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  1. When you were typing that did you feel like you were trying really hard to rationalize the absurd, or did you still think you had a plausible case for your position?
  2. That keeping wildlife, an amphibious rodent, for, domestic, you know, within the city - that aint legal.
  3. I work with a guy who believes in the "fine people on both sides" hoax. I pulled up the transcript on Politico and let him read it word for word. He still wasn't convinced. Never underestimate the power of denial.
  4. Ignored it? It was the entire point of the example I laid out for you. Apparently you were not able to connect the dots. I thought doing it in reverse would make it easier for you to understand, but perhaps it was too confusing. I'll be more direct. Bear in mind, this is a hypothetical for illustrative purposes. Jim makes $50k/yr Jack makes $250k/yr Both are taxed at 30% President Hitler signs a bill that reduces the tax rate for both of them to 25%. Jim's take home pay increased by $2500 Jack's tak
  5. You'll never get it out of him. He only has conclusions with no explanation for how he arrived at them.
  6. Ignoring the analysis and then changing the subject is not typically a tactic of one who is secure in his position.
  7. If you can make a compelling argument for your position that Trump is a fascist I'll shave my head and sell pictures of you at the airport.
  8. I'll try to make it simple and see if you can connect the dots. Jim makes $50k/yr Jack makes $250k/yr They both get a 10% raise. Jim gained $5k Jack gained $25k Between the two of them Jack got 83% of the additional pay.
  9. At this point I view a white Democrat about the same way I view a guy who would high five the dude who's dicking his wife.
  10. Please cite the rhetoric that lead to a kid trying to defend businesses from rioters. Please explain how the authorities were successfully defending these establishments. Please explain how, by virtue of the open carrying of a firearm, does one waive his right to self defense and invite mob attacks. You seem to have thought this through and I'd love to hear the reasoning behind your assertions. Thanks in advance. Edit: If, as a bonus, you could define "assault rifle" for me I'd really appreciate it.
  11. Pot meet kettle. As I said: "Hitler wasn't a socialist even though he described himself as such, but he was "right-wing" because liberals say so."
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