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  1. None of those players, outside of maybe Douglas is the kind of difference maker we'd need to win a Super Bowl. That's the problem. When I say there's a chasm of difference it's because Bernard isn't Warner, Spector isn't Greenlaw, Davis isn't Aiyuk or Samuel, Rapp isn't anywhere near as good as their top 2 safeties. It's not that the elite teams have one elite guy we can just go out and get, it's that most of their players are better than ours which makes it really tough to overcome. Every time you play Kansas City, you do so knowing you're playing the best QB and Tight End in the sport and there's nothing you can do about that. You can't get better than them from a talent perspective. They also happen to have a top 3 coach of all time that as an offensive playcaller can dismantle the best defenses in the game. So what do you do?
  2. Happy to help. It's pretty simple: The Ravens, Chiefs and 49ers all boasted elite defenses in every phase. When the Bills faced top defenses this year, they often struggled (Jets, Chiefs, Patriots, ), they also had success against top defenses in the Steelers, Raiders, Cowboys, but only the Cowboys were though to be in the upper end of defenses. The Ravens, 49ers and Chiefs (who eliminated us) were all cream of the crop. I'm not saying the Bills would lose by 20, but I could absolutely see a loss by 10+ to the 49ers, or even the ravens, in a game where the Bills were never really in a position to win. I know it feels good to think "oh we were a play away from beating KC" or whatever, but that's why they're stacking Lombardi's, while Josh is working on his short game. Despite the small difference in scores, there's a chasm of difference between the top teams in the league and where the Bills are now. I think if you run a simulation from the division round forward 100 times, I'd be shocked if the Bills win out more than 5-6 times. They just aren't built to go deep and they never have been. We'll be running it back once again this year and you guys will get all excited when they win 11-12 games, and you'll be so disappointed and shocked when we get dropped out early in the playoffs. I won't be. I've seen how champions have been built the last 20 and especially the last 10 years. You go all-in or you go home.
  3. For sure. I would think at least 10. Josh would have been under constant duress from their pass, rush, their DBs would have locked down our WRs and Warner would have blown up our run game. We wouldn't have been able to out-scheme them like KC did.
  4. Not even remotely close. That San Francisco defense would have annihilated us. McCaffery would've run for 200.
  5. 29 is the tail end of a prime. If we want to win, we need 24 year old players on rookie deals outpacing guys like McLaurin. Then you add a couple guys like Terry on vet minimum deals chasing rings to be your 4th WR, not your #1.
  6. Nothing to be concerned about. He's a good not, great player. He's arguably "too good", in that he'll be too expensive to keep. These guys should be recycled every 5 years via the draft. It's why it's so important to be good at drafting if you want to stay competitive. Pick up his 5th year option, draft a replacement next year and dump him for anything more than $14M a year
  7. Cowher won a a conference championship his 4th season with Neil O'Donnell. Stop it. He kept them in the playoffs and dragged Kordell Stewart to two more AFC Championship games before he finally got Roethlisberger and went to a 4th his rookie year. Honestly, comparing Sean to Marty is a poor example. Marty was actually a very good coach that elevated every team he was a part of. He just had a ceiling. Sean doesn't have that kind of pedigree. What we do know is that he's an underachiever who game in and game out, year in and year out makes the same mistakes. He can elevate bottom of the roster type players, especially on defense, but he's incapable of being a force multiplier to our strengths, which is what we need in critical matchups. . Instead our biggest players often disappear when we need them most. You can also always count on him for multiple boneheaded clock management and playcall blunders in the most crucial spots of games He might be the 2nd coming of Mike Smith.
  8. Garoppolo went 2-0 under BB as I said. Kosar played one full year under BB and was washed up.
  9. If Buffalo regresses, this year, we should ABSOLUTELY do it. We're the perfect team for his no bull####, insane work ethic approach. Dawkins would finally show up to camp in shape, Josh and WRs wouldn't be having miscommunications about where they thought the ball should be, every player would know every nuance of the rules, our clock management would be the best in the business, alignments and formations would be locked down. Saying he's only been good with Brady as his QB is a cop out and wrong. He dragged Matt Cassel to 11-5. Jimmy G went 2-0, Jacoby Brisett 1-1. The problem is that every other QB he had in his coaching career (besides Bledsoe) was an unmitigated dumpster fire. Give him Kirk Cousins the last couple years and they're a perennial playoff team.
  10. For sure. There's no doubt that diminishing returns make it really hard to motivate yourself to improve. When you're competing at an elite level though those razor thin margins are everything and if you wan to be Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt, you have to put in that 500% extra work for that 0.1% gain. Otherwise, you just end up being whoever the #2 guy is that no one remembers. Maybe that's ok with him deep down, and I kind of think it is, because at 27 you should know what you really want. I think Josh would like to be a champion is it just happens with his current level of commitment. I don't think he's willing to do whatever it takes to overcome #15 though.
  11. I put "no patience" as I'm pretty confident McDermott hit his ceiling years ago, but with that said, I'm also not a big believer that we'll hire a better coach or that any version of this roster will win a Super Bowl unless Mahomes and Burrow get knocked out before we face them in the playoffs, and San Francisco isn't our opponent. I think we're basically a less talented version of the 00's Chargers. Maybe when Kelce retires we'll get a shot, or maybe they trade for Sam LaPorta and then we're stuck in the same hole again. My best hope for a Bills SB is that Allen outlasts Mahomes and gets an Elway/Manning type win late in his career. Given the wear and tear his body take though, that's a tall order unless Mahomes just wants to walk away.
  12. This isn't the only reason, but it's one of a few that makes me think football just isn't as important to Allen as some people think it is. If he cares at all about winning a Super Bowl, I gotta believe there's something better he can be doing with his time. Has he already analyzed every flaw from 2023? Has he already put together a plan for improving and is actively working on those things? Has he focused on healing his injuries or is he playing through them ont he golf course? Has he already scouted every opponent for 2024 and has he put together plans for how he'll exploit them? Most importantly, has he put together a plan to beat Spags and the Chiefs next year and is he taking active steps there? If he's doing all the work all day every day and steps out for a few hours to play a quick 18, I wouldn't think anything of it, but I don't think that's what this is based on what I see on Sundays. I think football is just a job that he's excellent at, and he really likes it, but it isn't his whole life the way it was for guys like Brady and Manning. Brady loves to golf too, but there was never any doubt that football was everything to him. Allen likes the lifestyle that football affords him where he gets to chase hollywood starlets and hang out at the country club. There's nothing wrong with that. My job is just a job, but I'm also not telling a legion of fans I'm trying to win Employee of the Year.
  13. Incredible how Baltimore stays competitive by burning 5 picks on WRs where only one of them is even average right now.
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