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  1. We did that chant in the 80s in high school. Not sure you can pin anyplace as owning it.
  2. That's just his story and it is interesting. Football still has a big problem and it's real.
  3. Imagine this thread if Jackson had scored 28 points in that competition. "We should have drafted Jackson!" "We gave up too much for Allen." The Bills off-season is awesome.
  4. That kid on youtube can make those throws from the second deck of a stadium. Maybe the Ravens will sign him. I'm trying to imagine caring that Lamar Jackson can't hit a spinning windmill following his 14-2 season.
  5. I can't stomach Sandler's silly movies but that's not all he's done. If you're on a 90s kick of twist-y movies, you might try Momento.
  6. He's just a big dude. That is not a basketball build, which is why he could be a phenom, given his off the chart leaping ability.
  7. This is like asking if Thurman roots for the Dolphins when they play the Bills.
  8. Today marked the second game of the season he caught a touchdown. I don't think anyone is ready to anoint him reborn.
  9. This is good to see. I'm 4 episodes in. Reminds me in some ways of The Leftovers, which is the best show I've ever seen in the "people dealing with the unexplained" category. Someone above mentioned Bloodline. That was a good show. Dark, but good.
  10. If he has a good year this year, he'll be a head coach next year. Let him show what he can do with an offense that will largely return next year. He had crap to work with year 1, year 2 was better but everyone was new. This should be a good year for him to show his chops. I expect a top 10 offense. Not necessarily top 5 but at least they should be consistently good.
  11. that’s what they called on Lamar yesterday too.
  12. Me too. then I took an overseas trip and struggled through season one. I vowed to do not more and didn't for a full year. another long trip and Season 2 was a million times better as was season 3. It's solid sci fi. But that first season is nails on chalkboard stuff and some of the bad acting remains. It's enjoyable. Light but fun. The Expanse aliens are well done and different. It's one of the upsides that pulls me through some of the stiff acting. On another note, The Two Popes caught me totally off guard. It was great.
  13. Yes, from top to bottom. Continuity is so friggn' important. You will not always get a Belichek-level coach/GM or Brady-talent but when you can keep even decent continuity, you will win a lot. The coaching and personnel carousel of the last 20 years is a total disaster. Total. I agree with all of this except that Harrison Phillips, who everyone tagged as ready to have a breakout season, has not had a breakout anything yet. We want him to be Kyle Williams but I'm not sure he's anything close to that. Phillips isn't under contract so they can't trade him for anything.
  14. He's a really nice W R. Couple of bad plays on Sat. He will be fine.
  15. The route was taking Brown out of bounds, not to the end zone. The only way that's a TD is if Brown runs a 3 yard deeper route. That's never a TD.
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