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  1. He ran a sub 4.5 40 at 48 years of age. Amazing discipline and specimen. You'd have to be a true dumbass to challenge this guy.
  2. From what I can see, Jones is the difference in stopping the run we lacked last year. Settle and Jones were great pick ups and happy to have both back next year. Phillips and Shaq as well. I can't wait to see at least one game with all the starters health and playing. This has been an injury year like no other.
  3. Like most takes, the OP's thoughts are not 100% off, but far from right. They brought in Jamison Crowder, and when healthy, looked like that safety valve Josh needed. He was a big loss when he went down. I agree that they thought Gabe would take the next step - hasn't yet, but still a talent. I mostly fault the lack of a better Oline. I dread 2nd down and two because we never make it. We cannot push the LOS to get a yard. Against the Browns we moved the ball on the ground but not on short yardage. Solid pass rushers force heroics from Josh too often. So yes, nice to have a solid #2 receiver, but I hope to Hell we get some better O linemen next year.
  4. Like the Jets pick, go up top and not chest high and it would have worked. Bad decision on where to put the ball.
  5. Coaching is killing us. On the one foot line in a bunch formation with a week IOL - what could go wrong? Snap it to Josh, let him run it out for a yard or throw it away and then do it again until your out. 45 seconds and four downs, for Crissake.
  6. Exactly. Five red zone picks in two games pius an endzone fumble that cost us two games and has us now a long shot for the number one seed and third place in the AFCE is going to draw some criticism. Is what it be. You can still love the guy, but for chrissakes Josh, don't give away games you worked so hard to keep us in.
  7. I call it refusing to win. This team lacks the killer instinct and consistently allows teams back in the game. Two weeks running the just refused to win.
  8. Honestly I don't have any ammo to combat your post. We pissed away our SB last year in 13 seconds and finding new and lame ways of pissing games away this year. We're choking with the game on the line and McD needs to right the ship soon.
  9. Yet another mind numbing ridiculous loss to put in the bumbling Bills - find ways to piss away games - HOF. They simply refused to win. They just do not have the DNA to put teams away. Nobody gets a pass here. They just refused to win at every opportunity. After the fiasco, I just put my mind at ease and dropped the "best team in the league" and "Super Bowl favorites" narrative. Instead I hope for making improvements to possibly win our division or vie for a wildcard. There's just no excuse for the debacle today.
  10. Due to the no-call on the Chris Jones tripping play, Josh gets at least another half-dozen of earnest and emphatic beseeches of the refs.
  11. I dunno, we shut down Derrick Henry, Lamar and other solid run games. It look like they never saw a sweep before and picked the wrong gaps plenty of time. Tacking wasn't great. Agree that game plan ended in a the score loss, but a few more stops by the D would have been nice. All said in done, I'm far more concerned about Poyer and safety depth. On to NY.
  12. Back during Jimmy Griffen's time in City Hall, they paid a artist to do a neon sculpture installed by the entrance of the Kensington Expressway. It was supposed to be a "dancing figure to celebrate life." It was called Green Lightning. The artist said it was a parody of Mr. Peanut. Instead , once lit, it was an animated dancing penis in a top hat. Jimmy wasn't amused and had the power cut and ordered it bulldozed in the middle of the night. The artist stood on top of the work and got a court order to stop the demolition. Fun time to be a Buffalonian. The piece is in storage now in Cleveland. Green Lightning (sculpture) - Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Lightning_(sculpture)
  13. I can see #3 playing during the game. At least it has a few bars and pays some homage to "Shout." Mostly underwhelmed. The first two pretty mediocre.
  14. With all the WR injuries and pressure packages they are bringing against Josh, it's time to get Cook the ball in space and make DCs account for his speed. Screens and slants to him are what we could use right now. If my option is a Moss three and out series, I'll opt for Cook's ceiling and speed.
  15. Bad team? Your words, not mine. I said they lost every close game last year and again yesterday. Not a great trend. Great teams don't lose every close game.
  16. I will when they show they can actually pull out a close game. Been a minute...
  17. Easy, let them pull out a tight game and all is well. It's been awhile. Top teams finish when the game is tight on the line. We haven't developed that habit I'm afraid.
  18. Let them win a close game and then let's talk.
  19. It's not an aberration to lose every close game we played last year and we are continuing the trend with today's choke. It will be an aberration to win a close game. This is an issue.
  20. We continue to find new and amazing ways to lose close games. Despite all the injuries and heat, we choked when the game was on the line. 500 yards offense, held the ball for more than 40 minutes and still found not one, but multiple ways the give the game away.
  21. Our red zone performance today was pathetic and why we lost. We gave this game away.
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