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  1. It's going to take me a while to figure out what all these pretty pictures mean, but thank you!
  2. I say just give to Josh already and be done with it. #inevitable
  3. A good portion of NFL players are free agents every year. This is a really weak attempt to throw shade on a low risk, potentially high reward signing.
  4. There is also the potential for trading Mitch for a reasonably high draft pick to a QB needy team during the season.
  5. Yeah, for me, it's the Canadian part. Damn Canadians.
  6. Fake news. Your thoughts and comments, often worth considering, would be easier to absorb if you would bypass the negative hyperbole.
  7. 😁 Well played. Yeah, it’s tough to draw a puritanical line in the sand. In Beane I trust.
  8. Yup. I don't live day and night on chat boards. I saw this and responded. Implying he was seeking publicity is quite cynical. Why do you have a problem with this and when did we institute a time limit on discourse?
  9. The football field is his living room. It was perfectly natural to be where he was.
  10. Whether it’s Gronk or Patrick Peterson (different thread), bringing in high-profile veterans is a bad idea. Beanie has often said the Bills are building to win today and tomorrow. That means paying players for what they will do instead of overpaying for what they have done.
  11. Maybe you can ask to become a moderator. That way, you can shut threads down when they don't meet with your approval. Condescend much?
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