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  1. if BB can cheat the salary cap rules like he does every NFL rule each game week then I say yes your fairy tales can come true,
  2. Many thanks for insight here. Not JAG but nothing special is my takeaway. Thinking that the preponderance of quality RBs (and WRS too) in this years draft means we could land a good player at either position with the 8th pick in Rd 5.
  3. Thanks for posting. Looks good as receiver on check downs too! Decent size and power. Should last to 5th round. Here is excerpt from The Draft Network's Joe Marino and link https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/lamical-perine/CSXbLdLoSB Versatility - Ideally an inside runner that also provides value on third downs with his ability to catch the football. Play demeanor and competitive toughness should translate to special teams. BEST TRAIT - Power WORST TRAIT - Elusiveness RED FLAGS - None NFL COMP - Jonathan Williams
  4. I read the article and JB notes that Dugger (or Chinn) if there would come in and play the Big Nickel role in Bills D immediately. Both could probably back up Milano too. In the box, they could be run stoppers, drop in coverage or blitz off the edge. Marlowe and Neal have not been effective in that role so he sees it as a real need. Bills lack such a player now. I think Bills Offense needs a RB who can gain tough yards and play in 4 minute offense, goal line and short yardage packages. Yeldon is not that guy and worried doing so will wear Singletary down by games end. So sign one or draft one. I like AJ Dillon but not before round 4. Michael Warren from Cinci is another beast.
  5. OP, good question. I believe these 2 players would be ideal Big Nickel S that Neal and Marlowe played last year. And have to believe they would be key STers right out of the gate on coverage teams - Bills do need help in that area too.
  6. Having fun now. The Packers DT? Think you meant Lesean aka Shady
  7. Our LT is Dion Dawkins. Though this guy may have been able to play there too!
  8. My lasting image of BB and New England draft is his taking Gronk and Hernandez in same draft year. They were alerted to Hernandez' issues with violence and drugs while at U of F and still took him. And 30 of 32 teams took Gronk off their board due to back injury in college. They won with taking Gronk but hard to believe they drafted and extended a dude who killed 3 men while playing in the league!
  9. Against Miami on an Ivory dump off. Was ruled down at the one
  10. Cuz all these guys remember is the one time a team got burned in man/pressure look. Tebow to Demaryus Thomas for 80 in playoffs vs Steelers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMVnLsODqqg
  11. 39 sacks over the past 4 seasons seems like good production to me. Puts him in top 10 in league range.
  12. Could we see an EJ vs Sammy Watkins matchup versus KC. It's been a strange trip for both those dudes since 2017 preseason trade.
  13. I agree. I believe that the Bills only scored once on the jet sweep last year in 2nd week vs Giants. McKenzie went around the end for a 14 yd TD. The Bills really had trouble scoring on the ground in red zone outside of the 9 rushing TDs they got from Josh Allen. The RB2 position will have to pick up the slack here and between that player and Singletary we have to hope for improvement from our running game in the red zone.
  14. Thanks for a great tool for analysis here DC! So Tyler Johnson as a slot. Mims or Claypool as outside WRs. What I see based on numbers and meetings.
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