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  1. You're wrong, he should Turn on some tape of JP Losman & learn how to throw a deep ball... give some underated Lee Evans all day too!
  2. They must really like TE Tommy Sweeney to keep him off this list. Lets get a W today BILLS
  3. After only one game & the trash begins, I think its to early to over react & also feel confident in our coaching staff to correct last weeks mess.
  4. Draft Kings / SB Nation : Wrote The team kept Matt Breida active as Singletary’s backup. After the game, the team said it was a numbers decision in activating backup tight end Tommy Sweeney over Moss. Of course, Sweeney only played two snaps and was a third tight end behind Dawson Knox and Reggie Gilliam.
  5. Everyone was saying allen is a god... I said to many here that he needs to prove is game with full crowds & pressure
  6. Giving up? You can't say that yet if you have even a rudimentary understanding of pro football. If Hollister clears waivers and we do NOT bring him back for the PS, then we've given up. This could actually be a part of an ongoing plan to retain him but you as a writer are too quick to inform everyone of something that you clearly don't have any idea about at current.
  7. While all these moves were gobsmacking to some degree, the release of Gandy-Golden really stuck out like a sore thumb.
  8. Happy 44 Aaron, Great to know i share a birthday with a good football player & great person! #GoodGuy!
  9. I recall him doing this in the 90's when he played with denver he retired in 2001 so im unsure how he did this 2010, unless he coached, which wouldnt bring out much hoopla
  10. Out for the season for a ankle injury? prob much worse
  11. Thank God JA wont play!!! Best news yet, lets hope our other key players sit too
  12. Lets hope this guy gets it right on C-los Boogie Bash. I think if we have any long term injuries this year Bash will fill in on the line & impress with his raw skills
  13. Steelers have acquired LB Joe Schobert from the Jaguars...What did they give up to get him? i looked but cant find the info, just curious
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