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  1. The Jets are reportedly seeking more than a 2nd round pick for Quinnen. If they traded him to the Bills there would be an additional tax added on for sending him in division. 1) Trading him doesn’t make sense. Quinnen is an ascending player and the Jets would take an enormous dead cap hit. For what? A 2nd round pick? Makes zero sense at this point now that he’s playing well. 2) Trading premium draft picks multiple years in a row is bad business if you are a bills fan. That kind of stuff comes back to bite you.
  2. And only 18 Points. The Bills made a mistake on every drive. The Jets defense is Hot trash. There was an 8 yard completion underneath available every time Allen wanted it.
  3. First of all congrats. I was going to be rooting for the Bills next week, but may need Pats to lose for draft positioning. The Bills came out incredibly flat today and against any other NFL team it would have cost them. Against the Jets? Not so much. 1) This was the first game all year Gregg Williams defensive game plan actually worked. Ignore the stats Allen put up-they are meaningless. The Jets don’t have any corners who can cover and Williams as a result has installed a boring bend but don’t break defense. The idea is to force the offense to execute 10-12 play drives and hope they screw up once or twice to kill the drive. The Bills obviously had numerous drive killing plays. 2) The Jets offense started out hot executing scripted plays, but once the bills adjusted and forced Gase to adjust and Darnold to read the defense they both bombed. It’s been pretty typical of the Gase/Darnold era. 3) The Bills were fortunate to walk off the field today a winner. It also shows how difficult it is to lose 16 games in the NFL. Had a couple of those Allen passes ended up in the hands of a Jet defender even this sorry team may have built an insurmountable lead.
  4. His little brother had a really rough first game tonight. Much more difficult to play well in Maryland than Bama.
  5. Buffalo lost two games against the two best teams in the AFC while dealing with odd scheduling. I would love to be in your position right now.
  6. How many reps could he even be getting at practice during the season? I’d imagine Fitzpatrick gets most of the reps.
  7. Williams is lined up all over the plants. Williams uses multiple fronts. Like I said he’s been pretty good this year, but it looks like the plan is to build around a new QB. The Jets don’t want to make the same mistake they made with Darnold.
  8. It will be interesting to see how he performs. Great college player, but Bama hasn’t lost a beat with his replacement. He’s also very small for an NFL QB.
  9. The Jets need to prove they are an NFL team. They are on pace to break the 76 Bucs record for negative point differential.
  10. Jets are fully healthy at home and getting 13.5 pts against banged up Bills.
  11. He won’t have any pain on Sunday. They will shoot it up.
  12. I hate this argument. The talent may stink but is the coach doing anything to help the players he has? My exact issue with Gase from the start.
  13. It sounds like he isn’t well liked by Bill fans. It’s surprising that he would publicly call out Gase and the offense knowing he was run out of a head coaching job.
  14. After the stunt he pulled last week his coaching career in the NFL is likely over. It has been fifteen years but can you reflect on the Williams administration? What was his leadership style like? Why did ultimately fail? Why did he not get another permanent head coaching job? How do Buffalo fans perceive him?
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