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  1. It's real, but it's been a bad couple of weeks for the photography profession.
  2. The Browns couldn't beat Chad Henne who did everything he could to hand them the game. That said, the Browns got a lot better on paper this offseason. It's going to come down to Mayfield I think. If he takes a leap forward, they'll be very tough to beat and should have us eclipsed in talent.
  3. If OverTheCap is accurate, Hughes can be traded for a $2.1M cap hit and a $7M cap savings. I know he finished out last season with a top grade, but at 33 in the last year of his deal, with 3 1/2nd round DE's now on the roster, I'd almost be shocked if they didn't try to trade him. Addison had his worst year in 8 years, but I think he's a much better player than he was last year. That said, they could both be out. If not, one of Epenesa, Rousseau, or Basham is all but guaranteed to spend a lot of time inactive this year, which would be weird. If we could use that money to go after Ert
  4. I mean he's only [insert age here]. Look at all the potential. They shouldn't, but they will. I wanted to see them draft his replacement this year, but it seems they're going to be content with what they've got. Maybe he finally breaks out this year, but thus far his play hasn't warranted keeping him at that price.
  5. It was between a b and a c+ for me, but I gave it a B. I don't have any problems with the players they picked, but I don't love that they picked them. I'm not against the idea of double dipping if you need to nail a position (especially something like QB), but it's a bit weird that they chose to do it on DE and OT. We have two excellent OT's locked up long term, and I really would have preferred going after players that can help us now instead of 2-3 years from now. As for the DE's, I mean they spent a 2nd on Epenesa last year, so 3 picks in the top 60 going to DE's is a bit much the
  6. I think the final nail is hovering for his spot on the roster at all.
  7. Maybe call Patrick Willis while you're at it.
  8. Allen holds the ball longer than just about anyone, so there are a lot of situations where his safety valve doesn't have much opportunity for YAC. I'd like to see him get better at identifying when the checkdown is the best option quickly. The way he plays now allows for a lot of huge plays, but it can be a killer if those don't materialize. Guys like Brady made their careers within a few yards of the LoS. If Josh can do that as well as drill the ball in tight windows down the field, no one will be able to stop him. There were a couple games this year (don't remember off the top of my head) wh
  9. We have more than one hole on this team, and RB is a massive one. We have three backups rotating as starters right now.
  10. As a longtime Watson fan who was pissed that the bills passed on him, it would be absolutely pointless. He doesn't get us any closer than we already are. You need a QB to routinely compete in this league, but as every playoff team showed you usually need a complete team that is healthy and plays mistake free football when it matters most. Unless Watson is coming here to play linebacker or tight end, he doesn't solve our problems
  11. We're a very good team that in all likelihood will stay a very good team for a bit, but we aren't in the same tier as the Chiefs or the Bucs were this year, and that should be pretty clear by now. Depending on the draft, FA and development of younger player, maybe we'll have enough to go up a level. There are going to be a lot of other teams fighting us for the same privilege next year though. Maybe it's the Titans or Ravens taking that leap and leaving us behind. Maybe Burrows or Herbert blows up and takes the league by storm. If you get to the dance, Maybe the Rams finally have what they nee
  12. Allen was fantastic this year, but trading away Mahomes cannot be seen as a win under any circumstances.
  13. not a prayer. We would have been completely annihilated. The Chiefs got embarrassed and look what they did to us. There's something to be said for Any Given Sunday, but KC was perfect against us and TB was perfect against KC. We're a very good team that won a lot of football games this year, but we have to be a lot more multiple in every phase of the game and capable of executing with perfection reliably to knock off the best of the best. Getting a Devin White would help.
  14. None of them? There isn't an Andy Reid, Bettis, Elway, etc that's way overdue that I see there. Evans is young, Fournette sucks, Suh is a dirtbag, Bell made a mess.
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