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  1. Insert: “that’s my quarterback” meme
  2. This dude gets me so fired up!
  3. Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.
  4. Was that a blind side block similar to the one called on the Bills?
  5. Pay Brian Hartline and secure his services for a long, long time.
  6. Same - surprised to see OSU beat writers celebrating his success after going in on him not too long ago. And yes, adding further annoyance to the whole thing is that we'll have to wait even longer for Coombs. The bright spot, I guess, is that the lack of *any* information on the next DB coach is a pretty strong indicator that it will be Coombs after the Titans' season is over.
  7. So are we cool with Vrabel again? Because last I checked we were pissed at him for raiding Urban's coaching staff. As I recall someone close to the program called him a fake Buckeye.
  8. Roots down. Wagon full. LFG!! That was a fun read.
  9. These past two seasons were highly entertaining. I ride with Allen and hope the Bills continue to build around him.
  10. I hate Clemson so much right now.
  11. He ain’t going out like that.
  12. Leave it to Ramzy to give us a 100-year perspective on targeting and the 2019 Buckeyes.
  13. The two of them had beef a few years back when Harbaugh wanted to run a camp down south at a time of year when Saban thought no camps should be allowed. Add that to Saban's history at OSU under Woody and as head coach at MSU, and I'm not surprised he took an extra shot at Michigan when given the opportunity.
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