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  1. This place is so comfortable after a nice victory. So much better than the last week where we had to talk people off the ledge.
  2. You chose the right mask. Any mask you choose will have the open mouth wind tunnel effect. The alternatives to the pillow mask are those full over the nose masks, which are cumbersome and make you look like a spastic fighter pilot---and you will still get the mouth wind tunnel effect. For what it's worth: they make a chin-strap type thingy that keeps your mouth closed. Me? I just learned to sleep with my mouth closed.
  3. Instead of yardage, I'm keenly interested in him making a couple critical third down conversions that keep a drive alive.
  4. Public service announcement: it's too early for a nickname. Take it easy boys.
  5. I gave my daughter cash to elope. I evaded all those wallet raids. Best investment I ever made.
  6. I'm willing to live to the point when I wear Depends. Once that happens.. I will lose interest.
  7. I love these hindsight based posts. My all time favorite is 2017 Tre Davious White/Mahomes trade.
  8. Even the official Buffalo Bills website attributes the K-gun to Jim Kelly. https://www.buffalobills.com/news/dec-2-in-bills-history-the-birth-of-the-k-gun-offense-14479530
  9. You have ONE blog article citing the K-Gun being other than Jim Kelly. You'll need more than that to convince me.
  10. Based on your testimony, and good Google reviews, I added Mike and Pops to the map. Thanks.
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