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  1. Green Lightning

    Great article, the OBJ trade and that Beane passed on it

    We'll see. If Beckham wasn't such a pantload he'd be a Giant for life.
  2. Green Lightning

    Jonah Williams or Ed Oliver??

    Easy choice, Oliver. He's a much better prospect at his position than any of the OL in this draft. This guy could be ripping up the middle for us for years!
  3. Green Lightning

    Josh Allen, the slot WR and a summary.

    Why use a big word when a diminutive one will do?
  4. Spot on Thurman. I've followed this team since 1963. This FO and GM are solid, disciplined and strategic. Now just win and quiet the fools!
  5. Green Lightning

    A lot of Competition at WR For The Bills in 2019

    Why? He's on a cheap contract and showed some upside. Let him compete and develop, unless some team has a sweet offer, I say keep him.
  6. Green Lightning

    Unreliable Accounts For Bills News and Rumors

    Yeah, buried in a back section somewhere.
  7. Green Lightning

    Unreliable Accounts For Bills News and Rumors

    Like say the New York Times of late?
  8. Green Lightning

    The Browns will self-destruct on October 21, 2019

    Nice reference.
  9. Green Lightning

    John Miller - Sigh

    Sure those games you watched were Bills' games?
  10. Green Lightning

    Report - Bills talking to Hou for Clowney

    Beane's on fire. That cap space apparently was burning a hole in his pocket. The site reporting our interest in Clowney is sketchy at best, but for argument's sake, other than high picks, anyone on our roster Houston would be interested in?
  11. Green Lightning

    OT Ty Nsekhe (Redskins) to the Bills

    The footage against Clowney was impressive. He had answers to both speed and bull rushes. If Dawkins wants to stay at LT, looks like he's got legitimate competition.
  12. Green Lightning

    OT Ty Nsekhe (Redskins) to the Bills

    Still could. Dawkins would be kicked inside to guard.
  13. Green Lightning

    OT Ty Nsekhe (Redskins) to the Bills

    Yep, he's your starter while the tackle we will draft this year develops. Looks to be an upgrade over Mills.
  14. Green Lightning

    WR John Brown (Ravens) to the Bills

    Oh, I agree. I'm just saying if there's a run on quarterbacks and a prime DT or Edge falls our way they're going to take him.