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  1. Kind of surprised I can’t remember ever seeing any fan-designed Zubaz alternate jerseys
  2. Allen Dawkins Morse Diggs Edmunds Milano White Poyer Hyde Bass not in that order
  3. Agree with those saying Stafford is too good to be an option, which is why I picked Wentz, who is back with Reich and a very solid supporting cast on both sides of the ball. And I get the Darnold thing, but Fitz is Fitz, and this year’s WFT seems fun like our McBeane era Bills.
  4. Anyone know who is the longest tenured Bill in the team’s history?
  5. I’ll echo whoever said Breida. I feel many view his ceiling as HB2/3, but would not surprised if he is the clear HB1 or at least HB1a/1b. Vet. Fast. Can catch. I think Daboll helps him reach his potential as an offensive weapon.
  6. Heck, I'm OK with it even if this training has a "placebo effect" of him believing he can catch better and then that allows him to actually catch better.
  7. IF it’s for signing a post-June 1st cut, THEN I’d say it was to conceal their move.
  8. (Only read 1st page), but without specific memory I’d say whatever big run Willie Parker probably had to salt away that possible playoff trip but really how can you not say Wide Right?
  9. Me too. I figure it has a chance to be Ford because (1) Beane seems to have misevaluated OG talent trading away Teller; and/or (2) I could see Ford fitting better in a different scheme and thriving if his skillset is utilized to its fullest.
  10. I think this could have a greater impact than most would anticipate
  11. I say this while knocking on wood: I’d keep Allen because, all other things considered, it seems to me he’s been healthier
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