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  1. I think the bills need to learn the Browns way of "How to run the ball"
  2. TE Sweeney Todd: The Demon Baller of Orchard Park
  3. Frustration started when we got 2 fgs to start the game, then Henry busting 70+TD on us to be down 7-6. Holding on the kickoff Td & the 3yrd line ending! Felt like the Mid 2000's all over again on primetime
  4. The injury sucks yes but the timing couldnt be better imo, 2-wks to heal and Mia/Jax/jets folowing in the coming weeks. Zero worries for me - Sweeney time!
  5. Trade for Hollister, knows our play book!
  6. For a guy who needs his hands to catch balls is a bad injury, SWEENEY TIME BABY!
  7. The 4th down stop was headliner but that sack was just as important? Not that important, they moved on from it easily...nothing like the 4th down stop Josh clearly doesn’t trust Sweeney? highly doubt that, why would he be on this team, bills could've kept Hollister or picked up someone else
  8. This crap music has to go on pre-game espn...Classic rock please
  9. Loving it like Brent Musburger on Katherine Webb was in the crowd?
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