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  1. Congrats SDS! Who knew SDS was on the forefront of countering those pesky Russians in the Black Sea, or those sneaky Chinese in the Spratly Islands.
  2. OK. Delete preseason and make a 18 game regular season. Works from a revenue perspective. Clubs will have to arrange their own August joint practices and scrimmages. But what happens if you're the loser kid on the block and no one wants to play with you? You're screwed.
  3. Heh, when you name a blowout, it has to be good. 1. My all-time blowout is legend in the family known as "The Rehoboth Beach Incident" 2. Coming in a close second is the Great Norovirus Blowout of 2005. ....that said, I'm sure the Popeyes sandwich is respectable--but it looks too crispy. If I want a fried breading sandwich, that is what I'll order. CFA es #1.
  4. Two and two would be just dandy to me.. as long as there are zero major injuries and zero interceptions. It's all about the injuries.
  5. The positive vibes at TSW have been flowing all summer; today in particular. This makes me nervous. It's before noon--too early for a beer to calm my nerves? I don't think it was meant to be bad. I think it's a nod to the fact that JA is kind of a big baby Hughey. He has an innocence and cheerfulness about him.
  6. Could Wade make the 2020 53-man roster? Yes. If one thing happens--he needs to fit in seemlessly to special teams and make a contribution there. When McDermott judges a player on the bubble, he uses their special teams contribution as a tie breaker. I wonder if Wade could return kicks... he's a definite wrecking ball.
  7. When your Dad played aided by a padded dash board behind his head.. it could give you issues.
  8. Yep. Example: Mahomes had a rough preseason last year--but he did pretty well in the regular season, if memory serves me well.
  9. Props to SDS. I remember the days on a shared server that crashed often and was a bandwidth bottleneck. It's come a long way. But lets not forget the general population of posters --- their peer pressure keeps community standards high. You make a duplicate post, all suddenly you're under a dog pile The moderators deserve some credit as well.
  10. Reading everyone's woes, seems they can be solved by one of three options: 1. Having a Granny in Buffalo. Install a Slingbox in her house. 2. NFL DTV streaming.. using a VPN to disguise your location. 3. Move to WNY. That's a bit hardcore, but it worked form me.
  11. Just a thought on maybe why your antenna TV didn't work.. If the over the air antenna is not omnidirectional -- you have to carefully aim it at the transmitter site. You can find out where the transmitter is using several websites.
  12. To summarize the situation: Cover-1 appropriately uses "fair use" However, their comprehensiveness of total games Cover-1 comes close to inappropriate but doesn't cross the line The NFL (via the Bills organization) feels hinky about the situation and don't want to grant Cover-1 further access (via formal creds), which is totally their right to deny I'll take another Mich Ultra.. I know light beer sucks, but I'm fighting a battle of the bulge.
  13. Truth. You just know when they break ground the first day they'll find Native American remains--and the whole project will be called off. Or some endangered owl will be discovered nesting. Or some neckbearded preservationists will file an injunction.
  14. C'mon Daboll! We all need a role model. You go girl. I want to lose 20 pounds before the Bills make their 2019 playoff appearance. Lead us to the promised land!
  15. Since he's eloquent when losing, let's hope we don't hear much from him.
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