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  1. Revisiting the 10 seconds is an exercise in futility. The game difference was Bass's missed field goal. What was it? A 33 yarder?
  2. Well, one thing it isn't: the line doesn't represent who one thinks will win or lose. The house wants people to bet evenly on both sides of the bet,so they adjust the line accordingly. People are bettng as if the Ravens game will be close.
  3. I wore newly purchased Bills attire. There must be a way to christen new attire to appease the Gods.
  4. This. I'm OK with this today, but if it becomes a weekly pattern, we gotta talk. PS: I once worked in HR and had to deal with this kind of thing.
  5. To have JA and restrict his running and throwing is akin to having a Jeep Rubicon, and only driving it to church on Sundays.
  6. Clever. Are you trying to start a new meme right up there with 13 seconds, wide right and Music City miracle? 19 points. Quick, get your trademark application into the Patent Office.
  7. Someone posted Dorsey's post game fit of rage on a politics board I frequent. They rarely post sports material, so this was highly unusual. They said it owned the internet Sunday. In his defense I brought up he was 38-2 in college and didn't like losing. The Dorsey incident is getting lots of attention.
  8. Do you expect him to play at a high-level until he's 35 years old?
  9. I got my VA disability rating justifiably bumped up to 90%. There's gonna be a sizeable check since the claim is from 2015. (they work really slow)
  10. I like Pepperidge Farm Original White Bread. When I want to kick it up a notch, I'll use sourdough.
  11. Grass doesn't do well in winter climates. For example: the Steelers have grass, by the time December comes around, it's a mud bowl.
  12. I vote for the never. If the National Restaurant Association has any sway, and I'm not sure that hey do, this hair-brained scheme will never see the light of day.
  13. Alcohol consumption at Bills games could be severely curtailed if the NTSB has their way. https://www.npr.org/2022/09/20/1124171320/autos-drunk-driving-blood-alcohol-system-ntsb Imagine leaving Highmark after a joyous 4th quarter come from behind win, just to have your Toyota Camry (or pick any car) lock you down from driving because because it detects a whiff of alcohol. ...this is seriously close to fruition.
  14. Touché. I sometimes mix my masochists and sadists. up.
  15. Thank you. I always fail to view from the gamblers viewpoint.
  16. What kind of twisted sadistic person are you? Missing the Losing? Seek psychiatric help. I recommend Abilify.
  17. Thanks. Your reporting on the lack of information is the most I've read so far. I look forward to future reports on this thread... which I guess in a NFL Injury Reports way, will be vague until noon Sunday.
  18. I came here for a lucent conversation about Dane's injury status moving forward. Looks like I came to the wrong place. :(
  19. Trades have such romance with the fanbase. They work pretty good when the larder is full. Otherwise, they are a fools game.
  20. My take-aways include, but are not limited to: 1. Case Keenum is not very good, and it will be a dark day if he's playing other than garbage time. 2. In the past, the Bills had faltered in front of an enthusiastic home crowd, pressure. This is no longer a problem. The crowd was lights out tonight---and the players remained dialed into their game plan. 3. The jury is still out on Cook, but I saw positive flashes.
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