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  1. Who will be first Bill to test positive for COVID-19? I will guess Bill Clinton.
  2. I take it you are the Russian judge. 😎
  3. I was at the game in Toronto where I believe the Bills pitched a shutout. Fitzy got blown up on a blitz (Fletcher) and hurt his ribs pretty bad. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2012/3/28/2907978/ryan-fitzpatrick-rib-injury-buffalo-bills The next 3 games were losses and Bills lost big in each as Fitz was way off.
  4. Those guys were all old school. Always showed respect. Could have differences with other pols but always negotiate a settlement. Like Reagan and Tip O'Neill, always had late night one on one talks with scotches at White House to reach consensus. Lost art now. Someone always has to win and the other guy not only has to lose but lose face too.
  5. Only issue was in game ejection. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/12/23/vernon-butler-apologizes-for-ejection-flipping-the-bird/
  6. His year last year looks strong. 6 sacks, 3 FF, 8 QB hits, & 7 tackles for loss. And he was platooning there too. Game Game Def Fumb Fumb Tack Tack Tack Tack Tack Year Age Tm G GS Lng FF FR Sk Comb Solo Ast TFL QBHits AV 2019 25 CAR 14 9 3 0 6.0 32 22 10 7 8 All the guys on the list are targets for teams if their projected starter goes down. Hauschka could be valuable if a good team had a PK get hurt
  7. Hauschka Long EJ Gaines Yeldon Those are my candidates
  8. Ha Ha! 24 on the Pats would just dive at his ankles, no shoulder or arm wrap up attempt 24 is a "cover" CB now.
  9. Not sure he will make it as a return man, especially punts for reasons already noted. Yes he had a 65 yard TD run on his first NFL carry (preseason vs eventual roister cuts) and a fun 46 yd catch and run. But per this excerpt from BR, the rest of his numbers were pedestrian vs 3rd and 4th stringers. The former rugby star joined the Bills through an international outreach program, but became a mini-sensation after his preseason debut. Wade took his first ever carry 65 yards to the house. A week later, he did it again, breaking loose on a catch-and-run and careening across the field for 48 yards. He would finish the preseason with eight carries for 84 yards and a touchdown, adding four catches for 56 yards—but for a brief stint, fans had visions of greatness. So he averaged 2.9 yds on his other 7 carries and 2.7 yds on his other 3 catches.
  10. This hits close to home. Was in college during the "Ground Chuck" Knox years and those were some good teams, especially on defense. the Bermuda Triangle with Sherman White, Gentle Ben and Ken "Baby" Johnson rotating at DE. "I gotta feelin', Buffalo's going to da Super Bowl! RIP Gentle Ben.
  11. That's why when we got in trouble we all knew our parents maxim "you are on your own, don't call us". Us brothers had to go save one another once and a while but we knew our parents were going to side with the authorities. Made us a little wiser a lot sooner.
  12. Ed must have borrowed Isiah McKenzie's shoes, that dude falls down on his own every other play😎
  13. Horrible harry is the 1T backup for Star. Last year Jordan Phillips was the 3T platoon mate with Ed. My guess is that Quinton Jefferson and Vernon Butler play the 3T if Oliver misses part of season.
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