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  1. It's a shame buses no longer run to Highmark. When I was a teenager in 1978 I caught an NFT bus to the Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Bob Welsh & Pablo Cruise concert at Rich Stadium. The buses idled in the parking lot during the concerts and you rode them home at the end. It was glorious. And the things my parents let me do.. unthinkable today.
  2. OP is a sleepy place, and will remain so no matter what you build around the stadium. Too bad building a downtown stadium would have cost an additional billion more (and God knows the inevitable lawsuits, no actual construction until 2030).. downtown would otherwise be great.
  3. Do you mean preseason games? Or, also no practices? I'm would like to see 17 at practices, but missing the preseason games. At practice, because I working on timing with the receivers is important, and also the new rookie OC needs practice play calling with his QB1. Not at preseason games, because injury potential.
  4. From my memory, the Bills have moved up. Nice to see. Cinci, being so low surprises me. So much for the adage "Success on the field equals success off the field"
  5. Schedule for an ACL is one year. TDW had his surgery 15 December. Draw your own conclusions.
  6. Yeah. And it's hazy, but I remember a pest by the handle of "Combo"
  7. Careful, there's a sizable and vocal "pay da man" crowd here who think Jordan drinks from the fountain of youth.
  8. Nice tip. Thank you. I may go with the $1 dollar offer, let that roll over into the $7 plan, then cancel for the $20 year plan. Pure genius.
  9. I cheat. I do the Mr. Beer kits. They aren't as good a true home brew, but they're good enough, I enjoy the results. https://www.mrbeer.com/
  10. No. Not even as a depth piece. The perfect depth player is one who has a future, one who could potentially crack a future starting lineup. A 40 year old player is a dead-ender with no future. It would be a waste of a developmental roster spot.
  11. I read somewhere this summer that 17 doesn't like his YAC numbers and looks to improve them.. he wants to position his WR for YAC. Can Jordan Palmer pull it off? Can he polish the formidable gem he created into a diamond? Can 17 do it? Will he put down the wings and concentrate on improving his game? (by all media accounts, 17 has been fully invested in enjoying his summer)
  12. Reminiscing the old days when Rich Stadium seated 80,000+ those were the days. Those were the days when WNY was much more populous. Even with that, Ralph Wilson had to give away tickets to avoid local blackouts of home games. I, for one, look forward to a 60,000 seat stadium. With population decline we can't sell them out like we used to.
  13. I was born and bred in the 716, but left for military service. I'm back in 716 now but my cell phone is 757--it really confuses people.
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