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  1. Green Lightning

    Game Balls vs. the Vikings

    I second all of this. A nice Sunday today.
  2. Some day , all sane and sighted posters will not start threads like these.
  3. Green Lightning

    Would you rather have: Mahomes or both Allen & Tre?

    Tough one, Mahomes is a TD machine so far.
  4. Green Lightning

    The move nobody is talking about- Bojorquez

    So'far, s'okay
  5. Green Lightning

    Unnecessary Roughness Call on Tre' White 😒

    A BS call is a BS call.
  6. Green Lightning

    McDermott piling on: Should have put Peterman in.

    Josh needed the full experience. Finishing out a win. I wouldn't change a thing. Great Sunday!
  7. Green Lightning

    Yeah I would worry now about the $5K

    Nothing circles divorce lawyers like betting against the Buffalo Bills!
  8. Green Lightning

    Could Alabama beat the Vikings?

    Let's ask Jim Rome.
  9. Green Lightning

    Josh Allen: Between the Ears

    What I like about him so far is he listens to coaching and keeps showing improvement staying calm in the pocket. On the Croom TD, that was a great play and it was designed to go to Croom from the get go. But watch Josh execute it. After the fake, he didn't just twist and throw a rocket, like he would in college. He set up, got his feet right, and calmly delivered a great touch, catchable ball. That's a kid with talent taking coaching and executing. Love it.
  10. Green Lightning

    Allen is a budding superstar

    How about we stop the madness and let this play out. So far so good and we should all be happy with that without making HOF or bust declarations. He's going to have a brutal game or two in this season. So we won't be a bust after them and he's not an all star yet. Right now I"m encouraged and pleased by what he's doing - isn't that enough. Let him grow.
  11. Green Lightning

    Leslie Frazier gets post game ball

    What's another post and view of this? All good. McD showed true class and leadership. Frazier is a former HC but you could see his pride and joy in that moment. I loved it.
  12. Green Lightning

    Josh Allen: Between the Ears

    Nice game and a growth game. Except for the fumble, he really took care of the ball and made smart throws. Once he matures, he will see some of the other opportunities that did present themselves. Again, the arrow is pointing up. Just know that he's going to piss you off and break your heart as well as make sensational throws. Got to hang in with both the good and bad. To me, the great improvement is his growing calm in the pocket. Happy feet and early running is the killer of young QB's. This kid takes coaching and implements what he's told.
  13. Green Lightning

    Unnecessary Roughness Call on Tre' White 😒

    That defies reality. Defenseless? So every receiver making a catch is now defenseless.
  14. Green Lightning

    Bills vs. Vikings Post Game Thread

    100% Never about him when things go well. He's the real deal. Up or down, we need to stick with this guy. The arrow is pointing up.
  15. Green Lightning

    “Freezing Cold Takes” from before the game

    suck it Jim Rome