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  1. Doesn’t play outside WR, isn’t a former Panther, isn’t a Williams, doesn’t practice in Toronto, thread pages likely closer to 3 or 30 than 300… …on the other hand, just line up 5 OL, Allen, and behind him Cook-Harris-Hines-Murray-Cook?
  2. “The Enabled Influencer” A book I would have no interest in reading.
  3. What do rabbits do? HOP and make more next of KINS HOP … KINS Bank it.
  4. I know. I wasn’t saying those guys are Hopkins-level options or replacements. My point was he visiting NE* and Beane hosting WRs are both very possibly attempts to gain leverage in contract negotiations.
  5. Strikes me as a situation where Beane is sitting at a table with Ateman/Williams, Hopkins is at a table with Hoodie/B.O’B, but Beane and Hopkins really just want to keep trying to steal glances at each other.
  6. I’m not sure we know this to be true given his contract likely was a major blockade to dealing him.
  7. Yes, the Audacy app. I’d be more surprised, but it’s 2023 and the powers that be still can’t even figure out audio for those asking Qs at press conferences… Plus, my work does not freely provide its wifi password so that doesn’t help.
  8. Had it on but the app stopped working - care to summarize por favor?
  9. Plus Pennington’s play was I believe a game-winning TD while Henry’s play didn’t count IIRC.
  10. I was making a joke. But I do actually believe the defense will be more aggressive under McDermott than under Frazier, and that my expected increase in aggression is a needed development for the defense and the team. Regardless, I have presented as many statistics as you - zero - regarding the Bills defense and aggression. Repeating agreed upon truths - like top QBs beat the blitz - isn’t really making a point. And I have no clue what you’re saying about people complaining - is it don’t try to challenge top QBs? Someone should have told that to the Jets, Dolphins, and Bengals last year. But yeah, the defense has been good in the season and then too soft and frankly lost in the clutch games and playoffs. So, their overall stats look good, but personally I want to get to and win a Super Bowl which is usually done by teams with aggressive defenses that can disrupt and dictate what those top QBs and offenses do. It’s not just blitzing more, but includes jamming WRs at the line, stacking boxes, and generally abandoning the bend-but-don’t-break mindset. Maybe the single worst look by a Bill on a given play I ever watched live. Making Chad look like he had any sort of moves is just… no. Haha
  11. I agree with you because OBJ’s most recent body of work is catching a Super Bowl-winning TD, which probably inflates his value higher than it should be. Hopkins has been and clearly is the better overall WR.
  12. They better not be monitoring keystrokes on my personal cell phone!
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