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  1. Not really. I have a background in philosophical theology and just selected a few topics for the purposes of the joke. Heidegger, however, notoriously never really apologized for his early enthusiasm for the Fuhrer.
  2. Let's break it down a bit: "What are your thoughts" -- already way beyond his paygrade -- "on the philosophy of self-determination" -- again, why don't you ask your dog to expound upon the canine view of Anglo-American analytic philosophy or whether Heidegger's hermetic prose is actually meaningful? You have a better chance of getting an answer. "The idea that just government derives from consent of the governed" -- naturally, totalitarian dims think asking this question means you are a Nazi. assuming your interlocutor doesn't struggle with vocabulary beyond two syllable words, in which case they still pretty much default to making an accusation of racism.
  3. Variant text of one of the more obscure versions of the Apocalypse -- somewhere in the middle after all the strange beasts make an appearance: "And there was the day Mr. Weo and Doc agreed. And God said, `Time to end this thing.`"
  4. You are probably correct. The left has weaponized the tantrum. First it was sequential coup attempts, then it became the "peaceful protest."
  5. Folks on the Left can laugh at this all they like. They'll be boohooing and staring in shocked perplexity in November.
  6. Serial killers are fascinating. Ever wear a dogcollar? Love the Three Stooges.
  7. I think the logo is dignified and classic. But then again, I also think the Blackhawks have the coolest hockey sweaters.
  8. I seem to remember seeing a vintage photo, not sure what decade, where the logo was an arrow.
  9. It's alliterative, they could keep the logo. Warriors makes sense, imo.
  10. John Wawrow reporting that one ought to cross Sabres off landing list for Dudley. The disappointment continues.
  11. I would buy Buffalo Braves gear . . .
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