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  1. I don't speak Twitter. What does it mean? It looks like Dhop is hitting on a Buffalo girl.
  2. He probably means he likes cold, hard cash.
  3. It will be both encouraging and funny if after all the bellyaching about the draft pick he turns out well.
  4. I bet you walk under ladders and own a black cat.
  5. Maybe to you. Fella said he couldn't think of a reason to prefer Buffalo, I gave one. If you don't think it's plausible, that's your perogative.
  6. If he wins the SB with Buffalo he gets a share in the credit. If he wins one with the Chiefs it is business as usual.
  7. Frazier's passive approach works well against poor and middling qbs. It manifestly failed most of the time in the playoffs, though he does know how to stop Lamar.
  8. Klein sounds like he would make a great coach down the line if he decides he wants to do that.
  9. Dahlin did develop into a Norris candidate level defenseman. Tage Thompson surprised everyone and became a legit 1C. They have a lot of great young forwards, Cozens, Quinn, Peterka just to name a few, with three top picks from last year and one from the year before (Savoie, Ostlund, Kulich, and Rosen that all appear to be progressing well) along with Owen Power, Mattias Samuelsson and Dahlin that form the young core of a top 4D. Devon Levi is very young, but looks promising as a potential NHL goalie. They need blueline depth and a vet goalie to pair with Levi, but the team is set to be good for a decade if they play it right.
  10. Let's hope Dorsey remembers about the superior pass catching rb during the game.
  11. It's been a long twelve years, but the Sabres are about to be good. They are stacked with young talent. Kevyn Adams needs to make a few astute trades and FA signings to improve blueline depth and a veteran goalie to pair with Levi would be best, but I expect playoffs next year. I've got your interlocutor on ignore. He's only here to stir the pot.
  12. I'm not convinced that Davis can do well on the short and intermediate routes, so his best usage is rather exclusively the long ball. It's true that inadequacies on the oline affected him perhaps more than other receivers. He doesn't have to be WR2 to run the deep routes, however.
  13. He does well once he gets going. He's not that good with short and intermediate routes -- but he also has drops when he is wide open.
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