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  1. Duly noted - my bad OP. Please accept my apologies. McNabb is delusional.
  2. Lol OP. HOF? Seriously? Short list of SU QBs that turn out to be a decent Pro QB. Lets leave it at one. McNabb.
  3. n Oh wait..... NFC team exec... Could his initials be JJ? Not sure JJ and RK are buds. https://boston.cbslocal.com/2017/11/30/robert-kraft-throws-shade-at-jerry-jones/
  4. I see your point that his making roster is not a given. Agreed. Interested to see what a full camp and OTAs brings to help him bond with JA. I believe Zay missed all OTAs, minicamp and a good part of last years camp because of rehab on knee and shoulder surgeries. In 2017 he injured knee in OTAs and missed some of those and minicamp. Hopefully this year he gets to be part of all 3. Time will tell what impact that will have on his role in offense.
  5. Wow Ndomakung Suh to The CanAm Spyder Rider in 2 years flat! Tanking is on!
  6. Dylan Knox can hold out as long as he wants. Now Dawson Knox is an entirely different situation! 😎
  7. Go to link in Bills announcement. Was here on PS 2017 and beginning of last year. Went to Colts where Bobbie Johnson was Asst O Line coach last year. Small world.
  8. Gotcha - my understanding that topics must have Bills the is erroneous. Seemed like a random topic as he has been out of league 26 years and out of the news.
  9. Less than 10 TDs in 11 years vs Bills. And none in p layoff games against Bills. He was okay.
  10. Shame on you for using logic and verified data to prove your point. 😎 I for one am happy this deal got done.
  11. As an Irishman, feel comfortable posting this. Tommy Sweeney's reaction on hearing the news (as he is most similar player to Kroft):
  12. Glad we have 5 in OTA camp...! Did Croom break it?
  13. Happy for #55, is the heart of defense now that #95 is gone. Good value for both sides on extension. Hope Murph or Shaq step up on other side now! Wonder how close he and Oliver will be as both Texas guys who love the ranch lifestyle.
  14. I like Jacoby Brissett. Sounds like Frank doing Jimbo a favor that's all.
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