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  1. If the guy they want is a premium position vis a vis the cap (CB,DE) then they stay at 30 to get the cost controlled 5th year.
  2. Scout No. 1 on Houston edge rusher Payton Turner: I love him. This guy is so long-armed and he’s really smart. He had a really high Wonderlic score.
  3. Sounds like Micah Hyde (https://walterfootball.com/scoutingreport2013mhyde.php) and Jordan Poyer (Zierlein reference https://www.nfl.com/prospects/jevon-holland/3200484f-4c13-1928-b996-94eefba2d73c) scouting reports.
  4. Beane has never moved down in draft as Bills GM but may this year if his impact guys are gone. Could then see him use acquired picks and our 2 5th rounders to move up and target players on Day 2 as he has done that before.
  5. Believe the bumper sticker that year was " the Bills are due in 72"
  6. Brian Moorman all pro punter. 😎 Just threaten the other team with the thought of us not going for it on 4th and long on our side of the field.
  7. Where I grew up we call it payday. Just add a hooker
  8. So is TJ Carrie a boundary CB? 6'0" and 204 so my guess is outside guy. 2 picks in limited role last year with Colts.
  9. Henderson was out of NFL in 3 years with only 1 start and 1 Int for the Jets Dean and Okudah are not starters yet. Jones has been meh so far in DAL and MIA So Peanut and Ramsey are the real deal. So 50% hit rate
  10. I agree that 2021 will be a fish or cut bait year for Horrible Harry. OBD might be looking a little later in draft for a NT/1T college player to eventually replace Star
  11. This from TBN in March. https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/florida-state-dbs-show-skills-for-bills-nfl-scouts-at-pro-day/article_0e9e651c-8b4f-11eb-9514-e7f8cc99065f.html#:~:text=However%2C Nasirildeen did not run the 40 due,had vertical jumps of more than 40 inches. Hamsah Nasirildeen FSU. Hybrid S/LB.
  12. So my theory is Lamp wanted to wear the 2 best retro jerseys in the league in his career. Chargers powder blue and Bills all Whites with standing Buffalo helmet. Seriously, see PFF scouting report when he came out. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-pff-scouting-report-forrest-lamp-g-western-kentucky Played LT at a small school, projected to OG or OC at NFL level. Maybe an audition in camp at C/G to see if he can be main interior backup.
  13. Fergie had a live arm, IMHO better than Kelly's ever was. BTW that 1975 team was fun to watch with OJ and Jim Braxton at HB/FB combining for over 2600 yds rushing ,700 yds receiving and a combined 36 TDs - from just the two primary running backs! And to add to Bills fans heart issues - they fumbled a combined 14 times!
  14. I have been a fan as long as I can remember - my earliest memories are the 1966 season. Could never understand my obsession about all things Buffalo Bills. UNTIL...I realized that the reporting day of their first training camp was the day I was born in 1960. That's weird.
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