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  1. It is easy to underestimate value of a high quality, reliable returner until you don't have one. Then all hell can break loose on special teams and games can be lost. We may not find ourselves in that difficult place and I hope we don't. But, I will say that I always felt good knowing Andre Roberts was back there.
  2. I work at the North American headquarters of a global corporation in the Boston area. Whenever no one is looking, I write "Go Bills!" in blue and red marker in the corner of meeting room white boards. My little act of defiance for our mafia insurgency.
  3. Congratulations on your jump from RFA to law enforcement official.
  4. I never lost faith in our D last year, understanding that many of our most important players (Tre, Milano and Edmunds) were out or playing injured. That being said, the thought of this D once again becoming destructive is very exciting.
  5. Solid, thoughtful question. I do not generally support today's broad "systemic racism" assertions. But this article made me throw up in my mouth and really pissed me off. I owe it to this reality to give your question quality consideration.
  6. Incorrect. The question would then turn to, "Do you resent your teammates who have not gotten vaccinated?"
  7. Well, that was a fun piece of viewing candy for a Saturday morning.
  8. Are the execs saying (he asks hopefully) that Edmunds is considered far better?
  9. A college QB with a 56% completion percentage cannot possible succeed in the NFL. #inaccurate
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