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  1. Duly noted though OBD has often traded up for a player too - as they did for Kincaid
  2. Starting to understand why Bills passed on him. Liked him at Pitt.
  3. Childless men and women have an overall higher mortality than adults with children, meaning that they die earlier, recent studies show. Mothers and fathers with two biological children have the lowest mortality risks, but it increases for parents with three or more biological children. From an article in Journal of Epedemiogy and Comm Health entitled “Payback time? Influence of having children on mortality in old age”
  4. Billy Sims, RB, Detroit Lions. 1980-1984 Sad, as due to injuries, only played 5 years but had 5100 rushing yards and 47 TDs in that time - in just 52 starts. Had 1900 total yds as Rookie and was offensive ROY in 1980. Was All Pro in both rookie and year 2 as he scored 31 TDs in 30 games played those 2 years. Great receiver too. A Gayle Sayers like great but shortened career
  5. Pass….he is like Liz Taylor at the end…. diva in a wheelchair.
  6. I said Jets mainly because of their D, ability to beat the Bills and the fact Rodgers is back. Miami has only beaten 2 teams with a winning record in last 2 seasons. Paper tigers.
  7. Likely two things at work here. Dan Morgan and Beane are close given long term relationship. Plus the fact that Legette will be turning 24 during this season made getting an extra year on his deal more critical for Panthers. Legette is 3.5 years older than Coleman so Beane may not have felt the urgency for 5th year that Morgan did.
  8. Happy Birthday Kim! May God speed his healing power to you to aid in your recovery.
  9. Loved me some back up safeties for Bills over the years Jeff Nixon 1979 Rod Kush early 80s Dwight Drane late 80s early 90s Kurt Schultz Matt Stevens
  10. Destiny. Born on the day players reported for first ever Bills Training Camp in 1960 at Knox Polo Grounds in East Aurora. Also as a 5 year old received a 1965 AFL Champs football signed by all the Bills on that year's team from Daryle Lamonica.
  11. Coach Hank Bullough. The mid 80s Bills were a dumpster fire. He went 4-17 in 1985 and half of 1986 season before being replaced by Marv Levy. And he was likely the dimmest bulb in the drawer. Some real quotes: “We keep beating ourselves, but we're getting better at it.” “He's making improvement throwing the ball where he's throwing the ball.” “We'll have a good work ethnic.” My least favorite Bill of all time has to be Kelvin Benjamin. Fat, lazy and unmotivated!
  12. https://gazette.com/news/mitchell-football-superstar-terry-miller-talks-about-his-glory-and-his-crime-david-ramsey/article_1363fcc4-04a0-11ea-ad2e-87c76839afaf.html Not an eye injury but appears a Toe/foot injury ended his playing days. Was arrested for bank fraud in 1999 and had to pay back $179k!
  13. @Chandler#81 thanks so much for sharing. A few things I noticed. Chuck Knox loved him some 21 formation. Lewis and Piccone outside with Gant at TE and Brown and Miller at FB/RB. Bills ran for almost 200 yards in this game. Talk about a limited offense. Swan song season for FS Tony Greene as Jeff Nixon would take over in 1980. Nixon had a great start to 1980 season before a gruesome knee injury led to Bills signing Bill Simpson, an ex LA Ram to take over. Never knew why but Bills jettisoned Joe D after 1979 season and brought in Conrad Dobler at RG. Surprised to see Terry Miller rundown on his 75 yard run in this game as tackler was CB from other side of field. The Bills drafted Joe Cribbs in 1980 essentially ending Miller's NFL career. Bringing in Cribbs and a rookie TE, Mark Brammer in 1980 really gave the offense some HP in 1980.
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