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  1. This offseason, man... lol I came around to the idea that O'Brien's famously an a-hole and maybe the Bucks need some of that edge to go along with Day's message about love. But Chip Kelly at OC seems like a big upgrade, especially given his history with Day. I would expect that the two of them see eye-to-eye on how the offense should be run.
  2. They had 44 seniors who are moving on.
  3. Wow. The Bucks are f’n loaded.
  4. I think Day may have been overwhelmed with his duties as head coach, de facto OC, de facto QB coach, and playcaller. Bringing in someone with experience running an offense will help with all that - hopefully. I agree with you about Day as a playcaller but would also like to see him take on more of a CEO role than trying to do everything himself on that side of the ball. Glad to see Dennis move on to other things. As for Hartline, my sense was his promotion was intended to give him a pay raise and honor his work as WR coach, but I don't know about his interest or ability to take over the whole offense. Between the big roster retentions, portal moves, and a high-profile hire like this, Day sure seems to be coaching like his back is against the wall. Any idea how he compares to Howard or even Noland?
  5. Did not see this coming…
  6. He threw for almost 400 yards in a cold weather game at Ann Arbor in 2021.
  7. Biggest news of the night by far....
  8. Lol I’ll be happy for Burke if he takes his shot at the NFL. Hope he makes it, and in the meantime OSU seems fine at CB.
  9. If this is true, the defense should be absurd. They still may need a portal LB.
  10. The guy they wanted….
  11. Day has a lot of credibility with me. I thought he did great in 2019 and called an incredible game against Clemson -- the Wade ejection, Dobbins injury, and Okudah pick reversal doomed them that game. He kept the team together through Covid in 2020 and had the team playing for the natty -- he was undone that time by the best Alabama offense I've ever seen and about a 1/3 of the roster out with injuries. Since then he's won a ton of games but the criticism that the team seems a little soft is resonating. I don't know why some of these younger coaches still have jobs at Ohio State. I cannot understand why he would make such a big deal about the Cotton Bowl, and then run just six light practices and bench his center over a stupid podcast appearance. How could the QB position be in such disarray with his track record and Hartline's run with the WRs? Why isn't Ohio State in the portal just buying up a new OL? Day gets the benefit of the doubt with me for another run here, but man right now the program does not appear as well organized and ferocious as I normally expect.
  12. I agree that they should add a QB and OL. Potential transfers are coming through in the coming weeks and hopefully they hit. Otherwise, I don’t know… play Noland next year as a true freshman like they did with Pryor and just hope for a fun season? It’s not great right now. Day losing the last two games of the season two years in a row looks a lot like Cooper - especially this year. The Cotton Bowl was an absolute disaster and changed my outlook on him a bit. We’ll see how the next few weeks go.
  13. Finally some good news! It would be a huge coup for Day to get Tyleik, JT and Sawyer all back.
  14. At their best, Michigan plays smashmouth, mistake-free football. Their OL is a group of mostly 23-25 year-old men -- I believe their youngest starter is a senior. They come right at you. My impression of Saban is that he loves that style of play and will gladly put his recruits up against Harbaugh's. I'm fascinated by the matchup and can't wait to watch. Roll Tide!!!! (On that particular day, lol)
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