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  1. Holy $#!+ - looks like I'm going to the draft!

    About as good of a draft you could hope to attend, congrats!
  2. OL: Current Roster/FA/Draft

    No source, but I remember hearing out 4 months and will be good to go for camp. Dangit!
  3. I stand corrected. Always fun to learn.
  4. Bills sign Trent Murphy

    Fun tidbit - according to his Wiki: Murphy's first career NFL tackle was dropping LeSean McCoy for a 2-yard loss.
  5. Wow. I would not expect an infection from a foot cut to keep him from passing the physical for so long.
  6. OL: Current Roster/FA/Draft

    Really hoping Miller can return to showing promise. Been advocating signing Hubbard, OT from PIT. Filled in after their RT went down and performed admirably. Otherwise, if Price falls to our 2nd round pick(s) (assuming we still have it/them), then he would be a good get. I also think Corbett, the OL prospect from Nevada, fits the McBeane mold.
  7. How does this year's QB Draft class stack up to the past?

    They're mostly younger.
  8. Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    AJ McCarron ✔@10AJMcCarron House shopping in Buffalo right now. This weather is awesome! So happy to be a part of this city & the Bills Mafia.
  9. Whats the plan at LB?

    Enter Josey Jewell
  10. Preston Brown to Bengals

    Edmunds or Evans at 22 Jefferson or Vander Esch in 2nd round I also like Jewell in the 3rd or 4th and/or Scales in later rounds.
  11. Bills Have a Standing Offer for LB Preston Brown

    Maybe the offer should sit down. An offer standing for so long must get tired.
  12. Bills Have a Standing Offer for LB Preston Brown

    Hey, he pointed it out to that ref with fervor!
  13. Bills Have a Standing Offer for LB Preston Brown

    Preston Brown... is that the player who likes the Patriots*?
  14. RB Will Not Be a 2018 Draft Priority

    Ito Smith in the 6th. Do it.
  15. I know it won't happen, but I imagined this: "I'd like to introduce you to our new friend, Michael. . . . Mr. Crabtree, come on up here. Have a seat."