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  1. Gretzky was way better than Jordan and he was traded.
  2. I really do hate the privacy invasion, but on the other hand they feed me what I want a lot of the time, so I guess It's an even trade
  3. After some spirited debate with some of the posters here about the Bills vs Jets in 2019 and beyond, youtube recommended a pretty neat video on the state of the AFC East and what each of the respective franchises have at their disposal and how they can use it to overcome their challenges. Not a lot of ground breaking info here, but a sound analysis and good production quality.
  4. I'm worried mostly about Bell and Darnold. Bell has had our number so far, and I really hope our Run D is at the point where they can contain him. I know everyone is down on him because of the one-year layoff, but he's healthy and should be fresh.
  5. So, you have the chiefs that right now look like the second coming of the Pats dynasty, and you still have the Pats. The Steelers have reloaded. The Browns look as though they have every reason to believe they will ascend to the upper tier of the conference. The Chargers are still tough to play until the postseason. The Jags should now have a competent offense to go with an incredible defense. Luck has bounced back and the Indy D is starting to look really good for the first time in a decade The Jets should have every reason to believe they can be our equal or better Until something significant changes, the Bills are still fighting for a wildcard at best. If it takes an "expert" to see that, my apologies.
  6. Yea, you're going to just roll over the AFC? mkay. Do you follow any team that isn't this one?
  7. Josh was better after his injury, but he was also really bad before it. The things he's always had problems with remained problems, but the game did slow down for him a bit. As to his pre-season performance, I've said over and over again that it's encouraging. I like the changes to his short game, but we've seen a lot of pre-season heroes come through these parts. When the game isn't played at full speed it's hard to say whether or not it's real.
  8. Based on what? I'm hopeful that the guy can become a competent NFL QB, but that's all it really can be at this point - hope. The preseason has been encouraging, but if it were any other QB the Bills have trotted out it would be "it's preeeeeeeseason". So far he's been pretty much the same player he was when he was drafted, and he has to prove he can grow significantly from that. That Josh Allen wasn't good enough to win in the Mountain West and we need him to win in the AFC East and in a now loaded conference that looks like it will be extremely tough for the foreseeable future.
  9. Pretty much where I stand with him. There are many inferior talents that are far superior QBs in the league right now, but I've never been a fan of crafting QBs out of stone. Other positions, absolutely. Go get the guy that can run a 4.2 40 and jump over a moving car. QBs are different and so much of the teams success rests on their shoulders.
  10. I don't. I want very desperately to be wrong. He's looked improved in the pre-season. If the touch he's shown on short passes can continue to develop and shows itself when throwing down the field, then he'll be on the right track.
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