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  1. Well I voted for this thread. What was I thinking? Wow these are bad teams.
  2. Steel sharpens steel Pin their ears back Heard footsteps Pass looked like a wounded duck My favorite is what the HS coach said of me: "you know you're short, but slow."
  3. Agree, if H Phillips didn't go down Star would be expendable. Sign Jordan sooner than later.
  4. Seems like the savior is always on the PS or the BU QB. Very happy if it's so with Duke. A couple of gut it out contested catches a game would be most welcomed.
  5. Only in spurts, he played poorly at times in every game. he got away with it against the bad teams but against a good team, like the Patriots, you can't pull it off. He's got to get better and smarter with the ball.
  6. Haven't lost faith but the guy is a turnover machine right now. The picks he is throwing are just assinine decisions. He is repeating his mistakes and that is a big concern to me.
  7. Sorry boys. I don't buy moral victories. Our defense shut down Brady and the Patriots in a brilliant way. And yet we pissed the game away with a quarterback who insist on doing hero-ball tactics instead of taking the open man. Always says he's going to learn from his mistakes but he hasn't yet. The hero football mentality also led him to not protect himself when he's running. Now we've lost our starting QB possibly until after the bye bye. We won't know for a while. Three turnovers and a blocked punt for a touchdown yet we were still score away from winning. But once again, somehow we bungled it again. I'm tired of losing to the Cheats and I'm tired of making excuses for losing to them. Screw next year, win now.
  8. Frustrating, he had open men on those picks but insisted on going deep.
  9. It's not crybaby to bemoan this loss. We lost because our quarterback played horribly. And I fail to understand why if the Patriots are blitzing Barkley every play why they didn't call slants and shorter developing passes. We wasted a defensive masterpiece.
  10. A batted down pass is as good as a zero gain play - I'll take it every time. It also increases the chance for a pick. I love this new wrinkle in our defense. We're going to miss Phillips a lot.
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