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  1. I say goodbye to bolded players. Also Morse, Jefferson/Butler and Smoke could be released as well.
  2. Thanks ZeroVoltz - please take down Tampa and TB. Hill's 71 yd catch and run was when he was in a matchup on slot man #24 Taron Johnson. And multiple Bills missed tackles aided the scamper.
  3. Ok so let's have AJ, Matt or Tremaine light him up like this. Methinks he might have to sit a bit again.
  4. Our family was traveling home from a vacation on West Coast mid-2000s and caught him and Tommy Jackson at a gate at a connecting airport (DEN). I pointed them out to my girls and we approached them - I had a Bills pullover on. We got the same quote from Boomer and he and TJ were very gracious with my 2 daughters. Both are young women today and they still remember that day!
  5. J - E - T- S, Jets, Jets, Jets. New coach will want his own QB. Darnold will be a good chip in trade strategies. They could get extra picks and have a 2018 Bills type draft where they address several pressing need via the draft. Also helps them better manage cap long term
  6. I'm getting old here, wasn't that the end zone drop vs CLE in 1989 1st round playoff game?
  7. Really good points here @Hapless Bills Fan More than any other game football is about matchups. Given the talent on both sides of the ball on both teams, the D coordinators are going to have to draw up coverage schemes to take away what the other team does best. For Bills, it's Diggs and Beasley. For KC it's Kelce and Hill. The coverage and depth of each team's defensive backfield will determine the winner. Personally I believe the Bills D backfield > KC's and will limit the KC offense to 3 TDs. The Bills need to get to 4 TDs to win on SUN. The RBs, Josh and Knox need
  8. 1983 was Marino's Rookie year and he took over midseason. Fins won AFC East but lost to Seahawks in 1st round. Raiders won SB that year beating Red skins handily 1984 was Marino's breakout year with 48 TDs and 5000 yards. Fins went to SB and got blown out by the 49ers. As you stated he never made it back. Lesson learned. Carpe Diem Josh.
  9. So will Vernon quit at halftime too like his brother?
  10. Not sure what you are basing your opinion on, 217/310 career receptions or 70% are for a first down. 12% of Still's career receptions are for a TD - Gabe Davis has TD % of 20%. this year. Stills YPC Career average is 15.6 YPC and Davis in 2020 is 17.1 YPC. Who Stills compares to most on BUF is John Brown. 70% of Brown's catches for career are for First Downs. 10% of Brown's catches are for TD's. And Brown's Career YPC is 14.8 YPC. Stills has played over 30% of snaps from the slot and would be ideal replacement for Davis if needed.
  11. Jamies Winston - 5000 yd season in 2019. Maybe reich could dial him down to be a game manager
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