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  1. Bills very interested in rudolph

    Got to be true then!
  2. BIlls hosting penny!!!

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_James_(defensive_back) Pro bowl CB for us.
  3. Breaking: no charges against Zay

    Wow, harsh comment...however I'm going to be using it!
  4. BIlls hosting penny!!!

    See if someone has a Robert James jersey laying around. He was a great CB for the bills.
  5. Speculation...Hughes to Giants???

    I think Beane is going to play this close to the vest and not make a call until the draft begins. So those who enjoy the speculation will have plenty more and those who burn stomach lining over this are in for a long few weeks! I go back and forth!
  6. Speculation...Hughes to Giants???

    Hope so B4L. Certainly adds to the drama and it's going to continue for FN weeks more!
  7. Call your shot

    I dunno, my first reaction to the trade is they are grabbing some bonus picks because they are staying put at #2. Be nice if Hughes could be part of a move up but I think they are going to a 3-4 defense. Damn, don't know about you but I can't wait until this pre-draft vacuum is over!
  8. Speculation...Hughes to Giants???

    I think trading JPP for picks means they are staying put at #2.
  9. Bills have private workout with Baker Mayfield

    Exactly how I feel!
  10. Jones will be fine per his dad

    I can only imagine the trash talk from opposing CBs next year.
  11. #fakenews / misleading headline on NFL.com

    BS headline but I like the mock!
  12. Edmunds at #12 & Vander Esch #22

    No Foles. Besides he's not going anywhere.
  13. Call your shot

    And if a player is involved will it ruin Christmas for you?
  14. Zay Jones Arrested

    Great the one receiver we had with speed and was suppzed to have a breakout season just went cracker dogs.