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  1. Thank you for the thoughtful answer. I do respect the deeper considerations. However, I am also jaded by privileged athletes (I was one) never having consequences and feeling immune to accountability. That is pretty much where I sit here. If he learned right from wrong and accountability, he still would have struggled with his demons (we all do), but multiple murders, wow. No about the shoes....
  2. I suspect there is a joke in here. But, I don't understand. What are you getting at? Answer: old, ratty sneakers.
  3. I watched the Netlfix series, while keeping up with this thread. I tried to consider the sympathetic points of view stated here and the "understanding" statements in the show. Hernandez murdered at will. He was nothing more than a consuming animal. The series was a boring, superficial, excuse-making waste of three hours of my life. He was given great gifts and used them to cause great harm. No excuses, no sympathy, and this is NOT must watch television.
  4. His rate of improvement has been consistent from the first day he showed up. I don’t think motivation needs to be a question.
  5. 80%. The other 20% is due to the always-present injury possibility that comes with being an NFL player.
  6. I just couldn't bring myself to do that. I turned down an offer from a female friend (I live in Boston, so we know who she roots for) to watch the game together. No distractions, total focus, all in. Go Bills!
  7. All my years of reading this board, the narrative that Josh throws it too hard for receivers is the most ridiculously funny thought I’ve seen.
  8. Two thoughts: - If you're bored already, you are not celebrating the Cowboys win long and hard enough. - More seriously, this is an exceptionally thoughtful post. Thank you for all the hard and good work.
  9. I'll add my "grumpy old man" point of view. I prefer that players simply walk back to their teammates after a good/great play. My favorite is when someone acts like they've been there before. However, does it "bother me?" No, it wasn't out of line or obscene and I do not demand that others think like me. Dear Lawson and Philips, kick butt next week and have fun after the play next week.
  10. And there you have it. My take-away is the snide, whiny way Sullivan presents himself. My Bills fandom aside, this is a guy I would never choose to have a beer with or in this case, listen to.
  11. Actually, moving from 48.8% to 64.7% is a 32.5% improvement. I share that not to be a math prick, but to further support your point. It is fun and exciting, watching Josh grow.
  12. And here I thought I was being controversial.
  13. The lead of today's TBN article sums him up well. "Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be validated until the end of my career,” White said. “You can’t measure the success of a defensive back three years into his career. You’ve got to wait on down the line. Because it’s a year-to-year thing with defensive backs, so you’ve got to come out with your A game each and every year.” This guy is everything; enthusiastic, confident yet humble, extremely talented with a serious self-critical focus. I don't usually enjoy the commitment of big contracts, but I am looking forward to Tre getting paid and being a Bills for a very long time.
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