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  1. Allowing a call from the USFL Houston Gamblers to be put through to Kelly and his agent while they were at OBD negotiating with the Bills in 1983.
  2. Not so, as coverage as a gunner or being the blocker on a gunner would be absolutely foreign to him. Returns, even kickoffs, are very different in rugby as they seldom kick deep as always prefer to gain possession
  3. Love how this wacko speaks of himself in the third person in 2 different forms - Antonio Brown and AB. "Jimmy doesn't like it"
  4. @Tipster19 the 2011 Eagles are on the line. Dream teams on paper usually don't work AB, Dalton, Olsen, David Johnson are crazy, done, old and horribly overpriced respectively. Pass
  5. Jets were led by Suzy Kolber's biggest admirer
  6. @PromoTheRobotNo more Jerry Sullivan radio show You say that as if it is a bad thing. Had the misfortune of meeting Jerry and playing basketball with him in late 80s early 90s. Bad player, hack and whiner. And those were his good traits. Can't even imagine him on the golf course! 😎
  7. Was born during their first camp. So my best guess is:
  8. Again Josh is late identifying the streak pattern. Art imitates life. Per PFF
  9. Bengals stadium was built in 2000 along with a new dedicated baseball stadium as they both replaced Riverfront multipurpose stadium. So the Bengals digs are 23 years newer than New Era Field.
  10. Seats, amenities, space in concourses, etc. Exposure to weather ages all exposed components prematurely. She was born in 1973 - hard to make walkways or concourses larger.
  11. 2 prior assaults on males, another on a female and then having weed and an open container of alcohol in your vehicle 13 months after completing rehab point to a person still in the throes of his issues. The talent is there but OBD may feel it is not worth the trouble now.
  12. So lots of portable generators, temporary high volt electric cables and water??? What could possibly go wrong?
  13. This was found in front of his old locker at Gillette with a note that reads "FREE - PLEASE HELP YOURSELF"
  14. Josh, Darnold and Kyle Allen go to work with Jordan Palmer https://qbsummit.com/ Last offseason Josh and Darnold shared a home out there
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