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  1. Allen needs to throw and take care of the football better. Need to run with Singletary more. Run D needs to improve. Hauschka May need to be replaced. Our coach would do well to go for the jugular.
  2. Instead of arguing in absolutes: Hauschka was a substantial part of today’s loss.
  3. Could just be there wasn’t good value. Takes two hands to clap, as McDermott knows.
  4. Not saying I necessarily disagree, but the flip side of that coin says that’s the ideal time to maximize value in a trade.
  5. I think Stafford is an elite QB who has been saddled with a tough environment; it’s been the Lions’ lack of defense and run game that has handcuffed them.
  6. I'd take Stafford-level play. Can't put the Lions W-L record solely on his shoulders. If we had Stafford with the rest of our offense and this defense, then we would be squarely in the Super Bowl conversation.
  7. This is almost what I came here to say. I would just replace “I would much rather” with “I think it’s more likely we”. Id actually rather see Allen’s 1st 300 yard passing game. It’s more symbolic for the development of our offense.
  8. TJ Yeldon played in 2 playoff games in 2018. John Brown played in 2 playoff games in 2016 and 1 playoff game in 2019. Cole Beasley played in 1 playoff game in 2017 and 2 playoff games in 2019. Andre Roberts played in 2 playoff games in 2018. Mitch Morse played in 1 playoff game in 2017 and 2 playoff games in 2019. Quinton Spain played in 2 playoff games in 2018. Jon Feliciano played in 1 playoff game in 2017. Tyler Kroft, Ty Nsekhe, and Spencer Long each played in 1 playoff game in 2016. Edit: to say, I do agree with the rest of your post and am excited for that combined with their playoff experience!
  9. No clue if he's good or not, but there is a DT on the Pats* practice squad...
  10. I agree, but I think the point was that we would be better off with McCoy over Yeldon, which I have to agree with, but who knows what Beane & McCoy discusses about his possible role this season. Seems to me he could have helped us.
  11. Knox trucking those two Bengals: Seriously though, can we have a GIF of him doing that as a permanent banner somewhere?
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