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  1. What a foreign country does we cant control. What we can do is take personal responsibility and get our own house in order. I know conservatives like to blame other people for their problems, but that's the cold hard reality.
  2. NYC is also massively more densely populated than any city in those states and had the misfortune of dealing with the virus when it was not only at its strongest, but also extremely early on. Everyone else has had time to learn from them, but Cuomo had to pave the way. I don't like the man's politics, but he handled this about as well as anyone could - also considering he had to fight the feds every step of the way while they politicized a pandemic.
  3. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-trump/fearing-an-election-loss-trump-allies-push-him-to-be-less-polarizing-idUSKBN2427GT
  4. It could happen in a week, a month, 4 months six months a year ,2 years, 5 , 10 or never. It's not the point. You claimed that it's official that there wont be fans for any games this year, and that's false.
  5. No, it's not official, not lowercase and certainly not uppercase. "At the time of this writing".
  6. You clearly missed the entire point. Guys like Rob Johnson and Matt Shaub were traded based on sky high potential, which I explicitly called out. What they did or did not end up doing int heir careers is immaterial to the point. Josh Allen is far more of a known quantity in terms of where people would place his ceiling, but also still very much a project with an unknown floor. The Josh Rosen trade isn't a perfect example, but it isn't a terrible one either, given that he was a "barely driven off the lot" QB who many teams would've taken in the first 15 picks a year earlier. This wouldn't be at all similar to the Jay Cutler or Carson Palmer where both were Pro Bowlers. It has nothing to do with Allen's ability - it's the way the NFL works most of the time. Exactly.
  7. I would absolutely do it. Even if it turns out to be safe to go, you could buy tickets for the games you want to see at cost or even a premium and you're still better off than if it's unsafe to go, but you're still charged.
  8. Outside of extremely high potential QBs, the trade value for most NFL players is ludicrously low. Hopkins, the best WR in the league, was traded for a 2nd round pick and a flash in the pan RB. Most NFL teams seem to think that the grass is always greener when it comes to the draft. I see Josh worth a 2nd rounder or maybe a late first with something going back to the other team.
  9. I think Carr has regressed a lot over the years. Until he proves otherwise, I think he's below or even with Minshew. Tannehill's last season was magical. Based on last year, I think your slot is aacurate, but based on his career I think he's down a couple slots. I think the rest of the list is bang on based on what we know now.
  10. Can he though? He can throw far, sure, but his deep ball accuracy is almost fitzpatrick-esque
  11. And now a week later it's rising in 36 states and we just set a new all time one day high. Applebees open != virus over.
  12. That's what masks, social distancing and stay home orders are for. We can see from the rest of the world that those things do in fact work. The US is only major country left that still hasn't figured this out.
  13. I think you need to consider what a dumpster fire of an organization Carolina is. No matter what kind of talent they've had, they always seem to disappoint. You're spot on that this won't be some perfect season for the Pats with non-stop come from behind victories, but if they protect him from having to do it all himself with a great running game and top notch defense, he'll have the talent to load up the scoreboard when they need him to. well somehow he got $21M after a nice outing but not a lot of history that shows he's a top-tier talent. NE couldn't afford that
  14. Drew Brees, Kurt Warner and somehow Teddy Bridgewater appears to be better than he's ever been. It's rare, but it happens. I also don't think Cam's injury was as traumatic as Manning, Brees, Bridgewater, but more lingering like Warner.
  15. Probably the best coached team in any sport ever.
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