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  1. This was found in front of his old locker at Gillette with a note that reads "FREE - PLEASE HELP YOURSELF"
  2. Josh, Darnold and Kyle Allen go to work with Jordan Palmer https://qbsummit.com/ Last offseason Josh and Darnold shared a home out there
  3. I have to agree that Shenault has flexibility to run go routes, the route tree, bubble screens, wildcat and jet sweeps. A faster Anquin Boldin sounds good to me!
  4. My guess is that his being on the dark side of 60 doesn't help. Bill B and Pete Caroll were hired well before their 60th bday and I believe the only Sr aged HC hired in recent memory is Fazio in DEN
  5. That was actually their ILB Zack Cunningham who had to be a focal point in film study. Great play by him. Dumb play by 88 and 60 on our side.
  6. LOL best laugh of new year. You do realize Bills took week 17 off vs Jets right? And that the Browns, Jags and Bungles blew them out this year! Gase is a HC for sure - as in Head Case. I do respect the Fins more given their coach, draft assets and the fact they beat the Pats in Foxboro.
  7. The failure of Morse or Knox to block the LB Cunningham on the Josh student body sweep was the worst play of the game. He gets 15-20 yds there and Bills win with a FG!
  8. Pop a cap in him? What is your question again?
  9. Yes as Spencer Long is interior backup and Nsekhe is swing OT - normal 7 OL lineup used most of year.
  10. Gronk's was an elbow brace. Watt's is a shoulder harness. Very little exposed to use as a weapon. Not a real concern.
  11. Simple math here folks. I averaged what we score and they give up on average and got 22 for Bills. Did same for them and got 20. So 22-20 Bills. 22 is a weird number but heck, I'd take it.
  12. He has played in 3 playoff games with no TDs and 7 catches for 53 yds all in rookie year. Big asterisk as QB was Osweiler
  13. Great stuff. Traveled in TX a bit. El Paso is around 800 miles from both Houston and Los Angeles. Big state.
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