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  1. we were blown out by Bengals 20-0 in first half with starters playing. Showed how poor our OL was and that without pressure our DBs were a liability (Davis, Gaines etc)
  2. Most great stories are redemptive in nature. One who has all struggles and falls. Along the way they learn that the journey is the point, not the end. Wish him the best and hope some out there learn from his experience. And he is a pretty good analyst btw!
  3. Whatever address is throw rocks at basement windows as all these nerds live with mom still in a basement bedroom
  4. When did Don Beebe become a Bills legend??? C'mon Man. He was pretty fly for a white guy
  5. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001034009/article/nfl-division-power-rankings-nfc-north-stands-above-the-rest Greg Rosenthal Article from NFL.Com with excerpt on AFCE being 8th of 8 divisions. At least he mentions Bills/jets as potential playoff aspirants. 😎 AFC East: Patriots, Dolphins, Bills, Jets The home to the greatest team of the decade in any decade is often home to the least amount of competition. At least the AFC East is far more compelling because of the presence of young quarterbacks Sam Darnold, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen. This should be an improved division, but it comes in last in a balanced NFL because there's only one team with legitimate Super Bowl hopes. Yes, the Pats are the only AFC East team that can say missing the playoffs would truly be a letdown. Between the Bills and Jets, however, there is the potential for a surprise playoff entrant and possibly a true division race for the first time in a long time if the Patriots finally begin to show their age.
  6. Thad cohosts Buffalo Kickoff Live which is on TV at 11:30 am on game days. My bad.
  7. Sports director and anchor ch 8 in ROC. On the radio pregame show on Sundays in season.
  8. Don't know if Ty Nsekhe starts or backs up at OT. But he is first guy off the bus on the road.
  9. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001031072/article/which-nfl-fan-base-is-most-deserving-of-a-championship-this-season And here's the excerpt from the ex-Giant C Shaun Ohara Shaun O'Hara Buffalo Bills win championship, honor superfan 'Pancho Billa' A lot of fan bases have been starved of football immortality, but none more than those souls who launch themselves through tables in Buffalo. The Bills Mafia just lost their leader, superfan "Pancho Billa" and there's still a bad taste in their mouths from going 0-4 in Super Bowl appearances in the early 1990s. Buffalo needs this. Plus, who doesn't want to see Jim Kelly finally hoisting the Lombardi? I know I do.
  10. I am lost as no explanation of the index weighting. Wins, TDs, INTs, etc. Just a numerical index with no background.
  11. If i remember correctly, OJ Simpson told OBD to play Roland Hooks after his trade to 49ers. Hooks was a big play guy.
  12. Inigo, thanks for a good topic. The above #s reflect TDs teams scored on us. The Bills D did not score last year and were last in that stat.
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