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  1. JohnBonhamRocks

    Bills have released Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes

    They won't be, but it kind of makes me wish that they still be in contention and needing a win coming to Buffalo on 12/30.
  2. JohnBonhamRocks

    Julio Jones and the 2019 Bills

    not arguing either way, but thought this was applicable: https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/how-julio-jones-approach-to-catching-passes-changes-in-rainy-weather
  3. JohnBonhamRocks

    Halloween Warning! -Stay Away from the Peterman house

    If you go, just don’t wear a Bills jersey or else he won’t be able to find you.
  4. JohnBonhamRocks

    Terrell Owens Tweets to the Bills

    Can he play QB?
  5. JohnBonhamRocks

    FA 2019 - Who Should the Bills Target?

    QB2: Fitzpatrick WR: Tate, J. Brown OL: Paradis, Saffold DL: A. Lynch LB: Barr CB: Dennard
  6. JohnBonhamRocks

    Caption These: Josh Allen

    "Now this is what I call my 17-spread"
  7. JohnBonhamRocks

    Report: Bills Will Work Out OT Matt Tobin

    As an Irish fan, I have to defend our claim as Tight End U: Fasano (DAL), Carlson (SEA), Rudolph (MIN), Eifert (CIN), Niklas (ARI), Koyack (JAX), and Smythe (MIA), all just within the past 12 years.
  8. JohnBonhamRocks

    Make run at Matt Moore or Landry Jones?

    I"d much rather have Moore as our backup. But I also echo the "we don't need to make a run at a guy who would probably jump at a job right now" camp.
  9. JohnBonhamRocks

    Is there any team in worse shape than the Bills?

    I can think of a few: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_defunct_National_Football_League_franchises
  10. JohnBonhamRocks

    Bills Looking Into Working Out DB Mike Cirino

    If he stays on the team through the next two games, then he’d be an upgrade.
  11. JohnBonhamRocks

    Mike Schoop.....fantasy guru? Lol

    If you don’t listen, then you likely won’t hear it.
  12. JohnBonhamRocks

    What QB to SIgn?

    +1 for Matt Moore
  13. JohnBonhamRocks

    You gotta trade McCoy now... right?

    Did I dream AJ McCarron netting a 5th and Tyrod Taylor netting 65th overall?
  14. JohnBonhamRocks

    You gotta trade McCoy now... right?

    Wouldn’t be shocked if we ended up getting some decent return for McCoy and/or Benjamin. A 4th and 5th respectively would make sense to me as the best possible return.
  15. JohnBonhamRocks

    You gotta trade McCoy now... right?

    A title to a thread like this, with no news or cited source, should probably end in a “?”