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  1. I've read the posts and agree with the ludicrousness of the name change idea. I just worry about it. In these times today's stupid idea is tomorrow's reality. Really stupid *****, such as defunding Cops is taking place. What prevents name change hysteria? I'm a bit pissed at the talk show host--giving useless protesters ideas. He has even thrown Millard Fillmore hospital under the bus.
  2. Listening to the windbag live right now. He's saying the Buffalo Bills may be up next to change their name. Rationale: They are named after Buffalo Bill Cody who murdered many Native Americans. I hope the Bills don't change their name. (it's 930 AM, or WBEN on radio.com)
  3. Pats fans think so. Patriots Linked to Free Agent and Former No. 1 Pick Frankly, I still don't think NE has the cap space.
  4. But if it's Warriors, I will always remember this clip from the movie: The Warriors. Warriors Come Out to Play
  5. Diggs has also voiced his discomfort regarding NFL COVID preps. Have we bought a diva? Did we buy a pig-in-a-poke?
  6. Color me concerned. We don't need any Google/millennial attitude in the front office. They ruin everything they touch. Maybe the Pegs are swingers.
  7. Corporations are available to the little guy as well. Some online companies will set one up for as little as $100. Highly recommended if you have a business. I've done it twice. ------------- Due to the Chinese virus and sports, New Era had their back against the wall and did what they had to do. Leave it to Poloncarz showboating and pandering, he strengthened the message that WNY is hostile to business. Business: no need to move to, or to stay in WNY. He was right in the first part of his presser--he should have kept his mouth shut.
  8. Because in reality land Buffalo can't support a major league team. The Sabres are only financially viable when they win. If they move to a major market like LA or other, they can make money even when they suck. Example: the LA Clippers.
  9. Pfftt.. increased salary cap means zilch, zip, nada, because all 32 teams get the same increase.
  10. I ate liquid lunch when I worked for the government. May be the case here.
  11. No, COVID death rate has declined bigly, per the article I linked. You might be confusing death rate with cases.
  12. Financially, Josh Allen is a salary cap bargain compared to other starting QBs. That alone increases his value. A salary cap strapped team would give a first to sign him. Unpopular prediction: Josh plays 5 mediocre years in Buffalo, then moves on.
  13. She owns the team. Get over your class envy and warfare and accept that. There's reasons why Buffalo lags economically. Class warfare is top of the list.
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