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  1. Is catching ability something that typically improves significantly with time? It seems like it could, but I'm struggling to think of an example of someone with consistently bad hands who turned it around.
  2. I still don't get it. If he'd just knocked off the Pats, or any other team for that matter, it would make a bit more sense. Bills fans on a Bills board getting hot for the QB that just beat us is weird to me.
  3. That's what I was thinking. Yeah, the guy's having a good year, but I don't get why so many Bills fans are popping wood over the guy on the other team.
  4. There are no moral victories but having the opportunity to tie inside their 20 at the end of the game is far preferable to getting stomped. I don't think it can reasonably be argued that the Bills aren't a solid team right now.
  5. It's not what thoughts that you had, but why you had them. And we will decide, based on our objective and impartial powers of conjecture, what was running through your mind at that moment.
  6. Bernie would likely be more formidable than most of the pack, but he's got some heavy obstacles in his path to the nomination. The DNC doesn't want him anywhere near this. President Trump was able to overcome similar sentiment from the RNC, but it doesn't have as much control over the process as the DNC does. Also, the Clinton loyalists still resent him for, as they see it, costing Hillary the election. Were he to get it though the general election would be interesting. Bernie's far left policies would scare some moderates and Never Trumpers into voting Trump, but he'd pick up a lot of liberals who have gravitated to the right, despite policy differences, due to the wacky PC, social justice wing taking over the Democrat party. I don't think the feminist/Hillary crowd would sit out because anyone in that crowd that's still harboring resentment are so rabidly anti-Trump that they'll learn to get over it and show up in droves anyway. I think Tulsi Gabbard would be the most formidable. She has similar challenges and strengths to Bernie wrt what I described above, but she comes off as more sensible and she's a lot more pleasant to look at. Also, Trump would alpha Bernie in a big way. If he tried that on Tulsi he'd look like a bully. And she's pretty tough; the optics of a tough attractive woman standing up to Trump could cause problems for him. I still think President Trump wins regardless of who they run, but those two would have the best chance in the general IMO.
  7. The kicker is that they did prove intent. The level of intent required was negligence and there's no way in hell to deny she was, at the very least, negligent. I didn't have any desire to see her go to prison, but anyone else who did what she did would have.
  8. This is a quick read from Dershowitz explaining the criteria for impeachment. It's as concise a summary as I've seen. https://thehill.com/opinion/judiciary/473035-what-are-not-criteria-for-impeachment
  9. I love that version. It's liberating and empowering in the way it breaks from the patriarchal pattern of oppression. I was at the mall over the weekend and they played the original version and I was stunned. I felt like I was being forced to bear witness to a brutal gang rape. I was literally freaking out. I was like, this is not ok. Needless to say, I won't be going back there.
  10. I understand that. My point was less about Bolton and this specific issue, and more about my skepticism of anything I'm hearing from anyone in government or media. That tweet was just an example I used to illustrate that point. I used to view these things with a lot less skepticism. Now I wonder, not whether Bolton is consistent in his position, but what his motivations are. Why is he so interested in this, and what is the rest of the story. It's entirely possible that I would agree with him entirely if I knew all the facts. But I don't. And most people don't. But we're quick to jump on board. I think it's prudent to take everything we're told with great skepticism.
  11. This right here is a prime example of my distrust. A year ago I may have taken this at face value, but now I'm wondering how accurate this is, what the details are, what's the bigger picture, and what is the motive of the messenger. I don't really believe John Bolton cares all that much about the internal affairs of Iran for humanitarian purposes. I know I don't support the Islamic theocracy in power over there, but I couldn't tell you what the options are, how the people in that country feel about those options, and what the broader consequences of those actions (or inaction) may be. I do believe most people following this, who are just as ignorant as I, are confident enough in their understanding that they will support measures up to and including war if presented with the proper narrative. Up until recently I would have too. If done properly, maybe I still would. I want to thank you for this. You could have interjected with a thoughtful counterpoint to something being discussed that may have added perspective, but you've given us so much more.
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