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  1. He also had a big arm. I remember some of the receivers sometimes dodging and not catching some of his lasers. He developed into a solid QB. I was young and remembered he looked imposing for a QB, unlike a Griese or Tarkington. Tackle at your own risk, I was used to a John Hadl or Joe Kapp.
  2. I was there for those games. It wasn't just the race stigma, it was the mobile QB stigma. If they would have built the offense around Briscoe's talents, he would have been Lamarr but it just never occurred to them. An amazing talent before his time. Even then, a great receiver and fun to watch. Harris had it all, size, big arm, I don't remember him being all that mobile. He wasn't an EJ.
  3. 1) Your a blessing to the board 716. 2) Ouch!
  4. Damn, that's some serious work there. Looking forward to it. You do edge as well?
  5. Gonna win the offseason, I can just feel it!
  6. Digital baby! Best picture ever. Beats cable. Brings back memories. I used to do radio in Corning. WCLI/KZ106.
  7. This is exactly right. Like to have him back. He's a great fit, but not at the money he thinks he deserves and undoubtedly some team will pay him. Star, Harrison and Oliver will be fine. Use the $ for an edge.
  8. God I wish. We're wasting Eichel's career.
  9. Right and I'm hoping to come out of this year's draft & FA, with a new Edge, RT, a number one receiver, a solid number 2 RB, and a veteran TE. Oh and you can throw a linebacker in there as well! Not asking for much!
  10. That's a thought shared by many in my Bills supporters circle. Our time is now and at best we have a two-year window to get this done. After that, contracts and changeover will force a retooling period. That said Beane it's too smart to get us into the situation the Rams are in now.
  11. Nah, Foster never produced in college and wasn't near the route runner or has the ball sense that Ruggs posseses. Foster is raw. Ruggs will produce at this level I just wouldn't trade up for him. But comparing him to Foster is off base.
  12. Absolutely an arguable position. He's fast and jukey, but couldn't dominate on his own team. Seems light to me and I wonder how he'd do against NFL press coverage. Hey if this guy fell to us at 22 I'd do somersaults. I just don't see taking a chance on him being elite with that kind of price tag. I would need to see that elite status in college. Maybe a couple of thousand yard seasons and dominating on his own team would have helped me get there. He is a burner though with both quick separation and breakaway speed. As I told Virgil, if Beane deems it a risk worth taking I got to go with him.
  13. I see the talent and he's actually a decent size, I just don't see the value in trading up for him. If it happens gotta trust Beane on it. Nothing to do with Reed83HOF, great poster, just don't agree. BTW great job on this draft thread. A fun read for a Bill's fan in February!
  14. This. It just seems so evident that this is the way to go. Spain was solid considering what we had before but we need more from LG and a lot more at RT.
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