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  1. Everything in that post you made reads like the ramblings of a deranged lunatic. I can't convince you your conspiracy theories are insane, so I won't engage with it. Which should be our minimum wage accounting for inflation anyway. I hope it happens, because it's long overdue.
  2. We're now up to 500 Benghazi's happening every single day and rising. I wonder how many investigations there will be into the administration in charge.
  3. This is why you shouldn't get your news from low-rent right wing tabloids.
  4. That's a very interesting number. Meanwhile in this country: https://www.texastribune.org/2020/03/31/texas-company-offered-n95-masks-amid-coronavirus-6-times-usual-price/ "As health care professionals beg for supplies to protect themselves from COVID-19 infection, a Texas company found a seller with at least 2 million masks and quietly offered them for sale at $6 each. Before the pandemic, they cost around $1."
  5. He did? where are the tests? Not sure why I would move when we're trying to make this place better. It's our patriotic duty.
  6. Healthy 30 year old loses his fight: https://www.yahoo.com/news/jersey-high-school-baseball-coach-032511258.html
  7. Through the same testing process they put any drug through?
  8. They likely will start doing that soon in compassionate care cases, but as with any drug you'll want to make sure it doesn't make people sicker that would probably pull through without it. Personally I'm in favor of being aggressive, and if I was in a bed I'd sign off as a guinea pig
  9. I'm happy for you, honestly. Sadly many aren't having that experience.
  10. That scenario is outside of the scope of the reason for testing. I already laid out why you do it in my original post. Either read it or don't, but I'm not going to explain it all over again.
  11. I solve problems for a living. It's my profession. When they hit core business they're solved in hours, days and weeks - not months, years or never. If Trump was on my team, he'd never make it out of the probationary window.
  12. Germany has tests, South Korea has tests. The answer is simple. America is a third world country in a Gucci belt and Trump is Putin in drag.
  13. Too bad he hired a guy who fired the people that could have informed him in 2018 and then fired that guy.
  14. Where are the tests? Why do I know likely positive people that have not been confirmed and who will never truly know when they're no longer infected?
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