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  1. Seems like the bills players pregame focus is on the handshake swag more then getting mentally focused these days. I would like to see more of a serious approach until we start winning again. Time to get these kids focused!
  2. I would think some Wild West gun shot blast would be cool. History wise
  3. This might be a dumb question for most, hope you guys can help. How can Buffalo win the division if we lose this Sunday but win out the rest of year. Patriots need to lose one & we need to beat them. Assuming they win other games and we have a tied record at end of year. Do we win tie breaker ? Really curious & i cant find the info online. Thanks Id rather win vs TB & hope this question means nothing Sunday! Go Buffalo
  4. I would like Tyrod as our back up QB next year. he would be good for a couple games if needed
  5. Yes mostly true, not this Sunday it seems. Buffalo gets a warm Vacation.
  6. Could only hope it was in his sleep! Sad News RIP
  7. Who's the first dumb coach to send out the punting team in this game
  8. Tight Ends should see alot of short passes. Sweeney too
  9. My GF said "wow that grass is really green" while watching ESPN/ LMFAO
  10. Take a deep breath & count to 420. The Bills got this!
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