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  1. I got to Buffalo once during my career, just an over nighter bringing out a new buoy tender. I was able to get a Bills coffee cup and ball cap at least Welcome to the board and I am envious of your upcoming trip. I need to quit procrastinating and do the same.
  2. Very simple in Kentucky. Do you know they are a felon? No? Then no paperwork transfer is legal.
  3. If they just use the initial of your last name.... yeah you were probably successful. If you want to ignore everything from before 1990 or some other arbitrary date well I can't argue with you there.
  4. 0 for 2... Bears and colts are both misses now.
  5. It has already started. My brother showed me an excerpt from an ESPN+ article about next years projected playoff participants. It had NE winning the division and the Dolphins making it as a wild card. Needless to say I was flabbergasted. I myself do not have ESPN+ so I can not include it or independently verify its authenticity.
  6. Above and beyond the fact that my brother has been a bucs fan since '76 I think we are more likely to beat the bucs... and I would be so looking forward to his and I sheet talking all night.
  7. I expect this game to be a knockdown, slobberknocker so this song is the mood I expect to be in on the 'morrow
  8. I saw he got a box from the Bills in last week's hype thread. Never saw what was in it... was it this awesome jacket perhaps?
  9. I have that sitting on the DVR to watch tomorrow as a warmup 🏈 I don't know but that good boy seems to be pretty judgemental of your drink selection.
  10. Lets ride Bills! Amazing Kyle, see you again in 2 weeks.
  11. Different time, different game, Anderson was 6th in yards when he retired, Rivers 5th. Very comparable.
  12. I would equate him to Kenny Anderson, great QB in his time that has been mostly forgotten. Gets HoF votes but not much chance of getting in. "Anderson was ranked 6th all-time for passing yards in a career at the time of his retirement."
  13. That has to enter my repertoire. I gave an actual snort out loud when I read it. I read it again and found it even funnier the second time.
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