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  1. So did Lorenzo Alexander. Some players peak at different times.
  2. Agree. If he becomes a Phil Hansen, I'm happy with that.
  3. I have a hard time imagining Edmunds as DPOY. Frankly I think it's just cracker-dogs. I will be happy for a solid starter who makes an impact play a game.
  4. It's going to affect all QBs to a degree. In his 4th year, Josh will be fine.
  5. Beane vs. Trapasso. Hmmmm, who to trust on football talent? Really tough call. I'll have to ponder this one tonight.
  6. That's why I added Flowers. I've lived through some brutal Dlines.
  7. So you never lived through the terror of Mike McBath, Waddy Harvey, Al Cowlings? Let's throw in Eric Flowers as well.
  8. Not to sound Third Reichish, but I hope the Goose steps up.
  9. I agree talent wise on Edmunds so it makes sense to see if he emerges this year. His play is either amazing or frustrating. Let’s hope his gap selection, pursuit angles and block shedding steps up this year.
  10. NP, sometimes the draft exhausts humor detectors. FTR, 4.64 at 273 pounds is downright scary. Really looking forward to seeing Boogie hunt this year!
  11. 4.63 is really the minimum for an edge.
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