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  1. I believe Bills' the entire 2021 draft was a "futures draft" where Beane selected high end traits without the intention of having them make immediate impacts. No doubt, McDermott was involved and believes his staff can shape them into solid NFL contributors. Obviously, Groot and Brown performed ahead of schedule. The theme of last year's offseason was "keep the band together". So, the draft class was merely being groomed. Now that (hopefully) the kids are developing, the '21 "futures draft" of players will become important contributors. One person I would not write off yet is Stevenson. You can't teach speed. And yes, I am always the optimist.
  2. Wow, 😂😂 just twist it any way you can to go negative. 😂😂
  3. Perfect, perfect. We had one weakness. Now we don’t.
  4. Are there five to seven very good CBs out there, or five to seven known CB names out there? Honest question as I don't study anything but the Bills.
  5. I think it is obvious the Bills will draft a cornerback in the first round - to the point of even trading up to get one of the premier CB's if a run on them materializes on draft day. The line up is set, everywhere except CB. We need CB depth and one with starting abilities. It is Super Bowl time in Buffalo and the front office has shown we're all in. We cannot go into the season with CB holes in this pass-happy league.
  6. One of the most common, and unfair, mistakes fans make is to underestimate an injury's impact on an athlete. I remember posters on this board calling Tre "fat and happy with his new contract" when he played with a September back injury (can't remember which year) in early '20 or '21. Yes, he has world class support in his recovery. He also is recovering to compete against world class athletes, where a tenth of a second can make you unemployed. Let's just settle on confidence that he will give it 100% and will be ready.....when he's ready. This September time projection stuff will lead to frustration. If he super-recovers, great. But, let him be human.
  7. I have no doubt that one of the reasons for our safety-success is the abilities and performance of Edmunds. Of course, another reason is that Hyde and Poyer are very good. However, "one of eleven" is not a myth and pulling Edmunds out will significantly change the equation and impact the performance of others. I'm not smart enough (very few on this forum are) to know how the team should best move forward. I am smart enough to see the Edmunds hate is way over the top and irrational. Thank goodness for McBeane.
  8. To date, Tua is some scrub. He's done nothing significant or notable. Odd thread.
  9. Happy birthday Coach! We haven't met and probably never will. But, through your work and the way you carry yourself (thoughtful integrity), you have made my life more enjoyable. Thank you.
  10. I agree with Brown regarding Phillips. If I am wrong, I'll be happy about it. What I remember of Philips is lots of show, some big plays and then failing to maintain his gap or do his job on a consistent basis. I was happy he went to Arizona, feeling we added by subtracting.
  11. I really hope he stays. My hope has nothing to do with (it's his income, not mine) any football realities. He has been a warrior for the Bills and suffered through some gruesome team times. I would like him to hold the Lombardi with the boys and Kim. Like Fred Jackson, he's a Bill for life.
  12. So, I see Yolo as the last poster in the Chandler Jones thread and I come racing to see what the announcement is. Yolo, you should be banned from hot threads, unless you're breaking news. 😉
  13. I'm sure that Brandon Beane's first thought this morning, as he rolled out of bed this morning and put on his slippers was, "Dang, I better make a move today...oh crap, I better make a move!"
  14. You're still planning on losing your house when McDermott doesn't get fired next year, right?
  15. The comments I read (including Siran Neal) about NOT paying our players crack me up. Some on this board want 22 All Pros playing on rookie contacts. Beane has built a solid draft, development and pay program and the Bills team is constructed for long term success. Knox showed is his ceiling from day one. Since, he has steadily and consistently improved toward reaching that ceiling. Lock him up. I am sure Beane will find the number that works for the team and the player. Good signing with Neal. Good signing last year with Dawkins, Tre, Josh and Taron Johnson. Now it is Knox's time. We now have been a top AFC team for two years and will be for the foreseeable future. The plan is working.
  16. I saw this, this morning. 2022/23 promises to be a fun and intense season. As a 50 year Bills fan, I am still pinching myself that once again, we are in a place where the Super Bowl is our legitimate expectation. As a side note, I believe that in this year's playoffs, we saw that Josh Allen learned how to funnel "sugar high Josh" into "kick your livin' @$$ Josh". I believe he will be something to truly behold next year.
  17. Excellent use of the word "mayhem". The b*tch-slap Josh gave two Ram D-linemen on that play will always be my favorite moment of our Josh Allen experience.
  18. Memo to Quinten. This is the NFL, the best of the best. Everyday, every down, you compete for your job. Every team is constantly looking to get better. Get over yourself, get to work and earn your job again, in the next weight training session, the next drill or the next play. This is the NFL.
  19. I was in the Air Force, stationed in Sondrestrom, Greenland when this game happened. Everyone on base (all 110 of us) knew I was a die hard Bills fan. When we got news of the Bills upsetting the Cowboys, the entire base partied, with Jägermeister, all night. It is a little known fact that on a cold winter’s night in 1984, Sondrestrom Air Base was not prepared to defend our country.
  20. Thank you for making me feel good about my level of emotional stability.
  21. It felt like a funny response. Perhaps I was mistaken.
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