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  1. Ditto. I too was one who thought that a qb coming out of college with a career 56% accuracy percentage could never fix that. I threw up in my mouth when we made that pick. My initial thought was "@#$%, WHEN will we finally get the qb position solved?" Crow never tasted so good...
  2. This. I love knowing that we have an offense that can put up points, but if the Raiders can run the ball with success against us, and control the clock, what good is that juggernaut offense sitting on the bench? Here's to hoping Frazier and McD tighten things up, and that our defense is actually pissed off at how they've played the past two weeks, and goes in there with a big ol' chip on their shoulders....
  3. Damn, that was a great read!! Thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end....still chuckling at Taron Johnson "might still be chasing down Rams receivers" 😆😆 Well-written piece my friend, and well worth using the last of my 10 free articles to read. Keep em coming! 👍
  4. Edmunds definitely looked like poop twice baked, but the Rams RB had some nice, big ol holes to run through on several occasions. Too often he was at the second level almost effortlessly.... But yeah Edmunds looked like a rookie way too much Sunday.
  5. YESSSS!!!!! Now that's something to be encouraged about!! I'm wondering if we might still have a chance to have fans for the KC game, or has that already been nixed? Man that would be huge.... Thanks for brightening my day Yolo!!
  6. Add me to the list please. I barely survived last week's win....
  7. Thank you for that lovely trip down memory lane! I remember this game well. I was a senior in high school, living down in Mobile, Alabama. Needless to say we didn't get many Bills games down there that year, and we didn't get this one. But I remember the game I was watching, when they went to a game break, they showed the 3 touchdowns in 77 seconds, and I just remember whooping and hollering.... I still get goosebumps watching that....
  8. Great write-up, thank you for that! I have to say I agree with much of what you said, and the three items that I feel you really nailed are 2, 3, and 10. Our offense being so predicated on the passing game certainly shortens our T.O.P battle, and does put the D out there a lot longer than they're used to. We've yet to really consistently run the ball, and you combine that with a good number of our defensive players that are banged up, and we see the results. I mean we have a large percentage of our D players that are dealing with some type of injury(I'm thinking half maybe) Bass really scared me in week one, to the point I was hoping we'd bring in someone as insurance. But he has rebounded well. Even though he didn't attempt a FG against the Rams, ALL five of his extra points were dead center. I'm actually excited to see him attempt his first 50+ yarder. It was impressive to see his kickoff going INTO the wind still clear the goal line by several yards!! Again, great write-up! 👍
  9. This. 99 times out of 100 the DB is quick to throw his hands up when he knows he's committed a penalty. I don't get why DB's still do that to this day. They might as well yell at the ref "throw the flag!"
  10. No, Josh Allen is NOT too good to be true. I can say with 100% confidence that what we are witnessing is the development into an elite franchise quarterback. Allen has done nothing but improve from one year to the next since getting here. The biggest difference this year is that the jump he's made has been WAYYY bigger than any of us could have expected of him. At the end of the season last year, after our playoff loss to Houston, it was the first time in my history as a Buffalo Bills fan that I was genuinely optimistic for the upcoming season. I felt like Josh had made good progress in several areas. To be honest, it was during the Cowboys game on Thanksgiving that I personally turned the corner on Josh, and went from he's a decent QB to "ok this kid might be something special". And he has done nothing but get better ever since. I adore his leadership skills, the way he operates in the huddle, and how even only at (then) 23 years old, the team respects him and rallys around him. And how he rises to the occasion when IT MATTERS MOST. He could be having a sub-par game for 3 1/2 quarters of football, but it seems like every single time we need a 4th quarter comeback, he delivers, and he's been doing that for the past two years really. I think I noticed it most when he WASN'T playing. The game against the Patriots, when he got knocked out of the game on his final drive, I am willing to bet my life savings that had he not gotten injured, we would've won that game, or at the very least scored on that drive. And now this year, he's not only 3-0, but each team has gotten better and better, and SO HAS JOSH. If I had to pick the attribute I love about him the most, that would be it. Yes Lord I love his arm strength, his mobility, his leadership, his work ethic, but I just love the fact that the tougher things get, the better, the more accurate, the more focused he becomes. It's to a point now that when we are down, and we have the football, I EXPECT us to go down the field and score, where in years past, I simply waited for something to go wrong, for an untimely interception or fumble to end the game. He has yet to disappoint me. So no, he's not too good to be true at all my friend. We indeed have the real deal, we indeed have our franchise QB for the next 10+ years I pray. And to think, he'll STILL only be 34 years old!! Allen for MVP 2020!!
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