the KC loss the year before. The Bills are in the mix to win it all with 4 or 5 teams. I’ll take that.
  4. Let’s not start with all the excuses. Last year some unusual things happened to the Bills. I don’t expect the same this year and I am not going to search for it. Jags in London or OP are a very good team.
  5. He said it about the play design. That’s on Dorsey and not Davis. By all accounts the Bills say Davis is very smart even as a rookie quickly picking up the play book.
  6. He had some drops and a bad ankle. No excuses. Having said that his teammates suggest he’s super smart. I expect he responds particularly with a game stretching TE combo.
  7. The Bills handled as best they could. McBeane took a beating for not doing “their homework”. Turns out even MA’s defense team didn’t have the information they now have. Where is ESPN and the MM recanting this allegation and supporting his re entry into the NFL? The Bills privately should reach out and extend a FA contract to compete. Which he will turn down. But, announce they support his ability to return to the NFL. Not likely to happen, but if no other teams gives him a camp invitation it’s a bad look for the NFL. He’s innocent and with that should be able to pursue his career. Suing the accuser who likely has no $ doesn’t help him.
  8. It seems he could eventually take over at MLB. In addition to not overwhelming him with two positions I think it’s how the Bills do things. McBeane said they would give current roster players a shot at the position. If they impress and win that’s good. If they don’t win it he’s in position to potentially grab it. Just my thoughts.
  9. Ha so true. CC is an LA guy and has friends in the Bolts front office. Herbert is great but is he ? Lamar and Tua take a lot of heat somewhat deserved. But Herbert needs to make an impact this year. KC sure seems to be the team to beat but the Bengals lost both S’s but bolstered other areas. I’m fine at 4, takes the pressure off. I expect a 12-5 season and if healthy we certainly can win it all.
  10. While the O had some challenges they scored 28 points a game.
  11. Wynn seems very comfortable articulating his financial requirements.
  12. His value is diminished due to his contract. But we play out the year. Next year we are free of the contract. Why not use his talent while he’s here? Similar to TE. The only value he would have is on the DHop trade where we swap contracts and players. Offsetting the huge DHop contract -10m.
  13. By checking the Seahawk blogs they felt he was great in the 4-3 D early in his tenure.Was not as effective in 3-4. I general felt he was solid and most felt it was a loss.
  14. Jags and Texans show most value. How are niners 11.5 and eagles 10.5 .. even w NFC east improvements they will be very tough. SB favorites imho.
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