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  1. If you have two lock down CBs, there's plenty of ways to pressure QBs.
  2. Agree totally. I think the FO seeks out the kind of guys that have that "will to win" gene.
  3. You had to be sleeping under a rock if you think they were going to go with Stidham. We expected this and if we're going to beat them, let's beat him when they have a decent quarterback. No excuses, I say strap it up let's go boys. Prove you the best.
  4. File this exercise under "things to do when senile."
  5. You know, there's a place for you on the New York Times editorial board. Take your bile elsewhere.
  6. I have soccer stored in a file folder labelled "Things to watch when senile."
  7. WOW very well thought-out answer. Must have taken a lot of consideration. I now know all I need to know about you.
  8. Because he will. Wait and see. Edit: I was responding to Major Bobby, who was wondering why Oliver would get a suspension.
  9. I've carried a firearm for 40 years. Myself and many of the people I know who are licensed to carry are hardly cavalier about it. You play by the rules, practice and keep safe. You would never know we carry because we don't advertise it. So quit painting with such a broad brush. Almost all of the crimes and shootings you read about are committed by criminals with illegal guns. Oh and as a rule we don't drink and drive with open containers with our guns. Just sayin'.
  10. Maybe, but he will miss games for sure and this is a really bad time to let down your team. Not that any time is good but this is the year we finally hope to put it all together.
  11. I think he'll be PS this year as the shortened TC and OTAs will limit receivers. I think that will also prevent other teams from plucking him off the PS. After a year of NFL strength training and coaching up he'll be a factor in 2021.
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