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  1. @AuntieEm too. Kyle did in fact play the 2018 season which was Josh's rookie year.
  2. There is a portal from my keyboard to God’s ears 😎
  3. Just some perspective on Ed Oliver. Let's compare him to another undersized former Bills DT, Kyle Williams after 4 years in the league. Games Started: Williams 57 > Oliver 53. Total Tackles: Williams 215 > Oliver 151.. TFLs: Williams 32 > Oliver 30, Sacks: Williams 8 < Oliver 14.5 QB Hits: Williams 29 < Oliver 42 Williams received an early extension in July 2008 for 3 years at $14.4mm total. In 2011 he recieved another 6 year extension for $40mm with $17mm guaranteed. I guess given the similar numbers in their first 4 years the Oliver signing is understandable. It was in 2010, his 5th year that Williams was named a Pro Bowl and 2nd Team All Pro. Might we see the same from Ed Oliver this year?
  4. https://www.catscratchreader.com/2012/2/28/2831884/the-panthers-defense-a-treatise-on-the-jim-johnson-4-3-part-i Sorry but believe your statement on Eagles being a 3-4 D under Jim Johnson is incorrect.
  5. @Chandler#81 Ross Tucker ranks NFL Coach’s, places McDermott at #22. All time? 😎
  6. Funny Hines and Harris are the 2 RBs. Guess Cook got cut in Madden Sim. 😂
  7. Just like we all had the kid at our playground who got frustrated playing and said "I'm taking my ball and going home"
  8. To quote an old Johnny Carson Joke. Who gives the bride away at a NJ wedding? ….. the Board of Health
  9. Should have. C'mon Man! Tommy Nobis MLB Atlanta Falcons 1966-1976.
  10. It’s like having 3 QBs or 3 Goalies in hockey - means the Cards realize this dude can’t play any position to the level where it makes sense to pay to keep him. In the games I’ve watched he is more inconsistent than Edmunds was. EZPass for me.
  11. Some clarification please on 2 points. Wasn't it the Bears who tried to sign Bates as an RFA? I know Bates can, and has, played C for the Bills in a regular season game. Has Boettger as well?
  12. @Zerovoltz please close the door on the way out. Hideous at best. What does Wyoming have to do with Bills except our QB's alma mater? Are Chiefs going to Texas Tech colors?
  13. Errrgggh 1999 was the Stanley Cup Final vs Stars. Sabres were knocked out of playoffs by Carolina in Eastern Finals in 2006. The end of your post got kinda creepy.
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