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  1. The market determines what is fair pay for Shaq. If the market decides he is worth more, he'll go else where. He hasn't yet, which tells us he was paid fairly.
  2. Actually, yes you are being hyperbolic. And, a bit ridiculous.
  3. The Bills front office and coaching staff don't leak information or show their hands. Since the advent of McBeane, we have never known what they were going to do, until they did it. Adam Schefter and the NFL talking heads are just making up things to talk about. I do not believe we have gained any insight from their comments.
  4. There is an enormous difference between firing the GM, coach and coordinators (all called for today on the forum) and making improvements for next year. If we were talking in person, I would laugh at your question.
  5. Losing one's temper on the sideline and shouting at a teammate is not a sign of leadership. It is self-indulgent behavior revealing the individual is not big enough for the moment.
  6. I can only speak for myself, but I am absolutely not unified with the current "throw the bums out" messages on this board. I consider today's threads to be knee-jerk temper tantrums that do not provide quality thought or interesting reading. With that, my presence and participation will be significantly scaled back for about a week, hoping the outrage will cool.
  7. I actually think of Jones as our defensive MVP, allowing the other ten to do what they do. That said, I like Settle and am optimistic he is up to the challenge.
  8. I agree with this. It would be honorable in a number of ways: - Cincinnati; the coach, the team, the city, was selfless in their concern for Damar and the Bills. Give them the W and say thank you. - It would show our players that we care about their mental and emotional wellbeing - It would be a true, brotherly statement to Damar - his life and health is more important than the game. Something terrible happened last night. We can't make all outcomes be good.
  9. Well, young Mr. Rousseau is going to ring their New Year's bell tonight anyway.
  10. Congrats to Sal - a big moment! As far as an omen, yes. Youth will be served. #Rousseau
  11. Dial 1-800-Joey Bag-a-Donuts. The password is "Bengals overrated".
  12. Nyheim Hines. Cincinnati's defensive tendencies leave them vulnerable to short passes in the flat and YAC. Hines is going to introduce himself to Bills Mafia tonight, force the Bengals to adjust, and be a game ball reason why the Bills put up 37.
  13. I would rather be in downtown Buffalo, watching with the diehard locals. During the Sabres’ glory years, I believe there were large screen TVs set up outside the arena. My dream is a similar outdoor “plaza style” set up. I would come home for that. * I haven’t read through the thread. So, if this thought has already been shared, sorry.
  14. There is no “Cole situation”. He is a receiver on this team and will be used in a way the coaching staff believes brings the best value. Nothing more, nothing less.
  15. His performance today confirms my theory that he is willing to throw to any team but the Bills.
  16. Can't quibble with that. Buffalo Trace bourbon works for me, and no one's judgement is invites. Oh, FWIW, bourbon also makes you less nervous.
  17. I believe this is referred to as "whistling past the graveyard".
  18. I am rooting hard for the Bengals, as we drive for home field advantage. Regarding the Fins, revenge is a dish best served cold, and the sushi will be delicious.
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