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  1. Part of me agrees with that. i don't think the NFL celebrates as much of it's heritage as it could. It has access to a pretty vast film archive of games and players a lot of people have very limited familiarity with or maybe never even heard of. I Mean Otto Graham took his team to the championship every year that he played and won 7 of them. Is he the best ever? Obviously with how much the game and even the world has changed, it's hard to say, but I think it's an interesting question of if his abilities would have translated to major success today if they were ramped up by modern playcalling, nutrition, workouts, etc. It's pretty clear guys like Jim Brown would still be a beast.
  2. I'd add Brees. I think he's top 5 all time and that should get it done as a QB.
  3. I love Milano. It would be great if the kid could morph into a bonafide stud, but that might be asking too much. As it is, he makes some really great plays and his motor reminds me of KW. Also a big fan of Poyer. Tre is undoubtedly our best player on D, but for some reason is just don't get too worked up over corners. It's much easier for me to gush over a linebacker.
  4. It's still true. I hate Bama, but they damn near pulled it out with a backup QB. They'll be the pre-season #1.
  5. Holt and Huchinson are my top two with Atwater, Polamalu, and Lynch behind
  6. Our struggles against them sure make a compelling case they aren't as bad as they've been. Fitz is always good for pulling a rabbit out of his hat, but these guys are truly bereft of talent on either side of the ball.
  7. Possibly when Seattle won their division with a 7-9 record?
  8. As a resident Allen detractor, I thought he did a lot of encouraging things early in the season that were stronger evidence of growth than today . Not that he didn't play great today - he did, but this Miami Dolphins team is one of the worst squads I've seen in the last 30 years. It's hard to use them as much of a barometer of anything. It's essentially a pre-season game that counts.
  9. Are we just going to act like they didn't have future HOFer Marcus Allen to pick up the slack?
  10. what a truly awful idea. There's a lot of years where the 6th seed doesn't even deserve to be there. More injuries, likely lower quality of on-field product, and ruining the record books. All for what? A few a extra bucks. I guess that's America.
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