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  1. Until this year, I don't remember red zone turnovers. That is the new bad thing. It's probably a combination of factors, but lack of creativity by Dorsey is part of the problem.
  2. He's a Dolphin fan. He only comes here to say provocative crap and annoy people.
  3. Nice avatar. If they aren't focused now, they're not going to be. I think they are, but the injury situation will be an issue regardless. I hope this regime is smart enough to make oline and wr a priority going forward. It's just incredibly foolish and short-sighted to keep putting so much burden on Josh Allen. He's getting beat up and I blame the relative lack of high end resources on offense as a major contributing factor. I suspect they plan on spending a first rounder on safety, however.
  4. I did not really comment on the AFC East except to note that our division is what was predicted for the AFC West. I am not particularly surprised that the division is competitive. Mainly, I am chagrined at KC getting another cake walk.
  5. Hilarious in a completely unfunny way how before the season folks were arguing that the entire AFC West could make the playoffs and it turns out the Chiefs are yet again gifted a weak division, while the AFC East has four teams above .500 last week of November.
  6. Dorsey definitely needs to up his game and show some creativity and the ability to adjust.
  7. Josh is gutting it out. Folks acting like he's Carson Wentz are pretty damn pathetic.
  8. Conroy was also the control voice for the Outer Limits reboot. He appeared in Star Trek TNG as the cloned Klingon hero, Kahless.
  9. Whether things go well or not for the Bills, you remain consistent -- and not in a good way.
  10. I don't have a favorite movie. I do have favorites. To Have and Have Not -- the best of the Bogie & Bacall combos. Babette's Feast -- lyrical and poignant. The Black Stallion -- there is a wondrous quality to the boy and the horse on the island. Wild Strawberries -- dreamlike, dark, yet sweet. Blue -- the best of Kieslowski's color trilogy In the Mood for Love -- pitch perfect period piece by Wong Kar-wai.
  11. Yes, I was too lazy to look into the Crowder thread. Thank you on the update. Hines could have spent the rest of the year with a failing Colts team. He now has the opporunity to contribute to a possible SB winner. At minimum, he will increase his future earnings by not sulking and fitting in as best as he can. Of course, if he's poor character and dim, he may sulk. Hopefully that's not the case.
  12. I dunno. Do we expect Crowder to come back and be a factor? I suspect Nyheim will get an opportunity to return kicks and it would be foolish not to use his pass catching prowess in play design. Regardless, he upgrades the rb room and if it doesn't work out, no cap consequences to let him go next year. He can't be any more useless than Moss on this team.
  13. If you fight with two hands tied behind your back, it might be somewhat close to a fair contest.
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