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  1. Wow that's some 4D Chess there. Ask them to go this week and give them off next week could work too
  2. Good one. Believe that was lifted from NFL films coverage of then KC Coach Hank Stram
  3. Yes seems that way. Syracuse could go 4-0 vs NFC East.
  4. He was the LB who lost Kroft in end zone at end of Bills - Rams game.
  5. Great recall there!!! Looks like they are using SF based bands - last break was Greg Kihn Band, the Breakup song.
  6. I believe Wallace is an outside only CB. Norman may be able to man the slot. This is where EJ Gaines could have helped as he could play both spots
  7. Seeing how the Bills missed Milano and Tre White vs Titans, one can only hope that they both suit up and play MON vs Chiefs. Outside the injury realm, there is one position that looks extremely poor to date in the secondary and that is Slot/Nickle CB Taron Johnson. He was torched on the 3rd and 19 completion by the Titans and lost coverage a couple other times. He looks slow and unable to get in guys hip pockets which is what that position requires in coverage. PFF has him rated as the 4th worst Slot CB in the league and have him surrendering the most yards (285) of any slot CB. Teams like KC, Pittsburgh, NE and SF will take advantage of this weakness. The Chargers have Desmond King as a depth CB and he is a former All Pro player. Might the Bills look for an upgrade in the trade market and move a player from a position of strength (OL after Mongo comes back?). I can't get the Kyle Dugger pick by NE @ #37 out of my head as I know OBD coveted him. So do we trade for a slot upgrade or do we look to poach a player from a PS? https://nfltraderumors.co/nfltr-review-comprehensive-trade-catalog/
  8. The only thing that matters this year for the Bills..... is win the next game on the schedule.
  9. Lol. You do realize that Bills WR coach Chad Hall is an Air Force Academy graduate.
  10. As much as he can run the ball, Bell is an excellent WR. When Bills go 10 sets or empty sets he can play like a WR and has done so for Steelers. And at 6'1" tall he represents a much bigger target for Josh than Moss/Singletary. You can setup with him and motion him wide to alter coverage and get him one on one vs an LB. That being said, I am a bargain bin shopper and would only offer a 2020 deal for minimal $
  11. LOL. Is this her? She must identify as he/him so I am very confused!
  12. @Shaw66 spot on brother. As a result of our 3 turnovers, their scoring drives were 12, 16 and 18 yds. And they had a short field after the 40 yd punt return and only had to go 30 yds for a 4th TD.
  13. The board wants to know if there is a sub-paragraph that pertains to Tuesday.
  14. lol Man Broncos are almost off the Grid. We are only second worst!
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