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  1. Allen is not the only guy playing for Bills. If he were to start I believe the Patriots and Jags would be able to scheme against Bills effectively and Bills would be unable to score vs Pats and Jags. As for the other 4 games, I see a split with Fins, take second from Jets and a win vs Lions at home. Allen would then be 5-5 in games started and finished as a rookie. Kelly went 4-12. So 5-5 would be an OK mark in my book.
  2. Jalen Ramsey trashing our rookie QB - please start the lad OBD! The loss vs Jags in Playoffs. Half the O starters and 2/3 of D should still have it fresh in mind. Cheap Shot by Ngakoue knocked our QB out of playoff game last year - the Oline will be pumped! Bortles being the hero last year with 88 yds in QB scrambles - Tremaine and Matty M say hell no! Marrone bailing on Bills. Only Kyle, Colton Schmidt and Jerry Hughes remain from that 2014 team. Hard to believe but these are some leaders in locker room. Hope the weather cooperates and makes the conditions tough on the Jags too! Go Bills
  3. freddyjj

    Bills' Fake Punt "Trickeration"

    It was a great call and even better execution. Interesting that they had put Logan Thomas in upback in games prior to eliminate suspicion of his running the fake. Most teams must see him as a TE. Tossed a tight spiral I must say. Would like to see him versus Josh in an Uncle Rico "over the mountain" toss competitionšŸ˜Ž
  4. OK, you asked so here's what I think: 1. Only 2 decent QBs in remaining 6 games - Brady and Stafford. 2. Only 1 team is even a top 16 D, the JAGS are 3rd best D. 3. Only 1 team in Top 16 O, the Pats at #10. No top Running backs to face so Bills D can force a one-dimensional game. That being said, I think we play Allen in the last 6 and go 3-3 to finish 6-10.
  5. freddyjj

    Pancho Power

    here is speech in case you missed it. Kleenex please, something in my eye warning
  6. Virgil, thanks for doing these every week - must be a little easier after a win! I concur with all you said here. And two plays yesterday brought me to the same conclusion re: Benjamin. The dropped TD was obvious. Do some hand strengthening exercises. Roll to your left when falling and tuck the ball away from defender. In the 2nd half there was a medium throw to the sidelines and the Jets DB made a good play to deflect the ball. It was in the air for 2-3 seconds and Benjamin made no effort to dive for it. Keep mailing it in KB. OD likely to keep him around for depth now but I'd cut him. OBD likely to sign more FA's than lose so no need to worry about loss of compensatory draft pick.
  7. freddyjj

    Props to Beane on Star

    Tough to fathom after 1st 6 quarters of year but Bills are now #1 ranked D. Beane and McD have got "their" guys to play the various roles in the complex defensive scheme they run and it is working. Kudos to you for admitting that the move for Star worked. I hope Murphy is back after bye for his pass rush skills. In the meantime, the silver lining is that Shaq is playing great as a starter. Shaq's name got called more than any other DLineman yesterday.
  8. freddyjj

    Caption This: Matt Barkley

    with a lemon twist please
  9. freddyjj

    looks like torn achilles for Dez

    Oh wow tough break for him and Saints Wonder if Bell will have same outcome if he returns to Steelers. There's in shape and In Football Shape I guess.
  10. freddyjj

    Why did Rex only get 2 years?

    My take here: Not a given McD is back next year. As for Rex, per staff at OBD he and Rob were last ones to work in AM and first to leave at night. Not the best management skills.
  11. freddyjj

    What has happened to Ryan Lewis?

    I was thinking the same thing. Was listening to Murph/Tasker show at lunchtime today and they stated likely due to his failure to fully digest the complex coverage schemes they use. Extra time in last few weeks to get up to speed is what Murphy said he was told by coaches.
  12. freddyjj

    Question about 2003 Bills Opener

    Aaron Schobel planted Brady
  13. freddyjj

    Gaines released....Wallace promoted

    Wallace UDFA out of Alabama (6'0" 180lbs) reminds me of Jabari Greer, who was a smallish (5'11" 180 lbs) CB UDFA out of an SEC school (Tenn). If Wallace can duplicate Greer's career we will be all set!
  14. freddyjj

    Bucky and Sully Blackballed By The Pegulas?

    lol. Bucky and Sully sounds like a little kids cartoon! The only thing worse than Sully's columns are his golf game. Terry should tell him, Break 80 and you can sit in my suite!
  15. freddyjj

    What Do You Want To See the Rest of the Year?

    Scratch #6 - Mission accomplished!! https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/11/06/bills-cut-phillip-gaines-promote-levi-wallace/