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  1. Exactly. Better performance vs a team we were expected to beat vs a lesser performance against an unbeaten team that looked unstoppable.
  2. We're not even close to those guys. The problem with relying on a good defense, is that eventually they're going to have a bad game(s). At that point you need an offense capable of scoring at will to pull you through those situations. We have a Buffalo Classic offense that we can count on for a cool 10-17 points a game, and that type of jauron-ball just isn't going to get it done over the long haul. We need players and play-calling capable of racking up 1 play TDs when we need them. Very happy we're 4-1, but we aren't beating the league's best out there.
  3. It was week 5. We were 4-0 on the year going into that game and Trent was an early favorite for the Pro Bowl before the hit. Yea, he bounced back the next game (Week 7), btu he was never the same player again.
  4. I think Zay makes sense in a player for player trade like the Hughes deal. Let's move him for some other team's disappointing prospect and see if we can get anything out of them.
  5. Green is constantly hurt. Not sure why we'd want him. I'm also not even sure you can trade for an injured player.
  6. When my cousin and I played Tecmo Super Bowl in 1990, as small kids we knew it was always better to kickoff so you could score twice. I have no idea how it eluded coaches until Belichick started doing it.
  7. Diggs and John Brown are kind of the same player. No need for two of them in my opinion.
  8. More mind boggling? Drew Stanton has played 13 years of NFL football and has amassed 32 Million dollars for appearing in 38 games. I'd rather be him than Tom Brady.
  9. I figure 31-14 Pats. They'll put us down 14 int he first and we'll be playing catch up the whole time. I'll be ecstatic to be wrong, but I think this will be the best Pats team we've ever faced.
  10. According to some metrics. If I were playing int he playoffs tomorrow, there are several other D's I'd take above ours.
  11. Because I've watched the Pats build a lot of different types of teams and win with all of them. This may be their most balanced group yet. I dont think a team will be able to stop them offensively and I think their defense is opportunistic and has enough top flight talent to prevent other great offenses from scoring as much as they'll need to in order to keep pace. I think the Chiefs with their utterly redonkulous offense can put the Pats to the test, but I don't see another team with a good enough D to shut them down or an offense good enough to keep pace. The "Bend don't Break" zone style of D we play is what Brady has feasted on for years and years. It may work well against lesser talents, but he'l chew it up for 400 yards like it's nothing. We'll need to win the turnover differential by several points to win.
  12. If you want a chance at being able to sack a QB like Brady, I think you have to press your DBs. The downside there is that now you can give up the big play if your line can't put enough pressure on the QB.
  13. If NE can get past KC, I think they have as good of a chance to go undefeated as they ever have. Somehow, the NFL has ended up very weak this year, and I don't see another team that can stand in their way.
  14. I don't think 10-6 gets it done for you this year without tie-breakers. The Browns and the Chargers are early teams to be wary of taking those spots and the Jags/Houston certainly look like they'll be in the conversation. There's maybe some other teams that will right the ship too. This is a must-win game not just for standing purposes, but it's time we win all the games we're supposed to win like it's no big deal.
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