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  1. I was surprised that the tandem bike they rode in Delaware Park made it. Must have been 600 pounds riding those tires. When I visit relatives in VA Beach, they warn not to look up when fighter planes flew by "You'll look like a tourist." They handle fighters like it's a daily thing. When I lived in MD and worked DC, I saw a lot of Air Force One and Presidential helicopters. Very cool.
  2. Joe Ferguson was a great QB and had a budget roster around him. The "Ralph is cheap" quips have some weight.
  3. Sounds like you want the calorie tour. Gotta be careful. I know the CG has weigh-ins. The Mushroom Truffle pizza at Alberta Drive store is of European quality eats.
  4. When Gordon Ramsey had to stay at similar flea bag motels on Hotel Hell, he slept in a sleeping bag. He once even slept in the bath tub in his sleeping bag. That's some ***** hotel for you. Red Carpet on par? Your call.
  5. BOJO in SOCAL. The wicked cost of living witch is his new bogeyman. He would have been better off playing kissyface with the Bills.
  6. I've been tempted to make Gordon Ramsay's Cajun Sandwich. I don't expect to find feral hog meat in Bflo. I guess i will substitute regular bacon.
  7. Four pages of Ed Oliver talk, aint April grand? PS: EO will excel in 2021.
  8. So naive. The Pegulas aren't fools with a bottomless checkbook. They are pragmatic and have limited funds, especially with a Biden admin declaring war on fossil fuels.
  9. Leave it alone! We have a winner. Thank you for playing.
  10. Renovate Hallmark. I am not copacetic with the increase in property taxes that would come with a new stadium. I bought my house in 2016 then experienced an immediate 8% jump in my mortgage. I'd like to avoid another soaking.
  11. Cougars are great! They always pick up the check.
  12. After signing Trubisky and setting aside draft pick salaries, I think Beane is limited in his options. $8.25 cap impact is a lot of dinero.
  13. Marv Levy emphasized special teams. That brought us Steve Tasker. That brought the Bills 4 Superbowl appearances. If you can't pull you're weight on Bills special teams, you can't pull your weight as a second or third stringer.
  14. Sorry for your loss. I hope you recently had time to tip one back with Mom.. assuming she liked beer.
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