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  1. It seems you blacked out for almost a half of football.
  2. Unfortunately that's not what this is. Our team was outscored 29-0 today while we gave up a 28 - 3 lead. You may have a competing thought as to why that was, but a failure on the part of the coaching staff is an extremely valid perspective.
  3. You want to ban posters who think differently than you?
  4. NY branch of organized police terrorist group charges and attacks pedestrians.. Every single member of the NYPD is a terrorist.
  5. A medical emergency is what you call a mental health episode if you ever got past elementary school. There's no medical definition of "crazy".
  6. A lot more than if it were you or every single cop in America, apparently. I guess maybe if your spouse, kids, or other family member have a medical emergency and the cops murder them we can just say they didn't have any value.
  7. Edmunds was getting caught in garbage at the line a lot today, and I've seen it since he was a rookie.
  8. That's "the book" on just about every QB that's ever played. Allen does a pretty good job of avoiding pressure in the pocket and can even make huge plays when that happens. Given enough of those though he can start to get a bit reckless and make throws that are too aggressive, hold the ball too long, take too much yardage on sacks, etc. However, it's possible that maybe you lose some of those big plays he makes if he plays "smarter" in some of those instances too. For a guy that can stiff arm NFL DE's, maybe you take the good and bad with that.
  9. Lazy take. It's the coaching staff's job to make sure the team as a unit is prepared, executes, and is motivated.
  10. No, that wasn't my point. My point was that when your whole team melts down you look to your stars or your coaches to turn the ship around. When the stars are falling prey to losing momentum too, the coaches are the last line of defense. When a great team plays poorly, to me that's coaching not adapting to their team's lack of momentum
  11. None of them to my eyes. For the rams it was definitely Donald.
  12. When your entire team fails to execute, loses discipline, and generally melts down you look to the coaches or a star player to right the ship. When your star players are doing it too, there's no one else you can hold responsible but the coaching staff. It doesn't need to be an indictment saying McD isn't good, but owners and GMs seem to hold coaches accountable for blowing big situations. I'm not sure why we as fans can't. Super stoked we came out on the winning end of it, but it's fair to look at getting outscored 29-0 in the second half as something that should not have happened.
  13. Well that's officially the biggest pile of bull#### I read all day. "He a had a knife so I shot him in the back 7 times" and/or he "thought" he was trying to kindap a child, so he shot him in the back 7 times. Reminds me of "Let's sprinkle some crack on him and get out of here"
  14. Reminder: US Police are terrorists LA Sheriffs department making LA look like Fallujah. They made no orders of any kind, lawful or otherwise - they just started attacking innocent people.
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