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  1. True, FA is a crapshoot too to an extent. I agree. But the point I still would make is that Golladay just produced two 1,000 yard NFL seasons and no WR in this draft has taken a snap in the league yet.
  2. I'd pull the trigger for a 5th. Maybe even a 5th and a 2022 7th.
  3. The draft is largely a crapshoot. Yes to this trade unless OBD is 100% sure a WR: (i) is better than Golladay, and (ii) will be there at their pick or that they can trade to a position to pick him. Golladay is a proven NFL WR who just put up back to back 1,000 yard seasons. You happily roll w/ Golladay, Brown, & Beasley, and might even still add another 4-5 round WR.
  4. KC for Reid & McCoy SF because Jimmy G leaving NE* & winning SB w/ TB12 & Hoodie on couch does put a smile on my face
  5. KC & SF, w/ slight chance of upset in each b/c of Henry & Rodgers respectively
  6. Weird because there was plenty of both “same ol’ Bills” and “not the same ol’ Bills. So many missed plays, but also a bunch of made plays. This one hurts and it should. This was a game BUF could have won but for getting in its own way. I can say... I see a solid roster, tons of cap space, extra draft picks for some flexibility, and a franchise headed in the right direction. Fun season. Great OT playoff football game. Go Bills!
  7. let’s be honest, it’s not worth risking compensatories
  8. If they feel the need to risk Allen’s health, then yes I agree they should do their best to protect him. i just think it’s stupid to have him not wear a baseball cap all day Sunday.
  9. I see no reason why Allen, Brown, Dawkins, Morse, Feliciano, or White should take a single step onto that field.
  10. If this is the case, then I wish Allen would not have said anything so the element of surprise remained stronger for that play in the future.
  11. Oh crap. Now that I see the “right now” I’m regretting my vote.
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