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  1. Green Lightning

    Debunking the Accuracy myth of Josh Allen with a rookie QB comparison

    It seems that people keep making, woulda, coulda, shoulda scenarios around Josh's completion percentage. I just think it is what it is. Doesn't mean he won't be good, it just is what it is.
  2. Green Lightning

    [Misleading Title] Ronald Curry WR Coach

    It is a misleading title. Especially when the Bills are announcing coaching hires.
  3. Green Lightning

    O Line and Special Teams Coaches Hiring Wait

    I was thinking they were targeting some people on the playoff teams. Wanted to wait until afterwards.
  4. Green Lightning

    Mr Decoy, Sammy Watkins expected to play vs. Colts

    Ha! Gonna use that in one of my "over a beer" Bills discussion with the boys.
  5. Green Lightning

    Rams & Chiefs Offensive Lines

    Amen. I was absolutely stunned at how the Rams pushed the Dallas D around yesterday. McVay clearly outcoached Garrett. But the holes opened by the Rams OL were huge and consistent. There's no way I thought the Rams would ground out 273 on that defense. That's what we need a little bit more of here. I can't wait to see what we do in the off-season.
  6. Green Lightning

    Mr Decoy, Sammy Watkins expected to play vs. Colts

    At the end of the day, it's been six years and Sammy don't ball! A lot of money, not a lot of production. Whatever the reason who cares? Not a guy you want to build on or invest in.
  7. Green Lightning

    Poll of NFL players on QB (was: rookie QB Roundup)

    Guess they don't like it when Josh tramples over them for a hundred yards a game.
  8. Green Lightning

    A Question for Bills fans?

    You can't be from Buffalo and dislike Green Bay. We've got so much in common. I hate the Pats, don't like the rest of the AFC East and can't stand Dallas,
  9. Green Lightning

    LAMP: My 20,000th Post

    Same here, why the shouting?
  10. Green Lightning

    LAMP: My 20,000th Post

    I used to have one of these when I was single. I believe my wife did a Christmas Story number on it. 26CB, and in only 18 months.
  11. Green Lightning

    Cool Detailed Analysis - Zay Jones

    Well those are a lot of words but they add up to huh? Zay Jones is going to make this team next year and is likely going to be the number two receiver, or one of them. By that I mean I don't think we're going to find a clear number one unless it's by a trade. I think we're going to have more of a committee of competent solid receivers.
  12. Green Lightning

    Shady throwing shade at Bills O lineman

    Thank God, this national championship game is a yawn.😁
  13. Green Lightning

    Should the Bills make a run at C.J. Uzomah [TE]?

    I'd rather have a TE with some length. 6'2" is a little short.
  14. You kind of lost me here Old Time. I was referring to the head coach and GM, who just acted upon what you were talking about by losing 3 coaches. They're constantly fiddling with the roster and trying to improve it. Hell, they even got rid of their number 1 and 2 receivers to change things up when it wasn't working. They also had a huge dead money situation they had to be cleared up and it's done. So I don't quite know what you're getting at here as it relates to my original post.