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  1. Green Lightning

    Bills and Sabres Weekends

    No, gotta link? Sounds good.
  2. Green Lightning

    Bills and Sabres Weekends

    Solid logic. It's cool she likes the glass. My wife has no sports gene at all and tolerates a Bills or Sabres game every now and then. But she really got into one Sabres game when I scored tix on the glass. Even stood and shouted. Surprised the Hell out of me.
  3. Green Lightning

    Got a call from my season ticket rep yesterday

    Congrats! You deserve it. That said many of us lifers deserve some love from OBD for our decades of loyalty to the franchise!
  4. Green Lightning

    Darby trade

  5. Green Lightning

    Confession time at TBD

    Okay but I hope you don't hold it against me. It's all about the Bills official Draft parties on the first day of the draft. I first attended in 2000, and they chose Erik Flowers. I blamed myself and stayed home the next year. So I attended again in 2002, and they chose Mike Williams. I began to suspect that I may have brought with me some dark energy. I took several years off and thought that the worst was over. So I attended again in 2009, and they chose Mayhem Maybin. Now my family was blaming me. I laid low for a few years to return in 2014, the Watkins pick. This year, even my nephew asked I not attend. I readily agreed. I knew it was going to be a quarterback year and did not want to be responsible for what happened. So this time, whatever happens, you can't blame me.
  6. Green Lightning

    PFF draft grades

  7. That is just revisionist history. Tyrod lacks the ability to anticipate, to throw a receiver open. It's not his lack of faith in his own receivers it is a lack of faith in his own judgment and ability. And that's the Tyrod you will see this year in Cleveland. Still, he's a serviceable quarterback who will have some success in Cleveland as he did here. I like him and wish him well.
  8. Green Lightning

    PFF draft grades

    You and I must comprehend English differently if that's your take on the discussion.
  9. Green Lightning

    Who Will Win the AFC East?

    The Las Vegas Golden Knights.
  10. Green Lightning

    PFF draft grades

    Well that made zero sense, but maybe your little rant made you feel better. My post that you quoted was reacting to the statement that McBeane would make a quarterback change next year and draft another one if they thought Alan couldn't cut it. I said I don't think it would be that easy, it's at least a three-year project and no way would they only give Allen next year. And then you went off like a bottle rocket, so go figure. The discussion was not about your man crush on Allen, it was about McBeane's future being tied to the Allen pick, good or bad. Try reacting to things in context.
  11. Green Lightning

    Johnny (Canadian) Football Alert

    The moron will probably sue and win. #sad. That said, the security guards probably would have done more damage once they caught up with him.
  12. Green Lightning

    Tom Brady supposedly tells Oprah, retirement sooner than later.

    Can't watch, my two least favorite people on the planet!
  13. Green Lightning

    Allen & Darnold together at the U.S. Open

    Did Darold fumble the mic?
  14. Green Lightning

    PFF draft grades

    Sorry, there's no way they're going to make a decision after one year. This is a three-year process and therein lies the danger. Do you set the franchise back or move it forward. That'll tell the tale. I like these guys and I want them to succeed but you got to be realistic. Allen was a high-stakes pick we're just going to have to see.