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  1. Southwest, near Inlet NY. 30 minutes east of Old Forge. Big Moose Lake specifically. There's a Tesla charging station in Old Forge but Tesla's network is not currently compatible with the fast charging CCS standard that is the norm in the US and Europe or the chademo standard that you'll find on Japanese cars like the Leaf.
  2. Ours didn't for what it's worth. It's a 31K car with the top level trim. She puts 20-25K miles on it a year so our I ce break even on green living is a couple years but that was not the driver. I figure less issues in the ev car than an ice and the battery replacement is something you see coming years in advance. It doesn't just happen. Prices will drop a lot. The days of ICE are waning but you'll see Wranglers broken down on the sides of the road for years and old gearheads will be slow adopters, which is cool. Each his own. A couple interesting observati
  3. My wife works all day in her car. Idling all day in her ICE car is something we both hated. Appreciate your judgments on our decision though. BTW way more fun to drive than equivalent ICE.
  4. Membership needed to be in place 60d in advance of purchase.
  5. Erm. At pick 30, you don't get Day One starters on the D-line. Kids that late are usually undersized and not ready to be on the field every play. If it was a year off to injury, yes. This kid's mother is a nurse who advised him to take off for Covid. He's not some lazy kid.
  6. His highlight reel shows him keeping lineman at bay and leaving them to tackle RBs. This is something we desperately need. The QB pressures are a bonus. 15.5 sacks at The U...if he had that last year, he's gone before pick 10. Only thing that got him to 30 was taking a year off to skip Covid play. Someone said he's a "one year wonder." Sure, but that's a hell of a one year and at Miami no less. He's no Zach Wilson. He's not a Day One starter but I'd be coaching him up to be a big time year 2 contributor and a solid situational contributor in year 1.
  7. If he had 15.5 sacks last year, he would have been loooooong gone at 30. A great pick and if you don't trust the culture at OBD by now, you're nuts.
  8. Just got a 2021 Bolt Premier for my wife. 10.5 K off. Could have gotten 3K more with a Costco membership. Final price with taxes 28K. No haggle.
  9. The virus probably mutated to become less lethal combined with some immunity. That's the theory--no one knows. I'm not either. Wasn't before I got the vaccine and am not now. It may kill me. It may not. So might my drive to Home Depot this weekend. Whatevs. I am against the lockdowns but are we slowing down herd immunity by doing them? I assume so but I haven't seen anything convincing on what % of the herd needs to get it before herd immunity sets in.
  10. This is as close as you can get to saying you were wrong? Assuming you understand that you were 100% wrong to say it "went away," I already answered this.
  11. I've been responding to the first dumb post over and over. You can keep saying that you didn't say the Spanish Flu "went away" but of course you actually did and I've quoted it twice and the peanut gallery did a couple times too. Either withdraw that wrong statement or just keep dancing. It's OK to say you were wrong on the internet.
  12. You are not Chef Jim? Did you take stupid pills today?
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