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  1. I have a hazy memory of reading that in the wake of the KC defensive debacle in the playoffs, it was determined that we needed a cb with greater athleticism, speed, and the capacity to play man. The fellas we had out there when White went down could only handle very limited scheme specific roles and it made our defense more predictable. If that recollection is correct, it implies cb was considered a need. The urgency for Elam may have been he was the last cb with a round one grade, though I am just speculating.
  2. Yes, but it's part of a negotiating ploy so Russia can get a very bad dude back. I believe his affectionate nickname is merchant of death. (Note to privileged Americans -- it doesn't export to the rest of the world, especially places like Russia and China.)
  3. In addition to a lengthy time away, I really think they should mandate that he employ a male massage therapist. (I wrote masseur in another post and no one commented, so I'll try it again.)
  4. Well, one does not want public outcry to dictate vigilante justice, but if greater sensitivity to predatory and deeply dishonorable behavior becomes commonly shared, even if not criminally prosecuted, what is one supposed to do? Point to prior inadequate precedent and say there is nothing to be done but follow that? Folks think a year is more just than six games. Prepare for a result closer to that. Genuinely sorry you have a terrible owner who habitually makes unwise decisions.
  5. It was egregious leniency in the past that warrants a much more aggressive redress by the NFL to make certain a new and more just marker is put in place.
  6. I hope he does double it. No idea about legal reasoning, but I suspect that is closer to what the majority of people believe is merited by his actions insofar as it applies to his NFL career.
  7. Not that any of this matters -- but I hold political and ethical views that are often dismissed and mocked (I am an eccentric, but more or less traditionalist Catholic.) I actually quit my job because my employer was requiring actions I deemed incompatible with my beliefs. I continue to suffer economic hardship because of that action. I'm not opposed to acting upon one's ethical sense of what is right, but there is a point at which one is asking for a degree of purity that is simply not to be discovered in this world. And it's rather insufferable when that demand coincides with implicit contempt for ordinary folk who only wish to continue a fellowship that goes back generations in some cases.
  8. Ahh, just stopping by to let everyone know they are sickos, but even though it's not okay you will also engage in morally opprobrious activities because you are a self-loathing addict.
  9. Alright, so, for the record, are you going to continue to participate in a message board that at least indirectly increases interest in and support for the NFL insofar as caring about a team in the league will ultimately redound to some aspect of economic well-being for the corporate entity? Will you buy any product with the Buffalo Bills on it? A cap, a scarf, a bumper sticker? What level of contamination is possible according to your personal kosher laws?
  10. You're highjacking the entire thread to repeat simplistic moralizing. In a global, corporate world, there are countless situations where one is obliged to accept acting where sometimes grave evils are involved. Every time you buy a product from China, you're likely implicated in slave labor and at minimum, you support the economy of a regime with a terrible human rights record. Do you check that all the products you purchase have no connection to China? It's not even possible in some cases, because the supply chain for many products is dependent on outside sources. Every time one discovers an athelete who is criminal, acts badly towards women or children, etc., is one obliged to disown watching the sport? What level of purity is necessary for you to condone someone still caring about a team they may have been rooting for and following for decades? In this imperfect world, ethics is always messy, but taking away a source of communal bonding and sometimes joy for the sake of signaling superior moral integrity is bombastic LAMP reiterated over and over.
  11. They ought to mandate he employ a masseur from now on. See how he likes that.
  12. I don't know, but apparently we are stuck with his cap hit, so if it's pretty much a wash, Howard is making the team.
  13. Keep them in Foxboro and trade away all their good players for scrubs.
  14. You know Muppy is going to put you on ignore now . . .
  15. The one that's coming. I just took a little jaunt in my Tardis. It's happening.
  16. If he impales Bobby Hart with a ball, automatically makes the team.
  17. That color combo goes back to my youthful dislike of all things Boston. At least they lost with those colors. And yes, now the Giants look good . . .
  18. So, what you're saying is you want to look like the retro Patriots.
  19. I've been watching some of the Euro championship for women's soccer. The football stadium at Brighton is sort of what I think would be a good pattern to follow, though it only seats a bit over 30K, so obviously, it's only a suggestion for a direction to go. https://www.football-stadiums.co.uk/grounds/england/falmer-stadium/
  20. Ahh, didn't see this post before responding. I think this is basically correct.
  21. Have not seen the series, but I suppose that is plausible. Victory over the Colts was certainly proof that the junior league was competitive. Namath was slowed by injuries. He was a dynamic player when young. You can't really compare stats from that era. Anyway, I see why some folks might nominate him; just wanted to push back.
  22. Completely different era. You don't have the merger without Namath. My answer is pretty much always the same: Gugny.
  23. What, are you an adult or something?
  24. Blue throwbacks are even better, imo. Don't know why they aren't allowed to use either one. Standing Buffalo is classic and I'm not keen on the red, but I understand that folks have different tastes and folks of the right age might be nostalgic about the Joe Ferguson color blind helmet. I'm old enough to prefer the true retro look.
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