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  1. Nah, it just raises up the have nots. Should be an interesting year.
  2. Concussions are a big concern. The OTs he'll be banging with in the NFL are big, fast and nastyand it's every week..
  3. I tried out for the team but the coach said I was short, but slow.
  4. He will, but not as good as Rivers. I think it's a net loss for Indy.
  5. Well that's just cracker-dogs. Jerry has been our only source of QB pressure. Better have some better plans in place before you blow everything up.
  6. I rest my case after the best offense just got B slapped by a great D in the SB. Draft D Line or Oline. It starts up front.
  7. I don't think we could do worse than KC. Stunning lack of discipline and terrible coaching.
  8. Got to try and keep him. RT is a pretty big hole to have to fill when we need some upgrades in other places.
  9. Well, a year ago the hot topics on this board were can Josh ever have a 300 yard passing game and will the Bills ever have a signature win. So I'm pretty pleased right now.
  10. Reading Joe B's All 22, confirmed what I saw. Our middle OL had zero push in the run game and was pushed around by the base KC DL. Chris Jones abused Mongo and Morse and Clark did likewise to Darryl Williams. We need OL to progress.
  11. Add center, guard, speed RB and maybe Rt. Our middle OL is just bad.
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