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  1. So the cologne name is actually derived from the hat many cowboys wore - a Stetson. And there is a Stetson Univ in Florida.
  2. Draft Stetson Bennett as our backup. @TC in St. Louis I will....erggghhh Stetson will drink to that!!!!
  3. So guess it should be interesting to see how millennials and those that follow mindsets change as they will likely have a 70 year old retirement date
  4. Hasn't played A down in NFL since 2018 and has a troubling criminal history. And only had 16 starts in his first 2 years. Easy pass for me.
  5. Just remember that Marv Levy lied about his age in 1986 when he was hired by Bills as he was already 61 and thought being >60 would hurt his chances. Have to believe Polian knew as he and Levy worked together in Montreal in CFL and Chicago in USFL. Ageism might be the most prevalent form of discrimination in our society today.
  6. Was on BBMB and even an ESPN Bills forum before this one. Does anyone remember a poster Borumir from either of those boards?
  7. Wow this should be fun. Glad as he can add to their clown show of a staff
  8. So are we supposed to overlook his Homelander act as football czar with the Texans. https://www.houstonpress.com/news/the-four-sides-to-bill-obriens-time-in-houston-11500351 The Bills would need to triple the doorways widths at OBD to let his ego pass through. Doesn't play well in the sandbox or with others. Legendary dust ups with Brady and JJ Watt - a couple of first ballot HOFers. Not to mention a couple 21 point losses in divisional round as flags on his resume. His offense at Houston was always rated in mid teens even with Watson. Easy pass for me.
  9. Long time fan here whose first Bills memory was 1966 AFC championship game loss to the Chiefs at home. I’ve been through the Knox era losses to Chargers in 1980 and losing to Kenny Anderson Bengals in 1981. The Marv Levy Bills’ 1988 loss to Bengals was a tough pill but that Bills team were newbies to playoffs. Their foibles from 1988 - 1996 caused a long standing angst in me but drew my kids into Bills fandom. As I have aged the tragic losses - Wide Right, MusicCity Miracle and 13 Seconds - have hurt less and less as my life perspective has changed. While I hope the Bills win today and go on to the Superbowl I am at ease with any outcome. This year’s team has overcome so much already and will always hold a place in my fondest Bills memories. That said, Go Bills!!!
  10. Cinci's OL is a mess. Watching Oliver over Carman today should be pleasantly interesting. Oliver may post a career day. So I am confused. Carman plays LT and Ed Oliver is a 3T DT. They would only line up over each other if Ed moved outside. Ed will be over their OGs most of the day.
  11. Eagles outscored Giants 108-45 in three games. So 3 wins by average of 21 points. I'd say Eagles are a bad matchup for Giants at this point.
  12. Can we have them bring this guy back. Olivadotti was Kelly’s favorite and could never stop Thurman!
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