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  1. Bad team? Your words, not mine. I said they lost every close game last year and again yesterday. Not a great trend. Great teams don't lose every close game.
  2. I will when they show they can actually pull out a close game. Been a minute...
  3. Easy, let them pull out a tight game and all is well. It's been awhile. Top teams finish when the game is tight on the line. We haven't developed that habit I'm afraid.
  4. Let them win a close game and then let's talk.
  5. It's not an aberration to lose every close game we played last year and we are continuing the trend with today's choke. It will be an aberration to win a close game. This is an issue.
  6. We continue to find new and amazing ways to lose close games. Despite all the injuries and heat, we choked when the game was on the line. 500 yards offense, held the ball for more than 40 minutes and still found not one, but multiple ways the give the game away.
  7. Our red zone performance today was pathetic and why we lost. We gave this game away.
  8. Same conditions for Both teams. We just pissed this game away. No excuses. We could have put them away repeatedly and just pissed it away.
  9. The offense lost this game. Vintage Bills, just can't finish a team when we have the opportunities. Leaving so many points on the field and keep letting them stay close.
  10. End of day, McD knows D Back play cold and his scheme is solid. We'll see some big plays against us but I expect we'll be fine.
  11. He was awful today. Second only to Mac Jones for futility. Loved it.
  12. Honestly we know what we have in Josh. If that idiot writer still has his head up his *ss, who cares and why waste time reading such crap?
  13. Utter and complete failure of our coaches. After watching amazing Bills fails since 1963, I thought I'd seen it all. After we scored, my nephew said game over. I said history suggests otherwise.
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