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  1. More specifically: https://martinhouse.org/
  2. Yeah. That's why I'm religious about my CPAP. RIP Tony. I didn't know you were on the Sopranos. Good trivia question there.
  3. Your fanhood is questioned, but please keep praying for her.
  4. Heh. An interesting take. I use two ad-blockers (probably to the chagrin of SDS and Moderators) and never noticed ads on Quora or TBD/TSW.
  5. The Bandits game was on ESPNU, which is part of my cable package. It was fun to watch. The 18th game is only on ESPN+ ..which I don't get. Bummer. You'd think a major league championship game would be on a publicly accessible channel.. but I guess the NLL marches to their own drummer. The https://bandits.com/ are owned by the Pegula's. They play in the National Lacrosse League. https://www.nll.com/ They had a very good season. The winner of Saturday's game is the league champion.
  6. https://www.quora.com/Why-don-t-NFL-QBs-seem-to-get-injuries-that-need-Tommy-John-surgery-as-MLB-pitchers-do
  7. But can Dorsey call a running game? That is the elephant in the room that no one speaks of...
  8. The Pats are living rent free in OP's head. Note to OP: you need to exorcise the Pats from your psyche. Then life will be the land of milk and honey. I'm withholding a political analogy, for fear of being suspended again.
  9. A post I can get behind. It's about injury luck and depth on the bench. I would add game day coaching decisions as well.
  10. Yep. 93 days. I made a spreadsheet with some date math to keep track. ..I'm OCD regarding this upcoming season.
  11. I remember from TV coverage last season: they flashed Knox on the sidelines warming up by juggling balls in the air while someone threw him additional balls. He caught them and kept juggling. He's gonna make big bucks somewhere when his contract is up.
  12. All true. And let's not overlook the elephant in the room: we have a new inexperienced OC. Can the former QB coach call a running game?
  13. I don't like all these optimistic forecasts. They give me a hinky feeling. I remind myself of the Pitt and Jax games from last year.
  14. I attribute Knox's success more to that "hands coach" that he hired. When Knox strikes the big pay day, which he will, he will really appreciate that decision.
  15. Thanks. I was not aware that Marv had USFL experience. Marv was a learned and well rounded man for certain.
  16. I googled George. An impressive record. He coached college, NFL, USFL and CFL. I think he stands unique in that achievement alone.
  17. Who is Paul Allen? Co-founder of Microsoft fame, or of American Psycho fame?
  18. The gals (and guys) in Buffalo tend to be a bit porky. It's a combination of a long winter and great food options. Compare to the svelte men and women of Miami or Los Angeles where they have no winter.
  19. Offensive Coordinator concerns me the most.
  20. You may have a point on "the locker room" ...I was thinking about the fan base being divided. Seems half the fan base is OK with Kape, and the other half is repulsed. Likewise, fans seem to have a love him or hate him relationship with Flutie.
  21. Explore & More -- The Ralph C. Wilson Children's Museum https://exploreandmore.org/ Paid for by Ralph's largesse.
  22. Poyer signed a contract which he hasn't completed. I'm not going to demean someone who thinks not fulfilling a contract is crying or pouting. Poyer signed a contract which he hasn't completed. I'm not going to demean someone who thinks not fulfilling a contract is crying or pouting.
  23. Those apologizing for Poyer's absence won't be so happy when he holds out all of training camp. He hired a cut throat agent. Who lines up against no fool, In Beane We Trust. Beane isn't going to break the bank for a 31 y/o Safety. Besides, the till is empty. Poyer is traded or cut.
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