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  1. I never said TE. I said a Brad Smith-like role given his speed and athleticism. Jackson averaged 4.0 ypc or more in 2016 and 2017, which I’m guessing was because he had to rely on his legs not his arm, whereas he averaged below 3 ypc in 2018 when he had almost 100 more passing attempts than years prior. Point being: he can carry the rock when asked.
  2. Call me crazy, but yes I’d like (i) as varied an offense as possible, and (ii) to make our opponents have to work harder to gameplan against us.
  3. Not saying he took the league by storm, but his 6 yards per carry weren’t bad, and again my main reason for liking the idea is to force opposing defenses to take time out of their week to prepare for something we would likely run only 1-2x per game. As I said above, Brad Smith averaged 6 yards per carry while here. If (admittedly a big if) Jackson can do what Smith did, then I do consider 6 ypc something to cause worry. He wouldn’t.
  4. A lot of negativity about the idea, but I think 1-2x per game having him out there as a sub-package Brad Smith type could be useful. Jackson ran in the 4.5s, right? I’m all for making opposing defenses have to gameplan more.
  5. Dunno if I want to give up a 1st and former 1st round pick for an overrated player. Maybe Lawson & a 1st for Clowney & a 3rd/4th, but doubt they’d do that either.
  6. Depends on the hour of the day, might go to work in the 30s/40s and come home in the 60s/70s.
  7. Absolute highest I’d go is 2nd and Lawson for Clowney. He’s good, but he’s no surefire 16-game starting superstar. Regardless of what we think of the prospects for the draft that’s 11 months away, a 1st is too high imho for a player with some question marks.
  8. Why not just trade Shady for AB straight up?
  9. I feel like at least 1-2 times per game I saw Hughes go untouched around the edge just to have the QB step up into a clean interior pocket.
  10. Nah, I went back and looked at his tape and Gore has 0 Avengers spoilers. He’s good in my book.
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