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  1. He's often overrated around here with people calling him "the greatest player in the league" While there's guys in the league who have won multiple MVPs and have won multiple Super Bowls. I think the national consensus that he's int he top 2-3 QBs is much more reasonable and I wouldn't call that overrated, but the mistakes he's called out for here are undoubtedly true, and they're the primary reason he doesn't have at least one MVP or a SB ring.
  2. It does apply to you. The difference is your company handles it on your behalf. If you file your own taxes, you're required to report earnings where they are earned.
  3. Good on him for trying to cheat his neighbors and his country? So, they effectively reduced their own operational cost by 8.3% this year through collecting money from rich tax cheats. Sounds pretty good to me.
  4. The Bills have a pretty active and high quality social media presence for a sports team, imo.
  5. Young and Elway are still considerably ahead of him. I'm also taking Mahomes ahead of him regardless of category, because while Allen might rush for more yards, Mahomes is an excellent and effective runner of the football, but he doesn't rely on it nearly as much as Allen. I don't really care that Allen piles up personal stats in the regular season.
  6. Not a doctor, but I'll put an infinite amount of money on it not "working out". Anyone want some action?
  7. Growing up it was John Elway. The guy had it all. He played the game so hard and had every tool in the belt. When I thought about what a quarterback should be, it was Elway. That is, until I saw Peyton Manning. Manning took it to another level, because he was the most cerebral football player I'd ever seen. When I saw Peyton rise up, it really made me appreciate the next level of football IQ. It wasn't just play against play, player vs player. it was 11 on 11 (or maybe 14 on 14) chess. Every player and every little nuance of their responsibility was something for him to analyze, utilize and adjust. It was breathtaking watching him line up into the mouth of a defense and then audible and hot-route guys into the perfect exploit.
  8. Justin Tucker is the only kicker who's completely trustworthy. Bass is as good or better than 20+ kickers in the league. The difference between a percentage point is around 1 kick made or missed every 3 and half seasons. It's really not worth worrying about as fans. The difference between the best kicker last year (Folk) and the 17th best (pinero) was 3 FG misses. Basically meaningless as a stat without context. Also worth mentioning Pinero has the 3rd highest FG percentage of all time. Is he garbage now? The bigger problem is that McD has never trusted any of his kickers and it shows. You want these guys bang 60 yarders in warmups and then he punts when faced with a 50 yarder. That kind of move destroys a kicker's self-confidence, and it's a position where everyone is a headcase.
  9. Then you took the wrong meaning from it. We had a superior offense, and still lost with the ball in our hand. A couple better decisions from Allen and and the game never comes down to a kicker.
  10. Right. That's why so many in Bills fandom spent the offseason calling out Diggs, Bass and crying about a punter we released that's never played in the league. Meanwhile MVS, Sky Moore, And Kadarius Toney have SB Rings.
  11. Ever since Mahomes started racking up rings, he makes it look like being a quarterback is easy. All he does is call the play, complete the pass, score the touchdown. Prior to the last few years, he made a lot more insane hero plays like Allen does. I was super excited when I saw how Allen look under Dorsey, because I felt that McD finally got it, that to win the big games consistently, your QB has to be boring. I've thought from the very beginning that Allen needed to be housebroken, and it looked like it was happening, despite the fact that he clearly didn't like it and was struggling with it. Instead, they abandoned that plan and let him go back to doing what he wants. It makes for a hell of a show, but it doesn't get you rings. It gets you blaming kickers, and punters, and WRs, because you start getting a ton of "did you see that play Allen made! How could his team let him down like that?". I'd rather Allen throw the ball at the top of his drop to Cook who's 4 yards downfield, in stride, than watch him throw the best pass anyone's ever seen across his body while falling down, right on the fingers of a guy 49 yards downfield. Give me that boring, high percentage play instead. If you need a hero, with 30 seconds left, you have one. Give me a game manager the other 59:30 Manning is my favorite player of all time, but he was a clear #2 to Brady by the end, and he's behind Mahomes now.
  12. Why can't Allen just be "really good" and that be enough? Putting him ahead of Mahomes, who has probably already locked up #2 QB of all time, is completely delusional, even in a hypothetical. There's probably a healthy amount of people that would even have Burrow in the conversation for #2 right now, but they're both way behind Mahomes, imo.
  13. I think Romo is already the best color commentator of all-time, but there are always contrarians for every great thing.
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