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  1. You must be loaded. I want to be you. Seriously, I jest. You are the fan the Bills target.
  2. Unfortunately, Erie County legislature has scheduled three public hearings. Can you say circus mode = On?
  3. I tried to break-in to express my displeasure at the depth of cornerback. But they slammed me down at the front door. Exceptional guards.
  4. Point being: the Pats threat is > Chiefs threat. So many here are focused on the Chiefs. The Chiefs are sleeping with the fishes at this point. Disagree. We can disagree to agree. That seems to be the board thing lately.
  5. Funny. I try to warn against over-confidence against the 3-4 Patsies. But people focus on the loser out of division 3-4 Chiefs.
  6. Concur. They may even get a wildcard. For sure, our games against them are going to downright brawls.
  7. 54 points for New England..?! I know it's only the Jets, but still. Maybe the hoodie isn't as bad as we thought.
  8. New England is going to win. I could see them winning two more before our first meeting with them December 6th. It's not the throw-away game many had envisioned before the season started. ..and look at the Titans taking it to KC. At least we kept it close to the Titans and were inches away from winning the game.
  9. Exactly? The law exempts the NFL from taxes. More specifically, 26 USC 501 exempts the NFL from taxes. A snippet from the section on who is not to be taxed: If the NFL gets stuck in some kind of Gruden-gate, there could be a public backlash to make them taxable again. Which actually makes sense to me.
  10. As I said in another thread: this is why WNY can't have nice things. Special interest groups and bush league politicians get their greasy mitts on anything and it's DOA. WNY is trapped in the land that time forgot. Signature Peace Bridge, here we go again. There will be moving vans pulling up to One Bills Drive in 2023. OTH.. kill the metro rail extension. It's a stupid idea only wanted by NFTA Contracting Officers, and construction unions.
  11. LOLZ... I hope those Bills fans visiting Nash-Bill are leaving decent tips. As a former service worker, I can attest nothing deflates your day like a stingy tipper.
  12. I get your point. But I was speaking to those thinking ahead in the bigger picture ahead of the pair of NE games. I could have worded it better. Stay hungry. Stay humble. Or get a big fat L. Go Bills.
  13. Pats were close to the Buccaneers, and went into OT against a 4-1 team. It's OK to say we are good. It's another thing to get overconfident. Stay hungry. Stay humble.
  14. My Sunday evening is done with cake, in the land of milk and honey. To a VICTORY tomorrow night.
  15. I wasn't supposed to care about the NE game. But here I am.
  16. The big Q: which of them draws double coverage .. freeing others? I don't know.
  17. Though I do like the Drew Brees "The Bills are the best team in football" commentator.
  18. I hope you're tired of Cris Collinsworth. He's the worst of them all.
  19. another dude who has made a helluva career being mediocre. I'm envious.
  20. I'm not watching a video feed, but listening. Must be his receivers dropping balls...?
  21. NE is taking it to the Cowboys... I'm not pleased. I want NE to lose. Prescott has not looked good.
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