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  1. Progressives still love their bigoted grandmas.
  2. Isn't he Astro? Agree on your assessment. I very much like the training camp updates. Can't remember ever liking his drafts.
  3. It's not a great year for rb. Next yr when maybe D'Andre Swift and Travis Etienne are available is likely much better. So, if a fella you like is there in the 4th okay, but I wouldn't use a pick before then.
  4. Not a good pick if you're passing on Ed Oliver. Josh Oliver and Dawson Knox later in the draft are worthy TE prospects.
  5. I'd actually be happy with either one of them, though I prefer Oliver.
  6. It's unpopular to argue the point, but sensibilities are historically situated. What is eggregious for folks today was not contextualized in the same manner in the past. Retrospectively, its easy to characterize everyone in the past as bigoted, unenlightened knuckledraggers. I don't think that is just, but the current frenzy to destroy (implicitly also to signal one's "moral purity" so as to deflect the danger of the mob coming for you) really is the hallmark of totalitarian societies. In any event, its likely not everyone intended racially pejorative meaning where it seems obvious today. But folks will come after you with pitchforks and fire for suggesting it or at least try to make it so you can't hold a job or speak in public, that's the way we've been moving for decades now and it's accelerating in the age of social media.
  7. Well, piety in the sense of reverence for being, including past history, understanding of complexity and therefore decency towards persons who have lived without summarily dismissing their achievements when demagogues with moralistic hammers act like the Taliban destroying Buddhist statues, etc.
  8. Given the propaganda initiated in pre-K through the Ivy elites and everything in-between, Hollywood, media, Google newsfeeds, etc., unlikely to ever change short of complete societal collapse. We are technologically sophisticated barbarians without piety or wisdom.
  9. I have it on good authority that we're going to draft him and play him at cb.
  10. I am still hoping Oliver is there at nine. If they want DK, I would try and trade up from the second and get him in the twenties if he is there.
  11. I think you can make a case either way. Lot of second round wr possibilities I like. Harry and Isabella are two of them. I can see Tillery in the second at DL, but my first choice is Oliver at nine. If they go DK in the first, I'm okay with the gamble.
  12. Trent Edwards with Jay Cutler's personality.
  13. Hey, let's move up and draft Josh Allen, then let's have the edge rusher play qb and the qb play de.
  14. That's a plausible case for DK. I think they should address TE in second or third. They need more talent at that position. DL is a real need. I'd be very surprised if one of the first two picks isn't DT or edge.
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