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  1. I remember doing 30 in one sitting in college. Also did a wing eating competition w/ 3 person teams, 25 BBQ, 25 habanero, and one Guinness to share. Came in 4th which of course was the best you could do w/o getting a prize. Almost puked my guts out right after. Also BarBill ftw. Best wings in town imho.
  2. Saw Bruce tonight at the Larkinville fundraiser. Before I realized it was him I just saw he had the Choose Love shirt on and was wondering “How did that guy get that - - oh it’s Bruce Smith”. Tasker and Chris Brown were also hanging out.
  3. https://www.wkbw.com/news/local-news/buffalo-strong/looking-for-a-choose-love-shirt-the-buffalo-bills-wore-team-says-they-will-be-available-soon?_amp=true
  4. Want to echo some posters in that I really really hope the Bills sell those Choose Love shirts with proceeds to benefit the 5/14 victims’ families and the community. Please post in here if anyone hears that is the case. Would love to buy one of those shirts as support.
  5. They should allow a representative from Bills Mafia just in case no one reminds him that he sits when he pees.
  6. Will miss him. Possibly best trade get in Bills history relative to compensation it took to acquire. (Kelvin Sheppard is over in Detroit biting kneecaps on Dan Campbell’s coaching staff.)
  7. Haha literally just narrating what he’s doing real time. He probably already refers to himself in the 3rd person. “You see, what Mac should have done to prevent that INT, and what I would have done if Bill didn’t run me out of town…”
  8. Seeing Dolphins @ Bills rumored for Week 1 @ 1:00 PM. Just Reddit quoting Twitter, so take it for what it’s worth.
  9. He did, but I’m not sure whether he stepped in and was immediately a top end CB1. Edit: also Tre =|= Elam
  10. Would not be against this signing. Agree w/ those who think having a rookie CB1 for an extended period is asking for trouble.
  11. Khalil Shakir “Money Maker”
  12. Agreed, but also more like 3 sides - “yours”, “mine”, & the truth
  13. Voted B+, but really I would give it an A-. It appears Beane added legit talent and versatility at CB2, HB2, LB3, WR5, & P. Tough to argue with that. I also think this draft shows Beane continues to be aware of and value where the league is trending. Passing / defending the pass, and, again, versatility. Only reasons it is not an A or A+ is because the haul lacked anyone appearing to be a true blue chip star (although Cook has the bloodlines and reminds me a lot of Kamara…) and the depth picks toward the end do not figure to add much and may have been put to better use to move up again for a player who has a real shot of making the roster.
  14. I think it’ll be Johnson vs. Moss regardless. Singletary and Cook are locks.
  15. Is Calvin Austin possible to get at, or get up to from, 160?
  16. Does SF technically have until he draft continues tomorrow to make their pick?
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