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  1. This may be the most poory written product I have seen in my life. Were you attempting to be incomprehensible? If so, congratulations.
  2. I think the single-most overlooked Bill needs to be in this discussion, Kent Hull. He was the rock, the glue and the offensive line brains.
  3. This is a fun list, for not having a first rounder. If we go the "big nickel" direction, it will tell me that McDermott is committed to a top three defense. I believe in our brain trust enough to celebrate whichever direction they go.
  4. This is what made our quarterback purgatory all the more painful. E.J., Fitz and Tyrod are all good guys that I was proud to have on our team and wanted to see succeed. Not being a winning NFL QB does not make someone "mentally weak" or a bad person, just not a winning NFL QB. As a die-hard Bills fan (like everyone here), it's been painful. Josh, another seemingly good guy, please break the spell. I am rooting hard for you.
  5. I think SI hits it right on the head. I'm a huge fan of Josh Allen, liking everything I see, both physically and his intangibles. However, the fact is, until he takes control of the game, he hasn't yet taken control of a game. I'm hoping this is his breakthrough year. But it will be difficult for me to forget about that lateral attempt in the playoffs. https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/04/10/ranking-ever-team-quarterback-situation Depth chart: Josh Allen, Matt Barkley, Davis Webb "Josh Allen grew immensely last year and has the tools to make another leap in Year 3; the question is whether or not it will happen. I think some of the statistics behind Allen’s breakout season are concerning, though an upgraded weapon set and another year of experience for his offensive line may prove me wrong."
  6. I was there and the jets game (just as cold) the week before. The beer in our cups turned to slushees.
  7. You know what? I'll accept this, despite its lack of big picture perspective. What I like best about McDermott, and Beane for that matter, is their self-critical thinking and their drive for continuous improvement. I totally buy into the organization now and believe McDermott will (probably already has) look in the mirror, dig deep and grow. He challenges himself that way and encourages his players to grow that way. That is his way and now the Bills way. He has a lot to improve on and he will. Super Bowl caliber.
  8. Illustrating the importance of a comma.
  9. So, now we're comparing Star's performance to Benjamin's. At the least I don't have to wait another 13 hours to see the worst post of the day.
  10. I think this whole scene is an attention-getting charade by Brady. There is not a top tier team in the NFL that will offer him a contract. Also, there is not a team that will become top tier by signing Brady. His skills are diminishing and he would have to learn a new offense with its personnel. New England is his best option for winning and I believe he knows that. Any place that has a QB opening runs a significant risk of tarnishing his legacy. I foresee a big Patriot group hug coming.
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