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  1. See his frozen hands try to grasp at his head? That’s a lower back spasm
  2. He did. But given how many we had out he should be torching our defense with those weapons. He did nothing to make me really fear their offense.
  3. More encouraged than not about today. You’ve all seen the laundry list. It took many things to go the Dolphins way. The fact is we should have easily won this game despite playing with half our team. Still, credit where it is due. While the Dolphins offense didn’t do all that much, their defense played great albeit dirty. That defensive back did strip the ball from Davis so that’s a play they made not just Davis dropping it. They made it really tough on Allen despite being on the field all day. But with a healthy offensive line I’m not worried about that matchup. Bass has to be reliving that 38 yarder over and over unless there was a snap or holding issue. If we get a few more bodies back I’m actually thinking this has the makings of a spanking for Baltimore with some pent up feelings about this game. Week 3: Adversity
  4. Here’s hoping we make halftime adjustments as well this week as the prior two!
  5. Bridgewater is no slouch. May even run their offense more efficiently.
  6. Gifted them 7. Only gonna beat ourselves today. Even with the injuries we are clearly the better team.
  7. Ye of little faith. Both squads are banged up, but only one has JA17.
  8. I agree to a point, but Johnson has shown to be solid. Tre coming back means exactly that S will have less to worry about. Plus we still have our D line creating pressure with 4 in the meantime even if DT is a little thin at the moment.
  9. Safety is one of the positions we could afford to have this happen. Johnson is no slouch and McDermott is a DB whisperer.
  10. Johnson or Hamlin is next man up? I’m assuming Johnson.
  11. Personally no issue with it. But I can see why some people whether it be due to age, disability, etc., might.
  12. I am interested to watch for what WGR (I think Sal) was discussing earlier: how Tua apparently struggles with taller lines and our line is a bunch of trees.
  13. Thinking about trying to buy low acquire him in fantasy. Local league so his owner definitely just saw him get… well…owned.
  14. Forget what gate we entered (closest to 20A), but had to take phones out.
  15. I hope Miller hits the Dolphins QB so hard he snaps in half so there’s Tua him.
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