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  1. I tore ACL so agree on back pedaling and changing directions being stressors. In Bills run looks Poyer is usually the force or in box safety - not Hyde. Hyde plays deep in Cover 1 more than Poyer. But Bills often use their safeties interchangeably.
  2. If you play S in Bills D then you are a key in run support. And you may be asked to drop back into a different coverage look. Can't see how all the thumping with Online and running in coverage as a S is easier than CB.
  3. From USA Today 8/30/22 Cornerback Tre'Davious White will start the 2022 NFL season on injury designation. On Tuesday, the Buffalo Bills cut their roster down to 53 players. In doing so, the team also announced that White has been placed on the Reserve/PUP list. White has not practiced at all this offseason due to a knee injury. Eligible to come off PUP today, Will need to be activated within 21 days or go on IR.
  4. Scott - my take is he never was evaluated for a concussion and therefore avoided entering the league's concussion protocol altogether. As Miami officials (at home btw) within minutes of the Sunday injury informed the sidelines and media that Tua was being evaluated for a "head injury" and then bypassed all concussion protocols with the back injury nonsense, they may be facing some serious consequences. Hope the young man recovers without incidence.
  5. My memory goes back to Chris Miller - decent QB who was forced to retire after 5 concussions in 14 months. It got so bad it took him 2 hours to drive home from stadium when he lived 15 minutes away.
  6. Agree OLine looked sluggish off snap but it was the S Holland who beat Dawkins and Motor to cause the strip/fumble.
  7. FYI folks, Mancz started the entire 2016 season at C for the Texans. Van Roten's first start at C in NFL was this past SUN
  8. Just what I said. All show, no substance.
  9. Michael McCorkle Jones is a true Southern frat boy. All hat, no cattle. What a crybaby, where's his binky?
  10. I reckon Vontae Davis still owes us half a game - N/C btw.
  11. I acknowledged my mistake to prior poster who noted it was 26. Thanks
  12. and Cam Lewis in only 5'9" amd 180lbs - too small to play outside CB in Bills D
  13. Not sure why he is that guy either. He missed the block on the S on the sack/strip of Josh. And on his long run, all I could think of was that's a long TD if Cook ran that same play.
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