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  1. Zay Jones was an absolute steal where we got him at in the draft, and he would play 10+ seasons as a Buffalo Bill. 💩
  2. He does look like he has to poop real bad, real quickly! Like if the bathroom isn't where they said it was, he might have an accident! 😄
  3. I can't lie, I'm a little bummed. I was envisioning Etienne catching that screen from Josh and coolly takin it to the house for 6... Ah well, back to reality.
  4. That's twice now Royale that you've made spit Loganberry all over my cell phone..... 😅😅😅
  5. I thought you were SERIOUSLY inebriated until I realized the date!!! April fools!!!! U got me 😄 All jokes aside though, I wouldn't trade Allen for 5 firsts.
  6. I'm pumped for this upcoming season, no doubt about it. But to be honest, if Beane didn't do a single solitary thing else to this team this off-season, I wouldn't complain, not a lick. The man continually amazes me. In no way shape or form did I expect us to retain Milano, Williams AND Mongo, yet here we sit with all three intact and ready to rock and roll. Anything from this point on as far as FA signings IMO is just gravy. But something in me tells me Beane is far from done.
  7. This times 1,000,000%. I'm not a celebrity or rich, however for 10+ years before I got married, I frequented several massage parlors in the Atlanta area(I lived literally on the same street as Gold Spa and frequented them many times), as well as had "special" friends that I visited, quite often. Let me assure you, it's ALL about the "regulars". Once you find a place you like, that has the masseuses you like, that's who you're mainly going to go for. You know them and are comfortable with them, and vice versa. And as your masseuse, you want someone who already knows your body, where your so
  8. Eff it, I'll go ahead and admit it, I feel like I'm amongst family here... I have a man crush on Brandon Beane dammit.... LET'S GO BUFFALO!!!!
  9. I don't disagree with you that a good defense is a great offense. During our glory years with our juggernaut offenses, our "bend but don't break" defense wasn't legendary, but we had HOF type talent at every level: Bruce on the line, Biscuit AND Talley at LB, Odomes in the secondary.... But time and time again its been PROVEN that in the big show, its a stellar defense that can pave the way to hoist the Lombardi. I know you said it was only one game last year, but it was THE game!! Tampa's D shut down one of the most prolific offenses to grace the field! They made a half a bill
  10. Wow, had NO IDEA we were 6th in QB pressures(I'd bet alot of that is thanks to Mr Hughes), but you are spot on in that our interior D-line IMO is a huge problem. I'm praying that Star's return is a huge relief, but something in me feels like we need to really shore up the interior, whether its via free agency or the draft...the ideal scenario would be Star coming back, making everyone else's lives easier, and we add quality depth via one or two mid-level signings for rotational depth.
  11. I can agree with you a bit on how he's publicized his decision and trying to throw little hints out here and there. At first it was kinda funny, but in the end it kinda reminded me of Lebron's hour long ESPN show "The Decision".
  12. As was I. But when we traded for Diggs, not a bone in my body felt like we overpaid for him. I just remember being filled with optimism.
  13. THAT is some good stuff my friend and fellow Panther!!! Did u live on campus? My freshman year I lived in Lothrop Hall, then the next year they moved me to Sutherland Hall.... To this day I STILL haven't gotten over them tearing down Pitt stadium and choosing to "share" Heinz Field with the Steelers. There's something to be said about homefield advantage in college football.... Words of pure wisdom/experience my good man....👍👍👍
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