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  1. The way our season ended I’m not excited for football next year.
  2. I’ve never lived anywhere else. I’ve hardly traveled anywhere either. I wish I could.
  3. Who do you guys think will be the top teams at the end of the year? I predict the Bills, Bucs, Rams, Ravens and that’s really about it. I see the 49ers being tough with all their injured players back. I see KC having a SB hangover next year and they will struggle.
  4. I think the 90s were one of the best and the last Great decade of music. After the early 2000s music went to hell.
  5. I didn’t miss you that’s for sure. Help me out here, where’s the block button.
  6. Where were you guys when the comeback vs the Oilers happened? I remember my parents lived on a dead end road next to the Golf Course then. They sold that house in 1994 and They have lived in 3 different homes since then. We watched the comeback in the basement of that house.
  7. Terrible SB. I was hoping Brady would get knocked out of the game.
  8. I didn’t want it to happen. Trust me Brady is the only player I wish someone would hit him low in the knee. That would be one way to stop them from winning it all again. I can’t stand the guy.
  9. Packers but as usual they blew it.
  10. We ain’t going to the SB next year. I think we will possibly miss the playoffs next year. The Bills, Ravens, Bucs, Chiefs will all be in the mix.
  11. We have a overrated QB. I wish we had Brady. This organization can’t win regardless it seems. I wouldn’t blame Rodgers if he went to a different team tomorrow.
  12. Another season is in the books. Bills looked quite tough this year. I think if they add a few more pieces to the puzzle this offseason they will be even better.
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