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  1. The NFL is pretty good at this, but not perfect. You are 100 percent correct that they outsmart themselves often. Josh Allen last year was prime example: Terrific production as a 4 year starter, top notch athleticism, team captain, played vs SEC competition. He should have absolutely been a top 3-4 pick and somehow falls to 7. Why? Because NFL scouts started nitpicking the way he got the sacks and claimed his pass rush moves weren’t adequate. DeShaun Watson another great example of this. He fell because teams claimed he was too much of a first read guy and that wouldn’t translate at the next level. I think scouts sometimes forget how young these guys are and the fact that the NFL has coaches for a reason.
  2. This is all clickbait during a slow sports time
  3. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/chiefs-chairman-says-patrick-mahomes-contract-extension-talks-will-begin-this-summer/ 40MM seems like a bargain if Dak gets 35.
  4. That record was a bit of a mirage because of the competition, but you can only play who’s on your schedule. I do think the Jets had a very underrated defense. They were well coached and it’s a unit that features a lot of “workman” like guys who are young, hungry, and have played together for a while. On offense its a completely different story. Poorly coached and breaking in a ton of new pieces.
  5. It’s hard to imagine another Patriots level dynasty that sustains for 10 years let alone 20. Could I see a team going on a run and winning two Super Bowls in four years or three in five? Sure, but the league just isn’t designed for dynasty’s. Think about how much roster turnover there is in the NFL. How many Buffalo Bills players were on the roster three years ago? I can guaranty you that three years from now 3/4ths of the roster will change. That’s how it works in this league.
  6. I bought 40 shares of draft kings stock just to try it out. An interesting one to me is Entercom which owns a lot of the sports radio stations. Their is down to $1.03 per share. Overall a lot of the media companies look to be undervalued.
  7. Look for Oliver to serve a four game suspension in 2021 end thread
  8. I wonder how many lives we would have saved had we encouraged families to pull their relatives from nursing homes. PA/NJ/NY mandated nursing homes to accept Covid patients which was incredibly dumb Did anyone really think having the sick and elderly living amongst each other in a communal environment during a pandemic was a good idea?
  9. https://youtu.be/r6l_9reaLz0 Bill Belichick to Bills fans
  10. Please do not compare stats in Elways era to QBs today. If you look just at stats you’d probably wonder how Elway and Brett Favre are in the HOF. It’s no different than comparing Joe Namath to Elway and Favre back in the 90s. It’s a totally different sport. John Elway was probably the best QB prospect of all time. He was far more accurate down the field than what Allen has shown thus far. As for Darnold? I think he mostly closely resembles Jameis Winston both in terms of style of play and inconsistency.
  11. I think he can have a very good career like Daunte Culpepper/Cam Newton. He will be effective so long as he still maintains his athleticism. Comparing him to Elway? Let’s get real. Other than both having strong arms they are nothing alike.
  12. There is just something about her that really rubs me the wrong way. I’m not someone who is ardent Democrat or Republican and I have nothing against women in leadership positions (I actually voted Hillary). I just can’t pinpoint it with her, but every time I hear her talk I get annoyed. Obviously I don’t condone violence, but I can see why she in particular is riling folks up out there. It just seems like more so than other democratic governors she is really using this horrible situation to build up her brand. Am I wrong for thinking this? To be clear I don’t live in Michigan and don’t really have an opinion on what the right course of action is for her particular state.
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