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  1. Yeah, I agree. I have days where I really like the other guys, but I just couldn't pass on MHJ.
  2. The other thing that is stupid is to overgeneralize from a single example.
  3. Let's just pretend they get to 4. Who do you think they are taking in that scenario?
  4. How high up do they have to get to be certain one of them is available? They could conceivably all be gone by pick 6.
  5. One of these days, you're going to fall off the edge of the earth, and then how funny will it be?
  6. His character fits McD to a T. He'd be a great pick, but how much is it going to cost to grab him? And all that is predicated on him falling to maybe 8. It's not at all a sure thing that happens.
  7. I've been arguing for McConkey and Legette, but either way, or some other combination (draft or draft + trade), I believe Beane has to bring in a dynamic Z and a big X.
  8. That works, too. No, for me that does not equate to a semblance of a draft in 2025.
  9. Assuming you can keep a semblance of a draft in 2025 and grab Odunze, I would do it. I like Legette and McConkey. If I have Odunze, I'd rather add McConkey, but no one should argue with any one or combination of them. That would be a home run draft for the WR room. WarriorSpikes is a master story-teller. He'll find a way to create a plausible scenario for 2025, regardless. Like Rumplestiltskin, he's adept at taking straw and spinning it into gold. Whether that turns out true or maybe pyrite is another matter.
  10. I haven't been a fan of the fast feather, but if they end up with both Xaviers, that could be a nice combo.
  11. He does have negatives. As the Jokeman indicated, McConkey has battled injuries, so concerns about durability are not ridiculous. And he's not a great receiver in traffic, though he runs such savage routes that he normally creates a lot of space. The big 3 at the top of the draft have high floors and high ceilings, though no one is without risk. After that, everyone has something to worry about for sure. In addition, lots of folks in this thread think McConkey is just another slot receiver. We don't need more of those, frankly, but I don't think that's what he is. In the old nomenclature, he's a flanker. I think McConkey has some elite traits. The gritty slot/lunch pail thing annoys me. I think he's more the Fred Astaire of wide receivers. He's smooth, and at the same time can break a route off with violence.
  12. I honestly don't know the answer to that, but what I do know is I don't have confidence there is an able replacement on the roster that I would want to be RT for the entire season.
  13. I think he can play the Diggs' role. You'd still need to get a big X. I have advocated for McConkey and a trade up from 60 for Legette. Naturally, you're free to draw your own conclusions and advocate for whatever you like. If you think you only need one receiver to add to the WR group (I don't,) then a big trade up for Odunze is probably the best you could do if focused on the kind of boundary receiver you are looking for. I know for whatever reason, you don't normally respond to anything I write, but the questions on Mitchell are about his effort, his diabetes, etc. I can't answer how much of that is manageable, real, etc. I do like him.
  14. McConkey is absolutely a volume receiver year one. You don't know what you are talking about. Also, I don't think "dissident" means what you think it means.
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