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  1. I hardly think Brady would have had a fraction of the success he has had w/o Belicheat.
  2. In Rochester for 30 years but B'lo born & raised. Soon getting out of NYS. Need to get away from high taxes and this increasingly crazy state gov't.
  3. I have to agree. Cody goes to Guard for a bit. That's a lot of coin to pay a back up.
  4. Well now there's that! Thanks. Good video. WR is going to be one of the best battles in TC this year.
  5. It's a lot to learn in a short time after playing one way for most of his football life. If he can progress in it this year we'll have a playoff team.
  6. Can't watch the video on my phone. Blocked by NFL. But I agree Foster has the tools and apparently now has the will and focus.
  7. Blah, blah, blah. I just detest the Cowboys and Jerruh. Go Josh, go Bills.
  8. I think it's going to be the one guy I winced the most at when they drafted him - Singletary. I couldn't get why they drafted a RB that high, but after watching him run, he's like a pin ball hitting bumpers. Can't wait to see him in real action.
  9. Calling it now: This Zay Jones thread will not be over with by the announcement of the week 1 roster I could be wrong, but this is just what I believe based on the inordinate amount of posts on this thread. I have no issues if others don't agree, just my opinion on the matter, nothing more.
  10. It's a great doc. Those guys played on more hit songs than I can count.
  11. Elmore Smith, Swen Nater, those were the days! Hey Ice, always nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear about Bart. Class act.
  12. Not liking this. To me, not medical guy to be sure, but it seems to me a 300 pound + athlete who squats in a low position and is hammered 30 times a game by another 300 pound guy is likely to have further issues following the procedure. As for Cole, stopping, starting and cutting at full speed 30 times a game will also take it's toll. So three of our shiny new acquisitions are not ready yet, one won't be for a while. Maybe it's no big deal, but it's feeling Billsy right now to me. Call it a after effect of following the team for 55 years.
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