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  1. Convicted military sexual predators usually end up at the Navy Brig in Charleston SC.
  2. The dude who is investing major bucks in Buffalo, Douglas Jemal, maybe he could by the Sabres.
  3. Probably cold weather and NY taxes were part of his consideration.
  4. I drove my sister to some Wiccan joint on Hertel Avenue for a reading by appointment. When we got there, the psychic said "I've been expecting you" LOL my sister thought it was real.
  5. I think teams were worried Daboll's ceiling is OC -- and they didn't want to get pinched by the Peter Principle by prematurely making him a HC. If 2021 season is successful like 2020, Daboll will be gone next year.
  6. WHAM 1180 just put themselves crosswise with the most powerful family in WNY. Pegulas have a long memory and act on it. Ask the Buffalo News.
  7. I got me and my girlfriend fake ID's from some mail order outfit advertised in Boy's Life magazine classifieds. They were really good and served us well, until we became 18 and could drink legally. ...18 drinking age.. the only sensible one. Otherwise your just driving drinking underground.
  8. OK.. there's nepotism. Just remember, it's not against the law. The NFL franchises are family businesses, and mothership NFL is exempt. This isn't Erie County, New York State of Federal civil service we're talking about.
  9. Dear Santa, Can the Bills find an elite Tight End? Good TE are boss, and colleges don't make enough for all 32 teams.
  10. This. College circuit doesn't make enough QBs to keep 32 NFL teams fully stocked.
  11. Phil Leotardo portrayed by actor Frank Vincent. I hated Leotardo, part of it was a fantastic script that made him loathable antagonist, the other part was just fine acting.
  12. Unless there are buyout provisions (doubtful) in the original contract, you can't force a player to accept a buyout. What player would accept a buyout that one way or another leads to reduced pay? The only real way out of an ugly contract is to trade or cut a player. And that is only partially successful. It's gonna be ugly.
  13. I'd make you one fellow mafia member, but my oven is on the fritz. Love a Bundt Cake, or a Paula's donut.
  14. Ya, during this era of covid, pneumonia is a very serious condition. Dad could be critical. I can't bill-ieve I got suckered into a thread on Josh's skin color.
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