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  1. That's a lot of guaranteed money. What could go wrong?
  2. I'm OK with the Mafia in general. But I don't embrace that fan who gets doused with ketchup and mustard at the tailgate. I'm embarrassed by it.
  3. Speaking of that.... NY is doing everything they can to ban Skittles. A new law is proposed that would ban their ingredients. https://wyrk.com/skittles-candy-ban-new-york-state/
  4. True that, the Bills have a calendar. But I don't use Windows or Apple for calendar, alternatively this ICS file imports into my system.
  5. Given he's Defense in an Offense driven league... Given his age when age-ism is prevalent in hiring practices (I can personally attest to that)... He will never be hired as HC. Sad part, he will somehow blame his lack of HC hire on the Bills.
  6. Gotta be a special type to wear a sweater vest. It's a dying breed.
  7. I have the 2023 Bills calendar all set up as a file that can be imported to your favorite calendar software (mine is Google Calendar). I set it up with 30 minute reminders to kickoff. I'm willing to share the file (it would be a *.ics file) with other people, but don't know a convenient way to do so. I'm open to suggestions. I thought pastebin.com, but that's kind of geeky for most people. EDIT UPDATE: here's the schedule for those with an inner-geek https://pastebin.com/mU66kAww EDIT UPDATE 2: Here's the file that may automagically import for people who open it. bills2023.ics
  8. So you got some attention to yourself for senseless Allen bashing. Does it feel good?
  9. Not releasable, but you read it? LOL. Then the trademark squatter's letter is null and void and we revert to the situation that the squatter is out for himself.
  10. Do you have a link to the letter? I'd love to read it.
  11. Yeah. That's his spiel for PR. If that's truly the case, why didn't he sell rights for a reasonable cost to Snyder? No sale? That's because he's an extortionist out to make beaucoup bucks.
  12. I never thought I'd type these words.... I feel for Snyder. Some anti-social prick trademark squatter tied up all the good team names. A real slimy fellow. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/washington-redskins-name-change-trademark-squatter-says-only-four-name-options-are-viable-for-2020-season/
  13. Here is a Google map of places with good reviews to get Chicken Wings or Beef on Weck. https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1mpmtjHMZCrqYop5-FKuRvDtRLTvMhbs&usp=sharing
  14. You have my condolences and I can relate. I had to put my beautiful brindle, sensitive, Grey Hound down after the Christmas blizzard. He lost control over his hind end. In December I had to put doggie diapers on him, and carry him around the house. After I dug out from the blizzard I carried him into the Emergency veterinarian. The Doc suspected cancer and the decision was made to put him down, for quality of life reasons. He was only 11. In addition to grieving, I second guess my handling of the whole affair. Did I handle the early phase of his illness right (I did take him in Thanksgiving)?Should I have put him down, or should I have sought a second opinion... did I do it right? I think about it all the time.
  15. Legends will work from a clean sheet of paper. Those people you know could apply for jobs there.
  16. Stop spreading rumors unless you have a link.
  17. If you think you're old at 45... you've got a long life of unhappiness ahead of you.
  18. Just for kicks, I looked up the Google Search trends for Bills Mafia, and got this: The six spikes on the right are: Jan 2018, Sep 2019, Jan 2021, Jan 2022, Sep 2022, Jan 2023. So people search Bills Mafia in Sept and Jan, starting in earnest in 2018. Makes sense to me. The mini-spikes on the left are interesting. Sep 2005 (9 searches) and Apr 2006 (12 searches). So someone was curious about the term back then.
  19. That's good feedback. Thanks. I needed an update since the last time I Metro-bussed to "Rich" Stadium was as a teen in 1978 for a Fleetwood Mac / Foreigner / Pablo Cruise / Bob Welch concert. It was outstanding.
  20. Retired military here, so I have lived in about six places since my first TBD exposure. IIRC, my first exposure was in the Summer of 1996, with an old 80386 Compaq computer, from a dingy hotel room on Route 301 in Bowie MD. Dial-up 9600 baud modem. TBD was very new then and the forum software has advanced exponentially. I have lost prior usernames here at TSW. In the meantime, I added 3 more children, bought/sold countless cars, bought/sold 3 houses, and got divorced from my starter wife. Could you imagine if TBD/TSW were around during the Kelly/Levy Superbowl runs? That would have been epic.
  21. I can't vouch for the experience since I have never done it, but Metrobus has routes to Highmark. https://metro.nfta.com/schedules/game-day-express I'm considering trying it.
  22. Bummer. 1 PM Sunday are my favorite games. Prime-time games don't float my boat.
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