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  1. Winters is a tough guy who would play hurt and was well-respected in the locker room. He’s a high end backup, but just isn’t physical enough to be a 16 game starter. He also gets banged up constantly and it’s doubtful he can make it through a season at this point.
  2. 1) Mahomes 2) Watson 3) Jackson 4) Big Ben 5) Rivers 6)Tannehill 7) Carr 8 ) Newton 9) Mayfield 10) Allen 11) Darnold 12) Minshew 13) Fitzpatrick 14) Lock 15) Taylor I left out Burrow
  3. I’m somewhat of a Darnold skeptic (even though I like the kid). I just am not sold he’s the long term answer. if you have that take on a Jets message board you are immediately labeled a troll (same deal back when folks used to question Pennington or Sanchez). I will go back to Jets message board after the book on Darnold has been told.
  4. I only post on this message board.
  5. https://twitter.com/snytv/status/1278123195376308224?s=21
  6. Bowles was absolutely the worst Jets HC since Kotite. Was the requisite talent on the roster? No, but there was no excuse for his team to lay an egg in a quarter of the games. Bowles teams would have a moments where they would win an unexpected game or a close loss to a good team where you think something is clicking only to watch them give zero effort the following week. That Barkley loss was signature Bowles. He was good for 4-5 games a year where his team was completely unprepared
  7. I would think Buffalo would want to take some pressure off Allen having to carry the offense/run as a frequently this season given all the weapons he has at his disposal.
  8. I think Flacco can be a Pro Bowl starter for the Jets by years end. Perhaps he had a Vinny Testavetde type run.
  9. And that’s why the Black and Brown community is pissed at the NFL. Look at all those crappy coaches that got second chances or were on their second chance from that list.
  10. San Francisco has Nate Mullens who is pretty highly regarded around the league. Baltimore has RG3 who is far more accomplished than Barkley. KC and TB are up against the cap so they really don’t have that luxury. That said both of their coaches are offensive masterminds who can probably get solid play out of a Chad Henné type.
  11. The Jets completely quit on Todd Bowles that game. I think Barkley’s overall body of work speaks for itself. The Bills had ample opportunities to upgrade that position this offseason and decided not to. Its the most important position on the field. If Allen can’t beat out Joe Flacco, Colt McCoy, Andy Dalton, Jameis Winston, or Marcus Marietta than he’s probably not the guy.
  12. Cam Newton at 75% is better than any other QB in this division (with the exception of Tua). This opinion is from PFF who created the sport.
  13. I’m pretty surprised the Bills as a contender didn’t take out an insurance policy for Josh Allen. With Newton in the fold this division is going to be a dogfight and if Barkley/Fromm has to start meaningful games that could be the difference. I know you guys love Beane/McDermott and they are doing a great job, but to me they made a mistake here. Every team in the division has proven QBs behind their starter with the exception of the prohibitive favorite.
  14. Cam Newton has a lot of ability. If he’s healthy BB and the Pats will get the most out of him. The road to the division title got a heck of a lot harder for Buffalo.
  15. TD/INT ratio isn’t that important IMO. You can have one or two games that skews it in either direction. Look at the Redskins who completely tanked the last two weeks of the season on defense giving up 9 combined TD passes to Dak Prescott and Daniel Jones. Great stat padding for those guys. I think YPA is the best stat to give you an idea as to how effective a QB is. For a standard QB I think anything below 7.5 isn’t workable. Guys like Allen and Newton can probably be a little under that given their ability to run. Newton is strange in that his first two years and his MVP year he was 7.8+ which is very good. Beyond that he’s only been above 7.0 one time.
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