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  1. Absolutely. If he's not hobbled by the shoulder McBeane will make a run at him.
  2. If Oliver, with his elite skills and speed, can channel #95's relentlessness, professionalism and training, wow, this is going to be fun to watch.
  3. Thought the thread was telling the Bills "do not" draft a receiver.
  4. Great reference and spot on. I Hope the kid doesn't "Manziel" what could be his last opportunity.
  5. I know there's some Homer in Astro's post but he backs it up, and I liked it much. Initially did not like the Singletary pick or skipping Sternberger. But I'm coming around and anxious to see our new RB and TE. Singltary's tape and juking tackles is impressive. It belies his size and straight ahead speed. McBeane does a good job at picking football players and not workout warriors.
  6. When it comes to defense, defensive backs and linebackers, I trust the process. McBeane has a pretty damn impressive track record. Kid looks like a steal.
  7. Dunno, happy for the effort but he seems like a reach for me for the third round.
  8. Not addressing TE or receiver in the 1st 3 rounds was just a mistake on Beane's part. A RB in the 3rd is not how I wanted to end the night.
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