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  1. My memory goes back to Chris Miller - decent QB who was forced to retire after 5 concussions in 14 months. It got so bad it took him 2 hours to drive home from stadium when he lived 15 minutes away.
  2. Agree OLine looked sluggish off snap but it was the S Holland who beat Dawkins and Motor to cause the strip/fumble.
  3. FYI folks, Mancz started the entire 2016 season at C for the Texans. Van Roten's first start at C in NFL was this past SUN
  4. Just what I said. All show, no substance.
  5. Michael McCorkle Jones is a true Southern frat boy. All hat, no cattle. What a crybaby, where's his binky?
  6. I reckon Vontae Davis still owes us half a game - N/C btw.
  7. I acknowledged my mistake to prior poster who noted it was 26. Thanks
  8. and Cam Lewis in only 5'9" amd 180lbs - too small to play outside CB in Bills D
  9. Not sure why he is that guy either. He missed the block on the S on the sack/strip of Josh. And on his long run, all I could think of was that's a long TD if Cook ran that same play.
  10. Yolo thanks for posting...but the investigation is being initiated by the NFLPA not the NFL. Big difference.
  11. And Fins only scored one offensive TD vs Patriots, who are a top 5 D like the Bills.
  12. So 20 catches in 5 games for 320 yds and a total of 1 TD in 5 games is a Killer? LOL you are a hoot! What does that make Gabe Davis or Diggs? Diggs has 24 catches for 330 yds and 3 TDs in 4 games as a Bill vs Fins. Davis has 7 catches for 142 yds and 3 TDs in 3 games. If I was a Fins fan I would be worried about their D. Only 2 sacks on the year. Give up 9 yds Per Pass attempt -WORST IN THE NFL!!! To the Pats and Ravens - not exacly passing offenses btw! And Fins have given up over 300 more yards on D compared to Bills. Fins have surrendered over 50 more yds on the ground per game too than Bills. Bills D will rush 4 and play zone and still get to Tua. Bills D has 19 QB knockdowns and have surrendered only 17 points!
  13. Fins have worse YPA pass D - giving up 8.9 YPA. Also giving up yds on the ground. Fins ranked30th rushing the ball themselves And they have worse kick coverage in the league. Bills get a ST TD on SUN and win by 13. 34-21 BUF.
  14. Did you ever notice he has same initials as Tom Brady..nuff said
  15. Repeatedly abandoned the pocket. Fumlbled without being hit by a Bill. LOL
  16. I am not so sure about more speed - may have more wiggle. Big dispersion in aggregate rating - 35 points. Why Cook was drafted in RD2 and Blackshear was an UDFA https://www.nfldraftbuzz.com/Player/James-Cook-RB-Georgia https://www.nfldraftbuzz.com/Player/Raheem-Blackshear-RB-VirginiaTech
  17. Technically Dorsey as OC responsible for 65 points. Milano had a pick 6 by D. Bills have scored 72 overall.
  18. Owner tampering Give up a number one pick Tua pampering
  19. wow Josh Gordon elevated from PS by Titans. Another kick at the can for him
  20. Bills 34 Titans 13 Bills use Rams game playbook and run and short pass Titans to get them out of their Cover 2 shell. Then Josh, Diggs and Gabe go off. Motor > 75 yds rushing and scores2 TDs! Tannehill throws 2 picks and King Henry < 100 yds and only 1 TD.
  21. Was their #1 WR the year KC had no WR The catches - 2014. My have things changed !
  22. That Chiefs game was lousy weather but was on a MON night just 6 days after playing Titans on a TUE night in Nashville. Was a wonky week.
  23. I know he never played in the NFL, but Kyle was 3 year starter at RB at Princeton.
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