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  1. Resume Look at what he did in San Francisco with Alex Smith and Kaepernick. Flores and McDermott are good coaches but haven’t reached the pinnacle like Harbaugh had. Also Jim Harbaugh has way more name recognition. He would be the biggest star coach the Jets have brought in since Parcells.
  2. I think Jim would instantly become the 2nd best coach in the division. I could definitely see him quitting on Michigan. They aren’t worthy of him.
  3. Miami and the Jets also have a ton of cap space and a lot more draft capital to work with.
  4. Hes drafted a ton of talent over the years Edleman, Gronk, McCourtey, Collins, Chandler Jones, Wilfork, Mayo, Hightower, Jimmy G.
  5. It means he addressed those positions high in the draft.
  6. Do you think his next act is as a GM/football czar? Do you think he would be successful in that role or is he Phil Jackson 2.0?
  7. I don’t think anybody really knows to what degree Woody was involved over the past four years. I’m sure he and his brother talked and were aligned on some of these decisions. It’s not like Woody was on Mars and couldn’t be contacted. Joe Douglas signed a 6 year deal to be a GM. There is no chance the Johnsons are completely cleaning house and firing him after one offseason. Will they let him take the lead and hire the next coach? That is the question As it currently stands Douglas does not have the power to hire/fire the HC. Gase reports to ownership which is something the fan base has been heavily critical about.
  8. Woody has been out of pocket since 2016 when he signed on as the Ambassador to the UK for the Trump administration. He handed the keys to the organization to his brother who has somehow been more incompetent than he was. With Trump losing re-election he is now nearly certain to return which will add another variable to the Jets offseason. With a treasure chest of draft picks and ample cap space the Jets can turn this around pretty quickly if the Johnson’s can bring in a real head coach.
  9. The Patriots ran a ton of cover zero in the 2019 Super Bowl against the Rams and also had a ton of success with it last regular season. It seemed to expose a flaw in a lot of the modern offensive concepts that are predominantly designed to beat zone coverage (you rarely see man coverage in the NFL). This year offenses seem ready for it. Compare the Jets on Monday night against the Pats to their performance last year. Flacco torched them when they tried cover zero. Cover zero really only works if you have elite CBs. Rex had success with it when he had Revis and Cromartie. When those guys left he got burned over the top.
  10. How much of an effect has the new ownership had on the organization? Do you think Ralph would have hired McDermott and Beane and the results would be similar?
  11. I think Cover 0 is something that NFL offenses now have the answers to and you will see it less frequently
  12. A little context into what we saw tonight. They made Flacco to Perriman look like Montana to Rice.
  13. That throw to Crowder at the end of the half was the best throw I’ve seen a Jet QB make in twenty years. Flacco can still move the ball if you give him time. Problem is he can’t move and he throws picks (should have had another with McCourtey dropping one in the chest).
  14. Folk has always been clutch for the Jets!
  15. Seriously since when do refs call holding on the Pats?
  16. Now the refs are calling penalties against pats?
  17. One of the most frustrating games I have ever watched. Joe Flacco turning into Dan Marino Breshad Perriman turning into Randy Moss why now?
  18. This Harvey Langi guy is playing like Junior Seau
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