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  1. Bottom line: He's a 3rd string QB, asking 1st string money. It doesn't work. The rest is just drama.
  2. I'm not sure Brunners is open on Sundays. Call them. They are perfect for Main & Eggert area. You could probably walk there.
  3. The Mono has tapered off, so I think the spleen is back to regular size.
  4. For Duke to be successful, he needs to NOT go home. There's nothing but trouble in rural Louisiana. And nutria.
  5. It's got a broken back.
  6. I don't know how the Chinese welds on that bike stood up to their combined weight. Mystery..
  7. One is right next to the airport. You can make this the last thing you do before you turn in your rental car.
  8. "showcase my talents" "showcase his talents"
  9. Promo correctly used You're and somehow it got edited down in your post to Your. I apologize for the little things that catch my eye.
  10. We won by one possession and people make it seem like we are Caligula. Gore for MVP. Daboll is average.
  11. Gore, game MVP. Titans kicker, alternate game MVP. Poor SOB.
  12. I kind of miss the aggressive Josh Allen. Aggressive Josh: and we're are 14-7 Kneecapped Josh and we're: 7-0
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