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  1. I subscribe to neither this, nor the cut Pat DiMarco points of view. The NFL is not flag football. Along with the John Browns, Cole Beasleys and Shady McCoys of the world, we need people who can knock the bad guys on their backsides. Smith and DiMarco are two of the best at the unglamorous side of football so that others can shine.
  2. This, to me, is a big key to our coming season. Coming into year two, the biggest improvement areas I have wanted in Josh Allen are: - Speed in processing and recognizing defenses. Despite how much fun he was to watch last year, he was slow (no slight intended. - he was a "project" rookie) to see what the defense was doing. This, as much as his rediculous athletecism, contributed to his hero ball style. - A willingness to take what is available. I saw too many instances of Allen passing up the open five-yarder, looking for bigger plays. We're seeing both. His performance, both in practice and games to date, merit great optimism. However, this is against vanilla defenses at preseason speed. When schemed against, when facing multiple and exotic blitzes at full speed, will he be in control? I am hopeful, but we will see. This is what makes the Jets opener big to me.
  3. Could you imagine being a 7-8 receiver with your hopes and dreams resting on performing with Tyree? Man, that's gotta be tough.
  4. Well then, eat lots of wings. Dry heaves are the worst.
  5. While I want Shady to have a great final season as a Bill, I have to agree here. To date, we have seen nothing from him. Having said that, I understand that he has only had a couple of opportunities so far. I also am concerned about Hauschka. The comments above about rotating holders and his practice performance are helping to alleviate my anxieties. But, I am concerned. Finally, our punter battle has not yet revealed a true NFL punter. Come on Cory (either one is fine) step up and take this!
  6. I disagree. I understand this is not a popular thought, but I believe DiMarco is in at fullback. Short yardage situations and getting seven in the red zone are critical. Shady's two yard TD run against Carolina was not an exciting highlight, because it looked so routine. Shady got to the end zone (I believe) untouched. If you look at when he crossed, you'll see DiMarco sealing the right side of the hole, taking out a linebacker. That's the difference between 7 and 3. Not sexy, just winning football.
  7. I'm smarter for having read this. Thank you for putting it together!
  8. ^^^ This, completely. McDermott took on a team two years ago that was famous for 20 years of dysfunction. He, with Beane, has been building and shaping the entire organization into one of thoughtful, forward-looking and strategic precision. I am optimistic about this year and even more excited about our long-term prospects. They're doing this right.
  9. This would make a great bills shirt. Gray with the Bills logo above your red lettered quote, "Let's do Good Stuff!!!" I'm in for an XL
  10. Gosh, I sure do wish we would have gone all in on Antonio Brown. It would be GREAT to have him right now. :/
  11. Why would we? By his own admission he was a poor teammate and a bit of a diva. While we were not a good football team at the time, his departure did not cost us. In fact, the trade returns contributed more than his performance did.
  12. Does this indicate they're no longer accusing him of the attack, or orchestrating it? Just looking at the potential bright side.
  13. Isn't it great to finally have a coach the we can be confident in? I understand there are those who don't like McDermott. But you cannot deny that he will think everything through and be prepared.
  14. NFL 2019: Five players who are poised to make the leap and become Year 2 breakouts This isn't a surprise to Bills fans. But, it is fun to see the national media recognize it. One positive that strikes me about our defense, is how well-balanced it is in age. Youth, and the future core, is served with Edmunds, Oliver, Milano and White. Meanwhile, our veterans, still in their prime, with Hughes, Poyer and Hyde, are leading the way. We are set up for a 5-7 year run as one of the NFL's dominant defenses.
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