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  1. i visited on business. rainy and overcast the whole time. very depressing.
  2. Watching KC.. there's no way in our injured condition we could even compete with them. We need our injured players back ASAP.
  3. I love it when punters are a meaningful part of the game. That adds excitement.
  4. I'm happy to see Brissett earn a win before he gets unceremoniously benched for Watson next week.
  5. Well the Bears are stinking it up. Let the Jets march on them for a TD. Made the Jets backup look like Mahomes.
  6. Yeah. And the Bills have a nasty habit of letting up.
  7. This decision is a total choke from Saleh. Is Wilson uncoachable? His record suggests no. Coach that QB. I wonder how much of this is attributable to a knee-jerk reaction to the toxic NYC media.
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