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  1. Our defense will be responsible for more than nine points themselves.
  2. I gave McDermott and A. He came into a stinky swamp of failure and has built a culture of responsibility with a team focused on responsibility and improvement. It has been, and is, a joy to watch. Maybe the most exciting part of this, to me, is the promise of youth on this team. A quality case can be made that the table is set for a serious multi-year run of excellence for Buffalo. I'm lovin' it. This however, is also a to-be-continued scenario. Our offense and quarterback must, must, grow and improve. I like what we have and am satisfied with where we are at. But, if we are here in a month, it will be disappointing. Our young QB and many new parts have not yet adequately come together. I believe they will. But a serious fan will acknowledge that the improvement is needed. I actually love "the process" and believe in it. Also, I am enjoying the comments in this thread. Some thoughts are more skeptical than mine. But, they are thoughtful and insightful and I respect the input.
  3. Yeah, so did I. Father time and the baldness gene are undefeated.
  4. One way to view McDermott's rookie treatment may be to look at our 2nd year players. Allen, Edmunds, Phillips, Johnson, Neal (what a great class!) and Wallace are all improving, becoming more important parts of the team and appear to be motivated, serious minds Bills. This group could (should) become our core leadership group, with time. My take-away is that Sean McDermott is smarter than me. And, I like it.
  5. ^^ This. And let’s shout out 3-0 on the road. An NFL road win is a hard, quality win - regardless of the opponent. This is a top 10 dumb thread.
  6. He has incredible talent and is proving to be coachable. The future is bright.
  7. Your statement is precisely where I sit with Allen right now. This is indeed, a very exciting time. I added a couple of traits that I think are important, and complete this well. I hope you don't mind.
  8. I've got ice cream in the freezer and popcorn in the microwave, waiting for (bolded) this!
  9. My goodness. I may not be an expert, but I do not believe NFL coaches play for ties. Also, by your logic, McDermott should not have gone for two earlier in the game. I believe you would have lost that game twice over.
  10. My (if I was head coach) decision to go for the TD on 4th and 1 would not be from a lack of confidence in our D. Give the Bengals the ball, with two minutes left in a tie game, and any one of these things can happen: - A long kickoff return (yes, unlikely with the wind at our backs) - Roughing the passer - Pass interference Add a 20 yard catch by Boyd, (he was hot) and boom, they're in field goal range. This is the NFL and last minute field goals happen with regularity. However, when we have opponents down by four, then our D is in control. At 4th and 1, our choice would have been to take control of the win, or leave ourselves open to any number of bad luck scenarios - you know, "Billsy" finishes.
  11. I was responding to (thus quoting) your rhetorical question. With Gore at running back and our 245 lb. manchild at QB, we have excellent 4th and 1 options. That actually proved itself as we never got to 4th and 1. Going for it (if necessary) would have been our safest, most foolproof option for victory.
  12. Absolutely. We are made for 4th and 1. To kick a field goal would have been a bad statement to the team.
  13. Exactly, I've spent the whole week thinking, "But, I don't want Knox and Sweeney to get less time". I hope Kroft is ok, and that he becomes a quality contributor. However, I'm not upset.
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