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  1. @FireChansDoes this include all TDs ie Rushing and passing and also fumbles ?
  2. What? Gave up 4 TDs and a FG in 2nd half and OT with only one stop on the Eagles 6 possessions
  3. And 78.3% would be Norwood's second best season. And 6 points better than Norwood's career average. Norwood only hit 66% of his tries from 40-49 yds in his best year. Just some perspective
  4. Welcome back Yolo. Not so as Eagles have yielded 250 YPG and given up 21 passing TDs in only 10 games. Their D is in bottom quartile in 3rd down stop % and is in bottom 3 of all teams in Red Zone TD % given up.
  5. Bills 27 Eagles 20 Diggs Cook and Kincaid have a big game. Bills D knock Hurts out of game.
  6. Yes he had only 20 catches and 2 receiving TDs. Primary KR and has 52 KO returns and a 97 yd KO return for a TD. Reed was back from injury year of 95 and Bills signed Quinn Early as Bill Brooks replacement so they got all the reps. Tasker, Russell Copeland and Moilds got turns as 3rd WR.
  7. He is not an NFL quality returner. Averaged less than 20 YPR on KOs and less than 9 YPR on Punts. With no TDs. At UMass that is horrible.
  8. Bledsoe came here in 2002. Your recollection was right except for the season.
  9. heard on WGR earlier today that all but one of the Bills fumbles (8/9) have been recovered by the opponent! Hopefully we stop putting the ball on the carpet and we regress to the mean on recoveries if we have more fumbles.
  10. Needs to pay the excess baggage fee ... May be why Pats gave up. Suspension, gun charges.... From SI yeah On Monday, they cut troubled young corner Jack Jones, who had a host of red flags coming out in 2022 (which is why he was available in the fourth round), was suspended last year for missing rehab (and talking back to Bill Belichick after being confronted about it), faced felony gun charges in the offseason (he came to a plea deal on those) and was benched for the first quarter of the Commanders game after reporting late to the hotel the night before.
  11. This dude has a 40% catch rate when targeted. maybe the Schwartz is not with him?
  12. Easy. The Dickies khakis don't match our colors. And he isn't 1/10th the coach his brother is.
  13. While a loss tonight would really hurt their playoff chances, they would still only be 1 game behind Miami. Their chance of winning the division would still be very viable. So I don’t see how team’s psyche would crumble.
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