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  1. Given our extensive depth at DB, I think we should play a few of them on every ST coverage.
  2. The very likely path looks like Houston, Ravens, winner of KC/NE.
  3. Rew

    NE v KC

    Totally wrong. If 5 seed and 6 seed both win first 2 then 5 hosts. Not very likely, but it is possible for a wild card team to host a game.
  4. Additionally, AFC opponents tend to have a better chance of contending with us for a wildcard spot. A win against such a team counts "double". You get the record and the tiebreaker.
  5. Smart timeout by the Browns. They didn't want Allen to have a shot for that in the 4th quarter. It's said he's the best in the league once the clock strikes 15:00 left. Analytics agree.
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