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  1. The real question is WHY is it a problem. It seems the underlying implication is that those who are struggling would have more if those at the top made less. I'm curious if that's your reasoning?
  2. I'm curious why people making ridiculous money concerns you. It concerns me too, despite my economic libertarian leanings, but for what I imagine are entirely different reasons. I'm actually not so concerned about billionaires as I am concentration of power by multi-national corporations. What threat do you see in rich CEOs and the like?
  3. It's not overblown at all. It's who the guy is and has been throughout his career. It's the one thing he's been amazingly consistent about. This idea that he's just a run of the mill Democrat who uses the word socialism a little too freely doesn't have any evidence to support it. Now, if you're suggesting that he wouldn't be able to implement the radical changes he supports, then I agree with you. But it would not be for a lack of trying.
  4. How gentle is the rain that falls softly on the meadow Birds high up in the trees serenade the clouds with their melodies Oh see, there beyond the hill the bright colors of the rainbow some magic from above made this day for us just to fall in love
  5. My old friend lives up in the mountains He flew up there to paint the world He says, even though interpretation's what I count on, this little picture to me seems blurred Hard lines and the shadows come easy I see it all just as clear as a bell I just can't seem to set my easel to please me I paint my heaven but it looks like hell
  6. If I could get a hold of Ivanka we'd have much more pressing matters to discuss.
  7. Norman played very well in a system similar to the one we run, but Dan the Fan & Bruce Allen don't understand concepts like scheme fit. They just saw "good CB" and backed up the Brinks truck for a zone corner only to play him in a man heavy coverage scheme. He didn't suck, but he didn't play up to the level of his contract because he was never that kind of player in the first place. Carolina thought enough of him to tag him while trying to re-sign him but pulled the tag when it became clear he wasn't going to what they thought he was worth. No one was more surprised than Norman when the Redskins offered to make him the highest paid CB in the league. Put back in a scheme that better utilizes his skill set, and at a more reasonable price, he could be a valuable acquisition.
  8. It didn't. Tibs the troll started it and for some reason people are feeding him by having a serious discussion in it. Now that we know beyond the shadow of a doubt that he did not get a fair trial the odds are high that he will eventually delete the thread.
  9. If I'm Jerry & Dak's holding out for $40m/yr, I'd be inclined to let him walk, draft his replacement, and sign a veteran stopgap. Brady, Brees, Bridgewater, Rivers, & Winston are all free agents, and I'd feel pretty good about my chances of getting one of them for a hell of a lot less than $40m, and feel just as good, if not better, about my chances this year. Dak's Scottie Pippin demanding to be paid like he's Michael Jordan.
  10. What the hell does any of this have to do with whether Jordan Phillips gets the tag? ADHD Motherfu¢kers.
  11. I'd be more inclined to pay Shaq and tag Phillips. Shaq's probably more affordable. I just wonder if Phillips is really as good as his sack total suggests. Hate to let a guy like that go, but I'd like a bigger sample size before giving him a contract with big guarantees.
  12. Apparently he just dipped out of the blue. I don't think there's any backstory that's made its way into the pages of the board. However, if you look and know what to look for you can still find his musings in other corners of the interwebs.
  13. I was vaguely familiar with him before he got smacked with all this bull *****, but I don't really know much about him. What's the knock on him?
  14. No personal animosity, just shooting straight. Perhaps I should have said "you guys" instead of "you." For all I know you were outraged by the DOJ covering for Hillary. If I had to bet I'd sooner place a wager on Rush Limbaugh winning an NAACP image award, but who knows. I will say that your insinuation that the President publicly tweeting his disapproval of an outrageous miscarriage of justice against a civilian who did nothing of consequence but is being railroaded for no legitimate reason is even in the same ballpark as, much less worse than, the DOJ secretly conspiring to run cover for the Secretary of State who was caught knowingly compromising national security for nefarious purposes and then lied and destroyed evidence to cover it up is ... well, I don't really have to say what it is. It speaks for itself. I will add that the corruption involved in the investigation and selective and aggressive prosecution of Roger Stone is far more egregious than anything Roger Stone may have done.
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