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  1. Yeah, no wrecks to his Oedipus...
  2. To crush the Chiefs, drive them before us and hear the lamentations of their women.
  3. Jeebus, it's only June. No need to be so fact based and realistic in your posts at this point! 😏
  4. Let's see how he processes the game, especially against NFL DCs. There's a lot of "modern" NFL QBs that bust. He's got a lot of weapons so we'll know soon enough of he's all that.
  5. Maybe he's here to show the coaches how to get out of the choke-hold when the game is on the line.
  6. It was 1963. I became aware of a standing buffalo silhouette on helmets and my family yelling and jumping at an old Philco TV every Sunday. I was indoctrinated into the cult and living within it's bizarre code and ritual ever since. I still replay the AFL Championship games in my head. So Tick-Tock boys, I need a Lombardi bad.
  7. Call him a carnival ride if you want but this piece makes me appreciate Josh all the more.
  8. Cap is not real claim in 3-2-1...
  9. Maybe they wanted to have more with man-to-man packages to change up on offenses and needed that skill set - figuring they could teach him zone. Last year he had a foot issue, let's see what he has got this year. He's had some solid moments in games. With all the size/speed receivers we'll be seeing, someone with his physical abilities would be huge addition.
  10. Well deserved Bills Wall of Fame.
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