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  1. Utter and complete failure of our coaches. After watching amazing Bills fails since 1963, I thought I'd seen it all. After we scored, my nephew said game over. I said history suggests otherwise.
  2. Got a CB, little RB and a little LB. Seems much less than KC's haul so far. But we will own the 6th round!
  3. 8 picks left for an elite roster. Yep, that's a Bellona plan.
  4. Great, we'll own the 6th round. Draft 4 punters and let them compete.
  5. If not to pricey, Gilmore would be great to have on the boundary. SB or bust, all sins forgiven.
  6. Great Bill. One of my favorites. Hope he can come back and hoist the Lombardi this year.
  7. There's more than running to play running back in the NFL.
  8. He plays scared and he just can't rely on speed in the bigs. He also looks like a twig out there. If his hands improve he could be a ST'er and maybe a gadget guy but I don't see him as starting caliber.
  9. Wondered when the first bogus thread would appear today.
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