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  1. I have attached link to that play https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/game-highlights-browns-vs-bills-x3068 It was Wallace on that play and he just missed deflecting ball - might have even got a piece of it. The Higgins TD was where Wallace really got abused. Should have held him and drawn the flag in hindsight. Wallace also drew the coverage on Landry's TD. Tough day.
  2. Landry plays slot so not Wallace's assignment.
  3. Good topic Ethan. On D I agree we may see 5 DTs. Lorax, Ed Oliver and Jordan Philips will be key to interior pass rush on passing downs. Liuget, Star and Vince Taylor get mostly run downs and Jordan Philips as well. We may only see 4 LBs dress with Lorax, Milano, Edmunds and Thompson as a result. Or they go with 8 DBs sitting Johnson and Coleman if they dress 5 LBs. Daboll will likley be able to victimize Browns down the middle so may see Kroft and Knox used on seam patters,. Smith dresses as 3rd TE. My guess at WR is Brown, Beasley, McKenzie lead in snaps with Foster or Duke as the spare. Of course Roberts dresses so 5 here. McKenzie and Roberts are must haves for big play potential - Roberts on STs. 7 on Oline with Long and Boettger out. Gates and Ford are the spares again. Yeldon sits again. so 4 RBs and 2 Qbs. 21 on O, 22 on D and 3 STers.
  4. He only played against their coverages and Gilmore and those safeties every day. The guy would be valuable as a FA to help solve Belicheat He would be playing against the scout team PS guys simulating the opponents defense in practice - not the Pats D.
  5. Agree put Tre on OBJ. Landry is their Slot WR so will likely not be covered by Levi Wallace. Taron Johnson/Kevin Johnson or Siran Neal likely get Landry
  6. Doubt he knows Pats D playbook. That's what Bills need.
  7. Agreed. Dodson was a good kid at A&M who was big brother figure to a disabled child. Dodson was intoxicated on Day of incident and imagine he may have sought help in interim.
  8. Great stuff Gunner Bill. A couple questions for you. If Bills use 8 in box to stop Chubb/Hunt in run game do they run risk of OBJ going off? Do Browns have a TE that can beat Bills down the seam?
  9. Joe Cribbs era! "Ground Chuck" Knox. Bermuda triangle. Phil Vilipiano! Conrad Dobler! Smerlas/Haslett! Isiah! Fond memories of college days!
  10. Landry is in slot primarily so not matched up on Levi
  11. I believe you are correct on both points. Bills scored.less than 20 pts in 10 games and went 6-4 in those. Top 10 in scoring offense and defense that year. The stats for both reflect first 8 games of respective season.
  12. I am not sure where Raiders played him (3T?) but was a 5T DE on the Strong side for Chargers. Quote from Raiders site when they signed him Raiders coach Jon Gruden agrees, saying, “Liuget is a legitimate 3-technique and can also be a penetrator as a nose … he gives us another veteran player with inside pass-rush ability. We are thrilled to have him,” according to the Raiders’ official website.
  13. Some transparency here please, here are actual stats from Jim Kelly's first 8 games in 1993 Jim Kelly 1993 Season Passing Rk G# Tm Opp Result GS Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate Sk Yds Y/A AY/A 1 1 BUF NWE W 38-14 * 13 22 59% 167 4 1 103.6 1 10 7.59 9.18 2 2 BUF @ DAL W 13-10 * 16 27 59% 155 1 1 72.3 4 26 5.74 4.81 3 3 BUF MIA L 13-22 * 20 39 51% 199 1 2 53.3 4 23 5.1 3.31 4 4 BUF NYG W 17-14 * 14 25 56% 142 1 1 69.1 5 30 5.68 4.68 5 5 BUF HOU W 35-7 * 15 25 60% 247 3 0 132.8 2 6 9.88 12.28 6 6 BUF @ NYJ W 19-10 * 22 35 63% 224 0 2 57.3 1 8 6.4 3.83 7 7 BUF WAS W 24-10 * 18 24 75% 238 2 1 116.3 0 0 9.92 9.71 8 8 BUF @ NWE W 13-10 * 29 46 63% 317 1 0 90.6 2 19 6.89 7.33 1st 8 games 147 243 60% 1689 13 8 86.9 19 122 7.2 6.9 Different era back then. bills were 7-1 after 8 weeks in 1993. Interesting note that in back half of year, 1993 Bills were 5-3 and Jim only threw 5 TDs against 10 INTs in those last 8 games.
  14. Sportsline agrees with the premise Bills are overrated. So check these out https://www.sportsline.com/insiders/sportsline-nfl-futures-simulations-have-little-love-for-the-6-2-buffalo-bills/ excerpt from above link Buffalo might be a bit of a fraud as its wins are over the New York Jets, New York Giants, Cincinnati, Tennessee, Miami and Washington – the Titans are OK but those other teams are truly horrible. The Bills have played two good teams in the Patriots and Eagles and lost both. Buffalo is in Cleveland this Sunday and is a 2.5-point underdog on the NFL odds to a 2-6 team on a four-game losing streak. The Browns are down to a 6.3 percent chance of making the playoffs and it's only that high because the team has a very easy schedule left. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gongCYLPJVjeGTj33E8Jiedw5ER7tj6sUn32Dg9rCvw/edit#gid=1615202201 They have Bills at 20th ranked team in power rankings and only 71% chance of making playoffs in their simulation summary for entire season. They also have Bills coming in at 9.9 wins - same as Texans.
  15. The Browns are victims of their player generated hype machine. ImaBe.... not so fast lads! Too many TV ads, Hard Knocks exposure has led to the players seemingly pandering to media first, team second. Kitchens had his chance to quash it and didn't so now he deals with backlash of such a culture
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