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  1. https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/charts/player/mac-jones/JON586540/season So this shows what we know. Mac doesn't go deep down sidelines. All picks are inside the numbers. Deep down the middle or go routes are not his thing - almost everything under 20 yds. Mac may force Bills to pack the LOS, send pressure on occasion from all over and tackle on all the under and LOS routes. If Bills don't have to account for MAC scrambling can always have 6/7 in coverage. Item to note, Titans only blitzed him 6x and got 2 pressures and 2 sacks. The 1st TD to Bourne in red zone was vs blitz as Titans gambled in man coverage. Kid is good in their system. Accurate and usually makes the right read. Milano and Edmunds are key vs shallow crosses.
  2. Suit up, Mount Up and SHOW UP! Bills Mafia and the Bills Players will be ready. Should be a great game and come down to which team wants it more. I like the Bills at home as believe the team reacts to being dissed and will play with a sense of urgency as this is biggest leverage point in determining who takes AFC East. GO BILLS!
  3. There was a day I felt bad for the Pats. John Hannah, Ben Coates and Andre Tippett were stud players that any team would have loved to have stuck with a bad organization. Then, 21 years ago in JAN 2000 the Pats send a 2000 1st Rd Pick (#16) to the NYJ for a new Coach - Bill Belichick. Who trades for a coach? The Jets used that pick to move up and take Shaun Ellis as they went into Day 1 with 4 First Round picks. In same draft the Pats took Tom Brady in Rd 6 And so it began THE HATE
  4. My sincere apologies, saw that after posting so inserted @new pats troll . Not sure how to remove your name and time stamp from quote - it's an age thing
  5. Just have our old RT Mike Williams pick them up. Believe he crashed on way to Stadium on a game day. https://www.espn.com/nfl/news/story?id=1662990
  6. @Jeffbigalls "And I like what Mac is doing, he just played very well against a Titans defense that was at full strength" So now we have a perfect biosystem. You manufacture BS and consume it entirely. Titan D played minus 3 Starting LBs in Bud Dupree, David Long and Rashaan Evans. Then Monty Rice left game with bad ankle. Would love to see Pats play without Judon, Van Noy and Bentley/Hightower. So would they be at full strength then too?
  7. Sharing Oxygen Masks at practice? Always see the bigguns drawing on them during games
  8. @Hapless Bills FanI wouldn't categorize Titans as a Very Bad Loss. On the road and came down to last possession. My guess is no as Titans B@#$% slapped Bills last year in the Covid Bowl. Bills would be gassed up no matter who dressed for TEN imho
  9. I was only looking and noting pass plays re the blitz. Seemed to affect Jones timing even when they didn't get home on blitzes. Without TreDay the Bills will have to play more zone so what Titans did will be helpful. Just hope Bills LBs and DBs tackle better than Titans did yesterday.
  10. From NFL.com - Next Gen stat of the game: The Titans defense blitzed just six times, but generated two pressures and two sacks on those plays. From NFL.com - New England, for its part, couldn't run it at all for most of the way, although the ground attack began to yield more against a tired Titans defense late in the game. My note - I never heard of the LBs playing for Titans in 2nd half and the coverage and tackling showed it. see below - from yesterday's game. Very relevant for Bills as Titans played lots of zone D
  11. LOl. Ok, Fact Check here. If one takes away Josh the Bills have 194 rushes from 3 HBs for 834 yds or 4.3 YPC. Equates to 17.6 rushes per game from RBs. Granted that is 1/3 of NE's 285 RB attempts (23.75 attempts per game). The YPC for the PATs backs is 4.25 YPC.
  12. First off, in the spirit of Christmas Story need to call you out on etiquette - saying you must add a 7th and then you also insert an 8th take - aka Triple Dog Dare faux pas. The Bills running game is averaging .5 YPC more than the Pats and has almost as many yards YTD on 50 less attempts. Josh is part of the run game and expect to see some of this on MON PM as Titans did use Tannehill for 25 yds on 5 carries. The Pats Run D gave up 240 yds to the 2 Titans RBs yester day. on 31 carries!
  13. So just some observations after watching Pats vs Titans: The delayed draw handoff the Bills like to run hurt the Pats on SUN - the long 68 yd Hilliard TD run and several other 10+ yd runs. Titans ran for 172 yds on 30 other runs - almost 6 YPC with 2 guys I never heard of. If Brown and Feliciano are back, like the Bills chances to move the ball with the run. Delayed Blitzes got to Jones for a couple sacks when he was setting up to throw downfield. He was a deer in the headlights and couldn't get away at all. Bills will not have to play contain on pass rush or employ a spy vs Jones. Rush 4 or 5 and leave 6 or 7 in coverage. Game will hinge on Bills ability to stop the NE run game and DBs / LBs ability to tackle receivers short of sticks on passing downs. Titans backup LBs and DBs did a poor job tackling as game wore on yesterday. Jones like to hit guys on 3 patterns, the 15 yd curl, the quick out and the drag route. Bills need to setup the picket fence zone on crossers and Milano and Taron Johnson will need to cover the flats well. Poyer and Hyde will look to snag one of Jones curl routes.
  14. Slow your roll please. He was benched for all Of 3rd quarter for running the wring way on screen play On drive before end of half - play before interception. As most veteran RB he can't be doing that.
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