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  1. The Center battle with Groydine should be interesting.
  2. I think they'll consider keeping 7. My guess is Benjamin, Jones, Kerley, Holmes, Streater, McCloud, and Proehl.
  3. JohnBonhamRocks

    Sammy Watkins classes it up on his way out of LA

    Watkins' production will obviously be Mahomes-dependent, but I think Reid will know exactly how to use him - screens, reverses, quick slants, etc., in addition to the deep threat.
  4. JohnBonhamRocks

    3-man QB competitions of Buffalo yore

    In Nall We Trust.
  5. JohnBonhamRocks

    6-15: Brandon Beane on One Bills Live

    Would be shocked if Jones did not make the squad. I echo the thought that he'll make it, whether it be as WR2, WR3, WR4, or what. I don't mind the committee approach. I think, regardless of what an ideal WR group might look like, that Benjamin/Jones/Kerley/Holmes can be an effective corps.
  6. JohnBonhamRocks

    Over/Under 20 ppg defensive scoring

    I think it'll be around 18-19 ppg.
  7. JohnBonhamRocks

    Josh Allen to start getting some 1st team reps

    Thank you for not making the thread title: "Josh Allen to START getting some 1st team reps"
  8. Levi Wallace I don't see Foster taking a spot from Holmes, Clay, Streater, Proehl, or McCloud.
  9. JohnBonhamRocks

    John Miller Fully Committed to Regaining Starting Role

    How far can he throw a dumbbell? Kidding aside, I would love to see him regain his form before last year. It would not be ideal, but I could at least live with that version of Miller, last year's Ducasse, and the best man who wins between Bodine and Groy between them.
  10. JohnBonhamRocks

    Terence McGee

    I remember watching this and yes - so very Billsy.
  11. JohnBonhamRocks

    Eagles Release LB Mychal Kendricks - Signing with CLE

    Too bad he and McDermott missed each other by a couple years in Philadelphia. Andy Reid started him his whole rookie season, which must count for some amount of points in McDermott's book.
  12. Man, I know Allen is supposed to have great size, but Peterman looks way bigger in the pictures...
  13. JohnBonhamRocks

    Josh Allen Unfazed

    They are both prototypical QBs with accuracy issues.
  14. JohnBonhamRocks

    Josh Allen Unfazed

    I think there is a distinction to be made between "elite QB talent" and "elite arm talent". I think neither Allen nor Manuel were considered "elite QB talent", but that "elite arm talent" is considered a trait held by Allen. I can get behind a Testaverde floor for sure.
  15. JohnBonhamRocks

    Josh Allen Unfazed

    I cannot say that I have anything to back up an argument that their play styles are similar. I am not sure Allen has shown he can command a room of NFL players. That's not to say he can't, I'm just not sure what would support that thought. I think he could, too, but I just have nothing to base that on either way. By production, Manuel should be considered a better prospect. He put up way better numbers against way tougher competition. I agree that QB comparisons aren't especially helpful, but they do happen and are fairly unavoidable, especially as fans of a franchise that has a a lot of success at drafting the wrong QBs. I think so, too. I also still think they are comparable prospects.