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  1. Hey Bills fans just wanted to say Congratulations on the W. I know it’s only preseason but still you guys look like you will be in the Final four this season. Much love your way.
  2. No Cumbersome by Seven Mary three is now better😂
  3. I know someone seen Milwaukee from the Michigan side at night. That’s 60 miles across!
  4. It’s like 10 miles from Buffalo itself.
  5. From The shoreline near Buffalo? It looks close looking across Lake Ontario. Anyone ever seen it? We tried last week while visiting but too foggy.
  6. I told my Dad this is the site of the greatest comeback ever back in 1993.
  7. Last week. It was awesome how it was away from the city. There was a church across the street and a Gas station. Also a place called Kettles Bar down the street. Had dinner at Zettis Pizza😂 Best pizza ever. Also walked into the pro shop.
  8. No can’t make it for the preseason game. I was just in Buffalo recently. I heard Cumbersome by Seven Mary three the other day.
  9. I was already there this summer. Went to Niagara Falls! I am! Super pumped they finally did it!
  10. He was offered a 2 year contract but he declined. I’m not yet. Summer is too short and want to enjoy every minute of it. We only get just over 3 months of summer.
  11. He will be a decent backup. How’s Yolo been?
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