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  1. Smart timeout by the Browns. They didn't want Allen to have a shot for that in the 4th quarter. It's said he's the best in the league once the clock strikes 15:00 left. Analytics agree.
  2. I don't see them pulling Rosen in the 4th to change their plans. He starts next week and Fitz is in sometime in the 3rd. Likely Rosen gets 2 drives in the 3rd to screw up.
  3. If anyone was curious, 31 punts is the single game record for both teams. This game is on track to tie that.
  4. Two reasons that you could desire a dolphins win and have already been stated in this thread. 1. A dolphins win will help our strength of schedule more than Washington in a hypothetical tie for wildcard spot. It will not change anything between us and NE. 2. A dophins win will reduce their chance of #1 draft pick, theoretically decreasing their competivness in future years that we play them. Both are fairly small benefits, root for who you want.
  5. He doesn't have to show any symptoms of a concussion to be in the protocol. A player can be placed into the protocol solely based on video evidence (this was changed in last few years after the Savage hit). After watching the hit in slow motion and Allen's reaction after the hit, the independent observers would have decided that taking a day or two for observation was the right plan regardless of reported symptoms. If Allen has no symptoms he'll progress through and play. If he had any symptoms yesterday, it is exceedingly unlikely that he plays against TEN.
  6. To your point, helmet to helmet is a penalty regardless of intent. It was appropriately called that way. Ejection and suspension are reserved for when intent to injure is clear. Burfict lined up on an immobile player getting up from the ground. There was no motion of the player, change of direction, or need to lay a big hit. Burfict had at least 4 steps to make a decision on how we was going to hit the not moving target and he chose to accelerate and throw all of his body weight behind the crown of his helmet. It was not a football play, clearly intentional, time to correct, and a play that few others in the league would make. Jones was involved in a very fast play where a runner was fighting for a first on third down. This was an important play that any safety (including Hyde and Poyer) should attempt to make. Like any good safety he was aiming to get a hit on the runner hoping for either a stop, fumble, or at least a reminder to stay away from his part of the field. In the brief period of time after he committed to his angle, the runner's path was first voluntarily changed, and then was altered further by the hit from another defender. The speed of these two changes allowed no window for the safety to correct his path. From the safety's perspective it was a glancing blow on the head and he followed through with his shoulder as intended. Like most other defensive players that feel they made a big stop he immediately popped up and celebrated. The hit on Allen is not unusual to him, plays like like that happen every week. The difference of a couple inches turns it from a big play that we cheer and watch a game for into what the result was. If it were any player other than Allen it would be a non issue for everybody. The excitement with the way Allen runs does expose him to the possibility of taking a big hit. Either we're ok with that playstyle or we're not. I don't want to see football where the quarterback gets special rules everywhere on the field.
  7. Titans, Browns, Broncos, Ravens. Win 3 of those 4 and there's very few paths where we miss the playoffs. We do that and the rest of the games we don't even have to split.
  8. Pretty sure Webb is still on practice squad. Interesting to see who gets dropped to make room.
  9. Where do we stand after this "disaster"? https://twitter.com/bostonsportsinf/status/1178441112018653186?s=20
  10. Allen seemed to better than Brady today. Both went against a good defense and struggled. Only difference being Brady knows how to throw unintentional grounding. You have to give some credit to the defense on the other side.
  11. The heavy numbers are lazy and counter to the intent of a "power ranking". If you want to see rankings based on record just go to nfl.com standings. Looking at last year's results, combined with the bottom feeder perception of the teams we beat, I would put us in the mid teens at this point. While we as the fans saw a game where the Bills clearly outplayed the Jets for 4 quarters as a team, it doesn't matter. The result is that we beat the giants and almost lost to the Jets. If we embarrass the Bengals we could go up a few spots. Playing the Pats tough, even if we lose, will have the greatest impact on where perception falls. Personally, I feel the Bills can be a top 10 team this year. But we (and the media) won't know until we play another top 10 team and are competitive.
  12. What does everyone think about creating an AB section of the forum so everyone can start their own thread and mods don't have to keep merging? Edit: /sarcasm
  13. Shout-out from top of the stadium. We own 336
  14. The subject of streaming copyright protected media is an interesting one. There have not been sufficient modern cases on this topic. What does exist is contradictory and varies greatly based on country. The argument for legal is predicated on media case law that existed before the internet. A movie theater showing copyright material is the guilty party, not the people viewing it. However, in streaming media you are technically downloading data and rebroadcasting the media yourself. This both implies you are "broadcasting" and that you are, however temporarily, in possession of the copyright material. In the EU there is currently the closest thing to a ruling on this subject, and it does lean more in favor of the streamer than the content owner. Regardless, the one thing that provides a margin of safety is that it is significantly less effort and far more effective to attack the source of the stream than the consumer. This has contributed to the lack of clarity from courts on the subject. This should be clarified in domestic and international courts in the next few years as more cases make their way through. The one thing that is blatently clear is that a full, consumer aware, download of copyright material is illegal. Whether you view it or not you are in possession. Meaning if you have the option to stream, do it, you are in gray area as opposed to confirmed illegal. FWIW: I pay the NFL and stream all my bills games from London or another random European location. I'm sure they wonder about my "travel schedule", but they are happy to have a paying consumer.
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