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  1. Freudian slip? Anyways, agreed to your point. And more specifically, why could PIT run quick screens successfully at least 4-5 times I can recall, but I do not recall BUF trying that? To me that combined with failure to tweak the blocking scheme that was getting blown up regularly (why not keep another blocker home to help sometimes?) we’re Daboll’s worst failures from the day.
  2. The coaching was poor, especially when it comes to making adjustments, but there’s probably equal blame to be assigned to execution
  3. IIRC, they even added it to Buffalo’s playbook in Madden the next year
  4. Didn’t watch the link, but is this the long gain on fake 4th down QB sneak vs Seahawks? Thats what I thought of when I saw us run it yesterday
  5. My phone does the same - too stubborn to get the cracked screen fixed But glad someone else sees what I see. Also disappointed with how early people filed out.
  6. Kind of a moot point as I’m expecting Sanders, Beasley, and Davis to all end up with close to the same amount of touches But I’ll agree with the sentiment of “Get Gabe the football”
  7. The potentially hot and humid weather worries me with regard to Dawkins
  8. We came out flat and lost a close game to another likely playoff team. Let’s watch Week 2. If we struggle against the Dolphins then let’s take another look at the sky
  9. I feel similarly at fault as I wore just plain blue shorts instead of my Zubaz.
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