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  1. Marlin "the magician" Briscoe RIP. In 1970, with a rookie QB (Dennis Shaw) Marlin had 57 catches for over 1000 yards and 8 TDs. Marlin made his only Pro Bowl that year. Bills went 3-10-1 that year under John Rauch.
  2. Tasker was actually acquired off waivers from Houston.
  3. "yom huledet sameach" Happy 97th Marv! Flew from BUF to Chicago Midway on SW in 2006 and sat next to him. He was over 80 and still might have been the sharpest person I had ever spoken with.
  4. RB Coach Kelly Skipper quoted as saying "So we told her to try and punch the ball out with these RBs and now we have all these groin injuries! Not sure why?'
  5. As an old timer I am against bringing back anything from the 1984-1987 Bills unis or the 2002-2010 CFL Bills unis! All were playoff drought years too!
  6. Wonder if the mustard seat color scheme gets a makeover now?
  7. @JÂy RÛßeÒ I have a 55 year working memory of Bills football - was born the day they opened their first training camp! Unlike you, I remain a fearless optimist for their chance this year....and every year! My Blood type is B Negative but my Bills fandom is B Positive!
  8. The TE on that play was Shawn Nelson. Never materialized to be a good player in the league. Play should have been blown dead
  9. Fergy was actually a day one starter as a rookie for the Bills. He beat out Dennis Shaw.
  10. Sad to see Joe Montana concussed in last career game. 3 years later same fate awaited Jim Kelly on same field.
  11. Lol not surprising. He was an athlete trying to play QB. His socialist lady friend Nessa Diab prodded him to become an activist. As an MTV personality she confused their show Real World with the real world. Hard lesson learned by Colin.
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