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  1. Do any of these draftnics have the testicoli to post their board publicly in GoogleSheets? That would be fun. I wouldn't mock them for their bravado. I would praise them for their openness and honesty... and find great curiosity in their findings.
  2. I disagree with those fans looking for Cam or Andy. I think NE will bite the bullet and swallow a sucky season or two to get out of cap hell. Kinda like the Bills did. The big variable: will Belichick stick around without Brady--with the patience to do a rebuild? I predict No BB.
  3. Last years schedule was a piece of cake. Next years schedule is brutal. We could go 9-7 and still win the division.
  4. For perspective 15000 yards equals approx. 8.5 miles. 8.5 miles of people trying to pound the tar out of you.
  5. I was lukewarm to the trade. Sure it's good. But I just read that the other suitor was New England. Now I like the trade a whole lot. #### blocking a competitor is always fun & games.
  6. Canada is willing to exclude illegal US aliens. Good on them.
  7. Small local businesses don't have the deep pockets to weather this storm. I'm going to practice my social distancing and continue to patronize the local small business (unless, of course, I'm symptomatic). I went to one restaurant, the owner/manager was distraught. I was his only customer that hour.
  8. there's no crowds in FA there is little travel except by the FA delay would really screw rest of the NFL calendar I believe Wuhan Virus (calling it what it is) response is overblown
  9. If other teams make likewise measures.. I'm OK. If other teams continue scouting ops, I'm afraid the Bills will be at disadvantage at the draft.
  10. OK, you mentioned the star players. Well done. How about all the fringe players not playing up to their potential because they are stoning and not in best physical shape, or not studying tape like they ought to.
  11. OK. So not suspending a player for ganja is now acceptable. Got it, I'm not crying in my milk. Unpopular opinion alert: the combine should test for stoners. If you're a club, knowing the recreational drug use of your prospects is legit concern.
  12. My source tells me (and I'm willing to be corrected), The Buffalo News still prints the game day Bills programs. As if... TBN fired Jerry to keep the printing contract. You do da math.
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