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  1. We're past the point of being happy about wins we don't deserve. That's where Dolphins fans are today.
  2. These posts only matter if you think these two teams are anywhere close to the same competitiveness. They're not. Miami played against a lot of backups and had every single detail break their way and still barely hung on. We'll win when it actually matters and Miami fans will be talking about this game for years because it's all they have.
  3. When the referees let the opposing team knock the ball out and then make no effort to spot the ball in a timely manner then what are you gonna do? There was plenty of time for a FG after the McKenzie catch but they got screwed. I'm not gonna hold that against them.
  4. The injuries do worry me for the future of the season. But that's not an indictment of the team. It's just luck, or lack thereof. No team ever won the Super Bowl without a majority of their best players.
  5. Exactly. The fact that this game was even close has to gall Miami. They did nothing special against a squad of backups.
  6. What does it mean? Besides a "1" in the loss column? You can't come away from that game thinking the Dolphins are a better team. They're miles behind. They got lucky breaks in their house. A house they can't even fill with their own fans.
  7. Let's settle down and dispense with the overreactions. Can't win close games, Dorsey is worse than Daboll, McDermott doesn't know when to challenge, Beane doesn't address the offense. Give me a break. We played a game with half our starters against a good team with a historically bad officiating crew on their side in brutal conditions. And this game STILL wasn't even close in terms of quality of play. Give me this matchup in the playoffs PLEASE. Easy win and on to the next one.
  8. Playing with half our starters and the refs giving the game to Miami all day long. Yeah, this doesn't bother me at all. Good luck even making the playoffs, Dolphins. Maybe we'll see you after we take a week off.
  9. And didn't call Miami for knocking the ball out of McKenzie's hand.
  10. Wow they took about ten seconds to throw that flag.
  11. That's PI. One chance for the refs to do something right before the end of the game and they won't do it.
  12. Defense just gave us life. One more shot at a win despite the mountain of adversity Edit: holy *****! LET'S GO
  13. Maybe he shouldn't have done that but a Dolphins player kicked one of our guys in the head right in front of that. The refs saw both and only called one.
  14. Refs AGAIN bail out Miami by blowing the whistle on a free play.
  15. They're not a crap team. I wouldn't be surprised if the Dolphins end up being the 3rd best team in the AFC this year. This game is entirely on the officiating crew. We're playing well on both sides of the ball but they keep bailing out the Dolphins at every opportunity.
  16. The refs are just absolutely crushing it for Miami.
  17. We are not getting any pressure on Tua and the missed Milano pick six would have basically put the game out of reach, but I agree that holding them to 21 points should be wayyyy more than enough to win. Our offense has been good just horribly inefficient. Too many points left on the field.
  18. Heart? Plenty. Patience for the same garbage defensive play calling that lost us a chance at a super bowl last year? None.
  19. That was shades of KC. Clearly didn't learn their lesson.
  20. 3rd and 22 and you let their receiver go uncovered up the middle only rushing 3. Insane
  21. He got a big block there. Moss gets those big runs because the defense is expecting pass when he's in.
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