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  1. Or this is a cleverly planned misdirection and now the play is in . . .
  2. Happy Birthday, fella. Secret handshake . . .
  3. There's a lifetime warranty on that complaint. Whenever convenient, it will be brought up.
  4. Agree with the analysis, but precisely for the reasons of opportune timing you nicely indicated, I will be disappointed if they fail to take advantage. When the time is right, it's right. Personally, anything short of AFC Championship round is a fail for this team as they are currently playing. And really, they are the best, they hit the playoffs perfect, so just win. I'm certain that is how the players feel.
  5. Raquel Welch is keeping it together pretty well, too.
  6. Plausible interpretation. Agree on the nature of the ideal run. Let's hope it plays out that way.
  7. I agree, old friend. Our oline, however, does not seem constructed to allow a proactive running attack, as it were. They're simply not good enough as run blockers to allow that to be a primary option. OTOH, they are quite good at pass protection. Once the pass game is clicking, the effectiveness of our run game increases. (At least, this is my sense of things.)
  8. No doubt, but in general its the success of the pass game that has opened up the run game for us.
  9. I'd prefer to play the Jets, but among available options, the Colts.
  10. There is probably something inbuilt to human nature that induces compassion for muppets.
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