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  1. This 100%. My instant reaction when Mahomes went down was "SWEET JESUS LET HIM BE OUT SUNDAY!!" Then, as I settled down, I decided that I hope Mahomes is cleared and able to play Sunday, because 1)If we beat the Chiefs, I want us to have beaten them at full strength, no excuses, and it will make for an OUTSTANDING AFC Championship game...and 2)if we beat them and Mahomes doesn't play, the narrative Monday morning will read "Bills defeat Mahomes-less Chiefs. However, I agree that Mahomes was most definitely concussed severely enough that he didn't know what planet he was on. J
  2. You and me both my friend...I just kept thinking Jackson was gonna give us fits, seeing as how in our two main losses, we got trampled on the ground. And I got ESPECIALLY nervous when earlier in the week Milano had said they were confident that they could contain Lamar....but I'll be damned if our defense (for the most part) didn't play one heckuva game!! Yes we dodged a few major bullets, but overall our D was disciplined, they tackled soundly, they got GREAT pressure on LJ...i was highly impressed with our pass rush today!!! I'm still high off this win, and it's enough to car
  3. I did notice that...i even think I heard the commentators mention that he had gone to the sideline and got his ankle taped at one point. Since he played the rest of the game I assumed he was alright....hopefully everyone is ready to go Saturday, cause something in me says this is gonna be a fight til the final 00:00...
  4. Excellent, excellent point!!! I literally just read in one of the articles on TBD where Allen was like 7-9 for 119yds and a TD when he was flushed outside of the pocket specifically to his RIGHT....un-frickin-believable arm strength, combined with his accuracy makes him lethal outside of the pocket to his right. But here's the crazy thing about that....defenses KNOW this now; it's common knowledge that when Allen is escaping to his right, an unbelievable throw is not just possible, but probable, yet defenses KEEP DOING IT!! If I was the DC for any team facing the Bills, I would make DAMN ce
  5. Ahh yes....I remember being blown away by the immediate impact he had on the line....we ran around, over and through NE that game... I pray that Beane is able to work his magic to keep our "Big 4" intact for next year. Dawkins has been rock solid, and Williams has arguably been the most influential acquisition outside of Diggs. He's held down that RT spot from day one and done it in dominating fashion. Morse has anchored our line and he really impressed me coming back from his concussion. I can't lie, there was a big part of me that didn't think he would ever play again...so if
  6. I know this may not be a sexy pick, but I will say that Feliciano is an absolute monster on that line, ESPECIALLY when it comes to our run game. I can't recall the exact game, but I think it was his 1st or 2nd game back from injury where the RB was stopped two yards from the end zone, until Feliciano came up and shoved him straight into the end zone through like 3 defenders...
  7. My sentiments exactly. I was just telling my uncle that's the one team(other than KC) that I'm worried about. We have quite a bit to clean up on the defensive side of the ball before Saturday....I will say that I am MUCH more confident in our ability to contain Jackson with a healthy Milano out there....I do not see him running wild on us like he did today at Tennessee....but I suspect he will be able to get some runs in...I would LOVE it if we could put a few TD's on the board early and force him to beat us with his arm, which I do not fear a great deal. I will give him his respect as he i
  8. Agree with you 100%. The game did NOT look like a Daboll called game, and I'm sorry, but I really began to get nervous with all of the called QB runs. Yes, Josh is an added threat in the run game, but I felt like he leaned too heavily on them in a game that like you said, was ripe for Josh to attack them through the air...several of those runs were not only unnecessary, but I held my breath every time he got tackled...those defenders were clearly trying to make an example out of Allen. On that play where he fumbled, his knee came awfully close to being caught up underneath him...
  9. Bad news fellas....As Rivers was throwing the hail mary, my heart gave out, and I collapsed on my living room floor. The EMT's were on the scene in minutes. Unfortunately, in spite of their heroic efforts, it was too late. I was pronounced dead at 4:12pm ET. The good news is they have digital cable and WiFi up here, so next week I'll literally cheering with y'all...IN SPIRIT!!! LET'S GO BUFFALO!!!! BRING ON WHOEVER!!! 🥳🥳👍
  10. Awesome write-up Virgil. Spot on on damn near everything you said.
  11. God I'm almost tempted to go on to Twitter and ask him if he'd like to re-analyze his grade, but I'm sure he's getting plenty of tweets about this already..... On second thought, brb...
  12. agree 1000%. That beatdown of the Dolphins was a message to the entire league, "Here comes Buffalo." Yes, I'm still riding the wave of euphoria, but I'm also still able to look at the match up objectively, and Buffalo should win this game by double digits. Never in a season, heading into the playoffs,, have I been able to say to myself, Buffalo is the team EVERYBODY should be afraid of!!!
  13. Damn right my friend!!! And the fact that we'll have at least SOME fans in the stands??? PLEASE, PLEASE forgive the TMI, but I'm harder than Chinese calculus right now...
  14. I couldn't have chosen a more fitting comparison if I tried! 👍👍👍
  15. I said this in a thread a few weeks ago, I believe in my heart that when Allen's career is complete, he will have shattered every single one of Kelly's records. I believe alot of it will be because of Allen's talents, but alot also just because of how the passing game has evolved over the years. This is a passing league now much more so than back when Kelly was QB... But yes, Kelly's records will ALL be broken....shoot, how many did Josh already break just this season alone?
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