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  1. Yeah, I don't see the desperation narrative at all. I think you consider Antonio Brown because you're confident in your locker room and think you can bring a fella like that in. Anyway, that's a counter-narrative. If they hit on Allen, they're going to be here a long time. If not, probably not. All the other speculation is peripheral.
  2. I am in the keep Risto camp unless there is a ridiculous offer coming back. Starting to think the draft preference is Cozens, Zegras, with Newhook as a dark horse.
  3. I think it has to be a UFA thing. Rangers taking a chance. At least the Jets don't have to worry they are getting little return on a future Conn Smythe winner
  4. Seemed like a light return. I don't know anything about the prospect.
  5. Looks like Trouba traded to the Rangers for pick #20 and a prospect.
  6. Other than Antoinio Brown which doesn't look like it was really an option, where were the really good options? I think Dawson Knox was drafted in the sweet spot for TE. There are supposed to be a lot of very good WRs at the top of next years draft, not so much the past draft. I think it's alright to be skeptical about evaluation on the offensive side of the ball up to this point -- Fat Benjamin, Jordan Matthews, and the fella with the shoe collection we wasted a seventh on don't inspire confidence -- but on the other side, I'm not writing Zay Jones off just yet and Foster was a pleasant surprise. Anyway, WR corp looks adequate to me, which is an improvement. The main effort to help Josh Allen was the oline, which I hope will be somewhat more than adequate. I expect serious investment next year in WR through draft and free agency. I think Josh has enough to progress, though obviously top end talent at WR would help a lot.
  7. Then you are expecting Cody Ford to start at RG. I think the Ford pick changes their plans. Nsekhe becomes a high-priced swing tackle imo, but we'll see.
  8. Go buy a Brady jersey quick.
  9. I basically agree with John C's response. There are levels of incompetency. Maybe you think JBots is a complete idiot. I don't.
  10. In which case, ROR's public expression ought to be ironized, no? He's not just some simple, hardworking emo who was blindsided by a trade. But maybe Jbots didn't realize ROR was a good player so he traded him for a bad return just because, you know, he's a dim.
  11. ROR can say whatever he wants for public consumption. If the fella didn't want out, he wouldn't have been traded.
  12. Who are these "people" who "pick up anything they want from it and make it into anything they want?" Do you think the hoi polloi got O'Reilly traded? Either JBots is as dim as the other folks you have contempt for or there was a problem.
  13. Common among the rainbows and unicorns crowd. If you want superior insight, you have to go ask the floods and toads folks.
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