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  1. I'm not opposed to drafting an olineman early, but I'd rather go the veteran free agent route. I'm not convinced the o-line available in this draft is worthy of a top ten pick.
  2. I expressed a concern, not a rejection of the prospect that Brown might be the real deal. I gave the fella a thumbs up for his idea, after all.
  3. I do worry some that New England oline is subject to being overrated because Brady is quick to get rid of the ball and the Bob Kraft referee advantage that isn't portable to other teams.
  4. Dawkins was terrible at RT as a rookie in limited snaps. Seems like he is a left side fella. He might be even better at LG. I would love to get some of the best veteran oline help available in free agency. Paradis or Morse at center. I'm a bit worried about D. Williams because he's had multiple injuries already in a short career. Jawuan James might be a safer get at RT.
  5. You're one of the better posters, imo. Really, don't worry about it.
  6. I was just teasing you. My guess is that you are trying to bold part of a quote and somehow that is bleeding into your response. I'm about 180 degrees from a tekkie type, unfortunately, so that's the best I can do.
  7. Well, you say you're not a bolder, but I think you may be a Sunday bolder nonetheless . . . πŸ˜‹
  8. I concur. To ascribe cult-behavior to someone is to assert irrational group think. Such derisive dismissal is rarely warranted in a blanket manner. So far as I can tell, the majority of the posts claiming reasons to be optimistic about Josh Allen meet the minimum threshold of plausibility. Fine to find a particular argument less than persuasive. No one is compelling those who don't like the topic or who are convinced otherwise to read the thread. Josh Allen's critics have a habitual take and there's an effort here to refute the claim. That's part of rational dialectics.
  9. Dr. Who

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    I agree with Gunner Bill that a fella like Golden Tate would provide the veteran leadership the wr corps presently lacks. In addition, I hope they expend an early pick (not necessarily in the first) on WR. My understanding is there is pretty good depth at TE in the draft, so there ought to be a good chance to improve there, but really, we need youth at all the skill positions on offense.
  10. Dr. Who

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    Shaw thinks there's not much difference between most o-linemen who are playing and he further believes that one can find fellas sitting on the couch waiting for a chance to play who are just about as good as the marginal olinemen who make up the bulk of the NFL. (This is how I recollect a conversation last year with him.) I just don't agree with his assessment of the position. Franchise success is largely related to how well you develop the qb position. Josh Allen has a much better chance of succeeding with a significant upgrade in talent around him. The oline should be priority number one. What's the point of being prudent or frugal while you have a potential franchise qb on a rookie contract? This is when you should go after the best veteran olinemen available. If Bills don't make a strong push for D. Williams and either Morse or Paradis, I'll be surprised.
  11. Dr. Who

    Cuts to add an additional 6 Million

    I'm hoping they have a stealth campaign to make a run at Clowney in addition to getting D. Williams and Morse or Paradis at center.
  12. The role of fortune in human destiny used to be part of common human wisdom.
  13. I don't think there is any question Rosen's supporting cast was dreadful. He may turn out to be a good qb. Under similar circumstances, Allen's far greater athleticism allowed him to occasionally raise the level of play of those around him. His leadership even as a rookie was impressive. If you had a redraft today, how many teams would choose Rosen over Allen?
  14. Dr. Who

    Luka Doncic

    Trae Young. The Hawks are actually playing pretty well the latter half of the season, but that may go down as a passing on Michael Jordan kind of move.
  15. Dr. Who

    Josh Allen outduels Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Josh is a fan of the old school standing buffalo. Not that I needed another reason to like the fella . . .