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  1. yes, was part of Bills from Day 1 through 1996 season. 37 years so was with mid 60s and the 4 SB teams. RIP Eddie. Stolat!
  2. RB Coach Kelly Skipper quoted as saying "So we told her to try and punch the ball out with these RBs and now we have all these groin injuries! Not sure why?"
  3. My take on SIM game WILSON!!! TO WILSON!!!
  4. So here is a 2 rd draft from Pro Football Network https://www.profootballnetwork.com/2-round-2023-nfl-mock-draft-c-j-stroud-bryce-young-mark-new-eras-for-franchises/ Bills pick 32nd which means....!!! But a surprise position 32) Buffalo Bills: Jaquelin Roy, DT, LSU The Bills’ interior rotation is strengthening with the additions of DaQuan Jones and Tim Settle. Why not make it even stronger by adding LSU’s Jaquelin Roy to the equation? Roy, who’s listed at 6’3″, 315 pounds, profiles as an excellent pass-rushing threat alongside Ed Oliver. He turned things on late in the 2021 season, using his explosiveness, lateral agility, and violent hands to consistently disrupt up the middle. Another year could be all he needs to fully emerge. RD 2 64) Buffalo Bills Christian Mahogany, G, Boston College So OG makes sense to me but not DT in Rd 1. Btw these sound like made up stripper names.
  5. Wow that was a time travel experience for me. Totally forgot that year and SB Championship. Liked the fight in end zone vs Bills. John Pitts and Robert James laying dudes out.
  6. Blessed to have men like him on this team...living in Buffalo...and in the world today.
  7. Teammates have taken to calling him "Jerry" now.
  8. So you show his longest PR ever of 98 yards from his rookie year in STL. Truth is in last 5 years he has had only 44 punt returns for 213 yards and no TDs. That is less than 5 yards per return! Couple that with 7 KO returns in last 8 years and no TDs and Imho you do not have a returner that can impact a game. I give him a 1/3 chance of making the roster
  9. I might agree on Hyde being a good player as 33 starts and 8 INTs over 4 years in GB. But Poyer was a truly unknown and unproven player in CLE. 10 starts and 2 INTs in 4 years does not make him a good player in my book. Love your avatar btw
  10. As it relates to bolded area. Hyde had some versatile experience playing CB, slot and Big Safety for GB before coming to BUF and was unproven as a safety. He was in fact a late 5th rd pick in 2013. Poyer was a 7th Rd draft pick in 2013 by Eagles, cut and picked up by CLE in same year. He was unproven as only 10 starts in 4 years. I trust the Bills staff in developing DBs for their system and believe Hamlin or Johnson could step in if needed this year.
  11. Is Ulmer related to Vontae Davis?? just sayin....
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