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  1. It was not just Star. Star, Shaq, and Phillips. Really tough to lose 3 key lineman.
  2. Whoever is best at blitz pickup is the absolute right choice.
  3. Cough cough...(Reich was that mastermind).. cough cough
  4. Lamar is also a pretty good passer despite the desire for a contrary narrative. Not spectacular but good.
  5. They also live on throws to the TE. It's a tough matchup and Bills will have to have a gameplan with the D-line playing better than they have.
  6. Gotta beat the best to be the best.
  7. Phillips, Star, and Shaq were on last year's team. The Ravens are a running team like no other and the Bills D line has shown zero ability to own the line.
  8. Shout is the Chicken Dance. I don't hate it. It's just old. Keep it around but make a new era.
  9. we had a better D line last year. Much better.
  10. The optimism in this thread is surprising. Have you all been watching the Bills run defense this year? If the Bills win, Klein and Milano will need all Pro games and they need turnovers.
  11. Would also be appropriate. I love my Bills but the Ravens could run for 400. Need AJ Klein to be in beast mode again and Milano or maybe Taron to spy Lamar like a mofo. Still the one team as hot as the Bills and that poses the biggest challenge.
  12. Holding out hope for 330 tomorrow! you guys before me don't want tickets, right?
  13. I do but I'm just some fan on the Internet. What do you want me to do, sell my firstborn if I'm wrong? The Shout song is an old remake of an older song. The time has come to change it. They changed the uniforms twice, they can certainly change the TD song. Just the facts man. Old white dudes are not down for rap. Not a racism accusation just a fact. Don't know a lot of black dudes who listen to Glenn Miller either, and women don't dominate the first person shooter video game market. You can make predictions based on certain demos.
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