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  1. Made a lot of bad decisions and so-so arm strength. Plucky guy with a lot of compete. You see upside bjt I don't think he's a franchise guy.
  2. Like to keep him. Gets better and better. He's a baller.
  3. He is still raw. When he makes the leap, he's going to be all-pro and a force for years. Great pick!
  4. Agree but I hope he improves enough to keep Watson out of the division.
  5. Not with this soft interior Oline. Mitch "the holder" Morse was a miss. Cody at best is a back up and Mongo is willing, but not good enough. Stud D lines have owned them and that won't change.
  6. Yes. I was yelling that every other play. Just move the GD chains! That 4th and 1 abomination was just a horrific call. Steelers were patient and got 1st downs when they needed them. When he had time he held it too long looking for the big chunk yard play instead of taking what the D was giving. Semi hero ball.
  7. Looked like a game manager to me. Let's check back when DCs have some tape on him and scheme for him. Well, neither were stellar today.
  8. That was largely on Daboll to me. If something is not working do something else. We were out coached out played, out toughed and our star receivers could not get open. Our CB 2 is a penalty waiting to happen. CB depth is glaring. Disappointing on so many fronts.
  9. Rather have Brady so we can knock him around like the Giants did twice.
  10. Big concern. For example Mahomes, hasn't won the MVP in 2 years and didn't win SB last year -- an obvious regression. With fans back in the stands making noise, Josh won't be able to function, I read it on the Internet. Suddenly, the Bills' future looks bleak.
  11. He's playing for his job and doesn't have the nerve to put his job in the hands of a rook. Scared money. I don't see how he keeps the gig after this year. His offenses are putrid.
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