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  1. Her exact words were " merely a flesh wound ". 😋
  2. Can't see Kim signing off as just canned 3 of PSE execs for sexual harassment in last few months. Too sensitive a topic to overlook or issue a hall pass on. He has only gotten worse with alcohol fueled behavior as a pro. See response above As a season ticket holder and father with 2 daughters I hope we pass.
  3. He does have 3 incidents in 18 mos. He does stupid things ie fights when drunk. And he has a history of getting drunk and stupid all the way back to Toledo where he was suspended for 2 games. Pass. Not worth the aggravation
  4. Loved the blitz pickup on touchdown pass
  5. freddyjj

    Our Last Win in the Playoffs

    Marv was coach in 1996 and 1997. Wade became head coach in 1998 and was 0-2 in playoffs with road losses to Miami in 1998 and Tennessee in 1999.
  6. And 3rd since drafted. All while drunk.... see a pattern? Get some help kid. Then come back.
  7. Don’t see it as Desean hasn’t done much since leaving PHL even with Mike Evans opposite him. Small and showing signs of wear too.
  8. Voted no. As we have a female CEO don’t see how this signing could fly as sends the wrong message to female fans.
  9. freddyjj

    Your draft sleeper pick

    Daniel Wise, DT Kansas His dad played in NFL and bro in league now. A quick 3T replacement for Kyle. Could use one of our 5th rounders on him. Captain and 4 yr player that McBeane look for. Looked good in East West game yday.
  10. freddyjj

    It's the playing surface!

    Let’s add Natural grass to the wish list for new stadium then!!!
  11. Will Wolford at LT. Bills went back a step or two when he left for Indy in 93. Great at Pass blocking and the run game.
  12. Cue the Queue of haters!!! I thought he played much better after injury as it appeared he processed game better. An off-season spent on throwing and footwork fundamentals coupled with OTAs and a full camp getting #1 reps in same offense should prove beneficial. This is what he controls and has to strive for. As for getting better OLine and Skill players, OBD has to deliver on that. If so, this kid could have a strong second year. He is very good with play action so an improved running game will help him and receivers.
  13. freddyjj

    Top 9 players in the draft.

    So while one or both may climb at combine, not sure it will be into top 10. Metcalf's neck injury and rumored subsequent surgery will discount him . And both players have done OK, but not great vs Big Schools. Metcalf has some nice career #s but has only played in 21 games in which he compiled 67 catches for 1228 yds (18.3 YPC) and 14 TDS. Impressive career YPC and TD stats (20 % of catches for TDs) but catch # / game just over 3 for career. In only 7 career games versus SEC teams he has 20 catches for 363 yds and 6TDs. Not what I see as dominant enough to move up to top 10. And the injury is a real issue. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/dk-metcalf-1/gamelog/ As for Harry, he has some prolific catch numbers in 37 career starts. 213 catches ( 6 rec/game) for 2889 yds (13.6 YPC) and 22 TD receptions. So 10% TD reception rate which is not a great rate. In 2018 in 9 games vs Pac10 teams and Michigan State, he had 49 catches for 701 yds and only 3 TDs . Against Washington, with an NFL ready secondary, he had 5 catches for 20 yds and no TDs. This is where his separation issues show up and might be why OBD passes given Bills nightmare from 2018 and receivers not gaining separation. I will say Harry played well vs USC with a Receiving and Return TD. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/nkeal-harry-1/gamelog/ And just for the record, recent WRs in Rd 1 are a crap shoot. In 2018 DJ Moore was first off the board at pick 24 primarily beacuse he did not produce in big games in college. In 2017, there were 3 top 10 WRs and none have really gone off yet. Corey Davis went at 5 to TN, Mike Williams to Chargers at 7 and John Ross at 9 to CIN. Davis and Ross were potential projection guys and it hasn't worked out yet. In 2016, there was not a top 10 WR and the list of 2016 Rd 1 WRS is a just a bunch of guys, Corey Coleman, Will Fuller, Josh Doctson and Laquon Treadwell. Pass please. In 2015, Amari Cooper went at 4 with this incredible 2014 stat line, 124 catches for 1727 yds and 16 TDs, with 12 of those in SEC and 2 more vs Ohio State in Bowl game. Kevin White from WVU went later to Bears in top 10 and had similar 2014 numbers versus Big 12 and even Alabama. And we know how that turned out.
  14. Beebe and Al Edwards were other WRs that year. Copeland was drafted in 1993 - Beebe missed last 4 games and playoffs that year. Edwards did not have a catch in SB25. And Lofton only had one for 61 yrs.
  15. freddyjj

    Caption This

    TB: Now remember, Don't let them touch me REF: There, there now Tommie!