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  1. You guys know anybody like that?
  2. I like some rock but not all. The newer bands are too heavy for me.
  3. Well he is right about the song You. I don't like the F word in the song but otherwise Great tune!
  4. I hope we get summer well into October this year. We have had only a week of nice weather so far this spring.
  5. Oh man you don't know what your missing.
  6. Last Summer was beautiful here! We had leaves on the trees 2 to 3 weeks earlier last year than this year. This year our winter was brutal and this spring was awful too. Southern Wisconsin got a snowstorm the last week of April and Northern Wisconsin had snow just on May 20th!
  7. Our last 80 degree day was last year on October 3rd and we didn't hit 80 again until May 25th up here! It was 84 here last Saturday. Today it was only 55 degrees.
  8. Far Behind by Candlebox. What a great song! This is one of the best rock songs of all time.
  9. It's been a lousy spring. I think we got up to 85 degrees Saturday but back to low 70s Sunday and back to Mid 50s Monday! How has it been there?
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