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  1. Can you say Conjugal Visit? Or in the words of George Costanza, Prisoner Sex.
  2. Yep. If you order seafood that was caught in violation of that countries laws, you commit a felony. Makes those trips to Red Lobster touch n go. You have guitar made with some rare African hardwoods, you commit a felony. This list goes on and on.
  3. I was a C-E paperboy, back when they had such things. I have plenty of memories from that period of life. When the walk between houses was long, that's where I learned to read the sports standings (all weather at 0630). I remember one time when the Bills, Braves, and Sabres were all on top of their divisions. Sweet. I also had the paper route during the Blizzard of 77 ... just wow. I remember getting mugged while collecting. Due to the C-E, I was one child who didn't grow up in a sterile protective bubble. Thank you for that.
  4. Bump to the top in light of the Rams comeback game. Do we sign JA earlier rather than later. Despite his clutch performance today, I say we sign him later. Call me a scrooge. The future lower salary cap has me worried.
  5. How does that loser (Josh Allen can't improve) from 538 fell about the Rams game? Different eras. Apples and oranges. As much as I love Josh, he still hasn't overtaken Jim Kelly. Though, it's getting close.
  6. Don't tell that loser from 538 that you can actually improve as a pro.
  7. We all know 538's track record. Not very good.
  8. Ooof ... to attempt to play with cracked ribs is hard core on Tyrod's part. I once merely had bruised ribs, I found it just painful to breathe.
  9. Beane, You Magnificent Bastard. I Read Your Book!
  10. We'll be playing New England in an Orchard Park playoff game.
  11. boater


    Dolphin Ceviche is delicious. An appropriate finale for today's game. If you've never done Ceviche, it's something to try.
  12. To me, it's been a long time since the offense bailed out the defense.
  13. I saw two straight arms first half which made me smile.
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