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  1. The Woke Left v. the Alt-Right: A New Study Shows They’re More Alike Than Either Side Realizes
  2. The only thing they've been consistent on is their focus on identity politics and the relentless push to expand the Federal government. They've also gone from fierce anti-corporatists to staunch defenders of corporatocracy seemingly overnight. Any Marxism will do, even if it's Corporate Marxism. When the riots broke out I saw a post saying if you listened to Rage Against the Machine and don't support the riots you're a poser. The irony that is lost on them is that they are actually raging with the machine. (FTR, even when I listented to RATM I still knew they were a bunch of pinko commie fags). You do have to give them some credit for their ability to effortlessly shepherd their flock in any direction that suits them. Whatever they say, no matter how contrived or inconsistent, their base immediately adopts without question and supports with their deepest passions. Muhammed would be jealous.
  3. It's interesting that they're more concerned with the NRA's internal finances than campaign finances of elected officials.
  4. Discuss in this thread https://www.foxnews.com/politics/new-york-ag-dissolve-nra-lawsuit
  5. If my spouse, friends, and political party were in the process of being exposed as corrupt criminals I might be depressed too.
  6. Make it 4. I came here for PPP and saw this at the top of the board.
  7. Antifa is primarily a social organization for unfu¢kables to congregate with like-attractive people and rage against the world that rejected them in hopes of getting a bj from a blue haired butch b!tch that couldn't get a black guy.
  8. I've been disappointed in you lately. You're one of the few left leaning posters who has the ability to compose a coherent thought, but most of what I've seen from you is stuff like this.
  9. I would be overwhelmed with respect for anyone who could give a rational explanation for why the Orange Menace is an existential threat to "our democracy." And by rational, I mean something more substantial than "he's an #######," or "he makes my dick itch."
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