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  1. Isn't it obvious? The Dolphins are going to score minus one.
  2. Not good, Gunner. I can deal with your disdain for religious folk, but disrespecting hockey is an altogether different level of heathen.
  3. I agree. I acknowledge the very reasonable arguments on the other side. I'm not going to bash Beane if he goes the other way on this, but it seems to me we find ourselves perhaps somewhat unexpectedly among the top eight teams or so in the league. It's a weak year in the NFL and with an elite defense, bolstering the offense with an elite skill wr could plausibly make a surprise Super Bowl run possible. All this, of course, predicated on Green truly being healthy, able to grasp the offense quickly, etc.
  4. I don't agree with your view of Allen. I think his floor is already pretty good and the likelihood is he's going to be one of the top qbs given normal development and game experience. You've been around a long time. You're not a troll. I do think you're getting a bit too upset. Everything is fine and you are entitled to your opinion and observations.
  5. I'm actually agreeing with Scott Law in this thread. It must be right.
  6. I think AJ Green would accelerate Allen's progress and make the wr corps significantly more dangerous. I hope we make a run at acquiring him.
  7. I am not denigrating the Bills. They absolutely have a top 3 defense, arguably the best in the league. Doesn't change the generally poor level of play throughout the league. It takes less to be top ten in a year like this one is my rough sense of it. If the offense improves over the course of the year, given Allen's youth and the large number of new players, and avoiding significant injuries, there's an outside chance we could actually make a Super Bowl run, as crazy at that may sound. ^^^^This fella said it more briefly.
  8. The rest of the league has a lot of mediocre and poor teams. Not all that hard to be top ten right now.
  9. What they lack in common cents, they make up for in krafty dollars.
  10. Eh, I think @LSHMEAB one of the more astute posters on this board. Hapless, too, who rightly points out that Jones is an NFL wr, just not a #2 or even maybe a #3. I'm disappointed he didn't work out and I agree with SoTier, who otherwise I consider too much in the habitual darksider crowd, that evaluation on the offensive side is still a question mark with this regime.
  11. I think this thread should be merged with the Foles thread. Both similar quality and likely to reduce IQ points just by reading them.
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