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  1. Those folks are completely unmasked by this point.
  2. I think this is right, though it's also somewhat of a silly exercise. One isn't really constrained to only like one Buffalo Bill, after all.
  3. You're easily one of the more intelligent and amiable opposing team posters we've had come by. Thanks for your contributions . . . but don't forget to lose on Sunday
  4. I don't think this is the progressive default position. Also, I'm not really comfortable with you being correct about something.
  5. That dude you are responding to basically outed himself as a Cheatriots fan when he got terribly upset when folks sad not nice things about Tom Brady after Sunday night.
  6. You are right about the mediocrity of the Cowboys, but I think performing well before a national audience on perhaps the most watched game behind the Super Bowl is meaningful. The players knew the attention the game was going to get and they didn't freeze up under the bright lights. On the contrary, they played well and Allen showed composure and smart play throughout. I believe that is meaningful, though the next three weeks will discover how truly significant the growth in confidence is.
  7. I think a grown man shouldn't be called Booger.
  8. Just make sure you lose the last game of the season, but feel free to win any of the others.
  9. If the Bills turn into a dynamic winning team and Josh Allen is the real deal, they will be a significant draw. The Bills of a few years back were not that.
  10. So, Chandler says Mayberry and GoBillsDallas comes up with pin up retro kitchen nostalgia kitsch. (No complaints, but the turkey is going to get cold I think.) Now let's just take the Boys to the woodshed on national TV and it will be just about perfect.
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