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  1. Ugh! Maybe the "super fans" can be excluded on the basis that Buck-I-Guy, Big Nut, and their friends are physically unable to sit at an appropriate social distance from each other? Neutron Man (RIP), on the other hand, could have had his whole section as far as I'm concerned.
  2. They catered to corporations and boosters over students and fans when they first built the Schott, and it was a huge bust. Terrible environment before they made changes. It’ll be interesting to see what they do here.
  3. What’s with all the steak emojis? ... and several others.
  4. Not sure if it was posted already but BTN The Journey did a nice feature on Epenesa last fall. The only video link I could find for it is on Facebook:
  5. I’m so happy he’s HC now. Home run hire.
  6. I saw on Twitter today that it’s been years since anyone decommitted from Clemson. I’d love to see some karma come around for Dabo after negative recruiting against Urban.
  7. Texas Tom is not going to be happy about losing another blue-chip in-state stud to Columbus.
  8. Hey I like a good prank and much as the next guy, and I’m glad to see the coaches having fun with April Fools during uncertain times, but this one hits a little too close to home— I have zero sense of humor about Coach Mick leaving! 😂
  9. Day setting the pace. Also, check out Mack Brown doing work at UNC.
  10. RB room officially upgraded to “under control”
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