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  1. Everyone "cheats", they just don't get caught.
  2. All of that. If the season started today, Sills would be the best Red Zone weapon on the field. I don't really think that's accurate. They have widely different skillsets. It's true they're both competing for a spot, but I think they serve drastically different roles.
  3. Offensive lineman almost never live up to mega-deals. Teams even try to get out from under HOF players, because they just aren't worth the money over time.
  4. I think Shaq likely projects as a Spencer Johnson caliber player. Solid rotational guy that has some good seasons, but at the end of the day is just a journeyman that every team is trying to replace with a rookie that has more ceiling. I think we'll see Shaq's ceiling this year, and I think it's pretty close to his best last season. In a good year, he's probably good for 6-7 sacks. If you were paying the guy 4M a year to be a warm body, I wouldn't have a problem with it, but he's a major disappointment considering draft position. I never liked him coming out of college because of how slow he was, and that seems to be the case thus far in the pros. It's almost impossible to fix.
  5. Exactly, if they cut a 3rd round pick before the season starts, heads would absolutely roll and multiple people would probably lose their jobs. It was major news when the Raiders cut Tyler Wilson before his first season and he was a 4th. We don't want to be in their company.
  6. I have to believe that's a bit of an outlier. We're 32 & 33 and I only know a few people around here that have cable at all. I know you can still use antenna, but I think I'm the only person I know that does that. Watching the news is definitely a very Buffalo thing though. Whenever I go home, it's a bit of a culture shock to be hanging out with people and see it on the TV.
  7. They're all in trouble. A lot of us don't like Sinclair Media Group shoving crap down our throats. I Don't know anyone under 35 that watches the news everyday like they did when i was growing up. The next generation sure won't keep them afloat.
  8. Right now, I think the Browns have to be the favorite to win the North. They've massively improved an already rising team, while everyone in their division got worse or stayed the same. Unless Lamar Jackson figured out how to throw a football over the offseason, they have as good a shot as any of them.
  9. I don't agree with him on the Fins, but he's spot on with the Jets. Does it really matter if we finish 3/4 or 4/4? Several of the teams on the rise (Jets, Browns, Jags, Chargers) have gotten better. It's going to be a very uphill battle for us to compete this year. Outside of the Dolphins, there isn't a team we should be counting on being stronger than (on paper) in the whole conference. The Raiders, Titans, Bengals, Ravens, Broncos, and maybe even the Steelers could end up being weak teams this year, but the AFC in general should have a pretty high floor. We should be a more talented team than last year, but I think we're less improved than a lot of other squads.
  10. I was wearing my Bills jersey when I arrived at the Atlanta airport a couple years ago (We were playing them that Sunday) and I walk past this guy leaning against the wall on his phone next to one of those walkway escalators. Without lifting his head to look at me, he let out a subdued "Go Bills" as I walked past. I was happy to be a Bills fan that day.
  11. I don't like when a culture has to be defined as an everything for everybody type of situation. It makes the soup so bland no one wants to eat it. In my opinion that's how you get disinterested fans like those in Miami or Jacksonville that wouldn't sell out their stadium if they played in a home Super Bowl. I understand the need to curb liability for the Bills Mafia shenanigans. You don't have to support it, but to want it to go away is to lose a part of what makes being a Bills fan so unique. Watching the game at home, at your favorite bar, in the parking lot or in the stadium it doesn't really matter. Some people like a nice sunday dinner before the game, while others get started with a liquid breakfast at 8am. it takes all sorts to really understand what it means to circle the wagons for this team. I also strongly believe that keeping the outdoor historical stadium is another part of that. If you want to build a venue to attract concerts and rodeos, go ahead and do that. I think having a church of football is a pretty cool thing. We don't share any of the winning history of Lambeau Field, but we do share the passion. I somehow think that you don't exactly get the same effect. The first game I ever went to was the 1991 AFC Championship game. It was cold, rainy and windy, and I went in my ski suit with our woolen Bills hats,, those foam bills seat cushions everyone had back then, thermos of hot chocolate and those hand warmer packs. You know the funny thing? After the game started, no one cared about the weather. Everyone in that stadium was family for 3 hours. It was loud, full of passionate people that may have spent what little money they may have had on a product that only recently started reciprocating their loyalty. The game was over at halftime, but that didn't stop the cheering and celebrating all throughout the second half. That day cemented me as a Bills fan for all time. Would it have been the same in my 72 degrees indoor stadium in my seat licensed chair and starbucks candy cane macchiato? I can't say for sure, but I'm guessing not. When I grew up, everyone I knew was a Bills fan, or at least pretended to be. You didn't make plans on Sunday afternoons to do anything other than watch ball. In multiple churches that I attended in my childhood it was a topic of conversation on more than one occasion. Chan Gailey may not have been right about a lot of things, but my favorite quote from him is that "Football is a tough game for tough people", and I'd like to see it stay that way.
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