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  1. I know you guys well and you hate NE, Dallas and GB. I don't like you either so the feeling is mutual.
  2. I'm sure though folks here would root for the Cowboys or Patriots if they played Green Bay lol.
  3. We have Philly at home Thursday night. I hope we can beat them. Just Packers. I enjoy the Bills and Ravens in the AFC. Those 2 teams I'd like to see do well.
  4. Packers fan. It looks like Josh Allen has looked great so far this year.
  5. Happy for you guys on a job well done. Beat the Pats!
  6. I think people just don't want to text back nowadays. People communicated with each other more when we didn't have cell phones. All this technology has killed our society.
  7. We're heading for another 6 win season in GB. Buffalo will be better, Mark it down.
  8. Well we were trying to coordinate getting together. Wouldn't you be mad if all of a sudden you didn't hear back? I bet you would be. If it's not an important text message like how ya doing then I don't care if someone doesn't respond to that.
  9. I hate weekends. I can't wait for Monday to be here again.
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