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  1. Us arm chair QBs take offense. We could be ripped like Brady and Brees. It's only that Timmy Ho's hasn't offered the right combo meal.
  2. I'm so old I consider the Ravens a new franchise. The true Baltimore team is the Colts.
  3. I don't think you do. If the state calls your Supervisor and learns the nature of your termination, you'll be lucky to get anything.
  4. Winning a playoff game = Successful season. I'm happy today. Further wins are icing on the cake. I won't be calling the VETS CRISIS LINE if they lose a Super Bowl.
  5. Or, defend our rubble pebbles. The toe drag with rubber pebbles gave us an "in bounds" reception on Saturday.
  6. I'd would have to narrow it down to Crabcakes or Steamed Crab with Old Bay spice.
  7. I'm worried that we'll be cap strapped at skill positions after we pay Josh's big fat contract that he's about to get.
  8. Ugh. Please dear God don't let the Bills look like the Steelers five years from now.
  9. Sometimes, to keep the opponent off balance, you have to pretend you'll run the ball. Especially if you have an interview with the Jets the next day.
  10. Frank Reich explicitly state one of his keys to victory was field position strategy. Congratulations to him for his success. Thank goodness he wasn't too successful in the bigger picture.
  11. Ya. In the big picture, the Refs were decent. They did blow "the fumble" but made many calls properly in favor of the Bills.
  12. Truth. Thank you for point out what should be obvious. Bass is Boss, and really won the game.
  13. Memo to the thread: If you didn't notice, we were in desperation mode. We won in the closing seconds, defeating a hail mary. Point being, it was the kind of game where you use all the tools in your box. Allen running is one of those tools. Without Allen's runs our season would be over today.
  14. Frank Reich is a very good coach. And we beat him.
  15. Stop self flagellating. Frank Reich is an awesome football mastermind and coach. We beat one of the best their is. The Bills are fine.
  16. What a well written and fair article. Kudos to the author. The micro-detail I noticed: the author properly called Labatt's Labatt, more than once.
  17. That's a good way for Josh Allen to learn. Repetition builds muscle memory.
  18. MIA has high draft position, so this is definite possibility.
  19. Please enlighten us. What sources indicate CK has changed? What sources say CK is "waaay" than Barkley? Keep in mind Barkley just lit up Miami's desperate starters for 20+ points.
  20. Hate to interrupt all this Josh love (which I agree with)... I thought Matt Barkley's numbers in the second half were pretty impressive. It just comes down to a scary good TEAM.
  21. Is Frank going to measure the Buffalo field, a la Hoosiers, and tell his team to relax and perform?
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