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  1. You know you love it. Tell us how much you love it in this thread.
  2. If you don't like rap, it's not your thing. But he's legit.
  3. Protomartyr "Ultimate Success Today" If you like real rock and roll, this is your thing. Techinically "post-punk".
  4. Get a lead on anybody and you can put them down if you have a halfway decent defence.
  5. I thought Fields sucked and Lawrence was a God-King. Obviously I don't pay attention to College Football.
  6. #BoardsofCanadafanboy Explosions in the Sky are fantastic, as well.
  7. Get used to it. JA17 is a light in the darkness.
  8. This is where you're argument falls flat. Look at the statistics since Edmunds came back from his injury. We're the 10th ranked D right now. By making posts like this, you further the haters who think you have an agenda.
  9. I agree, yes. But you didn't know that until Brown's extended injury this year, right? I, for one, didn't realize that Beasley was the best slot WR in the league until I saw it this year. But who are we really talking about? JA17. A generational QB makes everyone looks like rockstars!
  10. Lol. I will still take JB in our offense over any other #2. Because he's OURS. There's my irrationality/homerness coming forth.
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