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  1. freddyjj

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    Yes Tre beat 2x for 70 yds by him that day. I stand corrected. Wallace was beat 4x by Galloday that day
  2. freddyjj

    93.7 the fan in Pgh bashes the bills some more

    beat them this year and we will feel better
  3. freddyjj

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    Wallace only faced one big WR in those last 7 games - Kenny Galloday from Lions who caught 7/8 passes thrown his way for 146 yds. With us playing CLE, PIT, CIN, PHL the level of WRs will be much better than last end of last season NYJ, MIA, NE) . Wallace also gave up the play to Moncrief at goal line vs JAGS that preceded the Fournette / Lawson throwdown. OBD may be worried about him vs big-time talent WRs.
  4. freddyjj

    Bills 53 offensive line projection

    He started and played one complete game vs Miami. Most of other plays were as extra blocker. Only played over 15 plays in 2 other games. His signing a one year vet minimum deal points to his possibly being released with little repercussion. Waddle signing not a good sign for him.
  5. freddyjj

    Gronk retired

    Glad he is getting out with full use of his faculties, as limited as they were to begin with. 😁
  6. freddyjj

    Bills 53 offensive line projection

    Have to believe Beane adds at least 2 more players to mix in FA/Draft. I see another guard coming and an OT. Long and Feliciano can back up Morse. 9 on active roster then. I will guess at those players currently under contract that will be let go - bolded below Dawkins Nsekhe Waddle Morse Long Feliciano Teller Boettger - PS target Ducasse Sirles Bodine McDermott
  7. freddyjj

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    This should fit him, and like his UH one, slightly used😎
  8. freddyjj

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    Agreed - Oliver played 0T or NT for Houston and was the only difference maker on that D Line - and had strong numbers. Playing out of position and eating double and triple teams was his job - he did it and never complained. At the point of the coat incident, his coach Major Applewhite was hanging by a thread and over-reacted IMHO. Subsequently fired.
  9. freddyjj

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    Dinner restaurant suggestion for OBD :
  10. At 9 by Bills. And we would have saved some draft capital versus last year
  11. freddyjj

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    Here is some more food for thought from 2017 draft scouting reports https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/draft-pff-scouting-report-dion-dawkins-g-temple
  12. freddyjj

    DE, Jachai Polite, FL in the 2nd Rnd

    Biggest audition of his life and he showed up out of shape, overweight and surly. Several clubs said worst interview ever at Combine. Not a prayer he becomes a Bill.
  13. freddyjj

    Pro Day Tracker Thread

    Good question. McLaurin has very good receiving skills and is an ST demon. Good gunner https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/terry-mclaurin
  14. freddyjj

    Dez Bryant: I'll be a steal wherever I go in free agency

    Slow and then got hurt. Horrible work ethic. Can't run full route tree after 10 years. Oh yeah. Gimme some of that. Gotta have it.
  15. freddyjj

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option

    voted yes as can revoke before next year per below: For first-rounders picked outside the top 10, the calculation is a little more complicated. These players’ fifth-year option also relies on the previous year’s salaries at the player’s position, but it’s determined by the average of the third through 25th top salaries at that position. So we could come up with estimates for the 2019 option salary for players like Melvin Gordon, Byron Jones, and Trae Waynes, but they’re not set in stone quite yet. Fifth-year options are guaranteed for injury only between May 3 and the start of the following league year. As such, they’re not entirely risk-free, but as long as the player remains healthy, a team could exercise his fifth-year option, then cut him before his option year gets underway without being on the hook for his salary. When the league year begins, the player’s fifth-year salary becomes guaranteed for skill and cap purposes, as well as injury