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  1. Garrett should never play again. NFl let greed dictate that move.
  2. Maybe McD will slot Sobotka in at #1 WR.
  3. Not sure why anyone thinks there will ever be a vaccine. There isn't one for SARS, and there's only about 20 total.
  4. Typically not a fan of young kickers. I like them to be cut a few times to get their head right, but he does have a hell of a leg though. I know a lot of folks hate Hauschka lately, but he is the 12th most accurate kicker in history. Replacing him won't be automatic
  5. That's a huge compliment coming from you. Thanks!
  6. Or Montana, Unitas, Warner, etc. I mean why even have the draft? They should just call you and you can dole out the picks.
  7. I think arm strength is one of the most meaningless traits to judge a QB on as it can be improved while in the league or worked around. Countless high draft picks with rocket arms that we've forgotten about. Your horse cost us the farm, so he better be right. Mine was a throwaway pick. P.S. Where do Nate & I send our rent checks for taking up all this space in your head?
  8. I liked Peterman's upside as an extremely smart and accurate QB, as did one of the 32 best coaches in all of football and one of the 32 GM's in all of football - not to mention draft experts. He didn't meet that potential while here, but he's still 25 and employed. He may get another shot, and then it's up to him. He beat out Allen by a mile in his first camp, and as a result earned the right to start. That's where it starts and stops for me, but you can't seem to wrap your head around that fact. My skepticism of Allen goes back to pre-draft and he's done very little to fix his flaws so far or prove that his strengths can overcome them so far - but I'm still hopeful. What success this team has had is not a result of him carrying them, but of a well balanced and solid team in an extremely weak conference. It's a lot easier to get stronger than it is to get smarter, but with the amount of Dunning-Kruger going on in here that might be hard to believe
  9. Keep ignoring what I said, you're proving my point.
  10. Funny how the "worst QB to ever play" is still in the league, and as much as I loved him, our coach and GM loved him more, because they started him at the risk of their professional careers and financial well being. You really need to get a new angle, because you're making yourself look foolish after years of not getting it.
  11. What exactly has Allen done so far to cement himself as a franchise player? He's had ups and downs, but his future in this league is far from certain.
  12. LOVE this pick. Extremely smart both in the classroom and on the field. Needs work physically, but I love the upside. Very Belichick-type guy.
  13. I would easily trade Dawkins rather than give him anything close to that. $12.5M is my max. He's just an average starter and a lot of quality LTs are on cheaper deals.
  14. He's Manziel with a glass body.
  15. I'm stoked the Phins got Tua. All but guarantees irrelevance for another 4+ years
  16. Guess the China Hoax killed another 9/11 worth of US citizens yesterday. Weird.
  17. The Mueller report sure is a pretty big document written by a bunch of republicans full of redacted information of things that never happened regarding another republican.
  18. Falsely? What kind of fantasy land do you people live in? This is why it's impossible to have an intelligent adult conversation with the alt-right. We can't even agree on what basic facts are, what evidence looks like, what a crime is.You're more than happy to get ripped off an scammed by your false kings, as long as they tell you you're on the team - unplugged controller and all. It's a complete waste of my time even trying. Cops fudged paperwork?
  19. Again what you and the slow zoo animal don't want to accept is that the FBI got them on what was a slam dunk case. You seem like the kind of person that believes Al Capone wasn't a gangster because they only got him on Tax Evasion charges. OJ was innocent too, only financially liable. Laughable the lengths you party hacks will go to to support party over country. That's the question
  20. Except that the notion that's what's going on here is a complete fallacy. There were charged by the FBI, unanimously convicted by a jury of their peers and sentenced. Several even plead guilty. The lengths that conservatives will go to in order to accept 0 responsibility and cover up crime knows no bounds. The party of family values indeed.
  21. Looks like Dump rolled snake eyes again: https://www.yahoo.com/news/more-deaths-no-benefit-malaria-160619592.html
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