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  1. Green Lightning

    Top 10 Comeback Player of the Year Candidates

    Still time for the great Peterman comeback!
  2. Green Lightning

    The Patriots Have Signed Ramon Humber

    TB12 baby!
  3. That's one too many asterisks.
  4. It is if teams ram the ball down your throat for a couple hundred yards a game. Modern football includes running and stopping the run.
  5. Green Lightning

    Why Is eball Such a Peterman Apologist?

    We'd all be diminished his departure.
  6. Green Lightning

    Why Is eball Such a Peterman Apologist?

    Happy to see eball get his own thread. He's got staying power.
  7. Green Lightning

    Is our offensive roster good now?

    And a RB to groom behind Shady
  8. Green Lightning

    Rex Ryan Destroys The Jets For Getting Owned By The Bills

    Yeah but they lost with passion.
  9. Green Lightning

    Matt Barkley (asking for a friend)

    I will say this, I always put Barkley into the smart-but-noodle-armed QB camp. But the bomb to Foster and the bullet to Zay in a really tight window for the TD kinda surprised me. Maybe it was just like the few rockets that Fitzy used to crank now and again before going back to the usual mediocrity, but those were some good looking passes.
  10. Green Lightning

    WTF with the “feel bad for Peterman” posts?

    Why can't people just hate the guy, I mean he was a fifth round draft pick put into untenable situation by his coach. Can't we just despise him?
  11. Thread fail. I'm gonna go and read the six "Peterman is released" threads instead.
  12. Green Lightning

    Bills Release Peterman

    Actually, that would be the best for him. If there's one thing life teaches us is there is always the possibilities to come back from the bottom. I hope he keeps going, just not here and not now.
  13. Green Lightning

    Bills vs. Jets Postgame and Bye Week News

    No. He needs a somewhat competent QB and some talent for him to throw to and a. OL that is not pathetic.
  14. Green Lightning

    If McDermott starts Allen tomorrow he should be Fired

    That's the coach's call.